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Here’s a video of another animatronic Elvis, this time at the Scala Theatre formerly at Phantasialand. He starred in the Starparade show and had very impressive movements. Such a very lifelike animatronic for being from the 80’s!.
~Mod Gator
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shittyaestheticsloser · a year ago
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[ Round and Round goes the carousel ]
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glanzjagd · a year ago
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wicker-nemesis · 4 years ago
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My dash did it again.
Seriously though, when is the Taron below going to Germany to ride the Taron above?
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Photo of the Witch from “Fire, Water, Light” at the Tanagra Theatre in Phantasialand in Bruhl, Germany. Her purpose in the show was that she controlled the elements of fire, water, Earth, and light. She “flooded” the stage by striking a waterfall with her laser, which brought in the singing mermaid. Sadly, she, as well as the other animatronics in the theatre(many of whom were featured in the first show, simply titled, the “Tanagra Show” which had opened in 1981) were destroyed when the roof caught fire from a nearby roller coaster, destroying everything in the theatre. 
It breaks my heart what happened to this show. Such gorgeous animatronics gone due to mechanical faulty. Wonder why we’ve lost so many nice animatronic shows in Germany to fires? (Piraten in Batavia being the other)
- Mod Rat
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pearls-langs · 3 years ago
theme parks / fun fairs
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der Freizeitpark - the amusement park / theme park
der Jahrmarkt - the fair / funfair die Öffnungszeiten - the opening hours der Eintritt - the entry das Maskottchen - the mascot
Alright, now let's have some fun!
das Fahrgeschäft - the (fun) ride die Attraktion - the attraction die Achterbahn - the roller coaster das Riesenrad - the big wheel die Wildwasserbahn - the white-water ride / log flume der Autoscooter - the bumper car ride die Rutsche - slide das Spiegelkabinett - the house of mirrors das Labyrinth / der Irrgarten - the labyrinth das Karussell - the carousel / the merry-go-round der Freifallturm - the drop tower die Schießbude - the shooting gallery das Enten-Angeln - duck fishing die Losbude - the lottery ticket stall die Schlittschuhbahn - the ice rink die Schiffschaukel - the swing boat die Geisterbahn - the tunnel of horror / ghost train der Stand - the stand / booth der Musikant - the musician die Schnelligkeit - the velocity
der Spaß - the fun
Want something to eat?
die Zuckerwatte - the cotton candy der kandierte Apfel - the toffee apple / candy apple gebrannte Mandeln (die gebrannten Mandeln) - burnt almonds
Ich hatte heute so viel Spaß! - I had so much fun today!
Es war einfach magisch. - It was simply magical.
Die Kinder möchten wiederkommen. - The children want to return.
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Have you ever featured the Tanagra Theater on here?
You know, I could have sworn that we had, but apparently not! Let’s fix that right now, shall we?
The animatronics in this show were gorgeous, and I wish there were better quality footage of them.
I’m still heartbroken over its untimely destruction via a fire. We’ll always remember you, Tanagra Theater ❤️
- Mod Rat
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