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#Phantasialand Rides
orebic-travel · 5 months ago
Phantasialand Travel Guide - Transportation, Accommodation & Top Tips!
Phantasialand Travel Guide – Transportation, Accommodation & Top Tips!
Welcome to the Theme Park Worldwide Travel Guide! In this Episode I’ll be sharing information about how to plan a trip to Phantasialand in Germany.
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idirosyncratic · 3 years ago
Chiapas, Phantasialand
Chiapas, Phantasialand by Idirosyncratic
I’m still undecided as to whether I’ll start up a sideblog for all my theme park photos and whatnot but here, have a photo of my favourite area from one of my favourite theme parks that I revisited this week.
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1337wtfomgbbq · 2 months ago
Niki: Going on a road trip with the kids.
Niki: All scooped up into this sardin can of a VW bus and Nelson really wants the front seat.
Niki: James is desperately trying to balance both Bruno and Andrea on his lap.
Niki: The ONLY place Elio wants to go to is Pantasialand.
Niki: Nigel's eating chips and is getting the crumps everywhere.
Niki: René and Alain are screaming at each other- *screaming, he truns around * Scratch that, they're beating each other over who's allowed to have the front seat on the ride back.
Niki: Patrick and Jacques are bouncing around the trunk.
Niki: Like usuall I'm eating cashews while driving. Seeing that René and Alain stopped beating each other, wanting some too. And then they became upset because the cashews didn't taste the way they expected.
Niki: Elio started crying because we drove past Phantasialand.
Niki: Now Patrick's also crying because he bumped his head. *Niki asking himself why James is coming along when he's doing nothing *
Niki: Luckily Nelson fell asleep.
Niki: *questioning glance to James because he hasn't heard Didier and Gilles at all *
James: *just grins *
Finally, they get to their destination and, while getting all the kids out of the bus, Niki realizes that Didier and Gilles fell asleep on the same seat. Not gonna lie, they kinda look like two kittens.
Elio finally calmed down about not having gone to Phantasialand because he realized that they actually went to Disneyland.
But for some odd reason Niki got stuck carrying around a sleeping Nelson on his back all day.
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xfakelove · 8 days ago
What's your favourite ride?
Here in Germany we have a theme park called „Phantasialand“ and there’s a ride called „Colorado“ that’s one of my all time favorites
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ahnsael · 7 months ago
This is just one land in Phantasialand in Germany, but the details in the theming of this one area of the park alone is enough for me to add Phantasialand to my bucket list (it joins Disneyland Paris, Tokyo Disneyland, Hong Kong Disneyland, Shanghai Disneyland, and Eftling -- another theme park in Germany -- though seeing this makes Phantasialand higher on the list than Eftling).
I mean, just look at this flume ride in another area of Phantasialand to see they didn’t just suddenly “get it” and build a cool new land; they’ve “gotten it” for a while if this area that two attractions share is any indication (for the record, the park is currently closed due to virus restrictions):
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somewhereontv · 11 months ago
1/ Paranormal
Tumblr media
I was always fascinated by magic, witches and ghosts from early on but I’m not sure where that interest came from. It was just there, somehow. I’ve never really went on a private ghost hunt though. Until watching Ghost Adventures, I wasn’t even aware people did that in their free time, which I find awesome. In the US people seem to be more aware and accepting of the paranormal. Where I come from people would look at you crazy if you even mention anything remotely unexplained or spiritual. I never had any paranormal experiences, at least nothing definitive. Just a few strange occurrences and picking up things that made me wonder. My mom is a very spiritual person and she told me that my great-grandmother was a dark with and that she did stuff to hurt people, hurt us. In fact, my mom believes we we’re cursed by her in some way. We didn’t have an easy life for sure, so you never know.
2/ Phantasialand (Germany)
Tumblr media
This was my favorite theme park when I was little. I think I went multiple times before even being 10. I loved the different themed areas and being transported into another world. I still love theme parks so much. I could be there all day every day. Not necessarily for the rides but more for the theming and the atmosphere.
3/ Pecan Pie
Tumblr media
I usually don’t like super sweet desserts but this one is just so delicious. Probably because I like pecans.
4/ Photography
Tumblr media
I’ve always been into visual arts and I love looking at photos other’s take. I do love taking them myself too but I’ve never owned a professional camera. I just could never commit to buying one.
5/ Practical Magic
Tumblr media
I find this movie really sweet and entertaining. I’ve always loved movies about witches but this one is just such a good watch.
6/ Pinterest
Tumblr media
I could honestly scroll on there all day (on Tumblr too lol). I’m a very visual person so these types of social media sites are right up my alley. I use Pinterest as a second search engine because can find so much useful stuff on certain subjects.
7/ Popcorn
Tumblr media
I prefer salty and sweet mixed together, it’s the perfect combo. I do love some sweet popcorn too though. I only started asking for them to mix both in France at the end before we moved. I learned that in Ireland they only have salty popcorn and although I love savory things, it’s just way too salty which is why I like to mix both. It seemed like in the US they weren’t selling fresh made sweet popcorn at the movie’s either. But maybe that depends on the state. Let me know if I’m wrong. Maybe I’m just weird for liking sweet popcorn 😂
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doodlydoki · 2 years ago
#2 A Lucky Ride
Heya, I've been staying home sick today, that did give me enough time to write tho 😂Finals are coming up so I won't be able to update as much for the next month or so.
Anyways, enjoy my freshly baked fanfic buttercups~!! 💙💐💙💐💙
Summary: Class 1-A has a field trip to Phantasialand, Japan's #1 amusement park. Aizawa stands in line for the newest rollercoaster, when a man tries to cut in front of woman. He steps in and realises the young lady is his Soulmate.
Soulmate AU: One of your eyes changes its colour to that or your soulmate, when you first meet.
Words: ~ 2000
Principle Nezu was quite worried about the mental health of Class 1-A’s students, They have been through a lot as of late. So he decided that they needed a day to just enjoy themselves and forget their recent misfortunate encounters. “That’s why I booked 23 tickets to Phantasialand, Japan’s greatest theme park!” The students were thrilled!
Their homeroom teacher? not so much. He had to watch over these unruly kids the whole day, together with their english teacher and All Might.
Two days later they all left to the popular amusement park. Aizawa slept the whole ride, knowing he wouldn’t get a moment's rest the moment they'll arrive. When the bus stopped, the tired teacher made the announcement that they had to be back at the entrance at the given time, gave his phone number to all students in case of emergency and passed them an entrance ticket.
It didn’t take long for the students to run off with their friends, leaving behind the 3 adults to plan their own course of action. Hizashi wanted to drag the other two teachers to go on the different roller coasters with him, but was reminded by Aizawa about Yagi’s condition, leaving him unable to enjoy most of the rides. So Aizawa reasoned with Hizashi that he could enjoy a few rides while the two of them stayed behind. The former symbol of peace shouldn’t be left alone anyways for he doesn’t have the power to defend himself anymore. It didn’t feel right with Hizashi to be the only one to enjoy the park, but was reassured by All Might who told him he didn’t mind to wait and by Aizawa who said he should enjoy the park while he could. They weren't at Japan's #1 theme park everyday.
Hizashi came back after a few hours, telling the two of them he has been in the park’s newest and fastest attraction. “Sho, you should try it too. I’ll stay with Yagi.” The tired teacher didn’t want to leave the comfortable seat the cafe had provided him and the older blonde. Be that as it may, he couldn’t argue with Yagi when he said that Aizawa should also enjoy the rides when he could. I mean, he did tell hizashi to enjoy the rides while he still could, reasoning before that they weren’t at Japan’s greatest theme park everyday.
So here he was, swallowing his own advice while waiting in line for the park’s newest hit, ‘The Thunderbolt’. Hizashi told his best friend that he had to go in this particular attraction. What he hadn’t told the already tired man, was that this happened to be the ride with the longest waiting queue.
“What do you think your doing?”
So, of course, some people are going to try to cut the line. He turned his attention to the bickering behind him. A man was trying to walk past a young woman, who stepped side to side every time the man tried to walk past her.
“I’m trying to get to my friends at the front of the line, so move aside.” The woman still used her body as an obstacle to prevent the man from walking past her.
“No, if your friends truly were in front of the line, then why didn’t you just wait with them?” She did have a point there, but the man did not like her reasoning. He shoved her aside, slipping in front of her. She grabbed him by his jacket, trying to create just enough space by shoving him too to get in front of him again. Now the man was pretending to be a human obstacle, making sure the woman had no chance to get past him.
“Hey now lady, not my fault you don’t have the patience to wait another round.” He said to the woman tauntingly. They continued their bickering for another few minutes, Aizawa hated waiting lines now more than ever. He didn’t want to meddle with the two behind him, but when the man slapped the young lady’s arm away, calling her things like ‘an inpatient b*tch’, he had enough.
“Take my place,” the two stopped their childish actions and looked at the pro hero before them, “If you promise to not cut the line any further and leave her alone than you can take my place.” The man mumbled a ‘fine’ and made his way in front of Aizawa.
He himself went to stand beside the woman, who is currently rubbing the spot on her arm where the man had hit her. “Is your arm doing alright?”
The woman nodded, “Yes, i’m fine, I’m sorry you lost your spot because of me.”
“It’s not your fault, he was the one in the wrong.”
“Yeah, thank you for saying that. But now i’m feeling bitter that he’s getting what he wanted though.” The woman bit her lip.
“You don’t have to worry about that.”
She looked at him questionably, to which he whispered ‘you’ll see’. “Also, I don’t think I caught your name yet, my name is Shouta Aizawa.” He held out his hand for you to shake. You returned an introduction of your own as you shook his hand, smiling to your new found acquaintance. That smile quickly turned into shock for the both of you,
“Your eyes.”
“Your eyes.”
You look at the raven haired male who now has one black eye to match. The other one had faded to match the hue of your own eyes. His now heterochromatic eyes looked at you in shock as he sees the same change in one of your own, although that one darkens to an obsidian black.
Your soulmates
Aizawa couldn’t believe it, after all these years. You looked at him with the same kind of shock on your face, “Could it be that we-”
“-we might be, yes.” His widened eyes softened when he heard you giggle. Suddenly he felt an enjoyable warmth rush through him when he looked at your happy expression. It felt as if you two have known each other for the longest of times by how comfortable he feels around you all of a sudden.
“What a way to meet,” you said through your giggles, “I never expected it to go like this.”
He smiled at you, “Neither did I.” He considers himself lucky he found you, because this meeting has proven itself to be quite interesting.
The two of you took the next 30 minutes to get to know eachother better. He learned that you worked in Musutafu as well, although you lived in Tokyo, which means you don’t live to far away. You learned he was a teacher, pro hero and that he was here on a field trip with his class and 2 other teachers, that he was forced to stand in line here by his friend and was now pretty grateful for his best friends pestering to try one of the rides.
“I’m grateful your friend forced you too.” you said amused. That's when. one of the employees walked by on the side of the waiting line. Aizawa called for his attention, explaining about what happened half an hour ago. They were at the end of the line and it was almost their turn, as is the rude man’s.
You and Aizawa look at the scene in front of you as the employee tells the man to go all the way back to the beginning of the line. “What?! Why would I do that, i’ve been waiting for almost a whole hour.”
Their bickering continues as you look at your newfound lover in shock, “Did you really just wait till the very last second to tell the employees?”
A smirk painted itself on your soulmates face, “I might have.”
“You do know we’ve been standing here for a whole hour right? As did he.” You said while pointing at the rude man, who is now arguing with the employee.
“I know,” he answered while looking at the same scene as you, “I can be quite patient when I have to be.” the man gets escorted away and Aizawa glaces at the man one more time, “Unlike others.”
You laugh at his comment, extremely content with the way this ended. The man got his karma, you two could enjoy the rollercoaster ride a round earlier and you got to experience it all with your new found love. This really was a lucky ride for the two of you.
The both of you didn’t have a long time before you had to return to your own group of friends/students. You had agreed with your friends to all just choose a last attraction to go in before you went back home. Aizawa arranged with his students to meet at the entrance, as did you with your friends. The walk back to the entrance was a quiet, but a comfortable one as your hands brushed numerous times, making you feel giddy from the subtle contact between you two.
Your group was already waiting at the entrance while his students were checking in group by group, still missing a few.
“I’d like for us to meet again,” You said shyly, your cheeks rose coloured.
Aizawa smiled, “Yeah, me too,” he took his phone out of his pocket and held it out for you “Let’s exchange phone numbers.”
You smiled sheepishly as you took the handsome teacher’s phone, giving yours in exchange. You had just put your number in his contacts when your friends called you over, yelling that it’s time to go.
“I suppose I’ll hear from you soon,” you said, and planted a kiss on his cheek “Goodbye, Shouta.” You walked around the startled man, who was quietly watching you leave.
An almost unnoticeable shade of red dusted his cheeks. It may be illogical, but he was already thinking about your second meeting. Hoping to be able to contact you as soon as possible to arrange a new meeting. Or perhaps a date? He really was lucky to have shared that ride with you.
The arm that wrapped itself around his shoulders snapped him out of his thoughts, Hizashi was looking over his shoulder to the park’s entrance where they just lost sight of you. The now heterochromatic eyed teacher looks at his best friend to see the massive grin plastered on his face, “Wanna tell me what that was about? Because by the looks of it,” the blonde circled his index finger in front of Shouta’s face, referring to the difference in colour between his eyes “it seems like you found your soulmate, hmm?”
Aizawa sighed and went to join the group of students that started to form itself a little further away from the entrance. “Oh come on, Sho! At least tell me how it happened~”
He tried to keep the excitement from his friend to minimum, so he wouldn’t cause the students to be unruly as well, but that attempt was futile when one of them noticed his eyes. Of course, it was Ashido who exclaimed loudly, “Mr Aizawa, what happened to your eye!?”
This caused all the student's to turn their attention to their homeroom teacher. When he was about to answer that it wasn’t any over their business, ‘Zashi jumped in, exclaiming just as loudly as their pink student that their homeroom teacher had finally found his soulmate~
The girls squealed excitingly, saying things like ‘cute!’ and asking him how it happened, while the guys asked what she looked like.
“Come on Sho, you have to tell us all about her!”
“Mr Aizawa, what is she like!?”
“Is she more the quiet and shy type, or a total badass!?”
“Can we meet her too!?”
He already knew this morning that he wouldn’t get a moments rest, because of these kids, as soon as the bus reached its destination….but he didn’t mind it as much this time.
“Does she have big boobs?”
Heya, hope ya enjoyed! Have a good day peeps~ 💛♥💛♥💛
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katawpr · a year ago
🎥🔝awesome 😎👊🎢 ☀️🙌 —————————————————— follow 👉 @catalin_wpr for more —————————————————— #rollercoaster #themepark #amusementpark #coaster #rollercoasters #achterbahn #freizeitpark #fun #thrillride #photography #themeparks #instatpr #europapark #bolligerandmabillard #sixflags #travel #thrillridesphotography #intamin #cedarfair #phantasialand #instagood #ride #madetothrill #thrill #coastersofinstagram #coasters #ilovebmrides #follow #pretpark #california
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europaparkgeek · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
Phantasialand Chiapas, Die Wasserbahn
Date taken: 04/2018
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stars-of-the-virgo · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
secret shot from the inside of the Hollywood ride from Phantasialand, Germany
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smilescience · 2 years ago
Theme Park Bucket List:
Well, here it is - my theme park bucket list. Parks that I haven't visited but that I really wanna visit at some point!
1: Phantasialand - Do I need to say more? Amazing rides and some of the best theming I've ever seen in a park! Most looking forward to: Taron (MMM 👌👌👀👀)
2: Walibi Holland - OH MAN I really wanna go to this park. Great coasters. Most looking forward to: Goliath, LOST GRAVITY because 👌👌👌👌 hoooo
3: Thorpe Park - this may be a surprise but I've never actually visted Thorpe. Hoping to go this year! Most looking forward to: The Swarm, Stealth
4: Epcot - E P C O T - Most looking forward to: the gigantic golf ball looking epcot ball that looks like a golf ball because its e p c o t and the epcot vine
5: Disneyland Magic Kingdom - Great theming! I mean look at that castle. All the Disney parks are such happy places. Most looking forward to: everything
6: Cedar Point - 18 coasters. And Steel Vengance. and Maverick. and Millenium Force 👌👌
7: Six Flags Great Adventure - So many rides. 14 coasters. Not great in terms of theming but Kingda Ka is there and also I've heard so many people saying how bad Batman The Ride is and I want to go on it to see how bad it is in real life
8: Europa Park: One of the best run parks in the world with amazing theming. Most looking forward to: Arthur, Wodan, Blue Fire Megacoaster (has a twisted horseshoe roll which is an inversion present only on Maverick and Blue Fire (to my knowledge))
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muirin007 · 3 years ago
What is Phantasialand?
I...don’t know? All I can think of is a Phantom theme park, which is either the best idea ever or the worst idea ever.Erik just screaming insults at you as you try to have a good time on the ferris wheel. “Yes, yes--I hope you amuse yourself while you dangle helplessly 100 feet in the air because I suspect a total system shutdown is imminent!”“Be my guest, spend fifteen dollars on a godforsaken churro, even though you know very well that it’s naught but a bit of cardboard sprinkled with paltry cinnamon.”“Oh, you wish to ride on the Tunnel of Love? Is that it? You wish to go through the Tunnel of Love? The water is sourced from a cholera-ridden swamp, you absolute potato of a human being.”
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sassytaledreamland · 26 days ago
Amusement Park  Analysis, Historic Data and Forecast 2021-2028
Due to the high popularity of this product/service in North America and Asia, the growth trend of Amusement Theme Park in recent years and the growth of consumers' demand is expected to drive the global Amusement Theme Park market.
 Geographically, the global Amusement Theme Park market is divided into North America, Europe, Latin America, Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa.
North America, Asia and Europe have significant position in the this market, big players operating in there. The U.S. is accounting for a major share of the total Amusement Theme Park market in North America.
 Significant participants active in the global Amusement Theme Park market include: Europa Park, Comcast Corporation, Efteling, Walt Disney Company, Gardaland, Phantasialand, Isla Mágica, PortAventura, Six Flags Entertainment Corporation...
 Global Amusement Theme Park Market Segmentation:
 Amusement Theme Park market, by Amusement Theme Park type:
Mechanical Rides
Water Rides
Other Rides
Also Read:
Amusement Theme Park market, by Application:
Up to 18 years
19 to 35 years
36 to 50 years
51 to 65 years
More than 65 years
 Amusement Theme Park Market Research Report 2014-2026, by region:
North America
The U.S.
Rest of Europe
 Latin America
Also Read:
Pan Asia Pacific
South Korea
South East Asia Region
Also Read:
Middle East and Africa
Saudi Arabia
South Africa
Rest of MEA
 The database is running updated by a group of research experts to always reflect the latest trends and information.
Also Read:
Table of Contents
1. Introduction
1.1 Definition of the Market
1.2 Research Purpose
1.3 Scope of the Study
1.4 Stakeholders
1.5 Geography Coverage
1.6 Currency Under Consideration
1.7 Volume Units
1.8 Review Cycle
1.9 Summary and Key Findings of the Research
2 Research Methodology
2.1 Research Data
2.1.1 Secondary Data
2.1.2 Primary Data
2.2 Market Size Estimation
2.2.1 Bottom-Up Approach
2.2.2 Top-Down Approach (Involves time, Space, and Persons)
2.3 Data Triangulation
2.4 Assumptions
2.5 Hypothesis of this Research, Clear, Specific, and Testable Statement of This Research
2.6 Limitations of Our Study
2.7 Scene Based Modeling
2.8 Covid-19 Impact/Evaluation
Also Read:
3. Market Dynamics
3.1 Driving Factors
3.1.1 Rising Demand in one or More of the Following Regions: North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Latin America, Middle East & Africa
3.1.2 Increasing Use of Amusement Theme Park by Different End-User/Applications
3.2 Restraints and Challenges in the Market
3.3 Opportunities
4. Global Amusement Theme Park Market-Segmentation
4.1 By Type
4.1.1 Mechanical Rides
4.1.2 Water Rides
4.1.3 Other Rides
4.2 By End-User/Application Industry
4.2.1 Up to 18 years
4.2.2 19 to 35 years
4.2.3 36 to 50 years
4.2.4 51 to 65 years
4.2.5 More than 65 years
4.3 By Geography
4.3.1 North America Amusement Theme Park Total Market Size (Production, Consumption, Import, Export) and Segmentation (by Type, Application, Countries and Participants) North America Amusement Theme Park Production from 2014-2020 North America Amusement Theme Park Consumption from 2014-2020 North America Amusement Theme Park Import and Export from 2014-2020 North America Amusement Theme Park Market Value ($) and Growth (%) by Type from 2019-2020 North America Amusement Theme Park Market Value ($) and Growth (%) by Application from 2019-2020 North America Amusement Theme Park Market Value ($) and Growth (%) by Countries from 2019-2020 Top North America Amusement Theme Park Participants Value ($) and Market Share (%) in 2019
4.3.2 Europe Amusement Theme Park Total Market Size (Production, Consumption, Import, Export) and Segmentation (by Type, Application, Countries and Participants) Europe Amusement Theme Park Production from 2014-2020 Europe Amusement Theme Park Consumption from 2014-2020 Europe Amusement Theme Park Import and Export from 2014-2020 Europe Amusement Theme Park Market Value ($) and Growth (%) by Type from 2019-2020 Europe Amusement Theme Park Value ($) and Growth (%) by Application from 2019-2020 Europe Amusement Theme Park Market Value ($) and Growth (%) by Countries from 2019-2020 Top Europe Amusement Theme Park Participants Value ($) and Market Share (%) in 2019
4.3.3 Asia-Pacific Amusement Theme Park Total Market Size (Production, Consumption, Import, Export) and Segmentation (by Type, Application, Countries and Participants) Asia-Pacific Amusement Theme Park Production from 2014-2020 Asia-Pacific Amusement Theme Park Consumption from 2014-2020 Asia-Pacific Amusement Theme Park Import and Export from 2014-2020 Asia-Pacific Amusement Theme Park Value ($) and Growth (%) by Type from 2019-2020 Asia-Pacific Amusement Theme Park Value ($) and Growth (%) by Application from 2019-2020 Asia-Pacific Amusement Theme Park Value ($) and Growth (%) by Countries from 2019-2020 Top Asia-Pacific Amusement Theme Park Participants Value ($) and Market Share (%) in 2019
4.3.4 Latin America Amusement Theme Park Total Market Size (Production, Consumption, Import, Export) and Segmentation (by Type, Application, Countries and Participants) Latin America Amusement Theme Park Production from 2014-2020 Latin America Amusement Theme Park Consumption from 2014-2020 Latin America Amusement Theme Park Import and Export from 2014-2020 Latin America Amusement Theme Park Value ($) and Growth (%) by Type from 2019-2020 Latin America Amusement Theme Park Value ($) and Growth (%) by Application from 2019-2020 Latin America Amusement Theme Park Value ($) and Growth (%) by Countries from 2019-2020 Top Latin America Amusement Theme Park Participants Value ($) and Market Share (%) in 2019
4.3.5 Middle East & Africa Amusement Theme Park Total Market Size (Production, Consumption, Import, Export) and Segmentation (by Type, Application, Countries and Participants) Middle East & Africa Amusement Theme Park Production from 2014-2020 Middle East & Africa Amusement Theme Park Consumption from 2014-2020 Middle East & Africa Amusement Theme Park Import and Export from 2014-2020 Middle East & Africa Amusement Theme Park Value ($) and Growth (%) by Type from 2019-2020 Middle East & Africa Amusement Theme Park Value ($) and Growth (%) by Application from 2019-2020 Middle East & Africa Amusement Theme Park Value ($) and Growth (%) by Countries from 2019-2020 Top Middle East & Africa Amusement Theme Park Participants Value ($) and Market Share (%) in 2019
5. Competitive Intelligence – Company Profiles
5.1 Europa Park
5.1.1 Europa Park Company Profile (Company Name, Major Business, Plants Distribution, Sales Region, Contact Information) …continued
+44 203 500 2763
+1 62 825 80070
971 0503084105
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awuflight · 29 days ago
Smiled all the way through this. 😎Can’t believe they did it. It’s absolute master piece. Miss the good old days when people would clap after a movie finished or when a roller coaster was OMG. Shanghai Disneyland TRON ride music and design is stunning. Phantasialand in Germany has some pretty cool rides too. Taron, for example. The Medival Era theme is legit.
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morningvictory · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Phantasialand Colorado Adventure - The Michael Jackson Thrill Ride
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imanes · 3 years ago
im sorry i only really know good food places in Dortmund sry.... sweet chili, everything brückstraße (lots of arab and veg food) dortmund is nice for going out and having fun at night though! and phantasialand is the best truly... have u been on that really fast new ride? amazing
NO I HAVENT BEEN ON THE KLUGHEIM YET they were building it when i visited last and i wanna go so baaaad ill probably go for my bday cuz the ticket is free lmao i can’t wait!! also im gonna add dortmund to my list of places to visit so i can try out ur suggestions! thank u angeeeeel
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denialforme · 9 months ago
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