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Guys. I can’t draw. But here are some of my random doodles from work to prove my point lol.

This one is called “Isabella actually admits her feelings to Phineas and he has no clue what to say bc he’s an idiot in love but also really bad with emotions”


And this one is “Isabella tries on her prom dress and Phineas is failing at not staring because ‘wow she’s pretty’”


And this is “very happy to see his friends *cough Isabella cough* Phineas”


And this one is “I’m insecure but I won’t admit it so I’ll pretend that joke didn’t bother me.’


Idk why I’m posting these but I’m bored lol. Enjoy badly drawn art.

Be prepared for me to realize what a huge mistake I have made and delete this 👍

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“[Well, sidekick isn’t really the word, para ser honesto, but it’s basically what he is now. Perry’s bumbling sidekick, who seems to be better at getting in the way than actually helping with the missions. El tonto inútil…qué ve Perry en…ahem. Sorry, sorry…just thinking out loud, haha…or…hm…actually this IS technically in my thoughts sooooo…this is just awkward.]”

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I am truly the person who came out of AYA thinking “the angst possibilities…..” and I may now write all the angsty headcanons I’ve had for high school phinabella since I watched AYA four years ago.

Idk why I’m into phinabella more than usual recently. I think it’s just getting new pnf material made me fall back into the show (and this time I don’t have mml to concentrate on the way I did when I watched pnf s4 for the first time).

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“It wouldn’t really be a PUNISHMENT if I was allowed to DO that. My mom would definitely allow it…but my dad on the other hand…heh…yeah. I’d be grounded for a month if I tried pulling that wool over his eyes…”

“[Literally. Poofenplotz’s LATEST ‘beauty scheme’ involved GARBAGE of all things. ¡Por amor de Dios! Said something about opening up her pours or some-…I dunno! Aye. I bet PERRY never had to deal with that when he fought DOOFENSHMIRTZ…then again, I don’t envy him for his NEW nemesis, either.]”

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