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#Phineas and Ferb

Uncle Sabu: *finishes an absolutely spectacular performance to answer the simple question of what he makes at his factory to some random children*

Phineas: So, what do you make here again?


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😨😨  hOW DID YOU KNOW????

lollllll, all jokes aside, Dan and Swampy are huge inspirations to me!!! They seem like such genuine people, and I admire them greatly. Phineas and Ferb has brought me a TON of joy over the past decade and inspired me to be creative in so many ways, and I have them (and the rest of the cast and crew, of course, especially Aliki Theofilopoulos!!) to thank for that!! I SO hope I get to meet them someday!! 😊

ask/tell me some assumptions you have about me!

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A mashup of CATU and “Norm Unleashed.”

Norm is very mild-mannered throughout the show (and in the three seconds he gets in the movie), but “Norm Unleashed” was different. Very different. It’s like he mentally snapped. And then the next time we see him in the series, he’s back to normal. I wonder if that was a dark time in his life that he had to work on, and now it resonates as an unforgettable memory.

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