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Well, I haven’t been active in about a year, but, I think I’m back (not that anyone cares). And I want to make some changes. This blog is no longer going to be a simple fan-fiction page. Trust me guys, I still love Shawn, Dean, and Charlie, but I’m no longer IN love with them. I need to write. I miss it. It was something that I realize I probably can’t function without. It’s my outlet. So, yeah, I’m just gonna write. Hopefully you guys will enjoy the journey too! I might even post some of my photography here, or sing :) you’ve been warned! 

P.S. If, and it’s a good ole IF, you guys send requests for fan-fiction, I might still write them. But the chances are like 50/50. It has to intrigue and encourage me:)

Anyways, I don’t really expect any feedback, requests, or recognition here. But yeah, good night!

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