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That’s what my adventures in Black Desert end with! I take a screenshot and do something completely different. Now I pray that that place in the game (Lair of Kamos) would not turn out to be a place for an unplanned boss for real, otherwise all these hints in quests for the existence of ancient gods, spirits and dragons are very alarming … And indeed, recently the game began to resemble some kind of then Skyrim on entourage and stories.I used a photograph of the Morgin Riley model. She has many photos in similar clothes, with dreadlocks, on a fantasy theme. My very old mastermind, by the way … Of course, I did not capture the process :( because I did not plan such work, but it dragged on for 2 hours with a penny.

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This is a redraw of the best non-canonical antagonists of DBZ movies in my opinion. I did it more for tutorials on the effects of light and shadow and I think this design is one of the best designs I have done so far. In theory this drawing, I wanted it to come out differently but since I’m busy with the studio I had to speed everything up. In any case, I will also try to finish other jobs while I study

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