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#Pisces Venus culture

🦋loves pastel everything

🦋dreamy, Angelic aura

🦋unlike most beauty pageant contestants, they actually want world peace

🦋finds beauty in everything

🦋natural romantics and flirters

🦋saving everyone, committing to nothing

🦋obsessed with all things spiritual

🦋attracted to water suns and risings

🦋their boundless empathy can lead to them being used as a doormat

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🌾laidback couple

🌾the couple you’d see eating at a quaint restaurant in Paris

🌾with the Pisces love for art and their big dreams and caps love for status and material things, these two may live a lavish lifestyle together

🌾 cap helps Pisces go for their goals and with practicality while Pisces can help cap relax and tap into their creative side

🌾a love like Noah and Allie ❤️


Originally posted by youtubersandothers

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pisces venus please!馃挋
  • omg lovely beings!! they are precious!!
  • has tendencies to dream about the type of love in fairytales
  • spends too much time up in the clouds
  • can get heartbroken easily
  • but once they know their worth, they can walk away from you like you never existed
  • sensitive and compassionate
  • loves giving to their s/o so they need to remember that they should be receiving something back too
  • if undeveloped, they can be manipulative
  • very romanticc
  • very artistic and poetic
  • do you really love the person? or do you only love the version of them you created in your head?
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Pisces Venus culture please? Thank you!!!!

🌠having a smile that lights up a whole room

🌠being super dreamy and a softy

🌠being in love with art and music

🌠having their head in the clouds constantly, but only the right person will accept that as a part of them rather than be put off by it

🌠being superrrrrrrr sensitive. If you think it might upset them, it probably will

🌠loving someone strictly for their truest most inward self

🌠falling for the one that needs saving

🌠taking awhile to commit, but once they do, it’s a forever thang

🌠prone to telling white lies, exaggerating, or embellishing to seem more interesting

🌠being misunderstood by everyone and they love to talk about it

🌠having to really pull them back down to earth, but once they’re there, they are the sweetest, gentlest creatures

🌠prone to victimization

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Aries Rising Culture 🔥

  • Fierce
  • Strong
  • Energetic
  • Impulsive
  • Impatient
  • A great leader 👏
  • Bossy
  • Extroverts usually or at least seem to be but usually are
  • Can rock anything RED 😍
  • Intense eyes
  • A BOLD presence .
  • Well defined eyebrows.
  • I think they have the capacity to be very successful as they what they want and just go after their goals.
  • Assertive, as mentioned above.
  • Short-tempered 😡
  • Childlike
  • Youthful face
  • War, fights are a prominent theme of their life.
  • Forgive easily 🙏
  • Determined
  • Inspiring ( ok! this is personally to me)
  • Hate manipulative, passive or sugarcoaters/people.
  • Funny!!
  • Hella competitive
  • Likes to lead.
  • Gets jealous if anyone else gets the chance to lead than themselves.
  • Masculine bodies and they also look tomboyish
  • Athletic body
  • Reddish hair
  • Gets into fights easily!
  • Takes action
  • Spontaneous
  • fast walkers!!!!!
  • Fast on anything basically

Well i love your energy and enthusiasm my dear Aries Risings! I hope you enjoyed reading this post too💕

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