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#Please don’t guilt trip me.
theunmappedstar · 8 months ago
I don’t know where I’m going with this. And it will definitely anger some people. But I need to say something before I might just disappear.
The way this was handled was not right on any side. Not the way a user traced, not the way I confronted the user, not the way other users then confronted me. 
This has happened four times. No, I’m not talking about this specific art situation. I’m talking about the four separate times I have received vague posts about myself and a flood of hate anons which eventually result in death threats. I’m not doing this for pity and to erase my wrong. I already admitted my wrong. And I will admit it again - the way I handled that situation was disrespectful and informal. But you cannot act like the way that situation was then brought to me was civil, either.
Vague posting is not the way to do it. To anyone. You need to learn the difference between a teenager on the internet with a semi-popular meme blog for a small fandom, and a celebrity with an entire social media marketing/publicity team to keep them in line online to ensure they say and do everything as “right” as they can, to avoid drama.
It is just me behind this screen. I am a teenager. I am still living under my parent’s roof. My parents don’t know about this account because if they did it would be taken away. I don’t have a job. I don’t have a license. I’m still enrolled in grade school. I am a kid. Just like you.
And I will make calls that are not always the right decision. I will give opinions that not everyone agrees with. I will say things in the heat of the moment that I don’t mean. I will mess up as a human that is still developing and learning.
Four times. Four times I have been vague posted about, sent a flood of hate anons, and been graphically told to off myself. Four times I have tried to get in contact with the people who vague posted about me and try to get us both to a satisfying conclusion. Four times I have said “please come to me next time because vague posts do nothing”. Four times people have agreed.
And then it repeats anyway.
This blog and series has been my ultimate comfort since I was a child. It is the thing I think about everyday, through the most mundane to the most exciting of tasks and activities. It has been the thing to keep me alive for years. And now, for the fourth time, it is almost the reason I have died. The actions of users are the reason I have almost died.
You’ve got to do better. Please bring your concerns directly to the people with whom you are concerned. Stop vague-posting. Stop. Stop sending anon hate. Stop sending death threats. All of these things are vile and unjust to the humans sitting behind these screens. Talk to these people. And don’t be rude. Be the better person.
You have to do better. I don’t know how many times I can say it. People need to communicate in order for things to be resolved. Vague posting does nothing except spread hate, fuel anger and divide people who could come together.
I am disappointed and disoriented and left hurt. This was not the way to do this, on any side. All sides were wrong in certain aspects. All sides. But that doesn’t mean that as people sharing this earth we cannot come together and right our wrongs. People can be redeemed. Enough with the cancel culture. Enough with the gossip. Try to reach an agreement between these people. We’re kids. We’re all kids and we make wrongs, but with those wrongs come the chance to learn and grow. 
I will not pretend like the posts and the death threats did not phase me. I am tired of moving on everytime this happens, sure that people will finally listen to my request for them to just come to me next time something happens that they don’t agree with, only for the cycle to repeat itself.
And god, I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again: Never send a death threat, either. We are people. We are children. Telling someone the world is better off without them is horrific and beyond cruel. Be better. Please.
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peepo · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
#i genuinely need to jill myself#if i adress this with my mom she’ll just guilt trip me if i talk about this to anyone else nothing good will happen they’ll just b burdened#i keep thinking that maybe i just need to not talk to anyone else. maybe#but the last time i did thag i went into such a depressive spiral i nearly died for real for real. anyways#whining#at least it’s in the tags this time#genuinely see no way out of this unless i win the lottery or something which maybe i should start playing#i can’t do anything right or save my money because all of it goes to my mom i can’t not give her money when she asks for it and i just#wanna die real bad. i don’t even care if she’s left as a mother of none i just hate living here i hate being alive#and nothing helps even if i spend time with my friends i still come back to this sick house where i’m yelled at and berated and treated lik#a psych ward patient. i’ve been through that already i don’t need it at home. i hate this so much i wish i was never born and never alive#i can see why my friend killed himself and i just wanna join him in not having to bear any of tbis ugly ugly self hatred and suffering and#isolation anymore.#i hate this. i hate myself. i don’t want to be here.#please please please i just want to die and be rid of all of these issues. love gender money family psyche mind everything it’s just too#much!!! yesterday i kept having to wake myself up because my dream felt so real and i didn’t want to believe that i it t was or else i woul#due in real life or hurt myself or die for real i just. i’m so psychotic and mental and i just want it over with. i hate it here LOL#whatevrr. goodnight. my phone charged so i can listen and ruin my hearing#because my walls are so thin i have to blast white noise into my ears to sleep#everything sucks. everything is horrible. i just wish i were dead
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owenmercers · 7 months ago
i didn't see this because i don't go on tiktok but someone on twitter said that l*lexs are using charlie reading a l*lex fic which a l*lex shipper sent him to say he ships it as if the guy doesn't ship himself with every character and btw i think he's just reading luke fics. He literally once mentioned nick and luke. Since i think those people are probably willex antis i think they should remember that charlie claimed he's the captain of the willex ship and he also ships juke /sorry for the rant
no, rant away! i find this whole situation so strange and kind of weird. i feel like a big issue is in just how much of a people pleaser charlie seems to be. i get the feeling that he often reply and engage in fan theories because he feels rude if he doesn’t. he feels like he has to reply. i don’t think he intentionally is trying to do something wrong but he also needs to learn that he doesn’t always have to engage. even if he ships luke and alex above else i don’t really understand why that would make much difference and what point they are trying to make because it’s not up to him to decide what happens in the show. as for the whole fanfic thing, he didn’t even seem to have read much of it considering that he was questioning the tags in it wondering what things meant which he would have probably figured out if he had just read it. i don’t know, this is all kind of confusing to me and i’m not really sure what to think about it but charlie really needs to learn that he doesn’t have to please everyone, it’s becoming a problem.
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mickeyhenry-anon · 3 months ago
I have a feeling your purposely ignoring me:(
I’ve just come online and I’m still answering people, this is a really quick way to get blocked and I usually don’t answer these because I get a lot.
Also dear anon I don’t know if you saw my post yesterday but my inbox wiped itself clean so if you sent me an ask please send it again.
Can you all please be aware that I am in fact not Mickey Henry and I do have a life outside of this blog, some days I can be around a lot and others I can’t, if you are looking for a more active mod then there will be a lot of other amazing accounts to follow, no hard feelings.
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fletcher-renn · 6 months ago
I’m not really into astrology anymore but also I’m very bored so my opinions of the signs are in the tags
#aries: all of you are annoying sorry. i’ve literally only met one aries who wasn’t the human equivalet of a tension headache#and he has a shit ton of taurus placements#taurus: all of my mom’s friends are tauruses (she’s a scorpio) so that’s what i associate taurus with#tend to have a good sense of humour but they’re kinda predictable#gemini: i don’t know many geminis but in my experience they’re fun and loyal until they don’t like you and then they will do and say the#most out of pocket shit. also they’re very dramatic#cancer: i always find cancer men attractive and it is the bane of my existence#all i want from cancers is for them to stop trying to guilt trip me and then we can be friends#leo: i feel like leos are the main sign where like... you can’t generalise them. you can’t. every leo i’ve met has been completely different#they are the main character though#virgo: friend shaped; unless you’re one of those hyper-critical virgos in which case get as far away from me as possible because we will not#have a fun time. if you come at me with any sort of unsolicited critique and/or try to explain something to me when i haven’t asked you to#explain We Are Going To Have A Terrible Time. just do not do it. and then we can be friends#libra: usually chill. libra men are fuckboys though#scorpio: i like them but they guilt trip nearly as much as cancers and most of them are intimidating#sagittarius: every time a sag comes into my life i brace myself because they usually end up becoming really important to me unexpectedly#& in a very short space of time. i like sag’s but they are intense#capricorn: amazing; showstopping; i literally wish i was you. sorry about the karmic bad luck you all seem to have#aquarius: my sign and i don’t want it. most aquas i’ve met have been awful tbh. sorry#pisces: i’ve fallen for like. 3 pisces’. stop being hot and start making sense please. all of you confuse me and i just want to UNDERSTAND#do with this information what you will#personal
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unikernel · 23 days ago
A good 20% of tumblr is purposefully not reblogging shit even if I agree with it because some dumbfuck said something like “you literally can’t not reblog this” or “if you don’t reblog this you’re a homophobe” and then afterwards someone added more info so now the guilt trip is irrevocably tied to the post
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sunsetsandmoonrises · 10 months ago
Ok, so, I never really post anything here, but I gotta vent for just a sec.
Yall know how both tumblr and TikTok seem to be hyper aware of everything all the time?
Yes. I am *so tired* of seeing people use super guilt trippy audios to spread awareness that BLM still matters.
I am so tired of seeing people use basic click bait and then tell people who’s *doing their best to change an ingrained view of the world* that if they don’t watch a video to the end, they are racist.
I am so *tired of people claiming someone else is racist,* homophobic, ableist, etc, because they:
Maybe felt super bad every time they got guilt tripped.
Got so stressed about world events that they had to take a step back in order to not overwhelm themselves & their mental health.
Yes, we need awareness. No, we shouldn’t have to guilt trip *ANYONE* just to spread the awareness.
Let me just repeat that:
Tldr: please stop making and using guilt trippy audios on TikTok. I feel bad enough already that I can’t help, sitting in a whole other country across the sea.
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ironcuddlystark · 4 months ago
#I said what’s the worst that could happen#and the universe showed me the tip of the iceberg#I was bored and I wasn’t thinking when I decided that dating again maybe was a good idea#because it had been a while and I had a lot of time to do whatever I wanted and I said hey#this person seems nice so let’s try this out#only to realize they were manipulating me every second we spent together and somehow I was the one to blame when I said enough#but I’m weak and dumb and I don’t know how to properly set boundaries and say no#or even stand up for myself so the tip of the iceberg started getting bigger and bigger#and suddenly I was being horribly manipulated and I didn’t know what to do or what to say and everythit was wrong wrong wrong#I was trapped and I felt so alone even when I had a lot of people on my side#eventually I found an excuse in college in covid in fear but it wasn’t enough to keep them away#and I’m weak so I can’t delete them from my social media because I feel guilty and like it’s somehow unwarranted#and that’s why I’m always alone alone alone because I don’t know how to say not how to set boundaries how to stand up for myself#so people see my weaknesses and they exploit them and take advantage and manipulate me and guilt trip me into coming back#because surely I won’t be able to resist if you’re using my vulnerabilities against me#and my friends say I don’t own anyone shit and that it’s okay to cut this person off from my life because I come first#and no baby it’s not normal to cry every time you get a notification that they still react to your post#but I’m dumb and stupid and weak and for the love of god please leave me alone#and now it’s the middle of the night and my friends are sleep and there’s no one around to tell me fuck it#I’m scared and I don’t know what to do and I’m so unbelievably tired of feeling like this#please just leave me alone
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sydnycrtn · 10 months ago
Today I realized he doesn’t like me like that and he never will. Just the way he spoke to me and about me indicated he doesn’t see me as anything more than a kid, a friend, a girl.
I should’ve known. It wouldn’t have hurt as much, knowing I’ve misread every single sign and signal. Knowing I’ve been a fool with zero chance this whole time. Well, I think I did know, but it’s just easier to ignore and dismiss the truth than to admit it and give up. I didn’t want to give up. To give up him.
Yet even after all of this, I still like him. Begrudgingly, unwilling, achingly. And it’ll be hell getting over him.
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love-pyramus · 6 months ago
Ravecore is going to your parents for help with homework and then having a breakdown because they keep babying you because you cant do math
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perpetualdissapointment · 8 months ago
#just bc something reminded me#yeah all my friends did hate you by the way.#you wanna know why i never invited you out anywhere with them? because half of them thought you were annoying and the other half were#telling me to break up with you.#and in general i could just tell when it was both of us around the energy felt so off#something you could never tell but everyone else always did#especially after you moved away senior year and the thought for the first time popped extremely deep into the back of my mind#that i was a lot happier and calmer and life just seemed generally better without you in it.#so yeah. once the pandemic hit and we spent that much time apart for the first time since then. i did realize how miserable you made me.#fucking sorry i was hesitant to say anything at first given you spent the past 2 years saying shit like ‘please don’t leave me’ and#‘i dont know what i’d do if you left me’ every goddamn time you had a breakdown#but yeah i’m the manipulative one. go fuck yourself.#‘im entitled to the way i feel’ yeah no fucking kidding you’re entitled. something else alisa agreed with. and i just KNOW that you’d start#crying and screaming about how it’s impossible for you to be entitled because you irresponsibly waste all the money you get#lmfao fuck this i’m selling those tickets. remember? the ones you explicitly told me i could sell and then proceeded to try and fucking#guilt trip me about it by saying you’d kill yourself. god. how did i ever fall for your bullshit?#maybe it’ll be enough to pay for my hrt if this planned parenthood offers it#ed#proana#thinspo#evilcore#villaincore#fitspo#hmmm what other tags do i know for sure you scroll through#eating disorder#meanspo#bullimia
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much-the-millers-kid · a year ago
Personal Vent Ahead
Today is the day I would have graduated college of covid hadn’t happened. My parents keep trying to think of ways to “celebrate” but part of me wants to pretend there was never supposed to be anything special about today. Treat it like another day, and actually celebrate when we really can. I mean, I do want to celebrate my accomplishments, but not with the pitying looks of “this isn’t how it’s supposed to be.”
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nullians · a year ago
The eternal trouble of
‘Have they beaten me into submission’
‘Am I simply so done with their shit that I gave up on arguing and just pick the easiest route’
#IT’S GUILT TRIPPING TIME!!!#it’s always more probable for mother and grandmother to lash out on me when I had a good day with friends before#what was it this time hmmm#I told them they should communicate When they want sth done#if you want sth done immediately please say so#if you say ‘today’ I assume it just needs to be done before the date changes#no. it doesn’t get registeres as ‘as soon as possible’#like#I’ve told you SO MANY times? Just give me a deadline and I will manage??? But nooooo#literally- The Audacity#it’s easier to just yell at me and tell me that I am ‘Dumb as a mule’ and ‘Where is your ‘smart thing’ hmm???’#’mind how you talk to us’ I literally changed my tone to neutral/business-like one for you#maybe those arguments would be a bit better if you know. you actually listened to what I say#also the tactic where you both talk in the same time and demand my attention? fuck you#I told them to wait till I’m done with one of them so we don’t just cut each other mid sentence but nooooo#Holy shit huh#also the ‘Why are you such a dark/vulgar/troublesome/ungrateful child??!’#followed by ‘WE DON’T GIVE YOU ANY TROUBLE WE EVEN LET YOU MEET YOUR FRIENDS!!!’???#the AUDACITY y’all. I can’t even... I see my friends like once in a month if not less and#ehhh why am I even upset in the first place. Should’ve made peace with them being manipulative af#also like... it’s not like I ever left sth not done??? ??????#eh I’m just a bit down I guess... but the arguing made my brother tear up so I kinda... feel terrible for that#can’t stand them telling me in what Tone I need to adress them when they all yell at me/say untrue and hurtful things and act like...#it’s all fine??? it’s not??? the fact that you then immediately delete the existence of the argument is also ugly#I want to be better than this and just... let it be but... I’m so MAD. I only have a few people I care about. I barely see them#and it’s just... INFURIATING that they SAY such things#literally there are so many BAD kids out there I just demand basic RESPECT but can I get it???? NO. Switch kids maybe then you’ll see#HHHHHH fuck them I’m tired and mad and scared and just... kind of hopeless rn#personal#don’t reblog this i guess
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mischiefy · 2 years ago
this fandom: we’re tired of white bread cookie cutter LIs! give us LIs with personality and depth who aren’t immediately in love with MC and aren’t always prepared to Risk It All™ for them! give us natural realistic development and actual consequences for our choices!
PB: ok here u go
this fandom: wait no
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