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The majority of Tumblr users, 36%, are aged 18-34, a coveted market for most companies.
coffeekaspbrak · 6 minutes ago
Tumblr media
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introversiontherapy · 9 minutes ago
I should feel like good news
I should be more than happy. I should be glad. I should be elated. I should be grateful. I should be smiling. I should be crying. I should act like I won the lottery. Of life.
It’s not that I don’t feel something. I feel worry. I feel doubt. I feel hesitant. I feel selfish. I feel deluded.
Things in life come when you least expect. And I was not expecting this, not at all this. Not now, not yesterday, not tomorrow.
I am afraid. That I am not happy enough for this. That I am too unwilling to give up myself for this. That I am too weak for this.
Is it that I truly don’t want this / or is it that I’m already too broken to share myself again
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uunrebornagainn · 10 minutes ago
Brain Dump 2
I'm so tired
Pleading with the sands is time to slow and give me a more pleasant rest
She scoffs and quickens the pace to spite me.
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uunrebornagainn · 13 minutes ago
Brain Dump 1
Patient is the murder of my soul and
Unsatisfied is the love I give.
Taking a wrapped strand of hair between my fingers
And stretching them
Testing them
Until they finally
Into a coiled ruin.
What a casual metaphor for the bonds we hold with others,
Testing endured due to the desperation of staying together,
Until one or both take off the coat and put an end to the game.
But people are not strands of hair,
And bonds can form back into the piece they once were,
Possibly even stronger than before.
But that’s the great pie in the sky, isn't it?
That it's possible to reconnect and
Love one another again.
But rarely do the strands dance in the broken tendrils and decide to
So all us hopeless lovers have left to do is
With our arms stretched out and the sound of falling tears:
All that’s left to comfort the silence.
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nehasnotebook · 13 minutes ago
Who Am I if not Just A Story | Short Poem | Neha's Notebook
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intothemjverse · 20 minutes ago
Stardust ~
Keep your chin up, little stargazer.
At worlds above our own,
You are small but you are stardust.
And that’s worth more than you’ve known.
Since every sun and solar flare,
Is made up just like you.
And if they’re cause for wonder,
Then I promise you are too.
Look out, little stargazer,
‘Til nothing’s left unseen,
And know there’s not a patch of sky
Where no-one else’s eyes have been,
That the darkness that enfolds you;
Holds countless other starlit hearts.
And with this you stand together
Though you live lifetimes apart.
Be brave now, little stargazer.
The sky is growing light,
And courage wanes like moonbeams
When it's pulled out from the night,
But like those who gazed before you;
Know when your heart is full of fear,
That it is always in your darkness
That the stars start to appear.
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florallyromantic · 31 minutes ago
Her eyes sparkle, copying the stars' light as they aligned to lead us to each other
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littlethingsinlifeart · 31 minutes ago
Is life
Laughing at our footholds
Jumping up to hold our hand
But quite prepared
To break our fingers.
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dantesinfernopoetry · 37 minutes ago
Dante's Inferno Poetry: The Road to Hell
Dante’s Inferno Poetry: The Road to Hell
Check out the website – Dante’s Inferno Poetry Check out the website!
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defilededandies · 56 minutes ago
where and when, do not let me know
when I will meet my love the earth could be kissing leaves
or hug the snow
why and whom do not tell me yet
when my love will leave my heart will be sore
and my cheeks will be wet
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poetrypig · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Where were you when my life was falling apart?
Where were you when my eyes can no longer cry?
When the sun no longer shines,
And all there are, are rain clouds,
Where were you when I needed you most?
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instanceandthephrase · an hour ago
Easy Gods
I’m pretending Days don’t pass To stall what meaning Dwindles As it fades From hours begging Such short minutes Find some hope
Lasting only For what seems fast
When in truth Reality lingers
Beyond bodies Always failing With each dream Our suffering takes
Doing tasks Through gasping breaths
Making chores Of empty spaces
While enduring Boredom evident By this fact all faith Should yield
Under pressures Measuring lengths Easy gods Have called successes
Purely hateful Though still raging Against freedoms Time does hold
Fearing nothing But men’s laws
Pressing rules Upon forever
Pitting duty Against divinity Losing trust Between both worlds.
How does waiting Seem more fair Than experience Idly wasted
Immaterial Though oddly finite
Proving boundaries Nature’s joke?
Passion thrives Where doubt recedes Deeming worry Inexplicable
Falsely gauged Among expressions Swearing feelings Keep us whole.
Life’s real mystery Promising death Knows now art Outwits extinction
Like those limits Science has worshipped
Becoming gospel Inevitably preached.
       ⁃       J. Pigno
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dotchvmp · an hour ago
Did not think today,
for one second about this.
Now is time for sleep.
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n-o-t-t · an hour ago
Something otherworldly,
eyes as cool as lilies yet lips as warm as rose,
Its beauty was something otherworldly,
Hair as fierce as a lion yet curls as soft as a doe
Its beauty was something otherworldly,
words as cruel as truth yet her voice as luring as lies,
Its beauty was something otherworldly,
Demeanour as manipulative as a human yet her aura as mysterious as
Something otherworldly.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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jazbaaati · an hour ago
Tumblr media
June Jordan, Speculations on the Present Through the Prism of the Post for Haruko
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snowdropluz · an hour ago
Anger 1.0
Locs of lava with lips of stone but
Butter is briefer than your broken words
Unsounded silence and simmering violence is
Enlivened in a lonely some lonely retort
So I wrote a poem about repressed anger. It's part of a poetry collection that I'm posting on Wattpad called, 'Emotions.' Each month I'll post poems about different flavours of a specific emotion. This month's is Anger. You don't need an account to read.
Thank you!
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