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kude-kude · 11 days ago
Camilo with a Ditto (?)
Of course
Tumblr media
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whimsicaluv · 3 months ago
˚₊· ͟͟͞͞➳❥ 𝓡𝓾𝓵𝓮𝓼 ༉‧₊˚.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
-when making request make sure to be specific on what you want..
-plz be patient when requesting, i have a life outside this app..
-multiple request are fine just don’t spam the inbox if it takes a while(same goes for ask)..
-no discourse plz!! i can’t really handle confrontation..
-make sure to read the blacklist before requesting, if you request anything from there i won’t hesitate to delete your request..
-also plz tell me if i accidentally use fanart instead of official art for an edit so i can credit it..
-don’t claim that my edits are yours!!
Tumblr media
moodboards, icons, layouts, wallpapers, playlists, reply icons, stimboards, gifs, colored manga panels
Tumblr media
twilight sparkle, yoimiya, yun jin, mey rin, grell sutcliff, ganyu, aiura mikoto, shenhe, miku hatsune, xinyan, yumeko jabami, madoka kaname, cocoa cookie, sayori, yui yamada, shin sato, aubrey, basil, whisper the wolf, elena amamiya, abbey bominable, skelita calaveras, sylveon
minako, mutantheart, roboheart, perfectheart, sweetheart, karmatsu matsuno, amy rose, draculaura, ENA, isabela madrigal, hiyoko saionji, kokomi teruhashi, kobeni higashiyama, klara, lammy, miu iruma, natsuki, yuri, nagatoro hayase, todomatsu matsuno, yumemi yumemite
noelle, asmodeus, haruhi fujioka, gumi megpoid, jamil viper, rantaro amami, monika, mello, najimi osana, v4 flower, yuzuki yukari, space boyfriend, claire elford, thirteen, sal fisher
xinyan x yun jin, mari x hero, yui yamada x tomoka kase, madoka kaname x homura akemi, miku hatsune x rin kagamine, sangonomiya kokomi x kujou sara, hu tao x yanfei, rarity x apple jack, komi shouko x tadano hitohito, komi shouko x manbagi rumiko, minako x charlotte, minako x VYT-24, charlotte x gyaruko, haru okumura x makoto niijima, ann takamaki x akira kurusu x ryuji sakamoto, shadow x sonic x amy
anything pink, webcore, softcore, cottagecore, cutecore, lovecore
Tumblr media
kaito momota, haiji towa, kokichi ouma, spamton, anything from hentai, any real people, mcyt, any ships not on the whitelist, creepypastas, magical girl site/apocalypse, attack on titan, weirdcore, dreamcore
Tumblr media
danganronpa, twst, black butler, demon slayer, genshin impact, persona 5, ddlc, madoka magica, omori, toilet bound hanko kun, animal crossing, deltarune, undertale, splatoon, female vtubers, bnha, obey me, muse dash, vocaloid, komi can’t communicate, artiswitch, cookie run kingdom, sanrio, total drama, ena, sonic the hedgehog(series), saiki k, panty and stocking with garter belt, monster high, pokémon, parappa the rappa, um jammer lammy, osomatsu san, kakegurui, pink bitch club, project sekai, encanto, +unlisted things(selective)
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rat-typewriter · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
Hiya!! Welcome to my blog :)
You can call me Rat or Wren and I go by she/they pronouns!
heres my masterlist!
heres my list of WIPs
My match-ups are currently open :)
I write Hcs and Oneshots for x reader!
I don’t write and nsfw or anything nasty :(
My requests are open!!
Fandoms I can write for:
the legend of zelda
detroit become human
ace attorney
trigger happy havoc
BBC sherlock
BBC ghosts
my hero academia
Harry Potter ( + marauders)
IT chapter 1 and 2
Until Dawn
Little Hope
House of Ashes
Resident Evil 8
Pokémon Sword and Shield
Rules for Requesting:
I won't write NSFW
I won't write anything nasty
If you would like to request a fandom that isn't listed, feel free to ask! I'm super forgetful and this list won't always be up to date!!
I will generally use gender neutral pronouns, so please specify what pronouns you would like!
I reserve the right to refuse any request for any reason without explanation
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fandomfixion · a month ago
Wassup fello kids
I’m pretty new to tumblr but one thing I’ve always wanted to do is write x reader fanfics… mainly for myself but why not share them!
Fortunately I will be writing for quite a few different fandoms (which will be listen after this) and maybe I will add more!
Following fandoms I will write for:
•Apex legends
•Dreamsmp (within reason)
•Fnaf security breach
•Inside Job
•Monster Prom/Camp
•Pokémon Shield
•South Park
•Stardew Valley
I will write various ‘X reader’ headcannons, preferences and oneshots. I might be convinced to do multiple parts to oneshots if it is requested enough if If I simply just want to.
There will be no smut! That is is full stop, none.
I will be taking advice and nice criticism that helps! I am kinda new to the app and still working things out! So help is welcome.
So, if you’re interested request how ever you can! Because I’m unsure of how to do that! I will try to write whatever request I get ASAP!
Enjoy your day <3
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coldsilentnight · 4 months ago
In the distance you hear the faint sound of bells…
Tumblr media
Welcome to ColdSilentNight, a blog run solely by Mod Jesse/Orion!
[ Updates: Whitelist + Blacklist updated, Encanto added as a source ]
[ Last updated: January 13, 2022 ]
[ Current Events: … ]
[ Credits ]
About the mod:
My name is Jesse, but I also go by Orion! I use he/him or they/them (no preference). I’m a pansexual aromantic transman who fixates on things REALLY quickly. Also, I’m 19.
My main art blog is @conicalcrowd
- Basic DNI (no p*dos, racists, LGBT+phobes, bi/pan lesbians (or if you think they’re real), if you support/identify as yandere, NSFW, etc.)
- Thin-spo blogs/supporters
- Anti-kin or factkin
- Supporters of/is sc/ft/doll
- Do not request from my blacklist or any outside sources.
- Do not rush me please.
- Be polite!
- Do not repost my edits
- Do not bring discourse here. We’re all here to have fun and chill.
- Please don’t sent any weird/NSFW asks or requests.
What can I make?
- Icons (circle or square, regular or pride). Default size is 750 x 750. Circle icon default is 500 x 500.
- GIFcons (square only. default size is 220 x 220)
- Wallpapers
- Moodboards
- Stimboards
- Pride flags (where I pick a pride flag from a character’s color palette)
- Transparents
- Replycons
Note: for any edits involving pride, PLEASE specify which flag you want me to use!
🌟 Ace Attorney
Cookie Run (Ovenbreak + Kingdom)
Genshin Impact
Danganronpa (Trigger Happy Havoc-V3)
🌟- Fixation, 💕- Favorite!, ❓- Selective, ✨ - Unsure, ❌ - on hold (not taking requests for it at this time)
- P*dophilic/incest (even if they’re not blood related) ships
- The defense attorneys x each other
- Mia or Maya x Phoenix
- Athena or Maya x Simon
- The Junior disciples/Junior Quartet x each other
- Millennial Tree x anyone
- Almond x anyone
- Milk x Purple Yam
- Lan Wangji or Wei Wuxian x women
- Jin Guangyao or Xue Yang x anyone
- 3zun
- TeruTeru, Hifumi, or Junko x anyone
- Warriors of Hope x anyone/each other
- Miu x Kokichi and/or Kiibo
- Kokichi x Gonta
- Kazuichi x Sonia
- Tenko x men
- Yasuhiro x anyone
- Toko x Togami
- Mikan x Hiyoko
- Kageshu (pregame Shuichi x in-game Shuichi)
- The Madrigals x each other
Note: I’m fine with doing blacklisted ships if they are PLATONIC
- Manfred Von Karma, Kristoph Gavin, Ga’ran, Blaise Debeste, Bobby Fulbright, or any iteration of Larry Butz past AA1
- Lan Qiren, Madam Yu, the Wens (the exceptions being Wen Qing and Wen Ning), Su She, Jin Guangshan
- Haiji Towa, Kanon Nakajima, Korekiyo’s sister, Genocide Jill, Celestia Ludenburg
- Weirdcore
- Dreamcore
- Academia aesthetics
- Gore or y*nderecore
- Anything NSFW
- Xue Yang or Jin Guangyao in cutesy aesthetics
- Antonio gender/sexuality edits (bc…he’s 5)
Reasons for anything on blacklist is to either avoid discourse, because they’re not fun to edit, or because they make me uncomfortable (or I see certain ships in a familial way).
- Junithena
- Klapollo
- Wrightworth
- Blackmadhi
- Verocky
- Darkwhip
- Wangxian
- Ningsang
- Xicheng
- Ishileon
- Kuzuhina
- Saimaki
- Oumota
- Kiiede
- Goshi
- The Attorney Family (Phoenix, Apollo, Athena, Trucy)
- Klavier Gavin
- Nahyuta Sahdmadhi
- Millennial Tree cookie
- Sparkling cookie
- Lilac cookie
- Almond cookie
- Squid Ink cookie
- The Junior Quartet
- The Twin Jades of Gusu
- Wen Ning
- Nie Huaisang
- Leon Kuwata
- Kiyotaka Ishimaru
- Hajime Hinata
- Fuyuhiko Kuzuryuu
- Akane Owari
- Taichi Fujisaki
- Shuuichi Saihara
- Kaito Momota
- Ryouma Hoshi
- Gonta Gokuhara
- Bruno Madrigal
- Camilo Madrigal
- Pepa Madrigal
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thelovelyscenarios · 7 months ago
An x reader imagines, scenario blogs for video games, anime, and whatever else I like! Requests are currently open~
Fandoms I write for:
- Stardew Valley
- Fire Emblem: Awakening
- Fire Emblem: Fates
- Fire Emblem: Three Houses
- Hades (Supergiant)
- Obey Me! Shall We Date?
- Pokémon Sword and Shield
- Jujutsu Kaisen
- Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
- Encanto
- The Witcher (Netflix)
Characters I will not write for:
- Edelgard von Hresvelg, Flayn, Fleche, Those Who Slither in the Dark (Fire Emblem: Three Houses)
- Walhart (Fire Emblem: Awakening)
- Nowi (unless platonically) (Fire Emblem: Awakening)
- Nyx (Fire Emblem: Fates)
- Mahito (Jujutsu Kaisen)
- Any character canonically/implied to be a minor throughout the entirety of the story
Content I won’t write:
- Yandere
- A/B/O
- Implied rape/sexual assault
- Racism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, etc.,
- Things about serious mental health problems such as eating disorders, suicidal thoughts, etc., (I’m simply not equipped to deal with it, and it will impact my own health)
- Asks featuring over ten characters
- Asks featuring multiple groups (I.e., all three of the houses from Fire Emblem Three Houses.) If you would like to request multiple groups, please send a follow up after your request has been fulfilled.
- Asks featuring entitled or impolite language. I do this for fun in my free time and I would like to be respected as such. I do not owe you content, I am offering it.
- Child!Reader
- Anything that makes me uncomfortable or that I do not want to.
- One-shots; this is a headcanon and scenario blog only. I do take commissions on my main @pinstripedaisy if you want a one-shot!
- A gendered reader unless specified, or a reader with specifics too far out of my familiarity or understanding (ex: a Chinese American reader with a scenario around being Chinese American)
Content I will write:
- Angst (including character death and non-sexual violence)
- Multiple fandoms (so long as it does not exceed the character limit)
- Polyamorous headcanons
- AUs (such as modern, royalty, canon divergence, etc.,)
- NSFW (provided that the requester is off anon and discloses their age in their bio)
- Reader with one modifier (ex: ftm reader, reader with a hearing impairment, etc.,)
- Nazis
- Transmeds
- Homophobes
Hope you enjoy your stay here!
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hqrestart · a day ago
most wanted by admins?
from admin salina; 
jesper fahey, alina starkov & zoya nazyalensky from grishaverse; rick grimes, michonne, daryl dixon, rosita espinosa, clementine, maggie rhee, glenn rhee, carol peletier & enid from the walking dead; remy lebeau, raven darkholme, kurt wagner, billy kaplan, tommy shepherd, agatha harkness, erik lehnsherr, lorna dane & pietro maximoff from marvel; bruce wayne, cassandra cain, jason todd, barbara gordon & harley quinn from dc; azriel, cassian & nesta archeron from a court of thorns and roses; luisa madrigal, julieta madrigal, agustin madrigal, felix madrigal & isabela madrigal from encanto !!
and from admin tilly;
hard hard agree on jesper fahey & the rest of the madrigals, as well as mariano from encanto, reggie peters, flynn & carrie wilson from julie and the phantoms; bloom, aisha/layla, riven, icy & stormy from winx club, will solace from the riordanverse, hades, persephone, zeus, poseidon & artemis from hades (or the riordanverse tbh), richard gansey iii, ronan lynch & noah czerny from the raven cycle !!
and from admin hawk;
jesper fahey as well from me !! tolya & tamar from grishaverse; joel, ellie, abby & tommy from the last of us; serana, the jarl of whiterun, lydia & delphine from skyrim; aragorn, legolas, arwen, bilbo & gandalf from lord of the rings; ash, misty, brock & gou from pokémon; some more x-men from marvel; elizabeth & booker dewitt from bioshock; link & zelda from zelda; team avatar from both the last airbender & the legend of korra & anyone from the rise of the guardians !!
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