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Olivia, you can’t enable this behavior


Olivia: I really hope she doesn’t make mischief
Ty: As long as she doesn’t turn her wrath on the island or islanders, you don’t interfere
Olivia: Well I can’t just let her attack people Ty
Ty: I know, I meant if she’s stealing or wandering about you ignore her. If she escalates you step in

Olivia: And that works?
Ty: It worked when Drasna was raising Baloo

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Want the perfect social distance gift for the Holidays? Or just a cool piece of art for yourself? My december list is open for you guys! 

I got a little bit of everything, from humanizing your cats, to making your witchsona, to complex art-noveau pieces, I am your gal. Also, I do Pokemon mashups!


Or your own Pokemon team for yourself or your characters! 


And of course, your favorite couples are also my jam (Although for now, in digital color. It’s just that my one example was in traditional color. But that one can also be arranged if you really,really want :D )

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Even more Poké Balls are coming to PokéStops near you!  

Trainers, a huge delivery of Poké Balls are coming to Pokémon GO! Keep an eye on your Gifts and local PokéStops for some sweet Poké Ball deliveries  - you’re gonna need them! 🚚🚚🚚

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When I was 10 I bought a holographic Japanese Pokemon card at the flea market, a Pokemon I’d never even seen before (it was a Skarmory), and I was the coolest shit on the playground when I showed that off.


I’ve been chasing that high ever since.

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In regions where wild Combee are common, farmers will plant flowers that Combee like around their crops. The Combee will pollenate their crops while collecting nectar, and the colony’s Vespiquen may even be persuaded to give up some excess honey.

Because the honey attracts other wild Pokémon, Combee colonies are prone to attack. Farmers that help defend the colonies against attackers will earn the favor of the Vespiquen, who will send her Combee to scare pests out of the fields and attack any humans who might cause trouble.

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