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allthingsgerman · 6 hours ago
We rise for our new health minister and Meme Lord, Prof. Dr. Karl Lauterbach, der mir einzig bekannteste seines Namens.
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unscharf-an-den-raendern · 14 hours ago
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aliaoftheknives · a year ago
this was the tiktok witches’ long game, and you laughed. you laughed at their moon ritual. now who’s laughing. 
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awordwasthebeginning · 2 months ago
Not to be dramatic but this election is key. It will decide whether we have four, possibly more, years of "let's just carry on like this", or four, hopefully more, years of change and necessary progressive legislation.
I know it's easy to demonise Scholz bc of Hamburg, and also kids really like Lindner because...? He opposes Article 13? Or something? And it's easier to make a choice based on two or three key subjects.
But I also know that this campaign has shown two very important things:
1. Identity politics, and the hysteria the political right want to associate with it ("Genderzwang" etc.), have hardly played a role. Sure, they're not unimportant, but for some parties some things are just a given, for others they aren't, and that's that. Positions are clear. And this isn't where the big changes are going to happen in the next few years.
2. Much as 8 (12) years of GroKo have blurred the lines, there are still two clear directions when it comes to the democratic parties:
There are those who think the market is going to regulate itself, even with regard to exploding rent prices, very slow progress in the expansion of renewable energy infrastructure, continuing construction of ICE cars; who think big companies should pay fewer taxes to boost their economic capacities, and so should people with higher income for some reason; who occasionally pander to the right-wing parties when they speak about the risks of "mass immigration", and "gender hysteria". Those parties are CDU and FDP.
And there are those who think that the state should regulate a few things to reduce inequality and force the change that really isn't happening by force of The Market. Rent prices. Gender quotas in company boards. Expansion of public transport. Landlords paying their share of higher fuel costs if they've failed to energetically upgrade the house. Those parties are SPD, Bündnis 90/Die Grünen, and Die Linke.
It currently looks like the only options are:
another Groko (possibly led by the SPD this time? Also, please don't)
Jamaika (CDU, Grüne, FDP)
Deutschland (CDU, SPD, FDP. Please, no.)
Ampel (SPD, Grüne, FDP)
R2G (SPD, Grüne, Linke - if Die Linke makes it)
Kenia (CDU, SPD, Grüne)
The next gov't is likely lead by either CDU or SPD. Grüne and FDP will be the ones to make that decision.
The CDU is gaining a bit in surveys. Maybe because the Jusos said R2G would be neat. Probably because Merkel let herself be photographed with some birds.
As shown above, Lindner (FDP) would probably tip the scales in favour of the CDU.
If you want any change at all in this country, and you haven't already done so, go vote on Sunday and vote a progressive party.
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This week in Welsh politics, the UK government has decided that we must all have Celtic identity ground out of us and are trying to instigate a "One Britain One Nation" day. They want schools to make the children sing a new zippy anthem about Britain and how great it is, featuring the line "We are Britain and we have one dream to unite all people in one Great Team" and no, I am not making this up. That's not ironic. That's really, truly what they're doing.
Anyway, the Welsh government has released a statement:
“Education is a devolved matter and the Welsh Government has not been engaged in this project.”
And we're just. Not doing it. Zero Welsh schools are taking part. None of us are singing their little propaganditty. It ain't happening.
So far, only a handful of schools in Bradford in England are taking part. So that's happened.
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dagenssvenska · 5 months ago
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kikokuso · 2 months ago
Alright guys, gals, everything in between and outside of it, politics class. Here's something I came up with on my way to school and I wanna share it with everyone here because it puts some stuff into perspective.
My analysis on the four quadrants and how they would handle progress
1. AuthLeft: In authleft ideology, there is no such thing as an individual. We are all people that are a part of a mass which moves towards progress together.
2. AuthRight: In authright ideology, some people are born superior and are immediately more privileged, which gives them a better chance to prosper over others.
3. LibLeft: In libleft ideology, we, as individuals, are all equal, no matter who we are or where and under which circumstances we were born, so we're all prospering equally and together.
4. LibRight: In libright ideology, a select few gets to move to the top, while the rest 99% of the world is unable to move past it's beginning and truly prosper in our society.
If this is too complicated, I drew a graph showing how all these things move (keep in mind that taller=more prosperous)
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Thanks for listening to me and my analysis! I wish you all the best in the rest of your days today!
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fruityradical · 2 months ago
USA vs. Nordic World (life expectancy)
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but sure, what we're doing works
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unscharf-an-den-raendern · 5 months ago
Der Bundestag hat in einer Marathonsitzung, die bis 2.30 Uhr nachts ging, einige interessante Dinge beschlossen:
Vor den Nazis ins Ausland geflüchtete Personen und deren Nachkommen können nun ohne Auflagen die deutsche Staatsbürgerschaft erwerben. Der Antrag ist kostenlos, andere Staatsbürgerschaften dürfen behalten werden. Es muss nur nachgewiesen werden, dass die Person von den Nazis verfolgt wurde oder zu einer verfolgten Gruppe gehörte.
Bei schweren Straftaten, wie Mord, können Beschuldigte jetzt ein zweites Mal vor Gericht gestellt werden, wenn neue Beweise auftauchen.
Es ist jetzt einfacher, jemanden wegen Stalking vor Gericht zu bringen. Bisher musste der:die Täter:in einem "beharrlich" nachstellen und das eigene Leben musste "schwerwiegend" beeinträchtigt werden. Jetzt reicht es, wenn der:die Täter:in einen "wiederholt" belästigt und das eigene Leben "nicht unerheblich" beeinträchtigt wird. Außerdem wurde das Strafmaß von maximal drei auf maximal fünf Jahre erhöht. Auch Cyberstalking steht jetzt explizit unter Strafe.
Volksverhetzung ist jetzt auch dann strafbar, wenn sie nicht öffentlich in Form von Mails oder Briefen geschieht.
Freier machen sich jetzt strafbar, wenn sie offensichtliche Anzeichen für die Zwangslage einer Prostituierten, wie z.B. Verletzungen, ignorieren.
Verträge für Mobilfunk, Fitnessstudios oder Streamingdienste dürfen nur noch eine Laufzeit von maximal einem Jahr haben. Kund:innen soll so eine Kündigung erleichtert werden.
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aliaoftheknives · a year ago
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This picture is everything. The random shit on the chair. The ground pillow. Just the shittiest carpet in the world. Bernie show me your battery drawer and I will show you the popular vote. Truly a man of the people
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awordwasthebeginning · 13 days ago
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Ich finde, das hat Potenzial zu einer Redewendung.
"Xenia-Adelheid! Es ist unangemessen, mit den Fingern zu essen und parallel Drogen zu legalisieren."
"Joshua, es ist unangemessen, dem Gegner nicht die Hand zu schütteln und parallel Drogen zu legalisieren"
"Während einer Beerdigung zu lachen und parallel Drogen zu legalisieren, ist wohl absolut unangemessen, Tante Hertha"
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tessabennet · a month ago
Hey German tumblr please take a minute to support this campaign (initiated by the Anne Frank Stiftung) to protest AfD funding. Won't take long, I promise!
As for the non-Germans here, this will help cut off fundings from a right wing/neo-nazi party (always a good cause), so please help spread this around!
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itsyveinthesky · 8 months ago
Lasst uns nicht vergessen, dass Laschet RWTH Klausuren verloren hat und dann die Noten ausgewürfelt hat.
Als das aufgeflogen ist hat dann auf seinen Lehrauftrag an der Uni verzichtet und mag es nicht wenn man ihn auf das Thema anspricht.
Das ist der beste Kanzlerkandidat den die CDU zu bieten hat
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amynessblog · 6 days ago
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tuesday evening study session 📖🌛
🎶 2 On - Tinashe
earlier today I wrote my history exam. I hope it went well, even if it didn’t felt like it.
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fanpersoningfox · a year ago
Im Bundestag wird am 19. Juni (diesen Freitag) über einen neuen Gesetzesentwurf beraten und entschieden, der das verfassungswidrige TSG ersetzen soll. Mit dem neuen Selbstbestimmungsgesetz könnten trans* Menschen endlich ohne entwürdigende Gutachten und zeit- und kostenintensive Gerichtsverfahren ihren legalen Namen und Personenstand anpassen. Diese Reform ist nicht nur längst überfällig, sondern auch absolut notwendig, um die Menschenwürde von trans* Menschen zu wahren.
Außerdem verbietet das Selbstbestimmungsgesetz rein kosmetische Zwangsoperationen an intersexuellen Kindern.
Um das Gesetz durch den Bundestag zu bekommen, gilt es jetzt, die Abgeordneten wissen zu lassen, dass wir das Gesetz unterstützen. Das funktioniert am besten, indem wir sie kontaktieren.
Dazu schreiben wir am besten einen Brief an die Abgeordneten unseres Wahlkreises. Wenn das zu aufwendig ist, geht es auch online über das Kontaktformular (Link im Reblog, weil Algorithmus).
Ich hab mal eine lückentextmäßige Vorlage geschrieben, in die ihr nur noch euren Namen und den eurer Abgeordneten eintragen müsst, ist in den Notes, damit der Post hier nicht zu lang wird. Alternativ hat auch der Lambda-Bund eine Vorlage geschrieben und (Link im Reblog weil Algorithmus) hat eine wunderbare Anleitung und Textbausteine, auf denen auch meine Vorlage basiert.
Die Briefe schickt ihr an:
[Name Abgeordnete*r]
Deutscher Bundestag
Platz der Republik 1
11011 Berlin
Bitte nehmt euch den Moment und helft mit!
Das Thema betrifft nicht wahnsinnig viele Leute, aber für die, die es betrifft, ist es wahnsinnig wichtig.
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shookethbrooketh · a year ago
1 out of every 199 americans has coronavirus right this moment (and that’s just the ones who have tested positive).
happy fourth of july.
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One of my greatest pleasures in life is watching a Tory Civil War unfold and now it seems there's one on the horizon again! YAY. It's such a perfect clown fight, a battle of utter losers in which you, the viewer, can only win regardless of the outcome. Like:
In the red corner, we have Dominic Cummings, 90% weasel and 10% faeces, furious that he was finally removed from Boris Johnson's teat after trying to take out his latest baby mama, pulling out incriminating receipts and gurning and wanking his way into the House of Commons to testify against the government.
In the blue corner, we have Boris Johnson, a 1970s upper class English Donald Trump tribute act who mismanaged the pandemic so badly the UK now has one of the highest death tolls of all developed nations, currently under fire because it turns out he screamed "no more fucking lockdowns - let the bodies pile high in their thousands" loudly enough for multiple people to hear it through a locked door back in December.
WHO WILL WIN?! It doesn't matter: one of them will lose, and that's the important part.
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