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memeuplift · 2 days ago
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honeyhemlocked · a day ago
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Tumblr media
our one cantaloupe only grew as big as it felt like growing, declaring itself the most adorable melon anyone has ever had the pleasure of eating. there was just enough for all three of us to sample its sweetness.
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lovelybluepanda · a day ago
How to romanticize your person:
Make a "badass" playlist that will make you motivated, now go and achieve your goals
Don't dress for the sake of dressing. Dress so you feel good.
Eating to survive? Nope. Eat so you fuel your body and also enjoy the food. Find balance.
Why bother working on projects? Because they matter to you. Achieve things because those goals set your soul on fire. That's enough.
Do stuff for yourself. There's no need for them to make sense for others. Your joy is top priority.
Invest in yourself first. It's important to share care and love to others but make sure you show yourself the same level of attention first.
There's only 1 opinion that matters the most and that's yours. Don't live in someone else's dream.
Find joy in the activities you do. Cleaning is amazing because you take care of your space and mental health. Eating 5 serves of fruits or veggies is great because it fuels your body and you feel energized. Reading brings knowledge which brings confidence.
Confidence is freedom. Aspire to listen to your heart. Others' words and opinions are leaves in the wind. They'll fly by and you never hear of them again.
You're always with you. Don't let someone who just passes by in your life control it. Also, enjoy your company.
Acknowledge your traits. As uncomfortable it is to learn to have a voice, don't let anyone make you feel invisible. There will always be at least 2 people who see you, you and me because you can always come and chat with me.
Setting boundaries is a form of self-love. Don't let your dreams, feelings or thoughts be stepped upon by others.
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memeuplift · 20 hours ago
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lovelybluepanda · a day ago
5 things to think of
Write a detailed text of what you want to be. How do you want to be? What about your every day life? Your relationships with other people? Your future house? Make a detailed description.
Every day, read the description and edit/add to it if you feel like it.
Choose some tasks, skills, activities etc which this description has.
Think how you can learn, adopt them to your life, make them a part of your routine.
Try to do a little bit at a time. It doesn't have to be perfect. You just have to be consistent.
This is a template for self-development but you can adapt it to any aspect of your life or to new hobbies.
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