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#Potatoes Angie
cowboysaurus · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Potatoes la Angie
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lorule-genya · a day ago
list of reasons genya is my favorite:
1. purple (cool clothes)
2. awesome hair
3. gun (everybody else got a sword and he just)
4. angy but then nice
5. cool demon powers
6. just cares his big brother
7. asexual colors
8. nonbinary colors
9. weak
10. but tries his hardest
11. I kin he
12. bad at math
13. honest
14. cool name (has "nya" in it)
15. likes sleeping
16. punched zenitsu
17. watermelon
18. fights even w/o breathing techniques
19. he's shy 👉👈
20. will eat anything
21. little wings (eyelashes)
22. violence
23. no self-interest in looking good
24. doesn't cower or run away
25. devoted
26. looks feral or potato
27. matching scars w/ sanemi
28. friends w/ gyomei
29. great marksman
30. tiny eyebrows
31. he's nice big brother
32. character growth
(this was for me but if u read this for any reason i hope you enjoyed it lol)
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owo-shenanigans · 24 days ago
Killing Harmony Masterlist
Character ( x reader ) ;
Kaede Akamatsu
Morning of the reader’s birthday ; Fic ; Fluff
Taking care of an injured S/O ; Bulleted
Thinking the reader is cheating on them ; Bulleted ; NOT angst
Angie Yonaga
Celebration ; Fic
Taking care of an injured S/O ; Bulleted
Tenko Chabashira
Getting patched up by their S/O ; Bulleted
Kaito Momota
Getting patched up by their S/O ; Bulleted
Korekiyo Shinguji
Ultimate Potato Thief S/O ; Bulleted
Ultimate Killing Robot S/O ; Bulleted
Blackened S/O ; Fic ; Angst
Adventurous S/O ; Bulleted
Ultimate Killing Robot S/O ; Bulleted
Thinking the reader is cheating on them ; Bulleted ; NOT angst
Kokichi Ouma
Adventurous S/O ; Bulleted
Ultimate Killing Robot S/O ; Bulleted ; Angst
Watching Stranger Things with their S/O ; Bulleted
Taking care of an injured S/O ; Bulleted
Character ( x character ) ;
None yet
Character ( alone ) ;
None yet
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duuhrayliegh · a month ago
watch your six - part six
warnings: canon lvl violence? swearing, but i think that’s it :) if i missed anything please let me know
word count: 5084
a/n: okay, i think this one turned out pretty good :) i’m rlly proud of it. we’re at the parts that Bucky and the Reader are around each other now so i’m going to switch to using ‘you’ instead of ‘I’ this was my first attempt at writing a fan fic so the changeover was hard but i’m getting there
p.s.: my requests and tag lists are open
xoxo ray
watch your six m.list
Tumblr media
My eyes widened, “I have never seen that before, in my life.” Suits sighed heavily and then began flipping through the rest of the papers.
“So what is the Svengali?” He threw out another paper and I glanced down at it. It looked like a typed report of some kind. Much of it redacted by thick black lines. The words Libra, Gemini, and Svengali were visible amidst the sea of dark ink.
“Look man. I don’t know what the hell Svengali is. Is it like Shawarma? Because honestly, I had a bad reaction to that.” I gestured to my stomach, “Well really, that could’ve been the place I got the Shawarma from. I don’t know, it was like right after that big alien attack on New York and the store had just opened back up.” Oh good, the nervous rambling has started.
“What the fuck does Shawarma have to do with anything I’m asking you.”  Suits was clearly getting frustrated with me, which could be a good or a bad thing. Good because he could slip up and give me information about where I’m at. Or bad because he could send Johnson back in and just not care if his boss gets mad or not.
“Well, I think every conversation needs a good Shawarma story.” I think every conversation needs a good story about the dish that gave me food poisoning for three days?
“Who is Agent Gemini?”
“I don’t know anyone called Agent Gemini. That’s such a wacky first name, I mean come on! Who wants to name their child Agent? So not cool.” What the hell am I talking about?
“What was your last mission you completed involving the Svengali?”
“I mean, I guess you could give them a nickname like Angie? But if it’s a boy then it could just stay Agent because that’s a pretty kickass boy name. Who am I kidding? That’s a pretty kickass girl name too. We say no to sexism here.”
“No to sexism? Does that mean that your partner was a woman?”
“Huh? What partner?” What’s he getting at?
“We’ve been looking at this all wrong.” Suits turned to the reflective surface of the mirror behind him. “Johnson, get in here.” Soon enough, in popped Johnson still as intimidating as ever.
“Sir, you asked for me?” Suits approached Johnson and leaned in closer to whisper his next sentence. I strained my ears to hear what they were saying.
“Yes. Go talk to Sitwell. He’s a tech guy and ask him to pull all the files on all woman run departments.”
“Yes, sir. Anything else, sir?”
“I believe that will be all, Johnson. I’m going to continue talking to our little guest over here.”
“Do you have many guests often, Suits? Because, little word of advice from a sane person, you usually try to not chain your guests to their chairs. Just so you know.” I snipped at the man as he situated himself back in his own chair. Yes, the best strategy is to continue to be snarky to the man who has you held captive, great plan.
“Yeah, we do tend to do things a bit unconventionally here.”
“Unconventional? You drugged me, threw me over the shoulder of that mass of a man like a sack of potatoes. Took me from my apartment, drugged me again and then strapped me to a chair, in which I was beaten by some blonde guy! Now, you’re berating me with the same questions over and over again! When I’ve already told you I don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about. If that’s just unconventional for you and your boss, I’d hate to see anything else that you’re willing to do.” My chest was heaving after my little speech. Suits sat back in amusement, a small smile twitching at the corners of his mouth.
“What was your last mission involving the Svengali?”
“Oh for fuck’s sake.”  I wanted to bang my head against the wall. Are you fucking kidding me? “I want a lawyer.” The door to the bland room opened again and in walked a built brunet.
“Oh darling, we don’t do lawyers here, but it’s cute of you to try.” The brunet turned to Suits, who was beginning to stand. “You’re free to go, I’ll take it from here.” I want to be free to go.
“Are you sure, sir? I’ve just begun to crack her.” The brunet clapped a hand on Suits shoulder as he shook his head.
“No, you’ve done enough. I just want to have a conversation with the woman.”
“Alright, sir.” Suits made to leave the room, when he was stopped abruptly by the brunet.
“Are you planning on leaving her in those chains?”
My eyes widened as Suits stammered and made his way towards me to unclasp all of the grating silver. The sound of metal on the concrete ground echoed throughout the room. I immediately went to rub my arms and wrists, trying to stimulate the blood flow. Okay, maybe this guy is slightly better than the rest of them.
“Hello. My name is Donovan, but my friends call me Don.” He extended his left hand to me. I flicked my eyes from his hand to his face, not moving a muscle. His hand dropped while his face remained neutral. “Now, I’ve told you my name, common courtesy tells us that, you should also tell me yours.”
“Well, common courtesy also says that you shouldn’t kidnap people, so I guess neither one of us is adhering to those laws.” Something flashed behind his eyes, this one is clearly not used to people disrespecting him.
“Good thing that common courtesy is just guidelines and not actual rules.” Oh good save, my man. “Let’s try this again. Hello. My name is Donovan, my friends call me Don. What is your name?” I stared at the man and rolled my lips inward before popping them.
“Hello, Donovan.” Then I went silent. I don’t want to talk to this man. Am I being a brat? No, I don’t think so. This man has no real power over me, besides the intimidation factor, but that’s not the point.
“And what should I call you, darling?” My eyebrow twitched upwards, that’s really fucking annoying.
“I don’t care what you call me, just not darling.”
“Well, I would prefer to call you by your name.”
“Oh, cool.” I bobbed my head while looking around the room. Now that I was free of the chains, I needed to figure out how to get away from these people. “So, you’re the one that’s going to escort me out of here and back home. After which, you and your people are never going to contact me ever again. In exchange, I’m not going to call the cops, even though I really should.”
Donovan sucked his teeth, “Mm, I wish I could, darling, but you have yet to answer our questions.”
“That statement is incorrect.” I was pacing the length of the room, attempting to calm my nerves. “I’ve answered. In fact, I’ve answered every single question that was asked of me. Even while I was being beaten bloody by good ol’ boy out there.” I really need to find a way out of here.
“According to my men, you haven’t given any answers.”
“No, that’s wrong. Just because you don’t like the answers you’re getting, doesn’t mean I didn’t answer the questions asked of me.” I walked up to the table, placing my palms flat on the chilled surface.
“Alright, answering ‘I don’t know’ to every question, isn’t actually answering the question.”
“Oh my god, who are you, my mother?” I pushed off the table, walking towards the door and hovering my hand above the knob.
“I wouldn’t do that if I were you.” I turned to look at the lounging man.
“And, why is that?”
“It’s electrified.” He stated simply as if it was common knowledge. My body stiffened, what the hell kind of place am I in that they have electrified door knobs?
“Oh duh, of course they are.” I backed away slowly while still maintaining a distance from the brunet. “I’m still not talking without a lawyer. I don’t know what the hell you people really want from me, but I’ve seen enough law based TV shows to know better than to incriminate myself by running my mouth.”
“Oh so you have some reason to be considered a criminal by the law? That’s quite interesting,” he turned to the mirror behind him, “make sure to write that down, please.”
“That’s not what I meant.”
“Oh but it’s what you said, so how else am I meant to interpret that statement?”
“Well, not like that because clearly I’m not a criminal. Seriously, look at me? Do I give off serial killer vibes?” He smirked and turned again, raising his finger and wiggling it to signal the person behind the window. Oh, what the fuck ever, man.
“Look, since you’re clearly not going to answer my questions at the moment, and you seem to be getting agitated for some reason.” As if you don’t know why I’m agitated asshole.
“We’re going to move you to another room. Once you’re there, someone will bring you your duffel bag and something to eat. You have a preference on takeout?” He walked towards the door, not hesitating to turn the knob and take a sharp left down an over-illuminated hallway.
Cautiously following the bulky man, he led me to a spacious room furnished with soft looking pieces. A nice twin sized bed was nestled in the corner of the room with a white duvet covering it. A deep red color was scattered throughout the space, giving it a depth that was a bit unnerving.
On the opposite wall sat a kitchenette area, complete with a small dining table with two plush chairs. There were shelves lining the walls, full of black binders, each done up with a strip of white on the spine. Words written in red that I couldn’t quite make out from where I was standing.
“Alright, so takeout? We’re just going to bring some food and hope you like it. We’ll be back shortly, stay put.” The burly man left the room quickly and the lock was clicked into place. I whipped around to see that the door did indeed lock from the outside. Okay, so where the fuck am I?
I walked over to the wall of binders and examined their titles. The red ink matched the scattered red in the room. Plucking a random title from the selection, I flipped it open to the first page.
Avengers Initiative Preliminary Report
Personality Overview
Iron Man
Anthony Edward Stark
Mr. Stark displays compulsive behavior. Prone to self-destructive tendencies. Textbook narcissism.
Recruitment Assessment for Avenger Initiative
Iron Man YES
Anthony Edward Stark NO
It is at the recommendation of Director Nicholas J. Fury that Anthony Edward Stark be used only in the capacity of consultant on the Avengers Initiative Project.
“What the actual hell?” I asked the room at large. Why the hell do they have this? I flipped through some of the other pages. They were all titled the same, Avengers Initiative Preliminary Report. Shouldn’t this stuff be with SHIELD? Wait, did SHIELD kidnap me? “I thought SHIELD was the good guys?”
Suddenly the lock clicked again and I quickly panicked and shoved the binder back into its original place on the shelf. I turned quickly to face the door in a panic. Johnson walked in holding a brown paper bag, he glared at me as he let the bag slip through his hands to thud on the dining table.
“Thank you so much, Johnson.” I sneered. His nostrils flared and he shook his head, grumbling under his breath as he left the room with clenched fists. Little bitch probably poisoned my food, I glanced at the bag and decided against eating for a number of reasons.
Turning back to the wall of binders, I wondered why they would put me in a room with this kind of information. Did they want me to read this? Were they setting me up? Whatever, too late now. I looked through the rest of the titles, trying to plan my next choice out carefully. The only problem with that, was that some of the red ink was in another language. I pulled one down from a higher shelf titled зимний солдат, whatever the fuck that means.
Flipping to the first page, I groaned. This one was in a mix of languages, like it had passed through many hands before making its way to these shelves. I continued thumbing through the pages until I reached the last page.
зимний солдат отчет
Karpov, Vasily 16 Декабрь 1991
Asset Dispatched: Winter Soldier
Mission: Howard Stark
Mission completed, no witnesses
It was a group of six that eventually loaded up a quinjet to retrieve this unknown woman. Bucky was confused as to why there were so many of them going. I honestly could take out everyone with my vibranium arm, but whatever. Bucky was sitting, observing everyone’s individual pre-mission rituals.
Steve was as stoic as ever with his hand against the top of the quinjet as he stood over Tony’s shoulder. Tony's shoulders were slumped with annoyance that Steve was hovering like a helicopter parent.
Sam was sitting across from Bucky, head leaned against the wall of the jet, doing breathing exercises with large headphones shoved over his ears. Natasha was stretched over several seats, small snores were leaving her slightly open mouth.
Bucky did a double take as his eyes raked over a floating Wanda. She seemed to be meditating, but Bucky couldn’t be sure. Bucky, himself, had his headphones in while listening to forties music. Shuri had shown him how to add music to his Spotify account and how to make all different kinds of playlists. He had spent several hours in Wakanda, rediscovering his love for music. Waves of calm rushed over him as he prepared for the mission ahead.
Steve turned towards the middle of the jet before clearing his throat, catching the attention of everyone around him. “Okay, so we don’t exactly know what we’re walking into here. It didn’t take Friday long to find this girl and we aren’t quite sure as to why.” It was questionable that this woman was kidnapped, but so easily found. Bucky figured that HYDRA was just slacking, but there’s no telling.
“We’re going to break off into teams. Natasha and I will infiltrate on the ground, go through the front door. Tony and Sam, you’re going to be up high, keeping the perimeter intact. Bucky and Wanda, I want you guys to hang back until you’re needed.” Steve pointed to the pair. Bucky was about to protest when Natasha spoke up.
“Do you really think that is smart, Steve?” A red brow was raised at the man, “They’re incredibly useful for this team to operate well. If you didn’t want them to help, you should’ve left them at the compound.”
“Nat’s right, Capsicle. They’re coming with us. They’ll go in with you and Natasha.” Steve clenched his jaw and flared his nostrils. Hard eyes passed over the pair, then a short nod was all he gave them in response. “Oh, also we’re five minutes out from the base.”
Bucky tucked away his phone and earbuds into the pack behind him and shoved it under the seat he was previously sitting in. Sam came up next to him as he was loading his gun.
“You okay to do this?” Bucky’s eyes met Sam’s, “We don’t know what we’re walking into in there.” A thoughtful look overtook Bucky’s features, then a determined one overshadowed it. A decisive bob of his head and a click of his gun signalled his answer.
“There’s something about this woman, Sam. I should’ve let Wanda do the thing with the memories or whatever, but I can’t go through it again. I need to stop looking at the past for answers and start looking to the future.”
“Wow, did you read that from a fortune cookie or some shit?” An annoyed glare was shot the man’s way as he laughed. Earpieces were passed around the group and Steve finished with his Captain instructions.
“Stay safe. Stay low. Channel six secure?”
“Channel six is good.” The redhead replied quietly.
“Remember, our mission is to get this woman out of here and back to the compound. We don’t know if she’s enhanced or trained in any type of combat, so do not engage, only extract.” Steve’s eyes passed over the whole group again.
“Let’s do this shit.”
“Tony, was the profanity necessary?’
“Oh please, Steve. You said way worse in the war.”
“Really? That’s actually a story I’d like to hear from you.” Tony pointed his finger at Bucky before taking off to the sky.
“Seriously, Buck?” Steve sighed, Bucky wore a shit-eating grin, laughing as he followed Wanda out the open hatch of the jet.
I had probably read about twenty different binders by the time the door opened again. Donovan walked in, a hard glare set on his face as he watched me replace the black object. He held the door open wider and gestured for me to follow him.
“Let’s go, we need to talk.” When I didn’t make a move to accompany him, he gripped my arm forcefully. “When I say ‘let’s go,’ you fucking move, you got it, darling?”
“I’ve literally already told you to not call me darling. It’s disgusting and misogynistic.” The sharp remark left my lips before I could stop it. The white room we left earlier came into view and he tossed me inside without a care. A sharp sting blossomed on my cheek, great this again.
“Dude, stop fucking hitting me.” Anger blazed behind his dark orbs. He walked towards me causing me to take several steps backwards to keep the distance between the two of us. My back hit the wall behind me, of fucking course.
“What missions did the Virago send you on, darling?” He growled out through gritted teeth. A shiver of recognition tracked it way up my spine. Why was that familiar to me? The flash of understanding must have shown for a split second on my face, something that the man in front of me took advantage of.
He stepped closer to me and sneered, “If you know something, now is the time to fess up, darling.” A bead of sweat trailed down from my forehead and onto my cheek. I didn’t have anything to say because I didn’t know why that was something I knew. I shook my head furiously.
“I swear I don’t know anything.” Donovan squinted his eyes at me before pulling me towards the metal table. He gripped one of my arms, twisting it behind my back and using his other hand to grip my neck. He forced my upper half to bend at the waist over the table, his hand surely leaving bruises on the back of my neck.
He wasn’t gentle as he thrashed my body around, maintaining his hold on my arm. He leaned down against my bent figure, bringing his lips to my ear. “I don’t believe you.” He suddenly threw me into the chair I had been sitting in the first time I was in here.  A siren began sounding and a red light above the door started blinking. Donovan cursed under his breath as his jaw clenched as he jerked my jaw forward. “Start talking, сука.” He transferred his grip to the back of my head, threading his fingers roughly into my hair.
“Ow, you bastard!” I yelled at him. “Someone help me!” I wasn’t quite sure what was happening, but I know that alarms usually mean that things aren’t going the right way.
Bucky followed closely behind Wanda, not wanting to lose sight of the woman. He knew she could handle herself, there was no doubt about that, between her powers and training with Natasha apparently. Steve was at the head of the group, shield at the ready to defend. The group slowly approached a split in the hallways. Natasha turned her head to the pair behind her and gestured her head to the other side of the aisle.
Bucky and Wanda started off on their own path, checking each room for the mysterious woman before moving on. The further in the building they went, the more HYDRA agents they encountered. Bucky wasn’t sure if he and the witch were going to mesh well together, but their fighting styles were similar. Bucky figured it was because of Natasha’s training. Wanda used her powers to keep attackers off of Bucky’s back while he pushed through the runs of agents.
They continued on their journey, radioing to Steve and Natasha. “We haven’t seen anyone, have you?” The other two didn’t reply right away, so they radioed again. “Natasha, do you copy?”
A loud clang was heard through their earpiece, “Hang on!” Two seconds later, Natasha replied again calmly this time. “No, we haven’t, but we keep seeing an increasing number of agents, so that must mean something.” Wanda shot a look at Bucky as he held his back against a wall, looking around the corner and taking down the final operative at the end of the hallway.
“So have we.”
“Yeah, it’s getting pretty ugly out here too, guys.”
“You want to hurry it up in there?” Tony and Sam were complaining from the outside, Bucky rolled his eyes and jerked his head for Wanda to follow him. With his gun raised, steadied on his shoulder they pushed on. They took a left at the next intersection and came to a completely white corridor. Wanda and Bucky persisted, opening each door that they found and incapacitating every operative in their path.
Reaching the end of the hall, Bucky radioed Steve and Nat. “We just got to the end of this one. Still nothing. You guys found anything?” They started back up the hall to the intersection, taking the other route. This was a routine mission really, nothing super complicated.
Aside from the blaring siren, it was quiet, until they approached the end of the way. Bucky slowed his step, looking over his shoulder to Wanda to prepare her for what was coming next. He reached his left hand towards the door handle, counting down to the woman behind him. On three, he yanked the door open, allowing them entrance to the room.
It was the backside of an interrogation room. There was a computer setup designed to monitor the room next door. Two agents were occupying the space, one was sitting behind the desk and the other was standing in front of the two way mirror, intently watching the events in the neighboring place. Bucky threw his right fist at the man behind the desk as Wanda levitated the other. After taking care of the first agent, Bucky walked behind Wanda, whose red energy encompassed the blonde man.
Looking past the floating man, Bucky saw a dark haired man standing over the mystery woman. He had his hand gripped in her hair at the base of her neck. Looking at Wanda, Bucky made sure that she was good before exiting the room, looking for the doorway into the interrogation room. He was standing in the hallway, knocking on the wall for hollow spots. Becoming impatient, he stormed back towards Wanda. By this time, she had deposited the man into the rollie chair at the desk.
“What is HYDRA’s play with this woman?” She held her finger up to the two way glass, Bucky started punching said glass with his metal arm, tired of trying to find the door. They already know we’re here, so why not make it worth it? “What do you want with her?” Wanda tightened her mystical grip on the man’s throat.
Shards of the mirror flew into the room, revealing another dark haired man. My head snapped over to him as much as it could with Donovan’s grip still holding my hair. Donovan shot behind me, bringing his inner arm up to my neck, dragging me into standing up with him. As he held me in a chokehold, he yelled some words in Russian.
“ Желание. Ржавый. Семнадцать.” The new person stopped suddenly, body going rigid. My gaze shifted to the scene behind him. Wanda Maximoff could be seen holding Johnson hostage in a chair. She was yelling questions at him until she started hearing Russian words being spoken. She lifted her wrist to her ear, pressing on it and speaking to someone.
“Рассвет. Печь. Девять.” Looking over the man in front of me, I took in his dark blue jacket with the metal arm peeking out on the left side. I began thrashing in Donovan’s hold, not sure if I was trying to get away from Donovan or the Winter Soldier. Wanda used her powers to keep Johnson in place, then she held her hand up at Donovan. Red tendrils shot out and pushed him back, taking me with him. His back slammed against the wall, but his voice never wavered.
“ Добросердечный. Возвращение на Родину.” The Soldier smirked and my eyes widened. He made his way into the room, jumping through the window and around the stainless steel table. His blue eyes met mine and he quirked a brow at me. He stepped closer to us and yanked Donovan’s arm from my throat causing me to take a large inhale of oxygen. His right arm came up to direct me behind him and towards Wanda. That same arm came up to secure a hold on the man against the wall. Donovan continued spitting out Russian phrases as the Soldier smirked. “Один. Товарный вагон.”
“Those don’t work anymore.” The metal limbed man rasped. “Now, what do you want with her?”
“You will always be our greatest success and our greatest failure, Asset.” Donovan’s eyes never left the other man’s.
“I am no longer the Winter Soldier. I am James Bucky Barnes.” His grasp on the man’s neck increased.
“Buck, we need to go. Cap and Nat found a bomb. They’re going to destroy everything. We have to get out of here.” Wanda yelled from behind the man. He turned his head to see if she was bluffing, but seeing the fear riddling her face, he knew. Pulling his left arm back and delivering a swift blow to the side of the man’s face, Bucky dropped his limp body to the floor.
“Let’s go.” He picked up his gun again, resetting it to his shoulder and trailing behind both of the women. The group made it outside without encountering any more HYRDA agents, joining Steve and Natasha on the path to the jet. Once they were safely aboard, Steve turned to the newcomer.
“What did they want with you?” He wasn’t really giving her an option on answering. The team was still on edge as the back end of the jet closed just as a large explosion went off from the inside of the base. Steve stepped closer to the woman, “Hey, I’m talking to you.” Her brows rose and she gave Steve a pass over with her eyes.
“Wow, good to see that you’re just like them.” She crossed her arms over her chest defensively. “I don’t know why they wanted me, okay?” She shook her head and looked around at the people surrounding her. Steve gave her a look.
“They kept asking me about something called the Virgao? Asking me how many missions they sent me on.”
“That wasn’t so hard was it?” Tony shouted from the cockpit of the quinjet. “So, what did you tell them?” She rolled her eyes.
“I didn’t tell them anything because I don’t know anything. I swear.” She held her hands up in surrender. “Now, I would like to go back to my normal life please.” Tears were gathering at the rim of her eyes, threatening to spill over.
“We can’t let you do that.” Natasha said quickly as she paced over to Steve. “If they were asking her about the Virago,” she paused, “Steve, we need her.”
“I’m sorry, what is the Virago? You have something you want to share with the class, Romanoff?” Tony shouted again, his chair turning as the AI took over the flight path.
“The Virago was a highly trained, all woman group of SHIELD that was taken over by HYRDA years ago.” Bucky remarked, his memories clearing up as he went. Steve trained his gaze on the man, urging him to continue. “They were trained by the Soldier. Went on missions with him, that sort of thing. They were able to get into places the Soldier couldn’t.”
“Their main objective was dismantling HYRDA’s rival, the Svengali.” Thoughts rushed in Bucky’s head, I thought that HYDRA disbanded the Virago?
“That’s all well and great for you guys, but what does that have to do with me?”
“Your file says that you were referred to as Agent Libra when you worked for the Virago. Partnered with Agent Gemini?” Tony said as he presented the information on the screen to the woman. Shaky, deep breaths left her mouth.
“No. That’s not real. What the hell are you people talking about?” Her weight settled into one of the chairs. Sam shot a look at Bucky, who’s gaze was on the woman. “I don’t know what that is.”
“Well, HYRDA clearly disagrees with that statement.” Sam replied, “So, why don’t you tell us what you do know.” Always the voice of reason, Bucky thought as the woman took more calming breaths.
“I know that they had files on all of you. They put me in this room with a bunch of binders. Your initial evaluations into the Avengers Initiative.” Bodies stiffened around the room, this was new information. “They had records of every mission they sent you on.” Her head nodded to Bucky. “Every kill you completed.” Looking at Nat. “And every single test that they ran on you and your brother.”
“So, basically, they have everything.” Her head bobbed back and forth.
“Obviously not. They put me in that room for a reason.” She said standing from seat, walking to the screen. “They wanted me to remember something, but I have no clue what.” Tony raised a brow and looked at Steve before giving the woman a calculating glance.
“Might be time for Wanda to shine, Cap."
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moemammon · a month ago
ken u do a hc of how the brothers would react to mc playing russian roulette with other demons? 💀💀
The Demon Bros react to GN!MC Playing Russian Roulette
(CW: for mild angst and guns. But don't worry, it's just a realistic looking dart gun! But the Bros dont know that-)
Why can't you be normal
If catching his attention was your goal, you've fuckin got it
Not only does he swoop in and snatch that gun away where did you even GET THIS
But he's never letting you hear the end of it. "What if you'd hurt yourself? Did it ever occur to you that you aren't immortal? What sort of idiotic-"
You manage to tell him that the gun was a fake, but he doesn't calm down. He's seriously considering you stringing you up from the rafters for that stunt-
Good luck doing literally anything ever again without supervision because you're basically grounded. Hope it was worth it 😔✌️💦
He's supposed to be making sure you don't die, AND THEN YOU PLAY A GAME WHERE THERE'S A HIGH POSSIBILITY OF DEATH
He's going to hoist you over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes and nag at you for the rest of your life
"I know I call ya a dumb human all the time, but I didn't think you'd SERIOUSLY be this stupid! What are ya, some kinda masochist?! Idiot! Fool! Stupid!"
He's mad at you. Ignores you even when you tell him the gun was a fake. No talk him he's angy.
When he does realize it was a fake, he does the whole tsundere thing. "Of course I knew it was a fake! The Great Mammon knows a real gun when he sees it! I-I wasn't worried about ya or anything, damn it!"
Yeah ok mammon so why are you still holding my hand huh
When you said you were going out to play a game with some friends, he didn't think you meant something like thiS
Can't you just stay inside and play video games??? You don't have extra lives irl MC why do you do these things
SMACKS that (fake) gun away and drags you home by the hand.
Safely secures you in his room so he can rant in privacy. You're not getting out of that TSL marathon that easily, MC. You promised!
"What are you trying to do?! You'll die if you actually mess up, you know that?! Was there really a bullet in there?? Do you have brain damage??????"
SO embarrassed when you tell him it was a fake. Keeps calling you a "Stupid normie, playing stupid normie games..." but also wants to know where you got that from because it was a really good replica and he could use it for cosplay-
And here he thought Mammon was the only idiot in the house of lamentation. Guess you learn something new everyday :)
He's eerily calm when he literally crushes that gun to smithereens and drags you away by the arm
He's pissed off, so it takes a while for him to realize that the gun definitely felt like plastic and was not real
So once he DOES come to that conclusion, he's embarrassed about how he reacted.
Especially since he went and wouldn't let you leave his room, and lectured you for an hour...
"Honestly... You really scared me, you know? But I guess you wouldn't be dumb enough to play around with a real gun..."
Noooo don't kill yourself ur so beautiful haha :)
Kidding, he's full on PANICKING when he sees you're about to pull that trigger against your head
Whisks you away like a ballerina on steroids and rushes you to the nearest empty place, so he can check you over for injuries.
When he confirms you're okay, his hands on on his hips and he's glaring daggers at you with those big, teary eyes.
"MC! Do you have any IDEA how afraid I was?! What were you THINKING, playing around with something so dangerous! What would I do if my precious MC got hurt???"
Hella relieved when you tell him it's a fake, but he's still irritated. Next time, pick a game that doesn't look so unseemly! He was really scared!!
Boy literally drops everything, including the box of celestial realm macarons he just got from Luke
Picks you up and tosses you over his shoulder, yeeting that gun away.
He's convinced one of these demons taught you a horrible game out of spite. Maybe he should eat them to teach them a lesson?
He's determined to march you all the way back home despite your struggling and protests. It takes you telling him that the gun was a fake for him to stop walking and put you down
"...So it was just a harmless game? MC, I was really afraid. I thought you were going to get hurt."
You made him drop his macarons,,,, over a dumb game,,,,, his macarons,.,,,,,,
You don't have the time to react before you feel Belphie grab the back of your shirt and pull you away. He's the only one allowed to kill you 😡
He's quiet the entire time too; an obvious sign that he's upset. And he just pushes you onto his bed without saying anything
Hops in and clings to you like a koala, squeezing you so tight you swear you heard something crack
".....I know it was fake. I realized it when the gun fell. But... I was really scared, MC. I'm mad at you."
His hold loosens up a little and he finally looks at you, and his face is red all over. "Idiot. Take this."
Enjoy dying by being tickled to death. You deserve it.
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chopkins40 · a month ago
Tumblr media
Angie's Hash Brown Casserole Ingredients 2 lbs hash browns, frozen 1/4 cup butter, melted 1 teaspoon salt 1/4 teaspoon pepper 1/4 cup onion, chopped 2 cups sour cream 1 (10 3/4 ounce) cans cream of mushroom soup 2 cups cheddar cheese, shredded Topping 2 cups corn flakes, crushed 1/4 cup butter, melted Directions Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Mix all ingredients (except toppings) together in large bowl. Pour into buttered 9x13 pan. Cover top of potatoes with the crushed cornflakes. Drizzle melted butter over cornflakes. Bake uncovered 45 minutes. .food. com Photo by diner524
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kimtaehyunq · a month ago
Hey you!! Yeah you!! You’re hella cute!! Hope your week was okay and that next week is better 💕💕🥺🥺
Tumblr media
hey bubs! thank you so much for sending this cute, angy, lil potato of a pupper.  i hope you have a great week yourself! <3 sending hugs
Tumblr media
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You're the same height as Fuyuhiko and Angie, you are the LAST person to talk about shortness /lh -Bet anon
Actually, @potato-named-banana is the last person to talk about shortness, BET BITCH.
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benoitblanc · 2 months ago
arwen!!! congrats on your milestone!!!! can i have a 💥 + ✨ please?
tysm elke ily!!!
tony | steve | thor | bruce | nat | clint
quill | gamora | drax | rocket | groot | nebula
peggy | jarvis | daniel | angie | dottie | howard
coulson | daisy | may | jemma | fitz | mack | yoyo
avengers | shield | sword | ssr | guardians | revengers
tony’s suit | cap’s shield | mjolnir | infinity gauntlet
mind | space | power | reality | time | soul
new york | san francisco | westview | wakanda | asgard | xandar
book rec: the guernsey literary and potato peel pie society by mary ann shaffer and annie barrows!
film rec: emma (2020)!
song rec: “all i do is dream of you” by dodie!
what fictional character you remind me of: marta cabrera!
what absolutely batshit episode of doctor who you remind me of: new earth. it’s possibly the most batshit episode of the entire show, which is saying something, so i’ve just linked the wikipedia page for you to read the summary. cat nuns, possession, and giant disembodied heads are involved
my fave of your recent creations (if you create):
blog compliment: everything about you is just so wonderfully calming? i don’t know if it’s your gorgeous theme or the fact that you’re such a sweet person but you just seem like you would give the best hugs. also, caro emerald stans unite XD
join my celebration!!!
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lmentsofstyle · 2 months ago
Black History Month: Favorite Reads
While LMents of Style usually uses affiliate links, there are no affiliate links in this post.
As February draws to a close, I wanted to take a moment to recognize Black History Month (BHM). It might seem counterintuitive to share this as BHM is ending, but I think it is right on time. Let this post serve as a reminder that you can celebrate Black lives outside of the dedicated month.
Something I’ve been doing throughout the month is sharing various Black creators on the Instagram platform. These are people I enjoy following and think you would too! While diversifying your Instagram feed is a small way to support Black lives, I think that reading can have a bigger personal impact. Buy from the businesses, like their photos, but be sure to learn too! That’s how we grow. Books are a great way to not only educate yourself, but also introduce yourself to other cultures, sympathize and support others better.
Over the last year I think that when people have suggested to “read Black authors”, anti-racist literature is what comes to mind. While I do think that this is an important topic and we should educate ourselves on how to be better allies, remember that Black authors exist in all genres! Below are some books by Black authors that I have read across all genres and recommend.
I’m Still Here by Austin Channing Brown. I flew through this book last summer. It is a relatively quick read about Austin’s life. I enjoyed her perspective and learned a lot from it.
The Girl Who Smiled Beads by Clemantine Wamariya and Elizabeth Weil. This was a more recent read for me. It is about Clemantine. She shares about her life growing up in Rwanda and how she escaped her war ridden country and all that comes with that.
Kaffir Boy by Mark Mathabane. I read this in high school, but still wanted to mention it as it has stuck with me for almost 20 years (read it in 10th grade English). It is an autobiography of the author growing up in the system of apartheid in South Africa.
The Nickel Boys by Colson Whitehead. I read this book in late 2019 and was not prepared for it. Sometimes I take book recommendations and don’t read the synopsis before starting it. I was not ready for this book to say the least, but it is worth the read. It is a novel, but is based on what happened at The Dozier School. It was a reform school in Florida that operated from 1900 - 2011.
The Underground Railroad by Colson Whitehead. He tells the story of escaping slavery through The Underground Railroad. The interesting thing about this book is that there is an actual railroad. When Whitehead first learned of the Underground Railroad in school, he thought it was a railroad with tracks, trains, etc. It’s historical fiction with the topic at hand, but he takes his liberties here and there.
Parable of the Sower by Octavia Butler. While it loosely references the Biblical message, this story is its own. It is set in a dystopian society that shows what we will become if we don’t improve. Oh and yes!! SciFi by a Black woman!! :)
Beloved by Toni Morrison. This was another 10th grade high school read. It was my first introduction to Toni Morrison and I loved her. The book discusses slavery and its distructive effects even after freedom.
The Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison. I had the chance to read this for a research paper in 10th grade, but ended up going with Like Water for Chocolate by Laura Esquival instead. I wish I had the chance to write a research paper on both though, because this book was so well done. Heartbreaking, but well done.
The Wedding Date by Jasmine Guillory . I actually messed up and read The Proposal by Jasmine Guillory first, but it didn’t really matter… thankfully. These 2 books are part of a 5 book series. Though they have overlapping characters, each each book has its own story. Easy, romcom type books that also give insight into Black culture and the struggles of dating outside of your race. I also like these since so much of the story happens in LA!
The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas. This was another recent read for me. Without giving too much away, it is a coming of age story for a young Black girl who witnesses tragedies which helps her find her voice. It was also made into a film.
Ties That Tether by Jane Igharo. It starts off a little steamy with a one night stand and although that creates the premise for the book, it is so much more than that. It takes a deep look at culture, promises made to parents, and dating outside of your race.
Sweet Potato Pie by Eugenia Collier. A short story from my high school textbook (I think it was from my freshman year). I thoroughly enjoyed it and made sure to include it on this list.
Bloodchild by Octavia Butler. More SciFi from a Black woman! This is shorter than Parable of the Sower if you want to get your feet wet. She has other short stories too!
The Color Purple by Alice Walker
The Wedding Party by Jasmine Guillory
Royal Holiday by Jasmine Guillory
Party of Two by Jasmine Guillory
Such a Fun Age by Kiley Reid
Homegoing by Yaa Gyasi
Take a Hint Dani Brown by Talia Hibbert
The Vanishing Half by Britt Bennett
The Temple of My Familiar by Alice Walker
Processing the Secret of Joy by Alice Walker
I know that time and money are often associated with reading, but there are ways to combat that. I use the Libby app formost of my reading. It is it free through your local library, but you can sign up completely on your phone (library card included). Note that in addition to books, they also have audiobooks! That means you you listen to books like you would a podcast. Do this on your commute, instead of music, etc. I have a lot more time to listen to audiobooks than I have to sit down and read. Additionally, some books are read by the author, which makes them even more special of a listen. I listened to Austin Channing Brown read her book “I’m Still Here” aloud and it was fantastic. If you have the time and prefer to read, you can either read on the Libby or Kindle app. Super easy!! No excuses ;)
Do you have a favorite book by a Black author that I should check out? Please let me know so I can add it to my list! There are a lot of those out there that are known like Just Mercy by Bryan Stevenson (which I still want to read - I saw this movie) and Maya Angelou’s work (I have read some, but still wan to read more); however, I really tried hard to create a list that didn’t seem like a regurgitated catalog. Hopefully you found at least one new book to check out!
Bonus Book.: Black Like Me by John Howard Griffin. This isn’t by a black author, but I wanted to mention it due to its topic. It is a non-fiction book by a journalist, first published in 1961. The white journalist dyes his skin black for a time being to experience and write about racism in the south. I recently read it, but actually first heard about it from my mom years ago, as she read it in school. I wanted to mention it because I felt like the revelations he had in the book are those that we are still having / hoping to have today… 61 years later.
Like what you read? Click here to subscribe to my weekly newsletter. I recap the week and share recent posts you might have missed!
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plague-doctorz · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
*rests arm on chest plate* 😒
Tumblr media
0-0 lady stop moving so fast-
The chain mail looks like a skirt-
Tumblr media
He protecc
Tumblr media
Much manners 🥺🥺
Tumblr media
Potato sack girl-
Also low quality Alphonse (but not low-low quality ((those are my favs)))
Tumblr media
Haha suck it brother
Tumblr media
Big pseudo eye lights-
His little rope thingy is straight-
Tumblr media
He’s doing that snobby push-up-glasses thingy
But he has no eyes or glasses-
(Sorry for crumby image)
Tumblr media
He cares for his brobro-
But he is angy
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sango-blep · 2 months ago
to make a potato cry
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mrcifci · 3 months ago
12 best TV and movie recipes from 'Binging with Babish'
Steamed hams from The Simpsons. Imaginary pies from Hook. Meat tornadoes straight outta Pawnee, Indiana. What's actually in these fictional onscreen wonders and can we have them in our real lives?
Yes we can. Brooklyn-based chef, cookbook author, and longtime YouTuber Andrew Rea has spent years finding ways to recreate iconic dishes from pop culture on Binging with Babish, one of the best online spots for you TV and movie fans to see your favourite fabricated foods come to life (and learn how to make them yourself). 
While there's more than pop culture recipes on the channel (check out the basics videos for handy, straightforward cooking tips), the very best BWB recipes are those that have been born or popularised in a particular TV show or movie. He usually makes a faithful version of that dish before offering his own interpretation.
We've rounded up our favourite BWB recipes that don’t exist outside the fictional realm they’re taken from, or that are inextricably linked to a TV show or movie. (While the Schitt’s Creek “folded” enchiladas” are actually an excellent recipe, and the Croque Monsieur from Brooklyn Nine-Nine conjures up beautiful memories for Raymond and Kevin, we’re going to leave those out this time). We also left out video game recipes, but these for sweetrolls from Skyrim, the cake from Portal, and the backpack recipes from Spider-Man are just so damn smart.
If you want more, Rea publishes recipes on his website, or there's two whole cookbooks.
In case you're wondering, the title Binging with Babish is a nod to fictional White House counsel Oliver Babish from Aaron Sorkin's The West Wing, a character whose name Rea uses as his username on Reddit, where he regularly interacts on the popular r/bingingwithbabish subreddit with other users about what to cook on the show, and the equipment and ingredients used.
So here we go, whether you're ever going to make them or not (or whether you actually should), here are the best recipes from Binging with Babish. Most of them are wildly unhealthy and we'd like them all, thanks, lathered in Szechuan Sauce.
1. Meat Tornado from Parks and Recreation 
In case you're not acquainted with the apparently fatal burritos from Pawnee's Big Head Joe's, the fictional restaurant in the fictional Indiana setting of Parks and Recreation, allow this Ron Swanson-tempting recipe to introduce you. Legend (or Andy Dwyer) has it this heaving cylinder of edible doom, weighing in at nine pounds, "literally killed a guy last year," so maybe don't try this one at home.
The thing that makes this recipe so excellent is that Rea enlisted an expert in the form of physician nutrition specialist Dr. Michael Rothkopf to learn exactly what would make a burrito that could kill a man. Essentially that's all we know about the dish, so everything in Rea's "meat cage match" is painstakingly calculated for ultimate juiciness, spiciness, and ability to induce a cardiac arrest.
It's not the only artery-clogging dish associated with the show's moustachioed Parks Department head that Rea has cooked on the show — Ron's favourite J.J.'s Diner breakfast "The Four Horse-Meals of the Egg-Pork-alypse," the bacon-wrapped turkey leg named "The Swanson," and his defiant Turf 'N' Turf are here to make a meat-shaped triangle of your boring, balanced food pyramid. In fact, the very first official BWB video was a Parks and Rec burger-off posted in 2016. And yes, there's an ode to calzones (including those in the low-cal-calzone-zone), just for everyone's favourite Ice Town clown. 
2. Ram-don from Parasite
"What the hell is 'ram-don,'" the dish that stopped the show in Bong Joon-ho's Parasite, with the specific cooking-to-driving time directly seared into our pounding hearts? Requested without instructions, the dish is thrown together as a sirloin steak atop packets of instant noodles.
Ram-don isn't a classic Korean dish, but rather one invented by Parasite translator Darcy Paquet. As the LA Times reports, "Those fluent in Korean would tell you that the housewife in the movie is actually directing her maid to prepare a popular Korean quick food, jjapaguri, a word so hard to translate that for the English subtitles Parasite translator Darcy Paquet chose instead to invent a name not known in any language but that would merge the words 'ramen' and 'udon.'" In a film that confronts class tension and the glaring wealth gap, the dish ram-don itself is the embodiment of this clash. Director Bong told the Times, "This is something kids like, regardless of the rich or the poor. But the rich wife couldn’t stand her kid to eat this cheap noodle so she adds sirloin topping."
What makes this BWB video so damn good is that he not only makes a version like the one in the film with packets of store-bought Neoguri and Chapagetti instant noodles with a piece of very expensive Korean Hunu sirloin, but also makes a version from scratch. Here's how we made it too!
3. Pudding skin singles from Seinfeld
It's one of George Constanza's more, uh, creative ideas: "pudding skin singles." This wobbly delicacy manifests in Season 9, episode 4 of Seinfeld, when George attempts to combine his passions: sex and food. And his portable creation is exactly what it sounds like: the skin from the top of a stovetop-cooked chocolate pudding, separated using an Exacto knife, and encased in plastic, as one would a piece of plastic cheese. 
Want one or not, Rea has come up with an actual recipe for this debauched creation. "I doubt that there will be a practical or non-disgusting use for these but that is kind of the essence of George Constanza's ideas," he says. In a series of videos, Rea recreates several dishes from Seinfeld, including the infamous boardroom-triumphing calzones and Elaine's muffin tops and in fact, all the soup for you. Next! 
4. Steamed Hams from The Simpsons
Mmmm, steamed hams, one of the world's greatest memes, and most iconic foods from The Simpsons. If you're unfamiliar, they're diabolically repurposed Krusty Burgers, slyly presented by Principal Skinner to Superintendant Chalmers as a "family recipe." This video isn't technically Binging with Babish, as it's a team-up with Alvin Cailan for The Burger Show — "We're steaming burgers like a couple of true sociopaths!" — but look, we're counting it anyway.
It's not the first iconic food from The Simpsons recreated on BWB, with Marge's dessert dogs, Homer's moon waffles, the artery-crushing Good Morning Burger, the immortal Ribwich, Ned Flanders' tempting hot chocolate, and Principal Skinner's stew all getting their own moments in the Springfield sun. 
5. Harley Quinn's perfect egg sandwich from Birds of Prey
It was one of the few things we loved about 2020: Harley Quinn's egg sandwich from Birds of Prey, cooked in a gloriously lusty montage. "What a way to start my new life: the perfect egg sandwich," she says, awaiting her bodega-made prize. "Bacon, egg, cheese, just a dash of hot sauce — not too much, Sal! Wanna taste that cheese." But it's not just any ol' sandwich, folks. As Mashable's Angie Han wrote in a roundup of stuff we loved last year, "It’s the only thing in the world that can set Harley right in the middle of her breakup-induced hangover — and its destruction on the pavement, just minutes later, becomes the unthinkable tragedy that finally wakes her up to the peril she’s in." 
From where Rea is standing, the egg sandwich onscreen looks like it's made on ciabatta, an Italian white bread, so he makes this from scratch (as is his way). He mentions that Margot Robbie is allergic to chicken eggs — a fact she offered up while surviving fellow YouTube show Hot Ones — so the sandwich is made with duck eggs instead. The fact that Rea tries to crack two eggs at once just like Sal does in the movie is one of the obsessive little details that make these videos so good.
6. Krabby Patty Supreme from SpongeBob SquarePants
Rev up your fryers for this one. Rea has spent plenty of time recreating the foods of the fictional undersea city of Bikini Bottom —  Bubble Bass Burger, the Three-Day Potato Salad, and of course, the Krabby Patty — but the towering, king-size ultra Krabby Patty Supreme is one that fans have longed to jump out of the screen and into their mouths. The quad burger, featured in the SpongeBob SquarePants Season 3 episode "Just One Bite," comes with the works. It's double-batter fried ON A STICK, people. 
And that's exactly what Rea makes in this episode, even faithfully squirting a bottle of mayonnaise straight into his mouth like the bold customer in the show. If you've never seen a quad burger deep-fried with batter "the consistency of paint," welcome. It's so, so bad for you. But the cross-section shot of the completed burger is worth its weight in oil.
For more hectic burgers and sandwiches, check out the much-requested Bob's Burgers ep, the bright red Broodwich from Aqua Teen Hunger Force, the incredibly ambitious White Castle order from Harold & Kumar, or the extremely cheesy Sloppy Jessica from Brooklyn Nine-Nine.
7. Imaginary Pie from Hook
Rea's recipes of onscreen foods always require a little imagination, but this one truly wields it. If you've seen Hook (and shame on you if you haven't), you know what ends up happening to this pie and because of this pie, and it's entirely up to you whether you let that happen at your own dining table (shiiit, I just grew up). 
The "Imaginary Pie" from Steven Spielberg's 1991 Peter Pan film was one of the ultimate onscreen foods of my own childhood, and watching all those Lost Boys teach Robin Williams how to visualise (and fling) a fantastic feast got one heck of a workout on our VCR. Rea figures this iconic pie is just whipped cream and food colouring in a butter pie crust, but of course, he takes it to the next level.
If you want more movie pie inspo, there's a whole spectacular video of the pies from Waitress.
8. The Grey Stuff from Beauty and the Beast
"Try the grey stuff. It's delicious. Don't believe me? Ask the dishes." That's all we get from Beauty and the Beast's Lumière in the cornerstone musical number "Be Our Guest," in which a hungry Belle gets more than a glass of water and crust of bread for dinner. Well, really, in the sequence, The Grey Stuff is actually one of the only things Belle actually eats (well, tastes), from a tray of canapés. 
"Now, I know the folks at Disney said to their animator, 'Frank, just draw us a plate of appetisers, OK? Nobody is going to agonise over it 30 years later on a big TV trying to figure out what each element is so just put some appetisers on there, we don't care if they don't make sense,'" says Rea, about to do exactly that. After deconstructing Lumière's entire animated plate, Rea decides The Grey Stuff is most likely foie gras or chicken liver mousse. However delicious that actually sounds to you really depends. Belle seemed to like it.
9. Flaming fire flakes from Avatar: The Last Airbender
"Flaming fire flakes, hot." Absolutely not heeding this blatant warning, fearless eater Sokka stuffs a bunch of flaming fire flakes into his mouth in Avatar: The Last Airbender. It does not go well. Fire flakes are a Fire Nation snack in the show, from the monarchy helmed by the Fire Lord, one we first encounter in Season 1, episode 16, "The Deserter," when the Aang Gang heads to the Fire Days festival.
So, how do you make them? It's not just about mixing Corn Flakes with cayenne pepper (though he does do that and "milk offered no improvement"). Instead Rea uses a recipe from ChefSteps for a spicy fried puffed rice cracker. Perfect snack to watch Fire Nation theatre with.
10. Cheesy Blasters from 30 Rock
You'll have to thank MeatCat for this 30 Rock-inspired recipe, which makes its triumphant appearance in Season 4. Literally, the dish is served at a fancy restaurant called Season 4. Liz Lemon sings the recipe at the table: "You take a hot dog, stuff it with some jack cheese, fold it in a pizza — *mimes some form of guitar* — you got Cheesy Blasters!" 
If this recipe sounds simple, not a chance. Do you use the middle of the pizza for one Cheesy Blaster? A whole pizza? Here's a taster of how seriously we're taking this ungodly creation: "I later found it more effective to butterfly the hot dog entirely and place the cheese into its gaping maw, covering for maximum meltage." Of course, this is BWB and one of the main features of the show is trying the recipe out using the ingredients specified by the characters, then when this usually results in some horrifying creation, Rea makes his own version. And then MeatCat, the Cheesy Blaster mascot, flies away on his skateboard, presumably.
It's not the only food from 30 Rock that's been visualised on BWB. Liz Lemon's dreams of having a sandwich named after her are finally realised, as are those of the unparalleled Teamster Sandwich. 
11. Rachel’s English trifle from Friends
Rachel Green's traditional English trifle from Friends would probably have been perfect if it hadn't been half-trifle, half-shepherd's pie. For this video, Rea starts off making Rachel's version, which we know from Ross Gellar, "tastes like feet." Honestly watching the ladling of hot ground beef across a perfectly lovely looking trifle base of ladyfingers, jam, custard (made from scratch, of course) and raspberries will induce an audible groan from any viewer. Then, it's time for a version you won't spit out, which subs in cornbread for ladyfingers and other good ideas.
For more Friends food, there's also videos for the beloved Gellar Thanksgiving sandwich, The Moistmaker, and Monica's coveted candy.
12. Troy's casserole from Community
Creating a "good version" of something that you're not even sure know how to make a version of is one hell of a challenge, but this video is a deconstructionist foodie's delight. Troy Barnes' casserole from Community is described thus: "Bagel Bites in a deconstructed Hot Pocket reduction with Doritos glaze," foods you may have unfrozen and cooked separately but maybe not together?
"I know that Troy was just screwing around but how does one make a 'Doritos glaze' or most confoundingly deconstruct and reduce a Hot Pocket?" says Rea, before making an unbelievably stunning version of exactly this from scratch. For more Community food, check out the Abed Nadir favourite: buttered noodles.
Honorary mention: Peeps in the chili pot from The Good Place
Chidi told you to put the Peeps in the chili pot and mix it all up. So Rea did. 
from Social Media News and Web Tips – Mashable – The Social Media Guide via IFTTT
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crescent-iak · 3 months ago
You there... Freeze! You're under arrest for being so nice and cute! Once you get this you must share five things you like about yourself then pass this on to your 10 favorite followers 💕
oh my goodness. I literally saw the notification and thought it was the tumblr automated messages noticing about your posts. Imagine my surprise that this was an ask. LIKE AN ASK FROM THE JEONGVISION THEMSELVES??? TO MEE ??
Tumblr media
but, to answer.... ummmm....
• Loyal - But also meaning I have both Doyoung and Jaehyun by my sides 😂 but honestly, as a friend I'm with you 120%
• Spontaneous - (?) in a love and hate relationship with this trait
• Fresh Manicures - Its a new nail set every month 😂
• Mash Potatoes - I don't know about cooking anything else but I believe my mash potatoes are kick ass 😋
• I can sleep anywhere - If my eyes are closed (or open with contacts in) I can sleep 💤
Tumblr media
I don't even know if I interacted enough with you to even deserve this though 🥺🥺 I kind of do struggle with Tumblr still, so it took my forever to find this after opening it through the notification I got from my phone 😅
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angiebug101 · 3 months ago
Angie, can I request some Katsuki x a short quirkless s/o that's always getting theirselves into trouble because they, like Katsuki, want to fight everyone that looks at them funny
a/n: lmaodjsjbjfsbdf girl i love this idea. i hope you like it 😗👉👈
Before UA:
y'all know the song smack a bitch by rico nasty?
 yea that’s your theme song
you were CONSTANTLY getting into trouble for fighting 
and every time you were asked why, your response was 
“They looked at me funny, so I had to put them in their place. Momma didn’t raise a lil bitch.”
i mean PERIODT💅🏾
it got to the point that the ppl in the office knew your name and you had an assigned seat in detention
you eventually started to develop a reputation 
everyone and they momma knew not to mess with you or even look in their direction unless they wanted plastic surgery 
yes you are that bad 
and i respect ya for it😌 
At UA:
despite being quirkless, your fighting skills were on par with most pros 
so of course UA wanted you and put you in class 1-a
at first it was hard to keep up with your classmates but you made it through 
when it came time for the sports festival you fought hard but didn’t make it to the cavalry battles 
its prolly a good thing you didn’t cause you would’ve beat the living shit out of monoma 
seein what he did to bakugo, who you low-key had a crush on🤭, rlly made your blood boil 
you wanted to jump out of the stands right there and then and curb stomp his ass 
but you kept your cool and opted to talk to monoma after 
so during lunch, you grabbed monoma by his arm and dragged him into the hall way 
you calmly told him off and to stay away from your man bakugo 
you started to walk away before he started to run his mouth about some “i don’t know why you’re in class 1-a when the quirkless shouldn’t even be in UA” 
the quirkless?
*eye twitch*😀😀😀
lets all have a moment of silence for monoma’s surgeon
that surgeon deserves a raise and a edible arrangement 
movin on 
but when i tell you you rocked his shit 
some snitch told the teachers and they called aizawa to cancel your quirk 
only to realize that you didn’t have one🤦🏾‍♀️ 
i mean aizawa tried to wrap you up in his scarf but you broke through it 
so then they called all might cause no other teacher could get you off of monoma 
honey it took 30 mins for all might to finally get you off of monoma 
cause he would grab you 
then monoma would say some more shit 
and you jump out of all might’s hold to teach him another lesson 
but all might finally got a good hold on you and they strapped you to a chair in recovery girl’s office 
side note but what is with ua and containing their students like wild animals🤔 
now unbeknownst to everybody there, bakugo was in the corner 
homeboy saw the whole thing 
and ngl was very impressed🥴 
how did this quirkless person who’s probably not even 5′2 beat the living shit out of this 5′6 man, escape aizawa’s scarf, AND get out of all might’s hold not once BUT 4 TIMES
he already had a crush on you too so this made him fall harder 
Dating Bakugo: 
once bakugo swallows his pride and asks you out, everybody better move out of the way 
someone talks shit about one of you, they might as well be talking about both you 
and should expect to taste concrete by the end of the day
surprisingly though you get in more trouble than he does 
bakugo is constantly picking ya ass and throwing you over his shoulders like a sack of potatoes before you throw someone across the hallway
or forcing deku to convince principal nezu why you shouldn’t be expelled for nth time 
and even though y'all try to fight each other every single day, everyone can see how much you love and care about the other 
Tumblr media
also monoma how's the nose🥰 
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gatecoeur · 3 months ago
{ holy fucc it’s a wild anon }{ send me a tumblr url anon or not and i’ll talk about them (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧*:・゚✧ }
Tumblr media
What a wonderful fuckin bean. Super super SUPER goddamn talented, with aesthetics CONSTANTLY on point bro. Like man............ Imagine being so creative that you can make so many unique ocs with such in-depth head canons and backstories that are just absolutely enthralling to read about. I’m such a huge fan of Selkie. They’re part of the reason as to why I’ve recently taken more and more deep dives, thinking about Arrie and how she behaves, how she reacts to certain things.
I’m gonna highlight the two muses i know best that are Selkie’s, the first one being the lil angy birb boi Kaey over at @diegraced. Like holy shit is Arrie insanely jealous of how unapologetically animalistic he is. He publicly chirps and trills without a care in the world, while she’s been burying her own urges to hiss or growl or chuff because she was convinced at a young age that acceptance only came from appearing as human as possible. The stuff that Selkie and I talked about in Arrie and Kaey’s potential friendship are just so beautiful and wholesome and I just - man, Arrie really needs some of Kaey’s influence in her life, 100%.
Then there’s the suave thief that Arrie might be a bit smitten by over at @mindheist. Like wowowow, what a complex character. He’s very hard to break through, ic wise, since he seems to play his cards so goddamn well, but I really can’t wait to see Arrie take a crack at him, see what she can learn, despite the fact that it’s likely going to cost her her own secrets. Either way, I can see a VERY interesting dynamic happening between them as well, though my guesses want to lean more towards a very friendly rivalry / frienemies type of ship.
Selkie themself is such a nice person. We don’t talk often, because I have the social skills of a rotten potato, but every time we do talk, it’s so exciting. Selkie just has this amazing way of looking at things and really poking and prying into details and it’s just so inspiring to read how their mind works. I’d love for a chance to interact with all of their muses, and you guys should ABSOLUTELY go follow all of Selkie’s blogs! 
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formeandmyfics · 3 months ago
At the H.R.
Set during Easter Parade, now that Gene’s ankle is all healed, Judy & Gene are able to be together again. Rated MA - for spicy but a sweet finish
Tumblr media
January 1948
Gene had been at Ciro's for a few minutes, sitting at a booth nestled in the corner, nursing a Brandy Manhattan on the rocks. Friends and peers of his were all chatting to themselves around him.
The 'Metro' gang usually took up the two large booths on the east side of the nightclub every Friday night, as if it was reserved, and tonight had been no different. It felt good to Gene to be out like this again.
"That pianist sounds amazing," Angela Lansbury commented as a darker-skinned gentleman played some jazz tunes over the piano accompanied by a jazz drummer. During each band's breaks, there was always a pianist playing to keep the atmosphere lively.
Lena Horne leaned over a bit towards him, to speak to Angie, who was sitting on this other side of Gene, "His name is Bud Powell. Lennie knows him. He's working on an album right now."
"Oh, good for him. He's very talented."
Gene smiled and took a sip of his drink. He was honored to be sitting between two beautiful ladies, even if they were unknowingly ignoring him. He checked his watch and kneaded his eyebrows. Judy was unpunctual, but not when it came to Ciro's. She was always here, every Friday night, on the clock.
A sudden burst of laughter from the adjoining booth next to him, where Van Johnson, June Allyson and Jimmy Stewart, to name a few, got Gene's attention. He leaned back to see if she was there. Whenever there was a roar of laughter, usually Judy was the culprit of it. But, she was no where to be seen.
Gene turned back around, and when he glanced up, he did a double take. On the dance floor, just up ahead from their booth, where couples currently stood talking, instead of dancing, there she was. Judy was in deep conversation with Ann Miller, her current co-star, and looking radiant. Her off the shoulder black cocktail dress was simple, but she made it anything but.
"Hello, earth to Gene," Lena said waving a hand past his face making him flinch.
"I asked when you were going back to the studio."
"Oh, ah," he said diverting his eyes from Judy to look at Lena, "We start shooting in a few weeks."
"The Three Musketeers," she asked curious
Gene couldn't help stare back Judy's direction, "Yeah."
"Seems everyone's in it but me," she joked as a lot of their friends there tonight, including June, Angela & Van Heflin, were going to be in the film with him.
When Gene didn't answer, as his gaze seemed to be fixated in front of him, Lena looked to see what had his profound attention. When she saw Judy up ahead laughing hysterically with Ann, her lips curved into a smile.
"I'm not the only one not in your next film, hm," she said leaning into him teasingly.
"What," he asked looking at her. When she nodded towards Judy, he shrugged, "Oh, yeah, Judy's not in it. But she's still in the middle of filming 'Easter Parade'."
The mention of the movie made Gene want to wince. Everyone that knew him, knew how disappointed he had been in breaking his ankle. He had been so excited to do that film, as the music and script were divine, but ever since staring their affair up again during 'The Pirate', he wanted to continue it while working with her on this project. She wanted it even more that she went so far in having Vincente replaced as director. Part of it was because him as director didn't quite work out so good for him as husband at home as well. But, also, because she didn't want any interference with their own relationship. He had a great time rehearsing until the accident. That was 2 1/2 months ago. He was, however, happy that he had helped talk Fred into taking his place, as he wanted only the best with her, and he was genuinely looking forward to seeing the movie.
But he was more looking forward to seeing Judy tonight. Oh, they had seen each other around a few times during those months, doing post-production VR work at the studio for 'Pirate', as well at a couple house parties, where their spouses were present, but not alone. They hadn't been alone since the night before that god damn tennis game.
"She's looking very pretty tonight," Lena said.
"Yes, she is," he said casually taking another sip, his eyes glancing back up at her.
"I wonder why she's by herself tonight," Lena asked but then went on in an exaggerated tone, "Oh, that's right," she snapped her fingers, "I heard he was in New York on business."
Gene's gaze finally left Judy's to look at the woman next to him with a quizzical eye, "You don't say."
"What a shame that she's here alone. Personally, I don't think any woman should roam about at a nightclub without a date."
Gene chuckled, "Believe me, Judy is not alone. She knows practically everyone in this joint, and she knows how to work a room. She can easily get a ride home, if she needs one."
"What about you?"
"What about me," he asked trying to act blaze but her intrigued tone started to make him nervous.
"Would you give her a ride home?"
"I'd always give her a ride home, of course. She's a friend," he said taking another sip, the ice now clunking together in his nearly empty glass.
Lena leaned her chin on her hands and lowered her voice, now teasing, "How good of a friend?"
Gene put his glass back on the table, no smile apparent, but then he forced a chuckle thinking Lena was joking around, but deep inside, he had a feeling she wasn't. He knew her acting abilities was better than she was putting on.
"Good enough to know how she likes her eggs in the morning," she asked, in a whisper, so no one else could hear. And her tone signaled to Gene that she knew.
"She doesn't like eggs in the morning, she likes fruit and waffles," he said smiling bashfully.
Lena laughed and pushed his arm, "You devil."
They both looked the other direction as Angela and, fiance Peter Shaw, slid out of the booth. Now alone, they were able to talk a little more openly, but still with lowered voices.
"I find it very hard to believe that Judy told you about us."
"She didn't. Over Christmas break, when we were at Sardi's, I overheard her and Kay Thompson in the bathroom when they didn't know anyone was in there."
"Oh, God," he said, "Does she know that you overheard?"
"Oh, yeah. She was very embarrassed and swore me to secrecy," off Gene's look, her eyes widened, "I haven't said a thing, not even to my husband. I swear, Gene, your guys' secret is safe with me. I don't care what two people do, that's your own business. I ain't butting in, but..."
Gene laughed and shook his head, "Yeah?"
"From what I heard, I have to say, maybe you should be the one giving Judy that ride home," she smiled cheekily with her eyebrows raised.
"Dare I ask," he said not feeling bashful at all, but more amused.
"I'm sorry, darling, but I'm too much of a lady to say," she winked, "Now, wish me luck. I've got to stop over at the Penitentiary Fox table over there, say hi to some people."
"20th Century Fox," Gene corrected.
"You say Potato," she mumbled and scooted out.
Judy gently swatted Ann's back as Annie walked away laughing, when Lena slid by her, placing a hand on her lower back.
"Just so you're aware, dear, there's a certain handsome, dark-haired, dancer over in the Metro booth that hasn't taken his eyes off you."  
Judy watched as Lena kept on walking, heading the other direction. Judy looked down, fiddling with her nail, and was smiling a bit. She already knew who the man was. And just the thought made her insides quiver with excitement. She knew he would be there. Frank had mentioned it to her when he declined her invitation to go out, just like he had with Gene before her, because of a cold he was battling. Frank was a gentleman, and he treated her like a lady, but at the same time spoke to her like one of the guys. She was quite bold herself with him. He was one of the people who knew of her on-again-off-again affair with Gene, so he had no hesitation in telling her that the man couldn’t wait to get her alone again.
Slowly turning her head his way, with a bit of a shy smile, their eyes met.
Gene sat there in the booth, alone, staring at her with a very sexy expression as he lit a cigarette. For a moment, Judy felt like the world around them was non-existent as they held a gaze, his smoke slowly exhaling from his lips, as music echoed in her ears as if it were under water. When he took the cigarette away from his mouth, he licked his lips, and his gaze turned more intense. Judy placed her hand on her stomach feeling those delightful butterflies that he never failed in giving her, even after all these years.
Judy faintly heard her name, and she saw Gene's eyes look to the right of her, before meeting her eyes again but she couldn't process it. Gene smiled, tapping his cigarette on the tray, before motioning to her to look beside her. She gave him a questionable look before she heard her name again.
"Judy," Jane Powell giggled.
"Huh," Judy asked now looking over at the blonde. Others were looking at her, smiling, as well.
“The band’s up there, honey, they’re asking you to sing.”
Judy saw that the bang had come back on stage and the conductor was motioning for her to come up.
“Sing us a song, Judy, come on,” he said cheerfully.
She giggled and nodded before heading through the crowd her cheered her on as she made her way to the stage.
“How about a slow one, is that alright,” she asked the audience through the microphone before turning to the conductor who showed her a set list and they agreed on ‘If I Had You’.
Gene watched her in a comfortable way. He was used to what her presence could do, he was familiar to the energy she gave off, so it was no surprise to Gene when no one slow danced as they did with other singers. When Judy Garland sang on stage, all eyes were upon her. She just had this captivating thing about her.
And as much as he never tired of her singing, as much as he heard her a million times before, even being lucky enough to sing with her, the sound of here right now made his dick hard. It wasn’t particularly her singing that turned him on, but that voice of hers, the one he knew very well
It was the voice that laughed with him over funny anecdotes, the voice that talked to him about the meaning of dreams and life and the universe, the voice that came out of her in a series of sounds as they made love. That woman up there was his best friend that he knew, not only intimately, but as a person. And he missed her so fucking much.
Their time back together on ‘Pirate was intense and hot. They were basically fueled by frustration, not only at work but in their personal lives as well. When they had started pre-production on Easter Parade, they were both more relaxed and their private time together was unhurried, still passionate, but softer. Then that was taken away because of a reckless moment during a sport. Though he enjoyed every encounter with her, every day that went by, especially now that his ankle was healed and he was free to come and go as he pleased, he found himself wanting to make her feel so good she forget her own name.
As Judy sang, her eyes slyly kept drifting his way. He knew he had her undivided attention, which always flattered him, and made his ego a little bigger. Ever since he met her, she seemed to only see him even in a room full of other men, some with whom desired her. He knew her attention was much more than just attraction, because it was that way for him as well, which he assumed is why their temporary separation had been almost excruciating this time around. When she finished the song, everyone clapped and cheered for another, but she politely declined. A few people had stopped her once she got off stage, and at first he felt a little impatient, but then Van slipped into the booth next to him and started chatting about their upcoming film. While talking to Van, he heard her voice behind him, followed by slight bump against his arm as she sat next to him. When his conversation finished, he turned to look at her, but she was conversing with her co-star Peter Lawford now, who was standing up with a drink in hand. Peter acknowledged him with a nod, and Gene nodded back, to which Judy turned and gave him a smile, placing a hand on his leg, before turning back to Lawford. It looked like a friendly gesture on her part, but it made his skin tingle. As the two seemingly gossiped, he took advantage of letting his eyes scan over her as she was sitting close. He could smell her familiar perfume as he stared at her flawless, porcelain skin that he was overly familiar with. The black velvet, sweetheart-style bodice of her dress was enticing. Judging by the curve of her breasts slightly pushed above it told him she was wearing one of her teddy’s underneath, which she frequently wore when wearing dresses like this. And he had frequently loved seeing them. She was no ‘pin-up girl’ as she once told him, but boy, she knew how to make lingerie look good. “…Alright,” Peter chuckled, “I’ll see ya later, Judes.” “Bye, darling.” Judy maneuvered her body and turned towards Gene. They both just smiled, a warm smile, and though there was relief in their expression, sparkles were also in their eyes. “Hi.” “Hi.” Judy had this overwhelming feeling to just jump into his arms, but she had to remind herself where she was. “How’s your ankle?” “Well, I can’t be going around doing jumping jacks hours on end, but I no longer need crutches or bandages.” “That’s good,” she said and purposefully grabbed the carton of cigarettes, nervously clearing her throat before going on, “You start your next film in a few weeks, right?” As Gene reached for his lighter, he noticed she seemed anxious. “Yeah,” he replied as he lit it for her. She exhaled, “And, ah, they’re letting you do all that physical acting already, even though you have to be careful?” “Well, the scenes with my fencing numbers they’re going to shoot at the end of filming when I’m pretty much all healed,” his eyebrows furrowed as she nodded and fiddled with the cigarette between her fingers. “Why are you making small talk?” Judy didn’t meet his gaze, but she flirtatiously smiled, “Because I’m trying to refrain from what I really want to say to you.” Gene smiled wide, his slight crows feet making her weak, “Well, I’d really like to hear it.” She giggled, “I bet you would.” He chuckled with her, and under the table, he turned his palm up which she immediately linked her fingers in his. “So, I heard that Vincente is out of town.” “Yes,” she responded with that familiar lisp. “That’s good,” he said,o
“Oh, it is,” she said fishing for attention.
He leaned into her ear, his voice deepening, “Yes, because I can’t think of anything else but being inside of you again.” “I had a feeling you’d say that…” she said not shocked at all by his confession, as their eyes linked, “…which is why I asked Kay to watch Liza tonight.” “How’d you know I’d be here,” he asked intrigued. “A little birdie told me. I called ahead for a reservation at the H.R.” Her hand slid out of his and she fiddled with her small purse in her lap. He pretended not to take notice, as he took a sip of water, but soon felt something metal slide into his hand. Looking down, he grasped the hotel key. Judy watched him quite provocatively as he tried to hide a smile as he placed it inside his breast pocket. She swore he was blushing. “That’s pretty risky,” he said, then teased her, “What if I didn’t have an excuse to get away?” “I knew you’d make one,” she said innocently, as if it were the most natural thing in the world. Before he could respond, two middle-aged ladies, definitely out-of-towners, came up to their table asking them each for autographs which they happily agreed to. Luckily, the tourists didn’t stay around and strike up a conversation. As they walked away, Judy looked at him quite seriously, “Gene?” “Hm?” “I don’t want to just go there. I want to sleep in your arms tonight.” “I know,” he said back, “I'll have Frank call Betsy and tell her I passed out at his place. She won't miss me. Did you bring your own car here?”
“Then I'll meet you over there."
Judy gave him a coy smile before she bounced her way out of the booth.
“Oh, honey,” he said as she passed him about to head out.
“Hm,” she asked turning on her heels.
“I gotta ask you something,” he said motioning for her which she walked over.
He took her elbow so she’d lean down a bit, “Lena said she overheard you tell Kay something naughty about me.” Off Judy’s look he went on, “In the ladies room. What did you say?”
Judy looked around to make sure no one was looking and she put her hand up as she whispered in his ear. He listened a moment, and quickly his eyes widened before his smile did.
He looked at her, his mouth slightly a jar, and she raised her arched her eyebrow, “Room 215, dear.”
He watched her walk out of his sight before letting out an impish chuckle.
Judy drove east on Sunset Blvd, heading towards Hollywood Boulevard. It was less than a 10 minute drive, but during that short duration, she enjoyed the views as the streets were quite lively that evening. When she saw the large ‘Hotel Roosevelt’ sign up ahead, lit up in red over the tower, another rush of butterflies filled her tummy. She hadn’t been acting a seduction with Gene. She truly wanted him. Not only did she miss the meaningful conversations with him, as they could be honest about nearly anything and everything without judgement, but she missed the comfort he encompassed as well. But, most of all, she missed the sex and a truly great orgasm, which was what she had told Gene. Sex with him went beyond just physical for her, and for him, she knew. They connected emotionally, mentally, and felt comfortable in their skin. She longed for that again, as it had been at its peak before Gene’s accident.
As Judy pulled into the side entrance of the hotel, where the valet was stationed, she waited behind another car. One thing she loved about this hotel was not only the history and elegance, but the discreet atmosphere. This hotel was more busy than The Chateau Marmont, which was the most private, and discreet hotels of them all in Hollywood, but she had heard that Mr. Mayer was having a party there tonight. She was not about to step into that hot water.
When Judy saw the lady that got out of the Cadillac in front of her, she cursed and slid down in her seat a bit. The designer hat was a tell: Hedda Hopper.
Still hunched down, Judy watched the gossip queen walk into the side entrance, when the door opened startling her.
“Ma’am,” the young valet said. When he saw Judy’s deer-in-the-headlights look, he gave her a confused look.
Judy immediately sat up, and smiled, “Good evening, thank you.” After taking her valet ticket, she head to the back entrance and let out a breath, hoping to God, Hedda wasn’t standing right there.
When she walked into the back lobby, Hedda was occupied at the check in desk. Luckily, Judy already had the two room keys. Nonchalantly, she walked past the woman, but as she did, she noticed Gene up ahead making a call. She wasn’t surprised to see him already there, as she had gotten interrupted by friends in the lobby of Ciro’s as she was leaving. He must’ve left just before her.
Gene was pressing Sinatra’s house number when he saw Judy walking towards him. But she wasn’t smiling. She was looking at him eyes wide, with a warning expression, and her pace was swift. When he silently asked her what was wrong, she nodded as if to look behind her, before she kept on walking past him towards the elevator.
He looked the direction she nodded and saw Hedda facing his way, but conversing with a bellhop.
“Fuck,” he whispered and turned around so his back was to her.
Gene closed his eyes. Jesus Christ, that was the last thing they needed.
“Hey, buddy, it’s Gene.”
“Hows it going?”
“How you feeling?”
“Hopped up on every cold remedy out there, boy, including a hot toddy. What are you doing calling me? I thought you were going to the watering hole?”
“I was, but I’m at the Roosevelt now.”
“Why are you whispering?”
“Because Hedda fucking Hopper is behind me, and I don’t want her to see me. Listen, do me a favor.”
“Not depends. You backed into my car at Gleason’s on New Years, man. I still have the dent. You owe me.”
“Yeah, ok, what’s up?”
“Call my wife, tell her I passed out at your place.”
“What does it matter? I’m not coming home tonight and I need a good excuse.”
He heard Frank break out in a naughty chuckle, “Ooo, oo, oo, you gone get some, huh? It’s our girl ain’t it? Ain’t it?”
Frank’s playful voice made Gene smile, “Just do it, would ya?”
“Yeah, I got your back. Tell Judy I said hi.”
Gene heard Hedda’s heels on the marble floors coming closer and his voice got quieter, “I gotta go.”
After hanging up, he kept his back to the woman, pretending to look through the phone book, nearly holding his breath as the footsteps passed him.
“Gene,” he heard her unmistakable voice and he closed his eyes sighing, “Is that you?”
Turning, he presented her with a movie star smile, “Hedda, sweetheart.”
“Hi,” she squealed and accepting him into a hug, “What are you doing here?”
“Oh, just came for a few drinks at the lounge. Ciro’s got too busy for my taste,” he fibbed.
“Oh, mine, too. Also, it seems they’re letting anybody in nowadays. Why don’t you come have one more drink with me? We’ll catch up?”
“Oh, honey, I’m sorry. I was just heading out. But let’s do lunch soon, yeah?”
“Oh, heaven’s, I’d love that. I’m going to keep you to your word.”
“You do that.”
“It’s good to see you out and about without crutches, darling. You have a good night.”
“You, too, love. You’re looking very pretty.”
Hedda giggled like a school girl before she turned and kept walking. The minute she was turned, Gene practically ran towards the stairs next to the elevator.
Gene unlocked the hotel room door and, when he stepped in, he immediately noticed her heels were laying in the middle of the floor, a sign to him that she made it to the room.
“I’m here,” he called out kicking off his own shoes next to her stilettos.
“I’ll be right out, darling,” she said from the bathroom.
He stood next to the closed bathroom door, “Hedda fucking saw me, baby, she tried chatting. I blew her off real quick.”
He heard her giggle from inside, which made him smile as he walked over to the closet door. He was hanging up his suit jacket when he heard the door open behind him.
“Can you believe Hedda showed up,” he heard her say incredibly, “Out of all people, the gossip Queen.”
“Well,” he said slipping his tie off, “Could’ve been worse. Could’ve been one of our spouses.”
He turned around to face her, about to close the closet door, when he saw her. She was minding her own business as she took off her earrings, standing there in a black, strapless, lace teddy which had garters attached holding up her thigh high stockings.
Judy made a disgusted face at the thought of what Gene just said, “Oh, geez, please don’t say things like that. Don’t even think it.”
“Oh, honey,” he mumbled impressed, and turned on at her attire, as he swung the closet door shut behind him.
As Judy tossed her earrings on the bedside table, she looked at him and immediately noticed him eyeing her body with a look that would scare a virgin.
“What,” she giggled.
Gene looked at her in disbelief by her question, “You,” he chuckled. Judy walked up to him and placed her hands arms around his neck, “You’ve always seen me in lingerie.”
“I know, but,” he said looked down at her full, but petite, breasts against his chest, “Over two months, honey.”
“Well, I probably would have surprised you naked, but I actually need help getting out of this,” she gestured to the back of it.
“What, your handmaiden off duty,” he teased.
“Tonight she is,” she teased back, undoing a few of the buttons on his shirt, as she spoke with a very seductive voice.
He stayed still as she undid each one. When she finished, she slid the white dress shirt off his arms and then immediately ran her hands under his undershirt. Gene’s chest rose as he took a slow, but deep, breath in as her flat hands ran up his toned stomach to his chest. Gene closed his eyes as she leaned in and gave him a kiss on his neck, leaving a red lipstick mark on his skin as she did so.
Leaning back, Judy lifted the undershirt and he lift his arms so she could toss it off him. When she leaned in to kiss his chest, he immediately grabbed the back of her neck, forcing her to look up at him, in a good, and oh, so sexual, way. The sudden move made her gasp in an excited delight as she was staring straight into his eyes. Their eyes clouded over. He wanted to fuck her and she wanted to be fucked. Gene leaned in to kiss her, but he stopped short of her lips, eyeing her face up and down as her eyes closed and her lips parted. When her eyes opened, not feeling his kiss, a kiss she longed for, she saw his eyes twinkling with tease. She wasn’t in the mood for games.
Judy leaned forward to kiss him, but his hand slid up the back of her head, taking her silky hair in his fist, and he held her back, gently, but in control. Gene leaned in to kiss her again, and her mouth opened, but he then diverted, leaving a trail of kisses along her neck, sucking a bit with each one. She leaned her head back a bit and sighed, feeling his heavenly touch. She barely felt his other hand fumbling with the back of her teddy, where the lace criss-crossed up a series of hooks.
Gene leaned back from her and swiftly turned her around, her hands falling flat against the full-length mirror on the closet door to balance herself. It was another move that surprised her, but she loved knowing he was frustrated.
“What the hell, Judy,” he said.
“The back is built like a corset.”
“Why doesn’t this have a zipper like the others,” he said, his expression showing as if he were looking at a map of greater Pittsburg.
Judy let out a breathy laugh and looked at his reflection through the mirror, “You have to slide the ties from the hooks.” He started one, and it caught, she she spoke up, with a tone as if she were talking to an impatient child, “Gently.”
Gene looked up her with a stubborn expression and yanked, none-so-gently, her body slightly yanking with it. He did it again, and then another, until she felt the garment getting looser.
“Or that,” she said, “But ruin my new lingerie in the process,” she mumbled but let him continue.
Gene ignored her as he looked down at her bottom, slightly arched back, as she held herself against the mirror. She was only inches away from his growing erection.
Judy was looking down, not noticing that he took a step forward, until she felt him against her bottom, and then there was another yank. She smiled biting her bottom lip as she felt the excited tingles in her tummy now evolve as an exquisite ache between her legs.
When he was done with the last one, she turned around and he took another step, his body now over-towering hers, her back pressing against the mirror.
“Never wear that again, please.”
“You seemed to enjoy the view,” she said as her finger nails tickled his sides.
Gene’s expression was softer as he moved some hair away from her face before he finally leaned down to kiss her. Judy wrapped her arms around his neck and shoulders, pulling him tighter as his lips tugged and pulled at hers, as his tongue slid erotically over her own. She reciprocated back just the same until they were both breathless.
He pulled back and rest his forehead against hers a moment, relishing in the moment of being with her again. But when he heard her whisper, “I’ve missed you,” he wanted to give her what she came here badly.
Reaching down, his hands grasped her thighs right under her tush, and lifted her up. They both let out a small grunt as her body landed against his, her thighs high around his waist. She giggled as she looked down at him as he walked them across the room, towards the bed, smiling back at her.
Suddenly, Gene dropped her onto the mattress, like a doll landing on her back, and she let out a shriek. But before she could process anything, he grabbed her under her knees and yanked her towards him, his hips between her legs now. He leaned over her, holding himself up off her body as his hands sunk into the mattress next to her head and he gave her another delicious kiss. As he did, Judy reached down and unclasped her garters from her stockings, anticipating his next move was to rid her of the material she was wearing. And last thing she wanted to do was frustrate him more with ladies’ complicated undergarments.
Just as she expected, he stood back up so he could undress her. He lowered the teddy from her chest, pulling down until her legs accommodating it to slide completely off of her. It was inside out by the time he tossed it behind him. Gene gazed upon her as his hands ran over her black thigh highs, “You’re beautiful.”
She smiled, always feeling beautiful when they were together, and she reached her hands up, over his, to help him slide the nylon down.
Gene slid her hands away, “Leave them on.”
She smiled, rolling her eyes teasing, “Leg man.”
“Shh,” he said with a certain kind of seriousness he possessed whenever he was concentrated on something.
The bed made a slight sound as his body shifted, towering over her again, her hand was grasping his hair as his mouth  reminded her that he was not only a leg man, but tits, too. As he gave equal treatment to the other, she whimpered, and he could feel her try to press her thighs together, but his one knee was kneeling between her, making it impossible to do so. His other hand traveled between them, to help her relieve some of the pressure. He wasn’t surprised that she was soaked already, she normally was whenever he was about to make love to her. But the thought of how much he could arouse her, never failed to make his dick as hard as an 18-year-old.  
When Judy felt Gene leave a trail of kisses down her stomach, his mouth about to replace his hand, she tried scooting away and he lifted his head.
“No, no way,” she said adamantly.
He looked at her a little taken back. She loved when he pleased her that way, and he loved it. He loved her reactions and had intended to give her, her first orgasm of the night that way.
As if she could read his thoughts, she sat up, “I want you to be inside of me when I come.”
Most of the time, Judy always had some form of a second orgasm during intercourse, after coming from Gene’s mouth. It was not as strong, but still delightful. However, tonight she was afraid that her body might fail her if she came just from oral sex. And she knew she wouldn’t last long. She wanted to savor the time with him. That’s why, after she slowly undid his buckle and dropped his pants, she caressed him with her hand instead of her mouth, because she knew he wouldn’t last either.
Standing, but bending down as he sucked on her lower plush lip, he willfully took her wrist away from him. It twitched when he did, missing the feeling of her soft milking motions. After laying her back down, he rest his body on top of hers, but not to crush her, and they made out for a few minutes, always enjoying that type of intimacy. The kisses became erotic, heavy, as his hands caressed her breasts down to her thighs and up again. Her fingertips dug at the skin on his back, her hips rising to get closer to his hard arousal that slid up and down her entrance.
She whimpered in frustration and agony, “I can’t,” she managed to get out against his lips. She didn’t speak an entire sentence but he knew she couldn’t wait any longer. Her body was hot and bothered, as was his, but with a more refrain.
Standing up, her bottom at the edge of the bed, he held her thighs against him as he slowly slid into her. Her walls immediately grasped him making him groan loudly with relief and satisfaction. His reaction amused her as she let out a laugh through her gasp, feeling his pulse in an opposite rhythm of hers, making the sensation feel delicious.
He wasted no time fucking her and she responded whole-heartedly. Her sighs quickly turned into mewling cries as the pressure made her forget her surroundings. All she concentrated upon was the feeling of him sliding in and out and a burst of a feeling of love spread through out her chest, tingling her nipples. She bit her bottom lip and arched her head back as her hands slid over her breasts in a sensual way. Gene reached forward, placing one hand on top of hers, to remind her he was still there as she seemed to be drifting into another world of pleasure.
But his movement hit her just right, and she lifted her head gasping, “Right there.” “Yeah,” he said, mostly to himself through a sexual haze as his hands braced against her hips, keeping her in that same place so he could give her a great finish.
Her cries turned into loud moans as her body tightened, and started to twitch around him and his pace quickened, his hips smacking hard against her skin. Judy’s hands reached above her head, grasping the white comforter as if something to hold onto as the buildup was making her toes curl.  
“Oh,” she squeaked but lost her voice as it burst long and hard inside of her. Gene didn’t let up either, he kept at it, fucking her through her orgasm to make it last.
He didn’t even remember feeling her that tight around him and it made him dizzy as all his muscles were strained, his face nearly red, trying to hold out until she was sated. He was about to let himself go when she suddenly grabbed his wrist and gasped.
“Oh, Gene,” she tightened again whimpered, “Please.”
Feeling her coming again, made him proud, but was torture. He thought he was going to die at the sensation of not coming then. But he held himself together, nearly holding his breath, as he pounded her to a second orgasm. When he felt her gush around him, he let go without warning and his knees buckled. His hand quickly braced himself on the bed before crushing her.
“Oh, fuck,” he groaned loudly as he continuing his pace as he shot out inside of her but it kept coming. “Fuck,” he repeated.
When he himself was completely drained, and her aftershocks wore off, he collapsed onto his back next to her. His skin was red, his heart was pounding, he felt like he just ran a marathon, but it was so worth it. He turned his head to look at her, and her hands were on her forehead, looking up at the ceiling almost in shock. It made him laugh through his heavy breathing.
She, in turn, let out her own giggle, “Oh my Gosh.”
Jazz was playing softly over the radio as Gene leaned next to the window, in one of the hotel’s, white complimentary robes, smoking a cigarette. He looked deep in thought as he stared down at Hollywood Boulevard still all lit up and still lively. His eyes saw the surroundings, but his mind was elsewhere.
“Anything exciting happening out there,” Judy asked as she walked out of the bathroom in a matching robe.
“No, but for what time it is, there’s sure a lot of people out.”
Judy walked over and peeked out, her eyes fixated on groups outside of Graumans Chinese Theater.
“Most likely tourists.” “And probably all taking pictures with your hand and footprints.”
“Yours soon, too, darling.”
“You seem pretty sure of yourself.”
“Because I am. How can they not? All I did was sing about a rainbow and be Andy Hardy’s girlfriend. You’re one of the most talented dancers and actors I’ve ever met.”
Gene let out a chuckle and placed his hand on her back rubbing up and down, “You’re sweet.”
“No, I’m honest,” she corrected and walked over to the bed.
He followed suit and they sat opposite of a silver tray of fresh fruit and veggie’s that they had ordered from room service.
“What were you thinking about at the window?”
“Oh, just about being here right now and how everything sees alright in the world, even though I know it’s not. I haven’t felt this relaxed in a long time, even though I’ve been off work all this time,” he made a face as if he were contradicting himself, “Does that sound silly?”
Judy nodded as she took a bite of a strawberry, “No.”
“Or maybe it’s just the ‘afterglow’ of sex,” he teased.
Judy heard his playful tone but she could tell there was something else behind it. She spoke carefully, “When’s the last time you had sex?”
Gene looked up at her a little hesitant at first, then responded, “When I was with you,” he said and bit into a carrot stick.
Judy gave him a genuinely surprised expression, “Are you joking?”
“Why would I joke about something like that?”
“I don’t mean it like that, darling, I’m just a little shocked.”
“Why? Because I’m married?” Judy gave a nod and he continued a little irritated, “What does that matter, anyways. How about you?”
“Just as long.” Gene gave her a look that showed he didn’t believe her and she immediately defended herself, “I’m serious. I mean, I’ve given...” she tried to find the right word to be respectful to Gene, “I’ve been a generous wife.”
Gene immediately made a disgusted face and put his hand up not wanting to think about her giving her husband a blow job.
She continued, “But he hasn’t been interested in anything else.”
“Do you think it’s because he knows about us?”
“No,” she said popping a grape into her mouth, “That’s the funny part. When he found out about us on our last picture, you know, our history together way before he and I even got together, he kind of accepted it that I wasn’t going to give you up.”
“Vince is a very ‘happy wife, happy life,’ kind of guy.”
“The thing is, Gene, we still made love after that. But now, we kind of have this cloud over us. He’s still lovely as ever towards me, I know he’s still disappointed that I got him replaced on Easter Parade.”
“He’ll come around.”
“I’m back with you, darling,” she said reaching over to place her hand on top of his, “That’s all I care about at the moment.”
Gene picked up her hand, kissing it, before she pulled away. They were silent a moment before she spoke up again, “Gene?”
“Why has it been so long for you?”
“Does it really matter,” he asked sounding a little angry.
“Yes, because I just told you about me and Vincente. You said earlier that Betsy wouldn’t miss you if you disappeared for a night. Why?”
“Because she jumped in the sack with Ted Harper, my golf partner, while I’ve been recovering. He’s the same guy whose house I was at when I broke my fucking ankle.”
Judy’s mouth opened in complete shock. Betsy was the last person she ever expected to cheat.
“Yeah,” he said seeing her reaction, “Can you believe that?”
“Is she still with him?”
“No clue. We had words,” he chuckled remembering their screaming match, “Oh, boy, did we have words. She says they aren’t anymore, but I’m not sure what to believe. I ran into Ted the other day. It took everything in my power to punch the living daylights out of him.”
“Why even bother, Gene.”
“Because she’s still my wife and he was my golfing partner. It’s disgusting, a complete disgrace.” When he saw her look he continued, “Imagine if you were home sick and you found out that, say,…Kay slept with your husband during that time…”
“I’d be devastated.”
“Thank you.”
“How are you and Betsy right now?”
“We came to equal terms, let’s just say that. We’re going to try to move past it.”
“Are you kidding,” she asked, “She slept with your friend after you broke your ankle, how can you just let it slide like that?”
“The same way she’s letting it slide that I was sleeping with you after she had my baby.”
Judy dropped her fruit and looked at him wide eyed, “She knows?”
“It slipped out when we were fighting. I guess I was trying to hurt her in the moment, hurt her the way she hurt me. I regret it, but at the same time it feels good that she finally knows. That’s where we ‘shook hands’ sort-to-speak.”
“Gene, I cannot believe you told her!”
“What are you getting pissed about? Your husband knows.”
“My husband is a part of the studio system. He knows to keep his damn mouth shut. What if she opens her mouth and ‘let’s it slip’ to someone else? A reporter will hear it, it’ll get out, and the studio will eat us alive.”
“She won’t do that. Besides, she only thinks we had an affair during My Gal. As far as she’s concerned, we’ve moved on and you’re married in a studio’s match made in heaven.”
“You won’t tell her about now?”
“Nope, same reason you won’t tell Vince. So, let’s just move on from this conversation, shall we?”
“Fine,” she said with a raised eyebrow, “I was getting bored anyways.”
“Oh, you were getting bored?”
“Mm, hm,” she said popping another piece of fruit in her mouth.
“Let’s make you un-bored then,” he said before grabbing her arm.
She shrieked as she landed on his lap, but screamed in laughter as he started a tickling match.
It was 10 a.m. and the sky was a very dark gray. Jazz music was lightly playing over the radio as rain pound against the hotel window, rare, but not unheard of, for Los Angeles. The morning was so very comfy, and so very titillating for Judy, as Gene had woken her up with his head between her legs. It was so delicious, she felt simply heavenly, as she sleepily enjoyed the unhurried attention of his mouth slowly building her pleasure. Gene heard her moan as he felt her hand go to his head, running her hands through his hair massaging his scalp as his head moved ever so gently, and rhythmically, against her. Lifting his hands, he untied her robe so he could run his hand along her breasts to heighten her sensation. Suddenly, her belly started quivering unevenly followed by mewling cries and he knew she was close. He smiled against her as he locked his arms around her thighs to hold her down in place. Usually she ended up pushing his head away as she came, but he wanted to feel it. His licks against her pearl became more intense, only stopping to suck hard, before releasing and starting over again. Judy grabbed his hair in her fist, arching her back, moaning. The sound of his mouth pleasuring her just accelerated her pleasure and she couldn’t help but give off a breathy giggle with happiness. Everything about him brought her happiness. Gene barely heard her whisper that she was coming as the sound of her giggle made his heart explode. He wanted to climb inside of her being, her soul, and never leave. When he felt her thighs lock against his head, followed by her loud cry, he quickly moved his mouth to her entrance, moving his tongue in and out of her as her muscles wildly contracted around it. Judy thought she’d die of the sensation, and for a moment, had a selfish thought of wanting him to stay there forever.
When he felt her body relax, his softly kissed his way up her body until he reached her lips, and then they enjoyed a lovely, and passionate, good morning kiss. When he pulled back, she smiled gently lifted her arms from his waist and placed them around his neck, “That felt amazing, thank you.” “You are very welcome, sweetheart,” he replied and leaned in for another French kiss. Judy felt his arousal against her stomach and she reached down to caress him. He didn’t show any signs of resistance as her wrist moved up and down at a steady pace, their mouths sucking and pulling at each other’s lips, until he buried his face in her neck to lay kisses there. When Judy heard his soft groan, she released him and placed her hands on his chest pushing him off of he. He rolled over, laying on his back, his head lifted slightly against the head board as he watched her straddle him. And she easily slid down onto him. Gene loved overpowering her during sex, showing her how much she was desired, but he also loved this: her tiny body on top of him as he was completely buried inside of her. With her open robe slightly falling off her shoulder, Judy’s hips slowly grind back and forth against his pelvic bone as she pressed her hands slightly on his chest to balance herself. She felt Gene’s finger tips start to caress her thighs up and down and she linked eyes with him. When she did, the look on his face, the way he was staring as her, made her feel loved so much that the sensation made her almost tear up. Gene saw the unconditional love reciprocated on her face, and he exhaled roughly through his nose, keeping his own emotions in check. But Judy could see right through him, like he could her. “Come here,” he said, placing his hand on the back of her neck and she complied, leaning forward to kiss him. For minutes, his hands swept her hair off her face, their foreheads touching as she she breathed against his lips and cheeks. Her movement of her hips brought higher and higher until he was groaning, his hips bucking up into her until he shot out his love into her again.           Judy stood in front of the mirror, in her cocktail dress, placing her earrings back on, when she watched Gene walk out of the bathroom, now back in his suit. He looked a little solemn, which mirrored her own feelings. Neither wanted to leave the other. When he leaned against the wall, placing his hands in his pockets, his eyes met hers through the reflection. Judy lowered hers a moment before turning around and walking straight to him, placing her cheek on his chest. His arms engulfed her and seemingly they both glanced at the time. They had only ten more minutes until she had to check out, they could already hear the maid’s carts in the hallway. “Do you think there’s a difference between loving somebody and being in-love with somebody?” Judy thought for a moment, knowing exactly where this was heading, “Love to me is a lot of things, Gene, and being in-love is very broad.” “How so?” “Because I think it feels different with each person. I’ve been in-love with different men, and each time none of it felt the same. When you’re in-love with someone, you just know, and there’s nothing you can do to stop it.” “Does that scare you?” “Love doesn’t scare me.” “Why don’t you look at me and say that,” he said leaning back. She stood up straight and looked at him in the eyes, “Love doesn’t scare me.” “Yes, it does.” “Someone’s love for me doesn’t scare me. My love for others scares me, because of them possibly not feeling the same. Does it scare you?” “What scares me is being head-over-heels in-love with someone and I have to hide it.” Judy looked down, shaking her head, “Gene…” “Judy, let’s face it, we fell in-love. And like you said, there’s was no stopping it.” “The timing is horrible.” “It sure as hell is.” It was no secret to them that neither were ready to leave their families. It was something they both understood, as they were dealing with on a personal level. If they were prepared, they would’ve done so years ago. “Can’t we just be together,” she pleaded, “Even though I’m in-love with you, I still love my husband, my family. I’m not ready to  give either of you up.” Gene chuckled and kissed her, “I feel the same way. Is that selfish?” “Not to me, but it would sound preposterous to others, don’t you think,” she giggled. “Well, we’re anything but simple, you and me,” he was quiet a moment, thinking, before he continued, “Honey, can we make a deal?” “Hm?” “Two more years…I’ll give it two more years. If we’re both still not happy with our spouses, let’s make a deal to just end it with them and move on together. Otherwise, what’s the point?” Judy moved her lips, about to speak, but she thought about it to herself a second. Gene looked at her with apprehensively but when he saw her finally smile, he relaxed. “Deal,” she said reaching her hand out to shake his but instead he took it and kissed the back of it. A knock on the door startled them and they heard ‘housekeeping’. “Be out in a second, thank you,” Gene yelled. He turned back to her and put his hands on her face to kiss her once more, “I love you.” “I love you, too.” “See ya at the studio.” “You bet,” she winked.
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