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#Potsie Webber
richie-cummingham · 4 years ago
Potsie Webber was a hoe
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Well then I must have a thing for smart mouthed greasers’ dorky friends because I have the biggest fucking crush on Potsie Webber
And you know what? That's valid too! Potsie was adorable!💕
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toseektoknoww · 3 years ago
[Continued from Here because dammit play fights are fun.]
When Potsie bapped Stars arm the first time, they had smiled it away, aware their tail probably hit him. Understandable as it probably happens more often then the larger troll means to.But the second time? Oh... That be playfighting words.
Grinning mischievously right back at Webber, Star pokes their tongue out before reaching to start annoyingly poking his arm. Tail? Probably fwapping him softly once again to pester the poor trapped Pots. 
Thou shall not WIN!!!
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areyounxsty · 4 years ago
I love my moirail Warren "Potsie" Webber
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dirtyirish-hippie · 8 years ago
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spookywitchnerd24 · 2 years ago
That moment when your boyfriend's boyfriend puts his arm around you
Tumblr media
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toseektoknoww · 4 years ago
Star ==> Dance?
So, after a rather harsh morning of trying to drag himself up and out of bed, Star was up and grabbing his taped together glasses to hunt down his clothes. Kissing his moirails cheek as the warmer troll slept beside him, and he was gone.
Carefully opening his closet, Star looks down at his legs before puffing up and grabbing the outfit he had in mind. It was cute and... Not so bedazzled as his other clothes, so maybe when they were dancing outside of Potsies hivestem, the poor boy would’t get so many strange looks? Well, that’s what Star was hoping for as he slips on the simple white blouse and smooths out the soft pastel purple skirt. Then fixing the matching suspenders keeping the higher waist skirt up. 
Inhale, exhale, he smiles and fixes his broken glasses whilst his tail flicks behind him. Up down, up down. Feet silent as he scuttles away, Star smiles as he watches the white, slightly purple, stalkings hide his legs while he moves.
Standing on the transportalizer, Star had a face breaking smile in place.
He loved visiting people, so when he found himself at the coords sent to him, and Potsie there to meet him, the larger one grins and waves lowly, to not give them too much attention--not any more then his height would! Animatedly, the two both talk about what dances to do, how they would work with his legs--the WHOLE kitandcabootle!
Needless to say, the Starboy was excited. 
As the two laugh at a stupid joke, Star pulled a candy out of his pocket to eat it whilst listening to Potsie explain their first dance, mimicking the moves by himself as Star sits on the first available surface near there. Most likely a cement blockaid, or staircase. And it sounded positively amazing! So, enthusiastically, the larger male stands up and follows his friend to the middle of the area and does as told. Hands resting on the lightblue clad shoulders of his long shirt wearing nerd of a friend. Humming as Potsie’s end up on his violet waist, and he looks down. 
Earfins alert as he watches the others feet, he follows, laughing when he does it right. Though he would quickly back step whenever he’d accidentally step on Warrens feet, a sheepish smile dancing on his face before the blueblood laughs and shrugs. 
Soon, they’re both moving quickly, and making up stupid music to dance with. Laughing and holding hands to keep the dance going as they pull back together. Hoping and spinning, they forget the funny looks and whispered comments as they just enjoy the day, and it’s not even over!
Caught up in the dance, Soon both were just swinging next to each other, grinning ear to ear, Slowing down only when Potsie wanted to add something new, and only getting harder once Star got it enough to resume their stupid little dance. Hands linking again as they then cup their hands and Warren grabs Stars waist as a goofy mock of the salsa. Making the higherblood cackle as he’s then spun away and back towards his companion.
Then the ground is out from under his feet. Hands son Webbers shoulders and feet up under him, he laughs before his feet meet the ground again, and he spins away with a tired huff.
After another few moves, the two are arms distance away from each other. Out of breath; warm faced; and smiling after an hour or two of dancing with few breaks.
Awkward laugh leaving Star, he rubs the back of his neck before shrugging. “So... WWanna get a drink ‘nd relax for a bit before singin’?”
“... Yeah! Why not?”
Today was a good day.
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spookywitchnerd24 · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Besides fonchie richie and potsie have to be the most underrated happy days ship
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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dirtyirish-hippie · 8 years ago
Potsie: What approach should we use?
Ralph: They look bright, let's use the subtle approach.
Potsie: Got it!
Ralph: Hello, girls.
Potsie: Wanna to neck in the parking lot?
*girls hook onto Potsie*
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