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Happy #GivingTuesday from all of us at Aye-Aye Conservation!

It’s been a terrible year across the world. We here at Aye-Aye Conservation didn’t get as much work as we were hoping to get accomplished done this year. Field work had to be put on hold, networking and partnerships with Malagasy organizations had to be postponed, and we had many reports of Aye-Ayes falling victim to Fady killings and being used as bushmeat as Covid-19 began to spike in Madagascar earlier this year.

We did, however, have some highlights this year. We had a wonderful first time online Facebook raffle in June and our first Aye-Aye Conservation article was published in the International Primate Protection League’s Fall Isssue!

We’ve also celebrated the birth of 3 Aye-Ayes this year! Mahery Kenatra was born on March 10, 2020 at the Jersey Zoo to Ala and Pan,

Mifaly was was born on May 15, 2020 at the Jersey Zoo to Zanvie and Pan, and Winifred was born on June 24, 2020 at the Duke Lemur Center to Fady and Nirina!

With the year coming to an end, and it being #GivingTuesday, we’d like to humbly ask for your support to keep supporting the Aye-Ayes we all love and to keep bringing you the Aye-Aye content you love here on your social media platforms. To do that, we need donations and for you to make purchases from our online stores.

You can support Aye-Aye Conservation at:

On PayPal @AyeAyeConservation

On GoFundMe

And on our merchandise sites at:

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Vervet monkey, Akagera National Park, eastern Rwanda. Usually found in decent size troops, this one was just a tad apart from his buddies (plenty more out of the frame). Pretty common in eastern African countries, stretching from about the center of the eastern coast all the way down to South Africa and a decent ways inland as well.

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Day 26: Throwback

Werewolves obviously co-evolved with their human counterparts, but to what extent remains a mystery. Some believe it came about with the appearance of early hominids, while others have more outlandish theories.

Hopefully paleotumblr will forgive our imaginative werewolf historian for pairing gorgonopsid and primate physiology as, in their defense, they are beholden to an artist that just really likes gorgies.

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