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#Prompt List

80s Lyrics Prompt List

Feel free to re-blog this list and use it for your own works. I’d love to be tagged to see what is created with it!


  1. “ She’ll say she’s mine.” - Uptown Girl - Billy Joel
  2. “ There doesn’t seem to be a reason to change.” - Jessie’s Girl by Rick Springfield 
  3. “ I’m looking in the mirror all the time wondering what she doesn’t see in me.” - Jessie’s Girl by Rick Springfield 
  4. “ If you say that you are mine I’ll be here until the end of time.” - Should I Stay or Should I go by The Clash 
  5. “ If you don’t want me, set me free.” - Should I Stay or Should I go by The Clash
  6. “ I’ll say it anyway.” - Take on me by A-ha
  7. “ I’ll be coming for your love, okay?” - Take on me by A-ha 
  8. “ I toss and turn, I can’t sleep at night.” - Tainted Love by Soft Cell
  9. “ I cannot stand the way you tease.” - Tainted Love by Soft Cell
  10. “ You need someone to hold you tight.” - Tainted Love by Soft Cell
  11. “ Don’t touch me, please.” - Tainted Love by Soft Cell
  12. “ You promise me heaven, then put me through hell.” - You Give Love A Bad Name by Bon Jovi
  13. “ Darlin’, you give love a bad name.” - You Give Love A Bad Name by Bon Jovi
  14. “ You never take advice.” - Cold as Ice by Foreigner
  15. “ Someday you pay the price.” - Cold as Ice by Foreigner
  16. “ I’d probably break down and cry.” - Sweet Child O’ Mine by Guns N’ Roses
  17. “ I hate to look into those eyes and see an ounce of pain.” - Sweet Child O’ Mine by Guns N’ Roses
  18. “ It’s going to take a lot to drag me away from you.” - Africa by Toto
  19. “ I’m frightened by this thing that I’ve become.” - Africa by Toto
  20. “ Hurry boy, she’s waiting there for you.” - Africa by Toto
  21. “At this moment, you mean everything to me.” - Come on Eileen by Dexys Midnight Runners
  22. “ With you in that dress, oh my thoughts I confess verge on dirty.” - Come on Eileen by Dexys Midnight Runners
  23. “ Take me, I’m yours.” - Tell it to My Heart by Taylor Dayne 
  24. “ I can feel my body rock every time you call my name.” - Tell it to My Heart by Taylor Dayne
  25. “ Tell me I’m the only one.” - Tell it to My Heart by Taylor Dayne
  26. “Just let me love you and you’ll never leave.” - Heaven’s on Fire by KISS
  27. “ You drive me crazy when you start to tease.” - Heaven’s on Fire by KISS
  28. “ You could bring the devil to his knees.” - Heaven’s on Fire by KISS
  29. “ I’m going to be the man who wakes up next to you.” - I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles) by The Proclaimers
  30. “ Should’ve known better than to cheat a friend.” - Careless Whisper by George Michael 
  31. “ I know you’re not a fool.” - Careless Whisper by George Michael 
  32. “ We’d hurt each other with the things we’d want to say.” - Careless Whisper by George Michael
  33. “ I never wanted to be your weekend lover.” - Purple Rain by Prince
  34. “ I never meant to cause you any pain.” - Purple Rain by Prince
  35. “ Close your eyes, give me your hand.” - Eternal Flame by The Bangles 
  36. “ Do you feel my heart beating?” - Eternal Flame by The Bangles 
  37. “ You belong with me, do you feel the same?” - Eternal Flame by The Bangles 
  38. “ You’re wondering if I’m okay.” - Time After Time by Cyndi Lauper 
  39. “ If you’re lost you can look and you will find me.” - Time After Time by Cyndi Lauper
  40. “ I can’t get over the way you love me like you do.” - I Want to Break Free by Queen
  41. “ I can’t get used to living without you by my side.” - I Want to Break Free by Queen
  42. “ I look around, but it’s you I can’t replace.” - Every Breath You Take by The Police 
  43. “ I feel so cold and long for your embrace.” - Every Breath You Take by The Police
  44. “ You know that I’m falling.” - Everywhere by Fleetwood Mac
  45. “ You know that I’m proud and can’t get the words out.” - Everywhere by Fleetwood Mac
  46. “ I need you here by me.” - Rebel Yell by Billy Idol
  47. “ I’d sell my soul for you, babe.” - Rebel Yell by Billy Idol
  48. “ Never thought that a girl like you could ever care for me.” - Rosanna by Toto
  49. “ I didn’t know that a girl like you could make me feel so sad.” - Rosanna by Toto
  50. “ Stay the night, but keep it undercover.” - Your Love by The Outfield 
  51. “ You know I’d do anything for you.” - Your Love by The Outfield
  52.  “ Just ‘cause you’re right doesn’t mean I’m wrong.” - Your Love by The Outfield 
  53. “ Be careful of what you do because the lie becomes the truth.” - Billie Jean by Michael Jackson
  54. “ The kid is not my son.” - Billie Jean by Michael Jackson
  55. “ There’s nothing left to talk about.” - Physical by Olivia Newton-John
  56. “ It’s getting hard, this holding back.” - Physical by Olivia Newton-John
  57. “ Let me hear your body talk.” - Physical by Olivia Newton-John
  58. “ The threats you made were meant to cut me down.” - I’m Still Standing by Elton John
  59. “ It doesn’t make a difference if we make it or not.” - Livin’ on a Prayer by Bon Jovi
  60. “ Take my hand, we’ll make it, I swear.” - Livin’ on a Prayer by Bon Jovi
  61. “ I hear the secrets that you keep.” - Talking in Your Sleep by The Romantics 
  62. “ You tell me that you need me.” - Talking in Your Sleep by The Romantics 
  63. “ I need you now tonight and I need you more than ever.” - Total Eclipse of the Heart by Bonnie Tyler
  64. “ I don’t know what to do and I’m always in the dark.” - Total Eclipse of the Heart by Bonnie Tyler
  65. “ You’re just a product of loveliness.” - The Way You Make me Feel by Michael Jackson
  66. “ My lonely days are gone.” - The Way You Make me Feel by Michael Jackson
  67. “ I tried to call you before, but I lost my nerve.” - 867-5309/Jenny by Tommy Tutone
  68. “ I know you think I’m like the others before.” - 867-5309/Jenny by Tommy Tutone
  69. “ So what is wrong with another sin?” - Rock You Like a Hurricane by Scorpions 
  70. “ The night is calling, I have to go.” - Rock You Like a Hurricane by Scorpions
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Originally posted by ionmyway

“Great. Now I’m jealous of vegetables.”

“I tried to, he wouldn’t blow. He’s like something sticky that won’t blow off.”

“You wanna argue with what I saw?”
“No, X, I don’t want to argue with you anymore.”

“I have to go take a shower, and when I get back you won’t be here.”

“I’m over X.”
“Yeah. I can see that.”

“No matter how hard you beg, I am not doing you.”

“Try not to say everything that pops into your brain.”

“They always look so sad when I kick them out.”

“Don’t make me chase you down, I’m growing a person here!”

“Look at you two. Everyone must hate you.”
“Oh, you have no idea.”

“Are we feeling existential this morning?”

“I cannot believe this is happening.”
“Try being me.”

“You want better, and you deserve better.”

“Do you think you might not be in the best position right now to be offering relationship advice?”

“Congratulations. You’re flaccid.”

“You could start thinking about moving in with me.”

“The only things in my fridge are water, vodka, and diet soda.”

“I like you bitter and pissed off. You’re almost like a normal person now.”

 “Any chance you got hit by a truck and forgot about it?”

“Could you be any more patronizing? I didn’t ask for your help.”

“Enough with the ego already! I’m trying to help you.”

“When X goes all Norman Bates on us, I’m blaming you.”

“Okay, the way you’re grabbing me now? That’s assault.”

“I can’t hear you when his hand is on your boob.”
“Take your hand off my boob, X.”

“I don’t know what we’re doing.” 

“He’s the one who embarrasses everybody at family reunions and can’t be left alone with the teenage girls, but you invite him to the picnic anyway.”

“Am I invisible? I’m feeling strangely invisible.”

“Dying really isn’t the best revenge.”

“You could consider the possibility of shutting the hell up.”

“I’ve moved on so don’t give me that look.”
“What look?”
“That look. Our look. I’m over you.”
“I’m over you, too.”
“You are?”

“There is a land called Passive Aggressiva and you are their queen.”

“Why are you staring at my fat, pregnant belly?”

“Lying here, trapped in this flesh prison, I’ve reached a conclusion: I am a failure.”

“I am not a bouncer and this is not a night club.”

“Nobody is that happy. She’s on drugs.”

“Your harsh is another man’s… refreshing!”

“I gave an ultimatum. I threw down the gauntlet. I drew my line in the sand.”
“Well un…give, unthrow, undraw.”

“Don’t talk to me! You’ll only make me mad.”

“You’re the guy who screwed up my best friend.”

“I know a liar when I see one because I’m a liar.”

“That’s it? You’re not gonna yell, and say ‘Dammit, X,’ and storm out?”
“I will if you want me to.”

“I hear everything. I know everything. I’m watching each and every one of you and I will return.”

“We’re not just friends. I mean, I’m not.”

“I’ve held your hand every time you’ve asked. I deserve to be seen.”

“Ow, ow, ow.”
“Oh! Am I hurting you?”
“No. You’re touching me.”

“You think you have forever, but you don’t.”

“I need to stay in bed and feel like I might die today.”

“We go to sleep, I think everything is fine, and by the time I wake up you’re just a little bit crazy.”

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Day 4: Picnicking


Originally posted by ultraiboothings

“Mummy I’ve got a really really good idea” your daughter, Noa, said walking into the living room where you were sitting. You were coming up with ideas for some family time that you and Virgil could do with your kids. You always liked to have everything planned out not liking to leave anything to the last minute and unplanned. Virgil always told you that some days you didn’t have to plan for everything and sometimes just do what felt right but that never settled right with you. You liked knowing in advance what you were doing so that you could make sure that you have everything and wouldn’t be rushing around last minute.

“What’s your idea sweetie?” You said turning to your daughter. She had a bright smile on her face and bounced closer. Putting out your arms Noa walked over and sat in your lap and made herself comfortable on it. You placed the notepad on the table before wrapping your arms around Noa. You could feel her bouncing around on your lap from excitement. She clearly knew how good her idea was.

“We could go on a picnic when it’s sunny outside.” She said feeling proud of herself. You had to admit that it was a good idea from her. She probably came up with the idea considering how much she loves going to the park and all of her ideas have something to do with the park. Noa always wanted to go to the park and her older brother, Sander, wanted to go and play football. He wanted to be like his dad except not be a defender but an attacker. More like Mo Salah, Sadio Mane or Bobby. He likes to let Virgil know about it at every moment that he could. He would say how being a defender is boring and Virgil is only a defender because he couldn’t score goals and attack well. Virgil would just roll his eyes at Sander and pretend to be annoyed which would put a smile on Sander’s face. You knew that secretly Sander did look up to Virgil and wouldn’t mind being a defender like him but he enjoyed annoying Virgil so you wouldn’t say anything. Sander enjoyed playing against Virgil as him as the striker and Virgil as the defender. The picnic seemed like a good idea for everyone.

“That is a really good idea. I’ll talk to daddy about it,” you told her and she got the brightest smile on her face. She kissed you on the cheek before jumping off of your lap and running off to go and play with some of her toys.

The rest of the day went past normally. You and Virgil playing with the kids and then you leaving halfway through to go and make dinner which you thoroughly enjoy. It’s somewhat calming. Once dinner was made you set the table where the four of you sat and ate the food and talked about the day. That was one of your favourite moments of the day especially when Virgil was also there. After dinner, you all watched a movie and as soon as that was done it was time for Noa and Sander to get ready for bed.

“Noa came up to me today with an idea.” You said to Virgil as you both sat down on the sofa once the two of them were asleep and some of the housework was done. When the children were asleep was one of the only times you could get the housework done properly.

“Oh yeah, what was it?” Virgil asked.

“Going for a picnic.” You said. When you said it, it didn’t sound as good as when Noa said it. Properly because she sounded 10x more excited then you do.

“Oh yeah, we can do that next time we are all free and it is sunny,” Virgil said. Nodding your head you agreed and found a more comfortable position on the sofa so that you and Virgil could watch a film together now that you knew what you were doing over the next few days.

A couple of days after that conversation you and Virgil both had time off and it was also nice weather outside so it seemed like the perfect opportunity to go to the park and have a picnic. You need to make the most of sunny weather whilst it lasts because it never lasts long in England. Every time it’s a little bit sunny you and Virgil always want to take Sanda and Noa out to make the most of it. You walked into the kitchen planning to get the food prepared for when you go to the picnic but Virgil was already there with bread in his hands.

“Virg-” You began but Virgil wouldn’t let finish.

“I’ll make lunch and you can make sure we have everything else,” Virgil said to you. You opened your mouth to argue with Virgil wanting to make the lunch as well as making sure that everything is ready. Virgil quickly cut you off though with just one look so you nodded your head in agreement and went getting the things that would be needed. You grabbed a bag from yours and Virgil’s room before going around and grabbing things that you would need for the picnic so the blanket, football and anything else that would be needed. Once everything was in the bag you made your way back to the kitchen where Virgil was just finishing up the lunch.

“Here are the lunches, I’ll get Sander and Noa to finish getting ready so we can leave,” Virgil said, passing you the lunch that he had just made. You double-checked the lunch over making sure that everyone would have enough to eat before packing that in the bag as well.

“Ready to go?” You shouted to Virgil and your children not gaining a reply in return. Rolling your eyes you began to walk to the front door where they all stood all ready to go. How Virgil always managed to do that baffled you since they always argued with you whenever you forced them to go out.

“Hurry up mummy,” Noa shouted running down the street. Sander was following her and Virgil was watching so it was fine. Quickly putting on your trainers you locked the door and began to follow them a bit behind. The park wasn’t far so it didn’t take long to walk there and find the perfect area to sit. It was the perfect area because it wasn’t far from the park and there was enough space for them to play football.

“Can we play football now?” Sander asked as soon as you made it to the park. He placed the ball on the floor and started kicking it around trying to do different tricks. Virgil grabbed his phone to look at the time and realised that it was near enough lunchtime.

“Lunch first play after,” Virgil said, grabbing the blanket from the bag and laying it on the ground. Sander groaned but still sat down knowing that the quicker that he did the quicker he could play football with his dad. He scoffed his food down whereas the rest of you took some time. Well you did, Virgil and Noa wanted to go off as quickly as possible as well.

“Dad, can we go and play football?” Sander asked, standing up from the ground with the ball in his hand. Virgil nodded his head, wiping off his hands before standing up and following Sander to the open grass. Sander was already sprinted off so Virgil had to run to keep up. You smiled at the sight knowing that your two boys were doing something that they loved so much and had a joint passion in.

“I’m going to the park,” Noa said running off towards the park. Grabbing your phone you went through it every so often glancing up to make sure Noa was okay. You also used your phone to take photos of Virgil and Sander playing. Not long after you decided to lie down on the grass to get some sun and be in some piece. It’s not very often that you get to relax. It didn’t last long though because Noa came running over from the park screaming.

“I want to go and play football,” Noa said running back from the park. You were about to reply to her but she had already run off to play football with Virgil and Sander. How that girl had so much energy was unknown to you. Sitting back you just watched them play. Later you would join in but now you would just watch and admire. Admire the family that you and Virgil built together. The perfect little family that you loved so much.

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1001. This takes finesse and focus, none of which you have.

1002. Don’t you see that I’m trying?

1003. It’s okay. I understand. You can leave. They all do.

1004. You just give off the impression that you want to murder everyone you look at.

1005. It’s not bad to cry. In fact, I think it makes a person stronger.

1006. “I love you.” “Why?”

1007. How could you do this to me?

1008. I’m sorry, I am so sorry.

1009. Do you have any idea what this feels like?

1010. I guess that’s my fault for loving you.

1011. Did you enjoy it? Making a fool out of me.

1012. I want you to say anything! Scream! Yell at me! Just something to show you fucking care.

1013. Hey, what’re you hiding behind your back?

1014. Let’s just stay here–I don’t ever want to move.

1015. Let me in, please.

1016. Please help. There’s a spider on the wall outside my room and it won’t let me leave.

1017. I get that you’re taller than me, but does that really require you to steal all the blankets? I’m cold.

1018. How did someone like me be lucky enough to end up with someone like you?

1019. Uh… how long were you standing there?

1020. You make some really cute noises in your sleep, did you know that?

1021. Are you seriously still listening to this song? I was gone for four hours!

1022. Hold on… I never told you that.

1023. What’s that look for? Did I do something wrong?

1024. You seem… lost. Is there anything I can do to help?

1025. Hey! Don’t say that like it’s nothing.

1026. Did you come in here just to bother me, or does this visit serve some sort of purpose?

1027. I wish I could visit you more. I do. I’ve just been really… busy.

1028. It’s nice, you know? Having them back on the team.

1029. I’m worried about you.

1030. Not everything is a joke.

1031. Do you believe in soulmates?

1032. You called me, remember?

1033. I don’t like the way they look at you.

1034. Maybe you should sit down.

1035. I’ve got your back.

1036. I wish I could sleep.

1037. I said move!

1038. If you don’t rest, you won’t get better.

1039. Hey, are you still awake?

1040. Your hands are so cold.

1041. I could hug you all day.

1042. The bed is cold without you.

1043. Don’t be nervous, you can come closer.

1044. “My dog/cat/pet…she takes up half the bed, I can kick her off if you w—“ “no, I like it”

1045. You look so much softer, so much calmer, I wish you could see yourself as you sleep.

1046. I-I miss your arms around me as I slept, I know it’s embarrassing but you made me feel safe.

1047. I won’t hurt you.

1048. Stay close to me.

1049. I don’t need to be protected.

1050. I know that you are scared.

the-real-xhorse 1001-1006
missmonsters2 1007-1012
serving-inspiration 1013-1028
hellsdemonictrinity 1029-1041
blissfulparker 1042-1046
elusetta 1047-1050

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- So I may or may not have maced you because there’s this really creepy guy who’s been showing upside my house and I finally worked up the courage to face him but he wasn’t him he was you and oh god you’re crying, please don’t do that, I’m so fucking sorry let me help you inside!!

- My new puppy is a sweet and precious darling whose only sin is that she’s not potty trained and I warned you not to come any closer but… yep… there she goes. Sorry about the piss all over your shoes, I guess.

- You were a simple roofer, stapling shingles down onto my neighbor’s roof. I was a jackass who decided to play baseball in the front yard despite knowing my aim was horrible. We are the idiots who ended up in the ER because you stapled your hand three times and I feel too responsible to leave you alone like this. How much hospital coffee will it take to make this up?

- So maybe I was in the wrong when I punched through your car window but what are you gonna do? Sue me??? Oh shit, fuck, I didn’t mean literally! I’m so so so sorry, please don’t call your lawyer on me I’m too poor for this!!

- no specific prompt but can you just imagine a hooker x undercover cop au?? that would be pretty epic.

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prompt list


  • “you’ve never understood me before, so why try now?”
  • “you really hurt me.”
  • “oh, fuck you. fuck you so much.”
  • “what the hell is wrong with you?”
  • “i just can’t be happy anymore, simple as that.”
  • “no, you’re wrong, and here’s why.”
  • “you genuinely make me sick.”
  • “that’s pathetic.”
  • “i need to cry but i don’t think i can.”
  • “i don’t want to do this anymore.”
  • “i’m so scared, i’m so scared.”
  • “i can’t breathe.”


  • “have i ever told you how much i love you?”
  • “you didn’t have to do that for me.”
  • “did you see the dog picture i sent you?”
  • “that’s so sweet. i think i might cry.”
  • “please hug me, i really need it.”
  • “that means a lot, thank you.”
  • “ok, that’s actually amazing.”
  • “that’s so dumb. i’m in.”
  • “you’re too good to me.”
  • “can you hold my hand for a bit?”
  • “you’ve just made my day.”
  • “you remembered!”
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Prompt List:


  1. “I love you, baby”
  2. “God, you’re adorable”
  3. “Hey, cutie”
  4. “I promise to love you for the rest of my life”
  5. “You’re my world”
  6. I don’t care if you’re sick, catching a cold from kissing you is worth it"
  7. “You are so perfect”
  8. “Marry me?”
  9. “You’re the best part of me”
  10. “Stay here with me. For the rest of our lives”
  11. “I’m speechless you’re so beautiful”
  12. “Aww!” You’re adorable
  13. “So romantic!”
  14. “I’ll love you until the end of the universe”
  15. “Do you need a hug?”

Kiss Scenarios:

  1. Forehead kisses
  2. Hand kisses
  3. “That tickles!” Kisses
  4. Kisses that make them smile
  5. Breathless kisses
  6. Cheek kisses
  7. Nose Kisses
  8. “God, i love you” Kisses
  9. Kisses that end with laughter
  10. Never wanting to pull away kisses
  11. Multiple face kisses
  12. Big, long kisses
  13. Long Awaited Kisses
  14. “Finally, you guys kissed!” Kisses
  15. Goodbye kisses


  1. “No! No! No! Wake up! Please!”
  2. “Please don’t leave”
  3. “…I love you”
  4. “You killed someone, do you really think they’ll still love you?!”
  5. “They were my world, but now they’re gone”
  6. “I miss you so much, please come back”
  7. “I know you’re gone, but i feel you here”
  8. “Tears are all i see without you”
  9. “You’re happy, with someone else. And that hurts”
  10. “Just leave!”
  11. “Promise me you’ll live a great life, without me”
  12. “I don’t need you”
  13. “The world is dull without you”
  14. “NO!”
  15. “I miss being in your arms”
  16. Kisses accompanied by happy tears
  17. Kisses accompanied by sad tears

Soulmate AUs:

  1. Matching Tattoos
  2. First words your soulmate says to you are tattooed on your wrist
  3. One of your eyes is your soulmate’s eyecolour
  4. The world is black and white until you meet your soulmate
  5. You have a colourful mark where your soulmate will first touch you
  6. You only see your soulmate’s favourite colour until you meet them
  7. A timer is inbuilt into your wrist, counting down until you meet your soulmate
  8. You have a small, thin string wrapped around your pinkie finger (invisible to everyone else)that leads you to your soulmate

so i just made this, it may not be the best because it’s my first ever prompt list. anyone can use it whenever they want, but please give credit.

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Canon Character Appreci-May-Tion Month

Get ready for Canon Character Appreci-May-Tion month! We all have our favorite canon characters, whether they’re companions, quest givers, quest characters, or just random NPCs we fell in love with. We want to dedicate a month to them, and all of them. Highlight all your faves this month, because we want to see them. Everyone is invited to join, and every game from the series is welcome (Yes, even tactics). Whether you write, draw, screenshot, or cosplay, we want to see you participate.

Each week you will have three specific prompts to fill out. Use any medium you wish to fill them, then tag your post with #FOCCA2020 !

Don’t like any of the specific prompts? That’s ok! We’ve provided you with an alternative, one word prompt for you to take inspiration from. If you want to do both prompts, please feel free to!


Please note, the alternative prompts are words intended to be vague to inspire your own take on the subject. Anything will work for them, so get creative! 

May 1 - Pre-game life OR Restart 

May 3 - Favorite AU OR Present 

May 5 - An Impactful Event In Their Life OR Circumstance 

May 7 - Hobbies OR Flower 

May 10 - Post-Game Life OR Restart 

May 12 - Daily Routine OR Nights 

May 14 - Role Swap OR New 

May 17 - Fashion Sense OR Gift

May 19 - Personal Quest OR Tarot 

May 21 - Diary Entries OR Stress 

May 24 - Something Self Indulgent OR Pillow 

May 26 - Daemon/Patronus OR Dice 

May 28 - Album Cover/Playlist OR Jukebox 

May 31 - Relationships (OTP, BroTP, Crackship, etc.) OR Wonder

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Day 3: Grumpy Morning Heads


Originally posted by ultraiboothings

Neither you or Tyrone were morning people. Both hated getting out of bed any time of the day let alone early in the morning but for some reason, you had to this morning. You couldn’t remember why you were up but there had to be a reason for your alarm to be going off. You quickly turned it off before rolling over and accidentally hitting Tyrone in the face. It seemed like it came with a lot of force as well. You kicked him in the leg before trying to go to sleep once again. Probably wouldn’t be the best idea considering your alarm did go off for some reason.

“Y/N” He moaned, pushing your arm away again. You just grumbled something in return that most likely couldn’t be understood but you couldn’t care. With a groan, you heard Tyrone get up and out of bed and go into the shower. Sighing you rolled over again keeping your eyes closed trying to catch a few more moments of sleep. Finally, after some time of just laying there, you got out of bed. It was very reluctant though. The first thing you did was go into the bathroom to brush your teeth and do some of your other business however Tyrone was still in there and in your way.

“Move Ty.” You said pushing Tyrone away from the sink. Why was he always in your way? Everywhere that you wanted to go he already seemed to be there just in your way. Tyrone looked at you in shock for a second before replying.

“No need to be so stressy,” Tyrone said walking past you. You just rolled your eyes and carried on doing what you were doing. You bit your tongue for a reply knowing that it wouldn’t do any good. Majority of your arguments occur in the morning when neither of you is in your best mindset. It’s always over pointless things as well. Tyrone walked out of the bathroom to go downstairs allowing you all of the space that you would need and then neither of you would argue with each other either. You moved around upstairs glaring at everything. Why did you have to get up so early?

“Want me to make you breakfast?” Tyrone asked when he saw you walking down the stairs. You didn’t answer him already being in too much of a mood because of this morning. It was his fault that you were in a mood with him. You didn’t exactly know why it was his fault but it just was. Walking into the kitchen you just gave him silence whilst grabbing some fruit and sitting down at the table. That would be enough for breakfast.

“Fine, I won’t whatever,” Tyrone said, rolling his eyes and making himself breakfast. He sat at the table and just began eating. The awkward silence was looming over both of you. You were sitting there eating fruit whilst Tyrone was eating his breakfast. The silence between the both of you was uncomfortable for the time being. You knew that it would all be fine. Once you have both woken up properly everything would be fine it’s just none of you are morning people. Especially you, and you do admit that sometimes you can get a bit moody and probably the one who initiates all of the arguments. When the time comes you’ll apologise and Tyrone will forgive you for being so moody and everything will be fine once again. It’s always fine in the end once you apologise.

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Ooooh 49 for Tommy and Alfie?

49. You caught me doing something dangerous and flipped out (i altered the prompt a little - no one gets caught doing anything and theres no real ‘flipping out’ per se but it has the feel of it. )

 Tommy had come down to Margate one afternoon in mid-autumn. Showed up on Alfie’s doorstep with a bad haircut, ghosts in his head and a phenomenally awful plan, but Alfie had indulged him, right, tried to make light of this fucking ridiculous idea that Tommy had dreamt up while somehow letting him know that he was supportive, for whatever fucking reason.

It was a stupid plan, but it was nice to see Tommy. Make no mistake, Tommy made Alfie, with his scarred face, blind eye and limp, look like Rudolph Bloody Valentino. Skin so white it was turning purple, bags under his eyes that shone like bruises. But it was still nice to see him, for a brief moment, before Tommy was off again, something always needing his attention and never enough of that to go around.

Alfie could make do with the little bit of Tommy’s attention that he was allocated, even if Tommy looked like a fucking corpse the whole time, chatting shit about politics and wars. So Tommy left, and Alfie tried not to think too much about him, or that bloody stupid plan of his and got on with his own afterlife.

But then Tommy showed up a few weeks later. No forewarning, it was like he materialised onto Alfie’s sofa, lounging in a smog of his own making, legs crossed at the knee like he’d always been there – like he’d never left.

Keep reading

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You know, I don’t know how long Corona is going to be around, but seems like it’s a good time to find something fun to do.

Are you a writer? Artist? Designer? Poet? Singer? A creative? A bored soul in isolation? Weirdo with a camera? Whatever or whoever you are, here is a gentle offering. If you’re looking for something fun to play with, feel free to use any of these prompts or none! Go in order or play it random. Heck, do whatever you want. 

We’re all friends here, so have at it! :)

1. Hands

2. Doubt

3. Window

4. Heart

5. Gratitude

6. Hero

7. Trickster

8. Shower

9. Scream

10. Photograph

11. Music

12. Crystal

13. Luck

14. Delilah 

15. Run

16. Shadow

17. Mask

18. Secret

19. Jump

20. Kitten

21. Ice

22. Magician 

23. Dream 

24. Firework

25. Autumn

26. Fairy

27. Bite

28. Murky 

29. Lilly pad 

30. Little

31. Queen 

32. Melt

33. Trust

34. Circus

35. Frost

36. Medieval 

37. Villain

38. Flirt

39. Peacock

40. Rise

41. Smirk

42. Galileo 

43. Dare

44. Redeem

45. Soul

And there you have it! Some possibilities for anyone looking! 

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1K Followers Prompt Stories - Masterlist

Here is the masterlist for all the stories people have written based off these prompts below! I will link each prompt to the story, once they are posted!

Thank you to all the lovely people who have joined the challenge! That just means the world to me, and I can never thank you enough for taking the time to write a story based on these prompts! You all make my world a brighter place, so thank you, thank you, thank you for that! ❤️❤️❤️

Bolded prompts signify they they have been picked by a writer, and linked prompts mean they are finished and posted! So you should totally check them out!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

1 - “I’d feel much better if you let me walk you home.”

2 - “I wanted to say ‘I love you’ for the first time without stuttering, but that failed miserably.”

3 - “Apparently all our friends have a bet going that we end up together.”

4 - “I fucking love you.” “Hang up, and tell me this when you’re sober.”

5 - “I really want to kiss you right now.” “Okay, do it then.”

6 - “Are you flirting with me?” “You finally noticed?”

7 - “I’ve been falling in love with you since the first day we met.”

8 - “Sorry… your hair was in your face… thought I would move it so I could see you better.”

9 - “I know you said you didn’t want to be late, but you look amazing, and I’m trying not to kiss you senseless right now.”

10 - “Kiss me again, but like you mean it this time.”

11 - “Seeing you between my legs is so damn hot.”

12 - “I may or may not have left some….marks.”

13 - “I think we were a little too loud last night.”

14 - “Really? You wanna have sex….here? Now?”

15 - “You’ve been giving me bedroom eyes for the past half an hour - time to show me what, exactly, was on your mind.”

16 - “We’re just…friends.” “Friends don’t do this type of shit!”

17 - “She may be all lollipops and candy bars, but I bet behind closed doors she’s hand cuffs and gags.”

18 - “Bite your lip once more, I dare you.”

19 - “What are you gonna do about it, stud.”

20 - “I could just pull your bikini bottoms to the side, no one would notice.”

21 - “God, I love your hands.” “Lets put them to good use then.”

22 - “I know you can be louder than that.”

23 - “Come on. I want the neighbours to hear you scream.”

24 - “Never trust a man whose smile steals the breath right out of your lungs.”

25 - “Did you just slap my ass?” / “Actually, I firmly grasped it.” / “Did you just quote Spongebob?”

26 - “I’m not a damsel in distress, I’m a damsel doing damage.”

27 - “You couldn’t handle me even if i came with instructions.”

28 - “Where have you been all my life?” “Hiding from you.”

29 - “Shut up with all that soulmate shit.”

30 - “I’d punch you, but that’d ruin that pretty little face of yours.”

31 - “Sorry, is that supposed to impress me?”

32 - “Maybe you should leave the cooking to me.” @queen-among-writers

33 - “So it’s a date?” “Nope. Not a date.” 

34 - “It’s because I’m so attractive isn’t it?” “I say this—and I cannot stress this enough. I find you completely repulsive.” 

35 - “Alright daddy long legs, next topic please.”

36 - “I don’t know what happened in here, but I’m not cleaning it up.”

37 - “That’s not a cookie, you idiot, it’s soap.”

38 - “Please stop showing me your nipples.”

39 - “We have to stop meeting like this.”

40 - “I should really start behaving like an actual human person.”

41 - “Truth or Dare?” “Dare.”

42 - “I am not jealous.”

43 - “Fancy meeting you here.”

44 - “Do you know how to knock?”

45 - “Well, this is awkward..”

46 - “It’s not what it looks like!” “So what is it then?” “Okay, so maybe it’s exactly what it looks like.”

47 - “Could you just stop being so attractive.”

48 - “Is that my shirt?”

49 - “Despite what you may think, I am completely capable of taking care of myself.”

50 - “That’s my line!”

51 - “Don’t make me laugh, you ass, it hurts!”

52 - “Could you fucking not?”

53 - “I’ll take your silence to mean ‘yes’.”

54 - “Are you hurt?” @queen-among-writers

55 - “Whose blood is that?”

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Original Prompt List post can be found: HERE.

Everyone is welcome to join in on the prompt challenge! And the due date isn’t until June 16th, so lots of time to partake! I’ll remove all the unpicked prompts after the due date, to clean this post up a little!

The fandom is Marvel, and the pairing is Steve Rogers x Reader or Steve Rogers x OC! There is no MAX word count, but the minimum is 500! And all you have to do is send an ASK if you’d like to select a line and join in! ❤️

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Day 2: Sharing a Milkshake


Originally posted by goalkepa

It was a date. Mason decided to take you out to an american diner just because of the milkshakes. He had heard from friends and teammates about the milkshakes they do there and apprently they are nice. Also they do nice food but Mason is more excited for the milkshakes. He’s allowed fatty foods and drinks as long as he burns it off and eats healthy the majority of the time.

Waking into the diner you noticed that it was near enough empty so you could near enough sit anywhere. You both sat in a booth and grabbed the menu to look through the food and milkshake options.

“What milkshake do you want?” Mason asked. You looked through the menu at the milkshakes and saw that they had your favourite so asked Mason for that one which she agreed to. Mason thought that he would be all cute and do that thing that they do in movies. Order a milkshake with two straws so you can share and it’s meant to turn out to be a cute, romantic moment. A turning point in relationships. Mason ordered the milkshake and paid for it before coming back to you. You and Mason sat opposite each other waiting for the milkshake to be done just laughing and joking about everything and anything.

It was meant to look like a cute, relationship date thing. That was the expectation but the reality. Not that. You both began drinking from your own straws and when you looked up and stared into his eyes you couldn’t help but burst into fits of laughter. The milkshake sprayed from your mouth and came out of your nose. It went everywhere. Mason tried his best to hold in his laugh and swallow the milkshake but unfortunately it didn’t work like that and spat it out all over himself and the table. This just made you laugh harder. You could hardly breathe from the amount you were laughing. You could see people staring at the two of you but you couldn’t find it in yourself to care.

“Never again.” You finally managed to breathe out through all of the laughter. Tears were streaming down your face as well because of how hard you were laughing. You looked a mess. Both of you did but were having too much fun to care about what you looked like at the moment.

“Agreed” Mason said, picking up a napkin and passing it to you so you could wipe your face clean of some of the milkshake. He also grabbed another one for himself so he could clean himself a bit and the table so it would be less mess for them to clean up when you leave. Quickly drinking up the rest of the milkshake without any other mishaps you left the diner making sure to leave some money for the cleaners because there was a large mess. At least that moment would go down in history.

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Could you do prompt 6 from the trope list for Tommy/Alfie? Thank you!!

6. Jolting awake after a nightmare and being comforted

Tommy woke with a gasp, choking on his nightmare. His body was drenched with a cold sweat, shivers wracking his spine making the hand on his throat shake with each suffocated inhale. There wasn’t any air, he couldn’t breathe, he couldn’t breathe, he couldn’t see –

He shot out of the bed, his legs catching on the covers and his breathing hitched again – he was trapped, there was nowhere to go, the tunnel was too small to move, his legs were against the wall, his head hit the ceiling and they were coming, he couldn’t get out quick enough, he couldn’t move. Why had he frozen? He couldn’t breathe. It was so dark.

It was just a dream, it wasn’t happening. Tommy stood, his head against the wallpaper, hands scraping along the wall – digging, he had to dig, he had to get out –

“You got somewhere to be at this hour?” Alfie. Alfie was awake. His voice was calm, steady which Tommy needed right now. He tried to take a deep breath and choked on the answer that never formed, too many questions of his own. Why was Alfie here? Where was here? Where was he going?

“Tommy?” There was something like concern in Alfie’s tone now, which was fucking embarrassing. He was a grown man, he didn’t need Alfie’s fucking pity, he didn’t need his concern. Except he did, because suddenly he wasn’t alone against the wall, there was a hand on the back of his neck and it was so heavy that Tommy sank right through the ground and then he was fighting it off, someone was pulling him down when he was already drowning. His own hands came up automatically, pushing himself off of a broad shoulder, pulling himself higher and his knee came up to hit the person holding him down – it was smacked to the side, so he tried again but then there was no one there, knee connecting with the wall.

“Fucking hell, alright. It’s one of those nights, yeah?” It was Alfie’s voice again, ringing out somewhere from the blackness that swam in Tommy’s vision. Calm. Steady. Tommy inhaled, holding it for a few seconds. Exhaled.

“Yeah, that’s it, love. Let’s get out of the dark, been spending too much time there lately, you have.” Tommy didn’t focus on the words themselves, but they were keeping his head from going under. Inhale, exhale. Back against the wall. It was solid. Covered in wallpaper – it was smooth, nothing like dirt and clay.

Then the lights switched on and Tommy’s head rose out of the mud completely. Alfie was across the room because they were in their bedroom. He had a nightmare. A bad one. Alfie was standing by the light switch, hands spread like he was trying to coax a cornered animal. And that was when Tommy realised, he was behaving like a fucking scared animal, spitting, and hissing against the bedroom wall, and the fight in his muscles left all at once until his knees almost buckled underneath him. Almost.

“Alfie,” Tommy whispered, his fingers twitching towards the man. It was fucking embarrassing, this whole thing. It was embarrassing how his breath hitched when Alfie stopped a few inches from him, how he leant in but Alfie pulled away again, trying to get Tommy to meet his eyes.

“Am I alright to touch you now, Tom? You back with me?” It looked like it was paining Alfie to stay back, to not crowd into his space and keep Tommy’s nightmares away with careful touches and force of will.

But he didn’t need to stay back anymore, Tommy wasn’t stuck underground, wasn’t drowning. He was just tired, like his bones had been hollowed out.

“I’m with you,” Tommy breathed and then he was being pulled off of the wall and into Alfie’s arms, his head being pushed into the junction of Alfie’s neck, clenched jaw resting on taut shoulders. Alfie’s thumb brushed against the nape of his neck, gently like stroking the wing of a butterfly, ever so worried that it would fly out of your hands if you pushed too hard. Tommy pressed himself closer. The touch wasn’t pulling him down as much as it was keeping him anchored now, like his only tether to the world was the ghost of Alfie’s breath on his neck and his hand on Tommy’s hip.

He could fall asleep like this, Tommy thought as Alfie shifted his weight from foot to foot, almost rocking together in some music-less dance. His eyes drifted shut and let out a hum. Alfie’s hand tightened on his hip and the movements became a little more deliberate, a little more to soothe rather than to fidget. With each small step, each brush of a warm ring against his skin, Tommy came back to himself and the shovels against the wall faded into a distant memory. He pressed his lips against the tendon in Alfie’s neck, as close to a kiss or a thanks as Tommy could manage.

Alfie hummed, spinning them slowly. “That was a fucking bad one, huh?”


“Think you can make it down the stairs? Or you need me to carry you? I mean I’ll offer but I don’t know if I can manage it with that fucking knee of mine.”

“Fuck off.” Tommy swatted him in the arm, just hard enough for it to sting for a few seconds.

Alfie chuckled, the feeling reverberating into Tommy’s own chest. “Yeah, you’re back aren’t you,” he squeezed Tommy’s neck lightly before detaching himself. The air between them felt cold and Tommy ached to fill it, to fall back against the man and never let go – but he had embarrassed himself enough for one night, so he stepped back as well and tried not to let his emotions show on his face before he made more of a mess.

Apparently, he failed because Alfie’s hand wrapping itself around his, fingers entwined, and his gaze was unbearably soft. “You sure you’re alright, Tommy?”

“Fuck off,” Tommy scoffed, not letting go.

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