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game-art · 44 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Lucina takes a break after battle - Mitsu Art
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reneestjohn · 56 minutes ago
My gf is really jealous . She when I give compliments to other girls here . Trying to keep friends and her happy . You said last year you had the same problem with your gf. How did y’all get past it . We’re lesbian
Hello Dear Friend.
Some of your ask I was not understanding.
As far as my friend is concerned; I really do not speak of her anymore . She is special to me , but we are NOT lesbians/romantically involved, tbc.
Back to you .
To be honest ; you are not doing a great job as a girlfriend , imo if your partner feels threatened and /or insecure .
You should stop giving compliments to others girls (what is there to say anyway 🧐) , and save that for your girl friend .
You have to preserve your sacred space with your partner first . That should always be your first priority 💡
For example; I really like dark haired girls with long hair , and light eyes . They remind me of Scarlett O’Hara 😍.
My friend (that you mentioned earlier ) has short blonde hair . She is very impressionable to everything I say . She told me she felt some type of way regarding the dark hair thing
Do you know what I say now on my social media in regards to girls being pretty , whatever .
Not anything .
My friend reads my post . I love her . I do not do/ say things I know would purposely make her feel sad ❌
(Honestly, it is not that deep to me . I just like girls with long hair so I can braid it in my vid clips . Even though I have really long hair myself , and really enjoy brushing and braiding other girls hair ❤️🤗)
…This ask is going off the rails. I apologize. I interject too much . ☺️
The point is ;
You can have friends , as long as you are not flirty and/or disrespect ing your girlfriend .
Remember girls are extremely sensitive.
Build up your girlfriend’s self -esteem , and make her feel really confident of her position in your life .
If you do this correctly, she will not be so insecure of your friends (who you should introduce her to/she should know )
Best Wishes💫
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clubwolfe · an hour ago
hey guys!! i know ive been inactive for awhile but I wanna host an ‘ask me anything’ where you guys can ask for advice, or ask me questions about myself, or just rant about anything you want to! ill post some answers on my blog (unless you tell me not to :D)
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animebw · an hour ago
Aw hell yeah! Gear second!!! Cool stuff :)
I have no idea what just happened but I’m pretty sure it kicked ass
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kogetanotenshi · an hour ago
Tumblr media
You're not taking my little adorable unemotional baby away from me!
But I can settle to share the custody, she deserves two loving parents
You can have her on wednesdays and I can have her the rest of the week.
Tumblr media
Look at her cute face, she looks so happy!
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yuukannahito98 · 2 hours ago
I miss you guys. There's so much happened in these past month of my life so I barely being able to answer all of my friends. Hope they still remember me! I'm so scared they will be mad! LOL
But while I am struggling, I still do my fanfic of course, it just that i never post it lol
Imagine it was already 130 pages??? Oh my. I hope I can catch up very soon and answer all of your questions! Thanks for still supporting me!
Tumblr media
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neurofancier · 2 hours ago
I’m Queer in “LGBTQAI+” in “odd”
...but mostly as in “smart enough not to fall for TWERF propaganda”
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aldi-wolf-mikazuki · 2 hours ago
Hello darlin' 🥰😜😘
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uglyspoon · 2 hours ago
It isn't fair that what you need to live is so hard to get. From aids and supports, to accomodations, to medications. From cost, to moral arguments in the culture around you, you're not imagining how challenging this can be.
You should be able to get whatever you need, medication, supports, and quality of life convenience like plastic bags.
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3lm4nz4-danzv · 2 hours ago
Cómo está la mar en estos momentos o qué está haciendo
Mar: eh estado bien, gracias.......espero lo mismo de usted ......Por ahora eh estado terminando un par de cosas......y mucho puedo dar a conocer ....hmn....
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nightsnaps · 3 hours ago
I'm in love with a guy I met on tumblr. We speak every day but I think he only sees me as a friend because I was a bit of a dick to him years ago, so now he tells me about all the girls he's sexting, flirting with, chasing after and I just sit and listen to it. And it breaks my heart a little every single time.
No matter what you put him through in the past, you don’t have to sit there and listen to all of it. If it’s hurting you, put some distance there or let him know you’re not really interested in hearing about that specific topic. I strongly believe you can still be friends with someone without having to destroy your own emotional stability in the process. 
Or, tell him how you feel! Maybe he still feels the same way and isn’t mature enough to tell you like an adult. 
Let me know how it goes. Best of luck, darlin’! 
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nightsnaps · 3 hours ago
All-time favorite book? Fav HP book? Other book recommendations?
I can’t do an all-time favorite book sorry there’s too many
Favorite HP book is Half-Blood Prince
other book recommendations: 
the book thief, night circus, the guernsey literary and potato peel society, alex trebek’s memoir, all along you were blooming... so many. I might need a genre. lol
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nightsnaps · 3 hours ago
9, 17, 26, 30, 45, 53, 59, 61, 100, and
101. Can you sing well in the opinion of others?
9. Chocolate or vanilla? depends what it’s paired with
17. Tan or pale? tan
26. Dancing or singing? dancing
30. Freckles or dimples? both! 
45. Antique or brand new? either one
53. Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings? harry potter. bite me. 
59. Sunrise or sunset? Love both, sunrise if I have to pick
61. Pen or pencil? pen
100. Asking questions or answering questions? already answered :)
101. Can you sing well in the opinion of others? Hahah YIKES probably a few songs! I used to be on my church’s worship band and do theater camps and stuff but I wouldn’t say I’m going to be the next TSwift anytime soon.
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