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“Someone gotta tell him Google Earth’s always takin pictures” I just spit out my water, I love you

I just tell it like it is. Someone’s gotta inform him this ain’t a runway, baby. You can’t convince me he’s strutting like that in a parking garage and not thinking about someone snapping candids of him. He’s got that facebook profile to update.

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Aren't you too young to be a mother of three children?

Well, I am 25 years old, so I might be to some. Admittedly, then I didn’t plan to get pregnant at 17, but I love being a mother, and I would never want to change it. Personally, I don’t think I’m too young. This is my life, and having kids at an early age is a decision I’ve made, and I don’t regret it at all.

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Hi do you happen to know when did Tsukyomi no mikoto start getting worshipped? I've seen that Gassan shrine was built around 593, but is there anything prior to that time? And also the area where the shrine is located was inhabited by the Emishi people, how did the Japanese build the shrine? Sorry if I'm being annoying

Hello Anon and thanks for the questions! Now, let’s look at them each by each, shall we? 

❶ “When did Tsukyomi no mikoto start getting worshipped?”:

Tsukuyomi-no-mikoto [月読命] as a deity most likely already existed in the 6th century C.E. due to the appearence in the book “Kojiki” [古事記] written circa year 712 C.E., but no one knows exactly when Tsukuyomi became to be formally worshipped in Shintoism because there’re no historical records indicating that Tsukuyomi was a deity who existed prior to the establishment of “Kojiki”, but some speculation can be made according to year when 125 different “outer altars” or Betsugū [別宮] in Ise-jingū (Shrine) [伊勢神宮] (Ise City [伊勢市], Mie Prefecture) were completed circa 479 C.E.① (which also answered your second question: “I’ve seen that Gassan shrine was built around 593, but is there anything prior to that time?” so hurray!) which also included altars for Tsukuyomi. 


Tsukiyomi-no-miya [月読宮]: the altars of Tsukuyomi (the 2 from left to right)

❸ “The area where the shrine (i.e.: Gassan Shrine [月山神社]) is located was inhabited by the Emishi people, how did the Japanese build the shrine?”:

This is the dark history of ancient Japan which I discussed extensively in the post regarding the two Emishi generals: Aterui [阿弖利爲] (?-802 C.E.) and More [母礼] (n/a) where the reason why you see Shintō shrines and Buddhist temples while there’re not a single Emishi people’s cultural heritage (through East to Northeast Japan and Hokkaidō where they inhabited ②) is because the Yamato Dynasty genocided the entire Emishi population into oblivion through series of campaigns thought to be first launched by Takeshiuchi-no-Sukune [武内 宿禰] (n/a) in his conquest towards Northern Japan according to “Inabanokuni-fudoki” [因幡国風土記] (n/a) ③. 


  1. “Nihon-no-kamigami-no-kototen” [日本の神々の事典] (1997) by Minoru Sonoda [薗 田稔] (1936-present) & et al.
  2. “Kodai-emishi” [古代蝦夷] (1974) by Tomio Takahashi [高橋 富雄] (1921-2013)
  3. “Nihon-kodaishi-daijiten” [日本古代史大辞典] (2006) by Atsumu Wada [和 田萃] (1944-present)
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What type of deity is Enmusubi no kami?

Hello Anon and thanks for the question! 

There’re many kinds of Enmusubi-no-kami [縁結び] or “Match-making deity(s)” in Japan and they orient differently in terms of match-making involving human relationships such as love, career, and etc. 

Okama-sama [オカマ様] of Naka Dist. [那珂郡] (Ibaraki Prefecture) (n.b.: who’s usually believed to be a deity of fire place generally referred to as Kamadogami [竈神] instead), for example, is said to travel to Izumo [出雲] (Izumo Region [出雲地方] of Shimane Prefecture) to tie different relation for people (according to their needs) from Aug. 12th to Feb. 5th (when converted to modern calendar system). Then on the night of Aug. 11th, locals offer a set of 2 rice balls (or Ohagi [おはぎ] in some cases) and a Bentō style lunch box to Okama-sama‘s altar. Furthermore, the pair of rice balls are believed to be bigger the better (hahaha…) and are eaten by the house members the next morning. 


A Kamadogami talisman formally titled “Kamadogami-chinkafuda” [竈神鎮火札] in Nishino Shrine [西野神社] (Sapporo City [札幌市], Hokkaidō)

The most popular form of Enmusubi-no-kami today, however, can be credited to Dōsōjin [道祖神]/Sai-no-kami [塞の神]; althought they were originally considered as stone,wood, or straw idols representing tutelary deities of road and village entrance, border, or territory ②. Like the Enmusubi-ishi [縁結び石] (below) in Kuzuharaoka Shrine [葛原岡神社] (Kamakura City [鎌倉市], Kanagawa Prefectur) where shrine visitors pray for being with someone that they’re romantically in love with. 


“Female Stone”/ Meishi [女石] (left) & “Male Stone”/ Otokoishi [男石] (right)


  1. “Minzoku-saihō: Ibarakiken-nakagun-miwamura-kyūhisawamura” [民俗採訪:     茨城県那珂郡美和村旧桧沢村] (1983) by Folklore Study Group of Kokugakuin University [国学院大学民俗学研究会] 
  2. “Okayama-kenshi: …(3 Kennai-no-samazama-na-minzoku) [岡山県史 序章 民俗の概観 第三節 県内のさまざまな民俗 (三 県内のさまざまな民俗)] (1983) by Editorial Board of Okayama Prefecture’s History [岡山県史編纂委員会]
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1. how long have you known you liked girls?

TBH all my life. I just didn’t fully realize that’s what it was. lol But I started acknowledging it about 8ish years ago.

2. talk about the girl who made you realise you liked girls.

Well, she turned out to be a manipulative, toxic human, but getting through our horrible relationship made me the person I am today.

3. are you in a relationship at the moment?

Yes! And have been for almost 4 years <3

4. do you have a crush at the moment?

Just my fiancee

5. describe your crush!

She’s funny, silly, beautiful, selfless, considerate, loving, gentle, and just the sunshine to my fucking cloudy days.

6. do you tend to like more masculine, feminine, or androgynous girls?

Honestly, all fucking three. Women are gorgeous fucking creatures!

7. do you look/dress more masculine, feminine, or androgynous?

I’d definitely say more androgynous. But sometimes I do like to dress a bit more masculine. I would definitely say it’s extremely rare that I dress femininely 

8. what’s your gaydar like?


9. tall girls or short girls?

No preference

10. intimidating girls or kind girls?

Again no preference. I’m just gay af LOL

11. hugs or kisses?


12. do you have an ideal ‘type’? what would they be like?

Already found my ideal type.

13. what’s your favourite personality trait of yours?

I am extremely empathetic and I will always try my best to understand things from someone else’s perspective. 

14. what’s your favourite personality trait for a girl to have?

Funny. A girl HAS to be able to make me laugh and mine does it all the time. 

15. what’s the best thing about liking girls?

They’re so SOFT and gentle and their hair is always so pretty. And man, I’m fucking gay.

16. do you have any friends who are wlw?

Tbh, not a lot. Only a few but I would definitely like to have more. 

17. have you ever been to pride? if so, what was your first pride like?

YES! I believe three years in a row now. Pride is such an amazing experience. To be there with so many other people who are gay/support us and just have a good time is the most amazing thing. I really hope we get to go again this year. 

18. do you like the lesbian flag?

It’s okay but there’s a whole lot of pink. I don’t really use it. I normally just use the Pride flag.

19. what was your first kiss with a girl like?

AMAZING. The girl I had my first really kiss with was kind of just a fling but oh man, when I kissed her, it was like every single part of me felt alive. 

20. who was your celebrity/fictional gay awakening?

Jessica Alba in Honey when I was lie 12. I remember thinking “Wow. She’s hot. It’s okay for me to think that. It’s just one girl that I think is hot.” lmfao

21. what’s your favourite lgbt+ movie?

Love, Simon, Imagine Me and You, But I’m A Cheerleader

22. who’s your favourite openly wlw celebrity?

Hayley KIyoko

23. do you wear makeup?

not really. I mean I own some lipsticks and I like to wear eyeliner but I definitely have to be in a certain mood to actually wear more than just eyeliner and chapstick.

24. who was the first person you came out to (if you have)?

My best friend, Joseph. 

25. has anyone ever come out to you?

Yep! A few different people actually.

26. have you found a community of lgbt+ people?

Not really. I would really like to have my own group of people who I can relate to and hang out with though. So if you live in the Austin/San Marcos/San Antonio area hit me up and we can hang sometime. lol Well, after this fucking quarantine. 

27. do you have any older lgbt+ people you look up to?

does Ellen Degeneres count?

28. do you identify with butch/femme labels?

No, not really. 

29. who’s your favourite fictional wlw?


30. what experiences are you looking forward to having in the future (kissing a girl, going to pride, etc)?

Getting married. I just want to start planning our wedding so I can marry the love of my life!

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Do you think Malcolm tried to convince Dani to stay in the car when they went to meet Martin in 1x13? I wonder if she was in the mindset of, if you're meeting him then so am I. Considering Gil said something about being a team when Martin called earlier in the episode.

I think Dani is completely in the mindset of ‘if you’re going in, so am I’ and one of the main reasons I think that is because of the conversation she has with Bright in the car before they visit Martin.

There is a reason that Malcolm says to Dani in 1x15 ‘you’re the one I like talking to’ because he does in fact let her in on a lot of stuff that I feel like he can’t shut out. Bright seems like the type where he can’t turn off in the inner monologue in his head when it comes to his father and his past trauma, but what’s great is that it seems like he’s found someone to talk to about it other than his therapist.

In 1x13, Bright talks to Dani about how keeping busy distracts himself from what’s going on in his head; he can’t just ‘turn it off’ to relax. He makes the analogy that it’s like a movie theater only showing horror movies where you’re the star.

And after that conversation, Dani gets it–she totally humors him, teases even, but she understands. Directly after, she says ‘okay, so where are we really going’ and Bright then tells her he has a terrible idea, which is aka, seeing his father. Because she is completely on board with driving them to see Martin, I don’t think Malcolm tries to stop her from going in with him–especially since she has the mindset of ‘wherever you need to go, I’m going with you’.

I think it has less to do with Gil saying that they’re a team (though that’s important) and more to do with the development of Bright and Dani’s relationship. Malcolm gives her a small piece of himself in the car where he admits he’s struggling to keep his head on straight–and I think, because of that, Dani is more willing to take him where he needs to go. They’re building trust on a professional and friendship level.

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I saw your answer about what Bright was going to tell Dani while the whole landmine situation. But maybe you have some theories about what Malcolm was going to say to her when high? After the dancing attempt he said "Answer me this tho-- No, I lost it!" Yeah, I don't believe he 'lost it'.

omg okay, so I had to re-watch the scene (you really twisted my arm ;)) to familiarize myself with the context and what he says exactly and there are a few things i need to point out first

  • malcolm is high okay we get that but he really turns music on, starts talking about dopamine and then drags Dani into his arms with the word ‘desire’ he really is fooling no one
  • he is entirely too comfortable with dani in his arms, getting ready to dance with her i’m in pain
  • dani says she’s two seconds away from kicking him in the business and he really leans in trying to flirt by saying the business is good seriously what is wrong with this kid
  • i can’t believe he wants to eat crumble i love him
  • malcolm says ‘i won’t forget this’ ‘thanks for taking care of me’

okay now, onward:

To respond to your question, seeing as how that’s directly after he has her in his arms and their talking about his ‘business’, I think he’s about to ask her something along the lines of the same thing. I’m facepalming because Malcolm is not smooth and he clearly has a one track mind, during that whole scene he’s trying to compensate for the fact that his ‘neurons feel like they’re on fire’ so he’s going with a bunch of things that are upping his heartbeat / making him feel excited / alive, etc. So he says stupid shit like let’s throw axes! and tries to get dani to dance with him and i think his next step was something about sex. i said what i said. NOW how he would have gone about it, probably would have been teasing like ‘how do I know business is good? let me tell you about it in detail’ ;) but he backs out because Dani currently does not look entertained or amused by him. honestly i do think he’s kinda flighty because he seems to be jumping topic to topic, so he may have forgot his train of thought, but i do think he reads Dani’s expressions and doesn’t go where he might want to ;) which, in my long ass opinion, is about his business lol

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Not to sound too needy, but I think I *physically* need your take on what was Malcolm about to say to Dani before he was gonna like, uh, blow up and everything.

HA. Anon lord, I have thought about that for a while. I personally think Bright was going to say something (in the most Bright related fashion) that he liked Dani. Now this is pretty early in the show, so, I think it might have been along the lines of how much he enjoyed working with her, how she’s a great at her job, or how does in fact like her. There’s nothing like a stressful situation to push you to say things that you’ve been burying ;) and the fact that he chickened out at the last minute (and wouldn’t admit it later when she asks him) just supports this theory.

One thing I think we can all agree on is that it had nothing to do with the current case they were working on. This is not the face of a man who is about to say something about the case they’re working, like don’t try to lie to me boyo.


(gif credit)

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#why don’t i remember this part??? > It's from the trailer for s3, not part of the episodes.

i’m definitely going to have to look up the trailer!!! thank you 😊

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The scene with Eliott seeing Lucas for the first time was in the season 3 trailer. Instead of the trailer being about Lucas, it follows Eliott. It's very well done!!!

ahh well that would explain it because i’ve not seen the trailer!!! thank you 🥰

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