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#Qrow Branwen

Just took in some Cloqwork content so now it’s time for the Cloqwork kids!!!!

  • Yup, we’re doing this
  • I swear I’m working on other stuff, I promise.
  • Just let me have this!
  • Right, so:
  • I talked a lot about my Cloqwork kids in my other blog (which I should also work on.)
  • But I’ll talk about it here
  • So, I have two original kids and one that *spoilers* is Oscar
  • Qrow and Ozpin are married and Ozpin lives.
  • They have three kids who were all adopted.
  • Two were adopted as babies
  • Oscar is the oldest and the only boy.
  • He’s just about the same- he’s a total sweetheart who isn’t too afraid to step out of his comfort zone and fight monsters to protect people
  • He was adopted after his parents died and Qrow and Ozpin showered him with love and still do.
  • He’s not sure if he wants to be a huntsmen, but that’s not his top priority.
  • He gets along great with his sisters.
  • His semblance is TBD because I’m not sure if CRWBY is going to announce or confirm if he has a semblance of his own or not.
  • His weapon is also TBD but I’m thinking Ozpin keeps around a spare cane for him to use?
  • Like Ozpin, all of the kids have a sweet tooth and that drives Qrow crazy
  • Oscar’s is more subtle
  • His favorite food is black forest cake
  • He has a stuffed otter plush hidden in his room
  • Next up is Maylea.
  • Maylea was adopted as a baby after being left at their house in the rain
  • She is the middle child and a year younger than Oscar
  • She’s chaotic and has a thousand ideas for a thousand things
  • She doesn’t have any allusion to a fairytale yet but I’m thinking on it
  • She’s quite feminine and prefers dresses and skirts
  • She likes to makeover her brother, parents, and younger branwen sibling whenever she can
  • Her semblance is plant manipulation.
  • She can make plants grow and grow them as big as she wants
  • Her weapon is TBD
  • Her favorite food is marshmallows
  • She has the biggest sweet tooth of all
  • She also bears a striking resemblance to Ozpin.
  • Lastly, Garnet
  • Garnet was technically adopted when she was seven
  • She is also a character in my Team Hell series so I’m going to try and avoid future spoilers
  • Her story is that she was left for dead in the forest surrounding Mountain Glenn when she was three.
  • A group of ursai attacked her and nearly killed her but a certain doctor saved her with the power of unlawful experimentation and SCIENCE!
  • And she becomes a mini Salem (in appearance at least)
  • And a little in powers but those and her weapon are TBA
  • I have to show some restraint
  • Anywho, she spent a while in a lab with technology from Atlas and one day, Ozpin was like, ‘hey, I’m adopting you. Let’s get set up your room and I’ll make you cookies.’
  • Needless to say, it was an interesting dinner that night.
  • Oscar is two years older than her while Maylea is a year older.
  • She is quite timid and scared of her surroundings.
  • She is based on Tarzan
  • So she is a bit put off by everyone and everything around her.
  • Also she has amnesia
  • So that plays a part as well.
  • She doesn’t call Ozpin or Qrow 'Dad’ or 'papa’ very often.
  • Not because she doesn’t love them or anything
  • She is just very self conscious and doesn’t see herself as part of the family because she’s not human
  • she’s in between on the sweet tooth scale
  • Her semblance is TBA and so is her weapon
  • Her favorite food is anything chocolate and chicken
  • That’s it for them
  • Next is fair game
  • Be prepared
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tw: vague references to v7ch12, alcoholism, angst, depression, blood… and a lot of warning

It’s a project that takes me one and a half month to finish. ( and that’s why i didn’t post frequently these days ) One day I hear this song from radio by chance, immediately, I decided I want to do it.

I always want to make a video like this, and the beginning of drawing is pretty fun, but it’s end up being kinda painful to accomplish. There’s too much scenes that I wanted to add in it, but neither was there enough blank for them nor had I got enough ability to draw them out. Too much angst in it and too much times to hear the song.

Anyway, guess it’s just my screwy way to show my love to my fav birb.

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So I’m sure someone has come up with this, but we all know (or at least assume) that summer went on a mission to destroy Salem.

This is easily theorized because Salem says to Ruby “Your mother said those same words to me.”

However, I like to think this wasn’t a solo mission.

we’re all aware Summer had silver eyes, which we’ve repeatedly theorized Salem could have the grimm part of her removed with the silver eyes, which would then make her whole and normal again.

Because this mission likely wasn’t a solo one and was done without the maidens, it left everyone far more vulnerable to attack (unless Summer was a maiden, which would make sense since we don’t know who the summer maiden is, which could a number of people, which I’ll leave for the next post ;] )

Now summer likely would able to protect herself, and this is where that caveat starts to appear.

I believe the idea that Summer was close to finishing off Salem with her eyes, but something happened to make it not happen.

I think we know someone who could cause the plan to go awry.

The birb man himself, Qrow.

Now, this may seem wild, but I do have some evidence to support the caveat.

Qrow obviously has bad luck as a semblance, which can wreak havoc across others and himself.

Qrow is a heavy drinker till volume 6.

Qrow likely thinks that his bad luck got Summer killed, so he isolates and hides from people.

He probably only stopped drinking because team RWBYJNR got strong and others could solve the problem and he could hope Salem could be stopped as revenge for Summer.

Clover also highly changed his attitude towards drinking, especially when he thought Clover said he should stop drinking in the transport.

Especially since he thinks his semblance killed Clover, he’s probably going to be suffering horribly because he has no coping mechanism other than the charm he took.

Overall, poor bird man, he suffers too much and he needs Clover back.

I’m predicting volume 8 is going to be the downfall of everything they had worked towards, but by the end the crew will get Qrow out and leave for Vacuo. I also think the ace ops will either come with the crew (or at least Marrow and maybe Clover.

Tell me what you think guys so we can theorize together further into this!!!!

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Qrow: Got nothing to do until the kids rescue us, so how about a movie night? Our options are a bootleg of a Spruce Willow movie, or surveillance footage of you fighting Ironwood’s thugs using perfect grammar.

Robyn: Is it so wrong to say, “May you please stop attempting to kill us?”

Qrow: It is.

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RWBY Playing “Among Us” Pt.2

-referenced from the show “Parks and Recreation”.-

((RWBY & Friends gathered around a broken Penny))

Qrow: “So… who broke her?……… I’m not mad. I just wanna know.”

Ruby: “I did. I bro-.”

Qrow: “No. No you didn’t… Nora?”

Nora: “Don’t look at me!… Look at Blake!”

Blake: “What? I didn’t break her.”

Nora: “Huh, that’s weird. How’d you even know she was broken?”

Blake: “Because she’s sitting right in front of us and she’s broken!”

Nora: “…. Suspicious…”

Blake: “No, it’s not!”

Jaune: “If- If it matters, probably not, but… Weiss was the last one around her.”

Weiss: *gasps* “Liar! I didn’t even talk to her!”

Jaune: “Oh really? Then what were you two doing by the coffee cart earlier?”

Weiss: “Becuase I use the wooden stirrers to push back my cuticles; everyone knows that Jaune!”

Ruby: “Okay, okay! Let’s not fight. I broke Penny, I’ll be the one to pay for her repairs.”

Qrow: “No! Who broke her!?”

Blake: “…. Qrow… Yang has been awfully quiet this whole ti-”

Yang: “REALLY!? Really!?”

Blake: “Yeah, really!”

((Everyone starts arguing amongst themselves in a cluster of a mess))

Qrow: *is now far away from the group looking at the camera* “I broke her… I gave her a little fist-bump and she fell apart due to my Semblance…. I predict 10 minutes from now they’ll be at each others’ throats, with war paint on their faces and a pig’s head on a stick….” *looks back at the group and chuckles* “Good. It was getting a little chummy around here…”

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Yikes, It just occurred to me that Robyn woke up from a plane crash with a possible concussion, only to find herself surrounded by Atlesian cops soldiers. Like this is moments after Clover told her: “Only Qrow is under arrest” and “Don’t make me arrest you too”. While she did take offensive actions with Clover on the plane, there still was no order of arrest sent out for her. Let’s be honest though she probably wasn’t sursprised (Neither was I).

Man Volume 7 really screamed A.C.A.B

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Qrow: It would have been pretty cool honestly. I would have liked to see more background for my character and the other members of team STRQ.

Roman: Same here. I mean come on, how cool would a book about my character be? I’d rad the hell out of that!

Summer: But we’re also very happy that team CFVY got their own book! Along with more of team SSSN!

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