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dreamquackity · 22 hours ago
the dream smp is so funny because none of them know everyone’s exact ages for sure. they all skipped the ‘so how old are you? :D’ stage of friendship and went straight to angst, war, homoeroticity, or all of the above. that’s why tubbo just found out sapnap is 20 and not 16-18 and that is why quackity once thought technoblade was 30 when he’s only one year older than him. i’m convinced someone in the dream smp unironically believes philza is 40-50
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moneyoniis · 18 hours ago
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Tumblr media
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A moment's reprieve
god i love c!emerald duo so much
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blockgamepirate · 15 hours ago
There's something very nightmare-like about the prison pickaxe scene from Techno's POV, isn't there? The cell is kind of an absurd location, a box hanging in the middle of lava, he's being chased but can't escape, and right at the moment when it gets the worst and he's fully panicked, he suddenly gets whisked away from it to a familiar safe space.
Like waking up from a nightmare.
I think I've mentioned before how Pandora's Vault is associated with and symbolizes death, from the way Dream described it as the equivalent of three canon deaths to mirroring Limbo, being compared to Limbo, being the place where Tommy and Ghostbur both died, requiring (non-canon) death to even get into, etc. It also has major underworld/hell vibes, what with the whole complicated path, with several layers, to the cell that you take with a guide (Sam being a kind of psychopomp figure), and of course all the goddamn lava around the actual maximum security cell. (And indirectly there's the revival book, which is the opposite of death but it still seems strangely appropriate for it to be only available by descending to the underworld. Which makes it kind of a wild twist that Tommy went there to kill Dream and to PREVENT Wilbur's resurrection and ended up with the opposite result because of his own impatience, like some sort of reverse Orpheus.)
But honestly it would make sense for it to also represent dreams. Aside from the blatantly obvious fact that it was commissioned by AND currently houses a guy literally named "Dream", there's also Ranboo's nightmare which also culminated in the cell and had him wake up at the moment of death. Except of course that was a real nightmare. But it's also the place Ranboo used to visit in his enderwalk state, like a dream he can't remember. And of course dreams and death are associated with each other.
Even Quackity's stream had a very nightmarish quality to it, especially as he's running around the labyrinth of the guard tunnels, getting lost, not being able to get out, with the alarms ringing in his ears. The strange construction of the prison that only makes sense from a Minecraft perspective just enhances the dreamlike quality of it. The sudden appearance of a beautiful lush garden in the bare blackness, the lava rooms, the strange contraptions, the doorway blocked with glass, the seemingly unending tunnels, etc...
I don't really have a point with this, it's just a thought. I might have a slight fixation with the prison, a bad kind of fixation. It makes me feel uncomfortable in so many ways.
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gayeggyolk · 20 hours ago
Y’all can we fucking talk about how violent some of the Dream smp deaths/injuries are
Quackity had his whole left eye gouged out with a pickaxe. His vision was permanently ruined, causing half of his line of sight to be completely erased. He probably saw his eye flying out of its socket, along with his tooth (or teeth) falling in a pool of blood. He would feel like half of his face was torn off his head. He was around 19, probably.
Tubbo’s entire right side of his face was hit by an active firework. The burns probably peeled off his skin, and his hearing was permanently damaged. There would be a horrible ringing, and he would feel like his face is melting. His right eye possibly popped out of his socket too, and he probably saw blood splattered on the side of the box before he died, along with torn pieces of skin. He was around 16.
Tommy was beaten to death by a grown man’s bare hands. It would’ve taken multiple hits to kill him. He would slowly lose his vision, and the aches in his body would grow with every punch. Blood probably poured from everywhere, and he watched it pool onto his clothes. He probably lost a tooth or two as well and saw them fall out. And there would be a pounding in his head. He was around 17.
Ponk had his entire arm ripped out of its socket. He probably felt every tissue in his arm being pulled, and eventually torn. He would see a waterfall of blood pouring onto the floor. The remaining bones probably stuck out of his shoulder area, along with the pumping muscle. He would suddenly feel light-headed and empty, like something was missing. He was likely around 21.
I want to see more detailed recounts or stories of those deaths, so if any of y’all have fics that go into it, do tell me!
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elpalaccio · 6 hours ago
tntduo except quackity wears this instead of a beanie
Tumblr media
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feralboysupdates · an hour ago
Quackity tweeted!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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zhukozver · 3 hours ago
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snaxle · a day ago
Tumblr media
im rewatching techno’s latest vod and apparently quackity died again before they started streaming
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multimoqa · 21 hours ago
Sooo, I saw this on Google images.. and..
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
This took around 8 hours and 27 minutes
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anonquack · 23 hours ago
| Best Friend |
Alex Quackity x Reader, Oneshot!
Word Count: 10661
Warnings: Some curse words and overthinking. This one got a bit long!
Summary: After a CC Convention is announced, you and your friends plan to meet up for it. You expect to enjoy yourself with friends but instead are forced to deal with feelings you didn't even know you had. Luckily, your friends are there to give you a push in the right direction.
"Okay but height comparison between Quackity and Sapnap when??" You asked midst all the chaos occurring on that wonderful night. Despite your busy schedule, you'd gotten some time off to finally stream and some friends to keep you company.
Which resulted in this mess of a stream you were now broadcasting.
Your question caught their attention, and a soft scoff could be heard from Sapnap's mic.
"You're kidding, right? You're basically saying you need to CHECK that I'm taller when we already know that's true. You're insulting me." Sapnap said, the cockiness evident in his tone. You couldn't help but stare at your monitor in amusement at how sure of himself he sounded.
"That's not true. Literally check the height check Karl and I had versus the one Sapnap had with him." Quackity argued back, earning scoffs from almost everyone on the call.
"I know you're trying to use that to back you up, but you're just proving my point." Sapnap was intense whenever he became competitive or got into arguments, so you could only raise your brows as you watched chat fly by with their own opinions on the discussion, including their very questionable comments regarding Sapnap and how attractive he was being.
"Well, personally," Bad quipped in, "I think Sapnap's the taller one. Just makes the most sense since Quackity gives off Short Person Energy."
"Yeah? Well keep that WRONG opinion to yourself. That shit's embarrassing-"
"Language!" Bad interrupts Quackity, eliciting a laugh from everyone on call.
"You know chat," you call out after pondering on a solution for a bit, "We can figure this all out during the meetup!"
"Meetup?" Bad asked, confusion evident in his tone. You could almost see his furrowed brows and confused smile.
"Yes, Bad, meet-up. All four of us. Plus the others. And you guys, if you decide to go." The last bit was directed at the viewers. "Don't you remember? The convention is a thing that's supposed to be happening this year."
"Ohhh." He let out a small sound, as if his memory was finally coming back. "I haven't decided if I'm going yet." He admits softly.
"You most certainly are! You have to be there so I can beat BOTH Sapnap and you up once we all find out I'm the taller one." Quackity chimes in finally, teasing tone evident.
"As if," Sapnap scoffs, "Bad and I will literally kick your ass."
"Language." Soft as ever, and also a sign that it's getting late. You look over at your monitor, which displayed the time before letting out a small gasp.
"Oh- it's late. I hope I haven't been keeping you guys awake for too long. It's probably best we end for tonight anyway." You hum softly as you click some tabs away, noticing the faint sounds of stretching heard in the background of the call.
"It's fine, I wasn't even tired until you mentioned how late it was. You should've kept quiet." Quackity says with a patronizing tone, to which you simply chuckle.
"Thank you guys for sticking around. I really had a lot of fun.. we should do this more often. Us four." It was an honest confession, but perhaps too soft for them all and too personal for the audience to listen in on too.
"I had fun too, you should invite me to your streams more often, or, whatever." Sapnap mumbles, sounding a bit tired as well, but sincere despite the lack of care in his words.
It results in a small smile on your face anyway.
"Bye!! Thank you for inviting us, I'm gonna miss messing around with you all. Sleep well." Bad adds, a small whine to his voice as they all start saying their goodbyes.
As they finish up their goodbyes, you quickly deafen to start saying your own goodbyes to chat and thanking the last minute subs rolling in.
After all is over, you finish closing up the tabs, leaving the discord one last. As you're about to officially leave the call, you realize there is still one person there. He hadn't left.
"Quackity-?" You'd voiced out in confusion after undeafening. You'd thought they'd all leave while you took your sweet time saying goodbye.
"Yeah?" He sounded confused by your own confusion. You couldn't help the small smile that appeared on your face.
"Were you waiting for me to end or did you just forget to leave the call?" It was a genuine question, but perhaps a teasing tone slipped in towards the end.
"I was waiting, I'm not an asshole nor a dumbass." He lets out a laugh before continuing. "I just wanted to say I had fun tonight."
You hummed softly, "I'm glad you did. I had fun too."
"If I'm being honest, I wasn't feeling all too well, and just, joking around with you.. Sapnap, and Bad.. well it was just really nice. Thank you." His tone was soft, filled your headphones so nicely and brought comfort into the air.
"Oh, well it's good that you're feeling better now, but if you ever aren't feeling up for a stream.. please tell me, okay? Your wellbeing is much more important to me than a scuffed stream."
"No no, it's fine. I needed something to distract myself with and you all helped so much. It really got me excited for the meet-up. I- I can't wait to hang out with you in person. With all of you, I mean."
The smile on your face grew, almost to the point where it had your cheeks hurting. "I can't wait to hang out with all of you either. Good thing we won't have to wait long, hm?"
Faint sounds in the background of stretching and even softer yawns. "Mhm. Do you wanna switch to phone call?"
It was the usual invitation to fall asleep on call together. At this point, it almost felt strange whenever you headed to bed without Quackity mumbling stuff about his day to you or hearing the soft breathing sounds from his end of the call.
"Sounds good. Talk to you in a bit." You smiled, hearing a small bye from him before leaving the call. You turned off your whole setup for the night and headed straight to your bed.
It didn't take long for the phone to start ringing a few moments after you'd managed to lay down.
"Hi." You answered softly, placing the phone next to your head as you covered yourself with your blankets. It was only a matter of time before the sleepiness took over, but for now you'd enjoy Quackity's company.
"Hey." Was his response, voice sounding much closer now that you were laying down with your phone so close to your ear. It almost felt like he was laying down beside you.
You wondered for a split second what that would be like, if he'd be warm and welcoming or if he'd value his personal space while sharing a bed. As friends, of course.
You refocused on his voice as he began talking about his plans for the meet-up, and all the things he wanted to do once you all were in person. It was so sweet to hear how excited he was, and just how much he wanted to do with you all.
Sweet moments like these make you hyper-aware of the amazing friends you have, and how much love you have for them all. Tonight couldn't have been better, all thanks to them.
As the meet-up date gets closer, and more interactions happen during streams / calls / messages, it becomes more evident how much your friends mean to you; just how badly you want to meet all of them.
And as the date for the meet-up gets closer, responsibilities such as packing for your trip join your very long To-Do list.
You're on the phone with Bad as you both choose clothes to take, folding and packing them nicely. Making conversation, with Rat barking in the background occasionally, as the cherry on top.
Moments like these make you realize how good of a friend Badboyhalo is. He's kind, always knows what to say to help people feel better. He's funny, he's charming, full of love and support for his friends.
You two had been joking around on FaceTime for quite some time after you'd packed all essentials. He showed you tricks he'd managed to teach Rat, and you gave him an apartment tour.
Neither of you seemed to be getting tired, so you stayed on call until somehow you ended up sprawled on your sofa, laptop at hand, screen sharing YouTube videos. Bad was resting comfortably on his bed as small giggles left him at the absurdity of the videos you two were watching.
Every few minutes a small "We should do that," or a "Imagine Sapnap doing that," or a "I want to meet you all so bad," would be murmured into the air with only a hum of agreement to compliment it. It only made you yearn for your friends even more.
"Bad." You called out after quite a few random videos and lids getting heavier with each second.
"When I see you, I'm gonna hug the shit out of you. I hope you know that." You said, small smile on your face as you watched his head lift up from the pillow at such a fast speed.
"Language-! But well, that would be nice. I will also be giving you tons of hugs. To all of you." He pauses for a second before continuing. "I was actually kinda nervous for the meetup, but now I'm just so excited."
"I'm really glad to hear that, Bad. I will make sure you enjoy yourself to the max."
"Thank you y/n," he replies softly, resting his head against the pillow again, "I will make sure you enjoy yourself too."
You smiled at the state he was in, you two would fall asleep in no time, so your thoughts were honestly incoherent, and your tongue could not be tamed as your thoughts wandered aimlessly.
"Do you think I can take Sapnap and Quackity in a fight? In case they try to beat me up?"
"I doubt they'll try to beat you up, they'll be too busy fighting each other, and he'll be too busy thinking about how cute you are." His words were slightly slurred at this point, and all you could do was laugh as you imagined a fight between Sapnap and Quackity as fans tried getting a picture with them.
It crossed your mind for half a second to ask who exactly would be thinking such a thing, but any sign of a functioning brain between you two was nonexistent at that very moment. So all you really said was, "Good. But I'm still going to be prepared just in case."
After so many excited calls and planning, the day was finally here. Everyone would be traveling out today to meet up at the house you'd all managed to rent for the week / weekend you guys would be staying there. This way, you'd all be able to maximize the time spent together, and also save money. It sounded like a wonderful idea, really.
After arriving in the city, you patiently waited for the driver that'd be taking you there. You couldn't help but realize just how anxious you were starting to feel. The moment when you'd meet all your friends was getting closer and closer. What if it wasn't everything you'd expected? Or if it was awkward?
The ride there was too quick. Before you knew it, you were pulling your luggage out the trunk and heading up the path that lead to the front door. You stood still for a few seconds before your knuckles were knocking against the firm wood. The noise echoing for a few seconds as you stood in anticipation.
The door swung open, and with a big grin, you were pulled into a hug by no other than Badboyhalo. You quickly wrapped your arms around him as well, not wanting to let go. He was finally here! And he was real! Real, so so real. Any concerns you had on the way here slowly dissipated the longer he had you in his warm hold.
"Bad!" You said happily, slightly squishing him as your embrace tightened for a few seconds. Seriously too good to be true, but true nonetheless.
As he finally pulled away to smile at you, you felt lightheaded at the insane rush of dopamine in your system. As your head finally cleared up, you realized someone else was walking towards you two.
He wore a small smile on his face as he approached, it slowly growing as he got closer and as excitement became harder and harder to contain.
"Quackity." You called out, face lighting up immediately at the sight of him.
"Hi." He responded, sheepish smile on his face. Had he always looked this good?
It only took a few steps before your arms were around him, pulling him close. Although your firm grip caught him off-guard, he managed to melt into the hug soon after, arms wrapping around you as well.
"Big Q! Quackity! Alex!" You smiled as you pulled away, hand reaching up to give his cheek a light squish. You couldn't really help yourself, he was just too pleasing for your eyes. If the dopamine from earlier wasn't already too much, having him this close and feeling oh so real was even more deadlier.
He laughed at your affectionate touch, obviously not having enough of you either. It didn't take long for him to pull you back in for another embrace. "Holy shit." he mumbled into the hug, "You're actually fucking here. I can't believe it y/n." His tone was soft and it had you melting into his embrace all over again. It was intoxicating in the best way, but eventually you both pull away, smiling at each other with so much appreciation.
You hadn't really taken into account just how excited you were to see all your friends, especially someone as important as Quackity. The one you told almost everything to during late night calls, the person you could honestly consider a best friend. All of them were that to you, but it just felt so much stronger with him. You didn't really know how to explain it.
Before you could even give your mind time to dwell, Quackity was being pulled off you by none other than Sapnap and Karl, which quickly replaced Quackity's arms with their own.
"Guys!!" You called out happily as you hugged them back just as tightly. "Am I really the last one here? Where's Dream, or George?"
"We've literally been waiting like an hour for you to get here! We were all getting impatient." Karl laughed as he finally pulled away from the hug.
"Seriously impatient." Mumbled Sapnap into your shoulder before letting go from the warm embrace. "What took so long?"
"Sorry that I don't live as close to here as you guys do. My flight took longer than expected too."
"Who cares! At least you're finally here." Dream's voice, followed by heavy footsteps on the floor, and laughter as George ran over to where you stood with your suitcase.
"Y/N!! We're all finally together." You almost closed your eyes instinctively from how bright his smile was. George's energy was so contagious, you couldn't help but return the energy he was giving you.
Finally, you turned to Dream, who was standing there in all his tall glory.
"Holy shit." You mumbled as you eyed him from head to toe. "You're so fucking tall."
Laughter erupted from everyone before big arms wrapped around you, filling you with warmth and love. You were finally here with all your friends, and it was better than you could've ever imagined.
"Okay," Karl announces once everyone had greeted each other and given all the much needed hugs, "We were actually thinking movie night so we can all just relax and enjoy each other's company. What do you think, y/n?"
"You aren't getting any complaints from me. What movie are we watching?"
At that, Karl and Sapnap raced off to see who could get the remote control faster. You assumed it was in regards to who had the power to choose what everyone watched.
You watched in amusement as Karl and Sapnap argued over what movie to watch, George chiming in here and there just to fuel the lighthearted argument.
"Did you think they'd be just as annoying in person?" You jumped slightly at the sudden voice coming from behind you, but quickly relaxed as Quackity stood beside you.
"No, I also didn't think it was such a big deal who got to choose the movie." Your eyes trailed back to the arguing pair.
"Oh hush. The food Dream ordered isn't even here so really we're doing you all a favor. Taking our time to choose wisely." Karl argued back, to which Dream laughed.
"I guess that's one way to see it, but it's almost here according to the app, so hurry up."
Silence, before the arguing resumed and filled the living room with a pleasing buzz.
You watched as Dream headed over to you and gently placed his hand onto your shoulder, "Let me show you where your room is so you can get all comfy before movie night starts, yeah?"
"Thank you, Dream. I'd actually really appreciate that." With that, you gave Quackity a small wave before following after Dream. Freshening up after sitting in a plane for hours would certainly help make the rest of the night 10x more pleasant.
Once you'd walked back out into the living room, you saw everyone had their plate of food, everyone already comfy in their spots.
You looked around before spotting the empty seat beside Alex and the plate of food you assumed was for you.
"Hurry! He's not gonna bite. Sit down so we can finally start movie night." Sapnap whined the longer you stood around.
"I wouldn't be too sure about that.." George mumbled before receiving a stiff elbow in the ribs from the person seated next to him.
"Language." The last fatal blow.
Dream chuckled before pointing at the available seat. "We even waited for you in order to start eating, so sit your ass down."
You playfully rolled your eyes as they all started complaining about how long you were taking. You sat down beside him, giving him a glance before picking up the plate of food before you. It was still nice and steamy, just like Dream had said it would be after dropping you off in your room. You hadn't realized just how hungry you were until now.
After taking a few bites and hearing the movie start, your gaze returned to the person peacefully sat next to you, taking a few seconds to truly take in the sight before you.
He was wearing a plain black short-sleeve shirt, and some basketball shorts. He looked so comfortable. And even indoors with friends, the beanie kept his hair away from his face and hidden, poorly, but hidden nonetheless.
You smiled as you got comfortable as well, admiring how the light from the TV illuminated his face before finally deciding to focus on the actual entertainment Karl and Sapnap had worked so hard to pick. All for movie night.
The movie was interesting, and you couldn't help the few times you almost choked on your food due to all the jokes being slipped in throughout the movie. Maybe Karl was right about how it takes time to pick the perfect film that fit the mood. A good laugh, some good food, and the company and comfort from friends was the best thing to do on the first day together.
Before you all knew it, you were 2 movies in and all in drowsy states.
Everyone excused themselves, the exception being George and Quackity whom had fallen asleep towards the end of the second movie. Dream agreed to wake George up, meanwhile you turned to the sleeping figure next to you.
He looked too cute, mouth slightly open from the uncomfortable position he'd fallen asleep in. You gently shook his shoulder. "Alex." You called out a few times, until finally his eyes fluttered open and he slowly looked around in confusion.
"You fell asleep during the movie. We're all heading to bed for the day, come on."
Regardless of his sleepy state, he stood and followed as you two headed to your rooms.
"Goodnight, Alex."
"Night, y/n."
As you finally laid in your bed for the next week, you couldn't help but feel so fortunate to have such a wonderful opportunity to meet all of your friends and share a home with them.
You couldn't wait to see what tomorrow had in store for you all.
It was a lazy morning and lazy afternoon the next day, the only exceptions being going out for lunch, but besides that everything was done in the comfort of their home.
Dream, Sapnap, and Karl were busy playing a multiplayer game in the living room while Bad, George, and Quackity messed around in the kitchen, eating snacks and making up the absolute dumbest shit to stay entertained.
It seemed difficult to choose which group to spend time with, but you found yourself headed towards the kitchen within seconds of contemplation. Sitting on a chair laughing at George's dumb jokes, egging Bad on, and laughing along to Quackity's contagious laughter.
You found yourself coincidentally seated beside Alex as you all continued to chat and mess around. After some time, the other three joined in, and dinner was ordered so they could all eat together after a long day of lazing around.
You'd all rented out the house for a few days before the convention in order to be able to enjoy more time together, so lazing around today hadn't really seemed like a waste of time, or like it could've been spent better. You'd definitely suggest actually going out for dinner rather than just ordering online for the rest of your stay though.
Before you knew it, chaotic dinner was over and people were headed straight to bed, a certain pair deciding to stay awake just a bit longer in the living room.
You rolled your eyes at their bullshit excuses before heading straight to your room. You quickly changed into sleepwear before sitting in bed and simply scrolling through social media. Honestly, you were tired but not to the point where you could easily doze off. Something felt like it was missing, and you silently racked your brain for answers while continuing the mindless scrolling on your phone.
About 30 minutes later, there was a soft knock on your door. Any distraction was welcome at this point, so you called out to let them know they could walk in.
Before you stood Alex, who seemed to be fresh out of the shower. He was in his sleepwear as well, but the beanie was nowhere in sight. His black hair was out in display, most likely to let it dry, but such a sight still had you in shock.
Not that you hadn't seen it before, but it always surprised you. No matter how many glimpses Quackity provided you with.
You stared in shock for a few seconds longer before snapping out of it and telling him to come in. He smiled and sat down on the edge of your bed.
"I couldn't sleep." He stated, before deciding to further explain. "I almost called you right now before going to bed.. I guess that's just how used I got to our calls-? But then I realized you're literally in the same house as me."
Ah. So was that what was missing? The reason why you couldn't doze off as easily? Because you weren't on call with him?
"That's true, I guess." You hummed before chuckling, "What's wrong with talking on the phone while we're here too?"
"You kidding? I'm not trying to be like Dream and Sapnap who still voice call and barely see each other even though they literally live together." You laughed at his comment, making him laugh as well at the absurdity of that situation.
"So what does that mean? You came to sleep here or something?" It was a joke, really. But I mean, why else would this dude be standing here by your door, talking about how he wanted to sleep call but instead found himself here.
"If you'd let me."
You almost choked at how easily he answered, was he joking too or was he actually expecting you to let him climb into bed? To sleep, of course, but it still had you taken-aback.
"You're serious?"
"Does it look like I'm joking?"
You stared at him for a bit before shrugging, "Get in then."
Nothing wrong with 'sleep calling' in person, right? Laying in the same bed, chatting until each other's voices lulled them to sleep. I mean, just because it was in person this time didn't make it any weirder. They'd slept on call together too many times to count. This was fine.
Alex smiled as he closed the door behind him and headed onto your bed, starting to get comfortable.
As you two lay there, you couldn't help but turn to your side and simply stare over at him. His hair to be exact. He'd never had it visible for this long, on group calls, normal calls, or just showing glimpses. It felt so surreal.
"What?" He mumbled.
"It's just- your hair. It looks so nice. You look nice." You smiled at the sight before adding, "You should do a hair reveal already so everybody can see this."
He turned to lay on his side as well so he could be facing you. "Hell no. Plus, doesn't it make you feel special? Being one of the few people who have seen it? Especially up close and personal."
The last part made you realize just how close you two had gotten within the last few seconds. Being at this proximity made you realize a lot more facial details you hadn't noticed before, probably due to camera quality and pixels.
Your hand slowly reached out, coming to a halt next to his head. He realized what you were trying to do and came a bit closer, letting your fingers gently run through his hair. After a few seconds, it all felt too natural.
There you were, laying in bed with Alex, gently playing with his dark locks as you talked about who knows what and simply enjoyed each others company.
This is basically what those late night calls felt like. Except this was definitely way better. It had the physical aspect of it that calls did not. You got to see him in such perfect resolution face to face, without worrying about any possible lag. You both were real. Basking in each others presences happily.
It didn't take too long for you both to fall asleep, and it didn't take too long either for your sleeping bodies to find comfort in the heat sources nearby.
What started as a simple arm draped around the other to steal a bit of body heat turned into having him close enough to smell the scent that lingered on him from his shower. Close enough for his grip on you to feel just a bit too intimate. Close enough where maybe their noses touched.
That was possibly the comfiest 9 hours of sleep either of them had gotten in a long fucking time.
The warmth you find yourself surrounded by makes it hard to get out of bed. As you attempt to fall back asleep, you realize that you're not tired. On the contrary, this might be the most satisfied (in terms of energy and sleep) you've felt in a long time.
What the fuck??
That's when that warmth you'd loved not even a minute ago comes to mind. At first you'd thought it might've been the blanket, but one glimpse to the side answers all your questions.
Alex was the one providing you with this comfortable and lovely warmth. He'd come over last night talking about 'sleep calling' in person. How could you forget?
The tension that had spiked in your body at the realization that someone was in bed with you oozed away as you looked at his peaceful state. He looked.. cute.
A few hair strands were on his face, and you couldn't help as your hand instinctively reached out to get them off his face. You hoped it wouldn't wake him up. He looked too peaceful.
As his face came into full view now, you openly stared, noticing the little moles he had all over his face. It was like stars splattered on the night sky.
As your gaze lowered and lingered on his lips, you realized just how pink they really were. And how unbelievably soft-looking they were. It brought you back a memory of his smile from yesterday while you both ate and watched the movie. You hadn't really caught the bit that had made him laugh since you were staring at him. He had a really pretty smile.
Your thoughts were interrupted at the realization that his eyelids had fluttered open, and were now staring up at you.
Oh God. You probably looked like such a creep right now. The heat that was rising up your spine and onto your cheeks must've been obvious, since he let out a small laugh.
"Were you enjoying the view?"
His morning voice took you by surprise. Sure, you'd heard it during calls sometimes, but this was on another level. It was wonderful.
"I was debating whether or not I should wake you up. You looked too peaceful." You answered, trying your best to steady your embarrassment. It wasn't necessarily a lie. He just didn't have to know all the other thoughts that crossed your mind.
He chuckled at that, before stretching a bit. "Thanks for letting me wake up on my own." He sat up, looking over at you with a small, satisfied smile. "That might've been the best sleep I've gotten in a while."
"Me too." You admitted, soft smile on your lips meant for him and him only. He stared back before returning the smile.
You two stayed in peaceful silence before deciding now was probably the best time to get up and get some breakfast with the rest of them. "We should get dressed so we can go eat."
He simply nodded before giving a small wave, heading back to his own room.
It didn't take long before you were heading out of your room and following the faint laughter into the kitchen. They were seated at the table, barely setting plates down and getting ready to eat. Just in time.
"Y/N! Good morning." Karl smiled, waving you over to the available seat beside him. Everybody else called out their good mornings as you got settled into your seat.
"Was wondering when you'd wake up." Sapnap mumbled from the seat across you. "You and Quackity sleep so fucking much."
You tensed a bit at that. Did they know you two had slept together? In the same bed? Had they tried waking you up and found you two together?
It's not what it looks like, is what you'd probably say as an explanation. Even if they didn't ask for one.
George nods in agreement, "Sapnap and I almost went and knocked on both of your doors. But we figured you both must be tired, so we just came to get breakfast ready."
Okay, perhaps they didn't know. Afterall, they were suggesting that Quackity was still in his own room. "I'm sure he'll get here in a bit." You responded, thanking Dream as he set a cup down on the table for you.
"Finally! Sleeping beauty chooses to come grace us with his presence." Sapnap greeted. You turned your head to see none other than Quackity flipping Sapnap off as he walked into the kitchen. He was dressed for the day, and had his hair hidden away with a beanie.
"How'd you sleep?" Bad asks as Alex finally sits down at the table.
"Wonderful. Best sleep I've gotten in a while." His eyes meet yours for a bit, and you can't help but smile at the implications of his words. You'd helped him sleep well. He felt comfy with you. He smiled back before looking back to the cup being given to him.
"Mm that's good." Bad nodded, before serving whatever breakfast him and Dream had managed to cook for everyone. Bad never failed to amaze you, talented as always.
"We were planning on going out today, is everyone up for it?" George asks, looking around the table for any signs of complaints.
"Honestly I'm all for it. I want to spend time with you all, exploring or just looking around." Sapnap answered, to which you cooed.
"Aww Sapnap, we'd love to spend time with you too."
"I'd fucking hope so. Now where did you want to go, George?"
"Dream and I were researching fun things to do here and we found a pretty good list. Just need you all to say yes and we can head out after breakfast."
He wasn't getting any no's, so the plans were set. Everybody ate their breakfasts before heading out the door to wherever Dream and George planned on taking them.
As you all walked to your destination, which wasn't too far according to George, you found yourself walking beside Bad.
"So, Quackity huh?" You ripped your eyes off from where they were to look back at him.
"You and Quackity." He wasn't elaborating any further, which left you confused.
"What? What about him?"
"Well, you were staring at him right now and-"
"Oh. I zoned out, Bad. I'm sorry. Hopefully you didn't get the wrong idea." You interrupted him, letting out a small laugh.
"Well, that's not really what gave me the 'wrong idea'.. it was mainly the smiles and stares you two were giving each other this morning. And well, in general. Wanna fill me in on something?" He raised his brow, putting some space between you two and the rest of them by slowing his pace.
Your eyes widened slightly as you slowed down as well. "He was staring at me?"
He nodded, before adding "As much as you were staring at him."
You opened your mouth to try and explain yourself, before you heard Dream calling out to you two, saying they found the place. You gave Bad an apologetic smile before walking with him to where the others stood.
You'd come to a place with food, alcohol, and arcade games. You couldn't have expected less from Dream and George. It was perfect for this group.
You watched as Karl and George bought the cards you'd all be using to play the games. Soon after, they came back and handed everyone their card. Everyone was ready to split off to play different games.
"Y/N and I are going to fetch a table so we can leave our stuff there." Bad said with a smile. You looked over at him knowingly before nodding in agreement.
The rest of them nodded, Sapnap grabbing Dream's arm and racing off with him to the games. Karl, George, and Quackity went off to another game, excited chatter following them.
You walked beside Bad in search of a table quietly, watching as he looked around before finally approaching a table big enough to seat you all.
He sat down, looking at you expectantly. You did the same and cleared your throat as his gaze remained on you. You let out a small sigh.
"Okay, okay, I'll tell you." He smiled a bit at that. "I mean, he came to my room last night, said he couldn't sleep, and then we slept together. That's it."
You watched as his eyes widened slightly at the information he'd just gotten before your own eyes widened.
"Wait- no no! Not like that. I meant he literally slept with me. Like we fell asleep together." You could feel the heat rushing up to your face. "He said he got used to our sleep calling and I just let him sleep in my bed. It was really comfy."
You looked up, his stunned face making the heat rise faster. "Woah. I thought the cheeky little glances you guys were giving each other was things starting to get good, but you already shared a bed with him??" He let out an amused laugh.
"It's not that big of a deal, Bad. We sleep call all the time.." You felt sort of embarrassed, hearing his reactions and telling him things that felt more intimate than they should be.
"Uh? Not a big deal?? You're kidding right?" He let out a laugh, happy smile on his face. "You guys like each other!"
"Bad-! Keep it down please.. and we certainly do not." You were sweating at this point, Bad was so energetic and happy right now, and the thought of Alex hearing any of this had you on edge.
But the most discomforting part of it all was how much truth his words held. Did you actually like him?
"Am I lying, y/n?"
I don't know, is what you would've said, if it wasn't for the confusion clouding all your senses.
You looked over at him, mouth slightly open, trying to form your thoughts. "You really think I like him?"
"I mean, I've been having a feeling. Since before the meet up."
What? Was it obvious for everyone? How had it taken this long for you to realize it? Those intrusive thoughts while you were staring at him this morning in bed. Had those always been there? Was he aware of your possible feelings?
"Holy fuck, Bad. A lot of it is starting to make sense." Your eyes were slightly wide from the fear of what this implied. What this meant for your friendship with him. "I-I think I do like him."
He seemed to notice how tense and shocked you looked, so he reached out and held your hand, giving it a comforting squeeze.
At the moment, you were connecting all the pieces, and things were slowly starting to make sense. Why you acted a certain way around him, random thoughts thinking he was cute, the need to meet him as soon as possible. God, why had it taken so long for you to realize?
"I mean, at least you ended up liking a nice muffin, right?" It sounded more like a question, which had you letting out a laugh. "What I mean is that he's a good guy, liking him isn't horrible. I can see why you'd end up liking him. Plus- I think everyone can see you two are pretty close."
His words helped ease the tension building up in your shoulders, but your head was still spinning. "I know he's nice, but in what sense? As in, I'll confess and he'll reject me nicely?" You paused, tensing up at just the thought of how awkward that would be. "I'd hate to ruin our friendship just because my dumbass caught feelings."
"Language." He mumbles, before letting out a small sigh. "He's nice as in he'll be understanding if he DOES reject you. But did you miss the last part of my speech? I said your friendship with Quackity is very different, anyone can tell you guys are really close. I can see where these feelings might've come from."
"Just because we're close doesn't excuse me having feelings for him. I mean, what does that say about me? Unable to have close friends without growing romantic feelings for them?" Your voice sounds hushed, as if it's dangerous to admit your feelings out loud.
"I'd say we're close friends, do we have romantic feelings for each other?" He asks softly, playing with your fingers absent-mindedly.
"I mean, I love you tons."
"I love you too, but it's not in the way you like Quackity, right?"
You kept quiet, gently biting at the inside of your cheek. Your brain was looking for ways to invalidate your feelings, tell you it wasn't right, but Bad was fighting through that and trying to reason with you.
"We both love all of our friends, and are really close to them.. but what you and Quackity have is different. I can see why you ended up liking him. Plus.. I really don't think he'd reject you. In fact, I think he likes you too."
"Bad." You warned, unsure you could handle overthinking the possibility that he liked you too right now. The realization of your own feelings was already too much.
"I'm just saying." He says, raising both hands in playful surrender. The sight elicits a small laugh from you.
But maybe.. maybe you were a bit curious. "You really think so?"
"I wouldn't have said it if I didn't. Plus, this is coming from someone who's been friends with both of you for a very long time. I see and notice things."
"Thank you, Bad. I really appreciate you and just‐ thanks for talking this through with me." It's honest and raw. He'd watched you sit at this table, trying to work everything out in your brain, and had just been endlessly supportive.
"Of course. I'm here if you need anything, alright? Now, just relax and let's go play some games, yeah?"
"Okay.. let's go!" You smiled and tugged at his hand, leading him over to where Sapnap and Dream were playing.
There was no way you were letting your own feelings ruin the fun of good food and some arcade games. You'd deal with that later.
Bad's advice and pep talks are top tier, but sometimes he oversteps. He doesn't mean any harm, but at times it is just too much. This is one of those times.
There's just a few days left before the big convention, and honestly the time spent together so far has been an absolute bliss. And well-spent considering you've all been out and about more often.
You find yourself in the living room with all of them, joking around and making up stupid songs while Quackity plays a beat he claimed to have made himself on his phone. It's peaceful, and no joke is taken too far. Until Bad starts trying to be the 'best wingman', as he likes to claim.
"Quackity, you should write a song for them, and perform it here in front of everyone." He says as he nudges you suggestively, a knowing smile on his face. It's so sudden and you need to make sure you heard correctly. You can feel yourself tense up at the thought of Quackity making a song dedicated to you. Specifically you. No one else.
Of course, it comes off as a joke, but since Bad knows you like Quackity it just seems way more personal. It seems like he's making it so obvious, but maybe everyone else is painfully oblivious. Clueless.
"Wow Bad. You just want him to roast the shit out of me, don't you? That's messed up." You make a noise of disappointment, trying your best to sound calm and collected.
George laughs at that, "Wowww Bad, that's pretty messed up. But you should, Quackity. Make one about Y/N and their muffins. It'll be funny." George didn't know a thing, but it felt like he was making it worse. As if there was a specific reason why they teased him into making a song about you.
With the playful cheering of everyone around him, he cleared his throat and a new beat started to play on his phone. Before you knew it, he was singing about your fictional muffins and how he would order a dozen, and found a way to include Rat slander in there as well.
Maybe you were stressing out for no reason at all. Perhaps you were the only one taking it weirdly and everyone else was just joking around making stupid songs up on the spot. You took a deep breath, and began to relax.
As the night continued, you tried to avoid any possible spotlight, focusing on getting George and Sapnap to go at each other, and the others egging them on so all you really had to do was watch the chaos ensue. It would all just lead to Sapnap calling the rest of them out and starting more playful fights.
As arguments kept coming up, the one you'd all been talking about on that one stream came to mind.
"Wait.. we still haven't done that height check between Quackity and Sapnap." Karl said with a shocked laugh. "How many days have we been together exactly?"
"Too long." Dream chimed in, eager to see the short people fighting over height they didn't have. At least not compared to him.
"Oh yeah huh." Sapnap said in realization. "Stand the fuck up right now, Quackity." He stood to his full height, puffing up his chest to try and appear taller or bigger.
Quackity rolled his eyes, "You guys only brought that up because I was clearly beating you guys in that argument."
"Okay? Stand up then."
If you were a person passing by hearing this conversation, you'd think a brawl was about to break out. Maybe you'd call security. But having context, it really was just Sapnap in his arguing mood, petty and trying to prove a point. There was no way he was sitting down until he proved he was taller than Quackity.
A small grumble of disapproval left Quackity's mouth before he stood to full height. Bad walked over and lead Quackity towards Sapnap, telling them to stand back to back so everyone could see the height difference.
You sat there in anticipation as Bad got them set up, watched as they compared heights very carefully, watched as the results were announced, and watched as Sapnap cheered and screamed some shit in Quackity's face when it turned out he was a few inches taller than Alex.
To make things funnier, Dream walked over in amusement and checked their height difference himself, making the other two look so much smaller than they already did. It was always a pleasant shock seeing just how tall Dream was compared to the average person.
This lead to height checks between all of them, trying to figure out who was the tallest (easy) and who was the shortest.
After everyone had gotten tired from the playful arguments and day they had, they began leaving to their rooms to freshen up or get comfy, probably needing a break from the banter.
Dream, George, and Karl had agreed to go pick up something to eat while the rest of you guys stayed in the living room. Just chatting now, relaxing, no height wars or petty arguments. Kinda.
"By the way, I found this one cool shop with a bunch of anime stuff. You're coming with me to check it out, right?" Sapnap asks, breaking the peaceful silence that surrounded you all while scrolling on your phones.
You looked up in confusion, not sure who he was talking to. His eyes met yours, and he gave you a look that said he was waiting for your response. "You wanna go with me?" You ask, a bit shocked since you'd expect him to go with Karl or something.
"Duh. We could look through the whole shop and see what we can find. Maybe go eat afterwards." He explains with a smile. He seems excited, and his energy is just so contagious, you can't help but smile as well.
"Well, since we're all here I'm assuming we're invited as well. Right, Sapnap?"
It's Quackity, inserting himself into the conversation, eyebrows raised and lawyer voice on, ready to fight Sapnap on this. This earns him a scoff from Sapnap.
"Don't think you'll wanna come with us. I know it's not really your thing."
"Sapnap, I'm sure he can join. Don't you see he's pouting? Plus, I'm sure food will cheer the baby up." You tease, watching as Quackity's facial expression changes into a scowl.
"Yeah right. Plus, it's rude to ask them out in front of Bad and I. We're literally their plus twos."
Bad snorts. "Plus twos? He's definitely not letting us tag along now."
Sapnap nods. "You literally have so many other days you can spend with them. Let me have my moment. Ask them out yourself if you want later."
You stiffen at the implication he's making, unable to stop the confused frown that appears on your face.
"Whatever." Quackity mumbles, before quickly switching the conversation to his beanie and what he should do to stop fans from snatching it off his head.
The topic of conversation is interesting, and quite frankly very funny, but you can't help but focus on Sapnap's comment.
Surely, he meant no harm. But you can't help the feeling that your little secret you'd shared with Bad was growing more noticeable. And if Sapnap knew? How long would it take for Quackity to realize and push you away?
You blink away your state of confusion as you refocus on the conversation. "Huh?"
"I said, how does superglue sound? For his beanie and stuff." Bad had been calling out to you, trying to reinvite you into the conversation. Apparently, you'd been quiet for a while.
"You're such an asshole, Bad. You just want to see me bald so bad." Quackity huffed.
"Not true! Also language."
Bittersweet. Your own thoughts were ruining the fun conversation your friends were having. How to answer this without seeming too obvious? Not like a pining idiot?
"I mean, so what if your hair falls out? The beanie will cover it. It's worth it."
"Plus," adds Sapnap, "your fans have been saying you're bald anyway. Prove them right."
"You're all no help to me and my problems." Quackity finally mutters, earning a laugh from the three of you.
His problems. You wouldn't wanna add another by making him have to deal with a friend trying to get out of the friend zone. You really need to get your feelings in check.
Honestly, you need to get better at hiding this shit. You can't just keep going quiet or getting lost in thought whenever someone suggests anything NOT platonic between you and Alex. I mean, it's ridiculous at this point. Bad is giving you stares, Sapnap might know by now, George might know. Hell, maybe even Quackity knows.
Too much. As soon as the others get back, you excuse yourself and call it a day.
Sapnap had been serious about going to that Japanese shop. He'd woken you up early, made you get dressed, and was dragging you out the house before the others could bat an eyelid.
Honestly? You'd had a lot of fun. Watching him look through all the items, picking out everything he wanted, getting matching plushies and these tiny figurines that ended up being too fucking expensive for their size. He'd been so happy, you even offered to pay for his meal in exchange for what he'd bought you earlier.
Throughout your adventures with Sapnap, you received a few notifications from Quackity, asking what you guys were up to, when you'd be back, and whether Sapnap was forcing you to stay over there with him. Sapnap and you rolled your eyes at that last bit, sending him a picture of you two flipping off the camera. All jokes, of course, and in return you received a picture of Quackity doing the same. Then he began claiming that you guys could stay there all day for all he cared.
"Seems like someone is jealous." Sapnap had said after reading Quackity's messages. You looked over at him in surprise before he quickly pocketed your phone, dragging you along to a new section of the store he'd wanted to check out.
Did Sapnap really think so? Could there be a chance Alex actually liked you, like Bad had suggested?
Beside your overthinking, the day had been well-spent, and by the time you got home, you were ready to get out of your outside clothes and into your PJs.
As you finally walked out into the living room, you watched with an amused smile as Sapnap sat with the rest of them, showing them everything he had bought at the shop, including little gifts he'd brought for them all.
No matter how 'careless', he came across, Sapnap was truly a softie. It was endearing watching him hand out the gifts you two had bought at the shop.
You made your way over to the couch, sitting beside Quackity and giving him a smile as he raised his brow. "Don't think I forgot that picture you sent me earlier today."
"You know I didn't mean it." You mumbled as you returned your gaze to Sapnap and his cheerful smile.
"You owe me an apology. And you need to make it up to me."
You scoffed at that, "You flipped me off too."
"And? You did it first. I'm the injured party here."
"Fine." You sighed, turning you gaze back at him. "How can I make it up to you?"
"Mmm.. how about we 'sleep call' again?" You froze at his suggestion, looking over at the others to see if they were listening in on your conversation.
They weren't, all too entranced with the small rant Bad was going on about a certain manga Sapnap had bought.
How could this man just admit that you two slept together with his whole chest. Without a care in the world for who was listening.
"Is that really all you want?" Stunned was the only word to truly describe how you were feeling at the moment.
"I mean, for now. I'll have to see tomorrow if I feel any better."
You rolled your eyes at that. He would most likely take advantage of that and drag it on for as long as he could. "Did you really miss me that much, Alex? Need to make up for the time lost today?"
"Wow. You're trying to make me look desperate now?"
"I just think that's how an outsider listening in on our conversation would interpret it."
"Y'know what? Let's go right now. Since you wanna call me desperate."
Again. Stunned. How was this man acting like it was nothing? This shit wasn't normal. Last time wasn't too bad because you didn't know, but now? You'd be too focused on not making it seem romantic, just purely platonic laying on the same bed together with your friend who you don't have feelings for.
It didn't take long for everyone to start heading to their rooms. He excused himself, and you followed a few minutes after, heading to your room in a daze.
As you waited for him to come to your room, you couldn't help but wonder if it'd be the same as last time. Would you be able to play with his hair or cuddle close in a strictly platonic way? Maybe you could call him bro a few times so it didn't seem like you liked him.
Your thoughts were interrupted by the door opening and revealing him in all his glory. He looked so comfy, and the beanie was once again nowhere to be seen.
Perhaps you were overreacting, but you felt this was his way of letting you know he trusted you. That he was truly comfortable around you.
This time, he felt more at ease entering your personal space. He got into bed and got comfy on his own. It didn't take long before he was facing you again, just like last time.
You smiled at him and did the same as him, your previous plans of putting distance and calling him bro getting thrown out the window at this new sight of him.
He looked so cute, just laying there and looking at you. He looked so warm too, you couldn't wait until you actually got to pull him close and blame it on your sleepy state.
"So," he started, "how was your date with Sapnap?"
Huh? The tone really caught you off guard.
"It wasn't a date. We just went to look at some manga he wanted, and got little gifts for everyone. Went to eat."
"Sounds like a date."
You narrowed your eyes at him. What the hell was that supposed to mean?
"Well, it wasn't. Why does it matter to you though?"
"It doesn't."
"Then?? You jealous or something?" You raised a brow, genuinely confused, but also wanting to see his reaction to the last bit. Maybe it'd give you some insight on his feelings for you. If there was any.
"I'm just making sure! Sue me for trying to respect anything that could possibly be going on between you two." He paused. "I wouldn't want to be asking you to sleep with me and then it turns out you and Sapnap are a thing."
You paused and simply stared at him. Was this dude serious? He was worried about you and Sapnap dating, when in reality you liked HIM? Sick and twisted.
"Well, you don't have to worry about that. Sapnap and I aren't a thing. I like someone else." You answered, and honestly you don't know why you said that.
He paused for a bit, expression unreadable before simply nodding. "And is it possible to know who this someone is??"
How did you end up in this position? It wasn't that long ago that you were confessing to Bad about your feelings for Alex while surrounded by fucking arcade games. And now you were in bed with him while he asked who your crush was. Leave it to you to mess up this badly.
You took a few more moments to just lay there with him, hand eventually going to his hair and gently playing with it. "I don't want to ruin anything." You finally responded.
It was the truth. You could just tell him, but you wouldn't be able to live with yourself if your revelation lead to him growing distant, or him rejecting you and ruining the rest of the trip.
At that, he sat up, making your hand slip out from where it had been playing with his hair. "Are you afraid you'll hurt my feelings?"
You sat up as well, staring at him for a bit before shaking your head. "I'm afraid you'll hurt mine."
"I wouldn't dare." He said reassuringly, hand reaching out to intertwine with yours.
It might've been the adrenaline rushing through your body, or the pessimist in you just telling you to get over with it, but you sat there and confessed that you liked him.
At first, there wasn't much of a response beside his wide eyes and stunned smile. You didn't necessarily know what that meant. Was he on the verge of laughter or was he shocked because he liked you as well?
The silence was killing you, and you swear you could feel tears threatening to spill as he continued to just stare. Nothing could've possibly been worst than his silence at that moment.
"You really do like me? Me, Alex Quackity?" Were his first words, and you watched as he shook his head, as if he was trying to make sense of it all.
"I don't expect you to feel the same or-"
"No no. You like me?"
He was trying to get you to repeat it, or admit it again, but it was torture.
"... I do."
He smiled at that, coming closer and using his free hand to cup your cheek. "Yeah? Well, it's your lucky day because.. I like you too."
You really couldn't believe what you were hearing. Bad had been right about him liking you as well. If he found out, he'd brag about being right and being the 'best wingman' for so long.
"Seriously?" It never hurt to double check.
And with that, the distance between you two was closed. Soft lips pressed against each other awkwardly at first, not used to kissing your best friend, but it soon melted into a sweet first kiss.
After he pulled away, you gently cupped his cheeks as well, smiling at just how unbelievable this was. The guy you'd been unknowingly pining for this whole time actually liked you back, and you'd just kissed him on your bed. Bonus: he was staying the whole night for some cuddles.
You laid back down, pulling him with you and simply wrapped your arms around him, leaving small and shy kisses on his cheek, not used to this at all, testing what was okay and what wasn't. But his smile and kisses he was giving you as well told you he was more than fine with this.
"Does this make up for it?" You mumble against his own lips, teasing tone evident.
"Yes, yes it does."
The next morning was when the countdown finally came to an end. The day you'd all been waiting for; The Convention.
You knew this meant getting up, eating breakfast, and starting to get ready. It was a big day.
But when Quackity wanted to lay down for just a bit longer, how could you possibly say no?
This lead to you both having to walk out of your room and head straight to the kitchen 15 minutes later. There was no time to waste by pretending to have come out of your own rooms and at different times.
As you both approached the dinner table and sat down, you realized the table was dead silent, all eyes on both of you.
You looked up, making eye contact with Bad. He had this knowing grin on his face, and you couldn't help it as you felt the heat rushing up to your face. Quackity seemed unfazed by it all, simply yawning and beginning to eat his breakfast.
"So did it work or what?" Sapnap broke the silence, an expectant look on his face as he stared between you and Quackity.
"What are you talking about?" You asked, now feeling very confused.
Bad couldn't hold in his laughter any longer, and burst out into happy giggles.
"Well we were trying to make Alex get jealous so he could finally make a move. Did he do it?" Sapnap asked. Karl was smiling wide, trying to cover it with the sleeve of his sweater.
Did this mean that Karl, Sapnap, and Bad all knew you two liked each other? Had these three plotted this shit? Getting you two to realize your own feelings?
"What? You did that shit on purpose?" It was Quackity's turn to be dumbfounded.
"Duh. We figured we'd give you guys a little push in the right direction." Sapnap had a satisfied smile on his face.
You couldn't help but feel embarrassed. Your friends had worked together to make you both come to terms with your feelings. Since you two were so oblivious. Wow.
"I hate to say it since it means you actually helped,,, but it did work. We talked last night and well.. we both confessed." There was a soft smile on his lips as he told the others about what had happened.
Bad let out a small cheer, clapping his hands excitedly before congratulating you both on talking out your feelings.
"Okay now that the lovebirds are finally together, let's finish breakfast and start getting ready. Remember today is a big day!" Dream said, sounding quite excited himself.
You'd honestly forgotten for a few minutes because of the whiplash of your friends confessing they were playing cupid.
Today was the convention. The whole reason you'd all traveled out here. This whole trip had been lovely, leading up to the final event.
And you'd be leaving with a date, and good memories spent with fans and friends.
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