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There's naturally some variation in egg coloration, and that blue egg is an actual genetic mutation called celadon. That little egg on the left, however, is seriously tempting me to add a load to my incubator to see if I can get a new egg color... I have someone that would take a bunch of chicks if I hatched them, I could keep just a couple. Maybe I'll wait a couple days and see if there are more of the same or if it was a one off.
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you may not like it but this is the ideal form
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controversial opinion but i agree
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Quail sketches (angry for scientific accuracy)
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todaysbird · 4 months ago
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the button quail is a small quail popular as a pet & egg-laying bird; they are commonly kept as a part of large aviaries, as their ground-dwelling habits make them helpful in keeping the aviary clean. this color mutation is silver. while not as common as some other domesticated birds, quail keepers have developed many different mutations in pet quail.
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via adorablequails
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How to Make Money from a Mini Farm
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Chickens, Ducks, Quail
Eggs for Eating – You can sell your eggs to your friends, family, neighbors or farmer’s market. I wrote more about that here – Selling Eggs From Your Backyard Homestead. You’ll get the best price for free-range or pastured eggs.
Fertile Eggs – If you’re able to have a rooster on your property you may find a a business selling fertile eggs for others to set in their incubators. You’ll get more money for rare or popular breeds so do a little research on what people are looking for in your area.
Day Old Chicks or Ducklings –  Some homesteaders do not want to deal with incubation. They’d prefer to to buy young chicks for their brooder. You should also check with your local feed stores – they make be interested in carrying chicks, quail and ducklings; and on a regular basis.
Fiber Rabbits – I see more and more homesteaders spinning their own yarn. I believe fiber rabbits may become even more popular in the next few years. You can sell the rabbits or just their fibers (which does not require dispatching them). You’ll need a mentor to show you how to properly harvest the hair from your fiber rabbits for sale.  See Raising Fiber Rabbits.
Pet Rabbits – As a mom that was bent on only raising meat rabbits, I still got suckered into a little pet Lionhead. Pet rabbits are fun and many seek them as alternatives to cats and dogs in the house. Lionheads are particularly popular with kids because of their sweet temperaments and fluff.
Rabbit Droppings – Yep, you CAN sell rabbit poop. Gardeners love that rabbit droppings can be composted or put right into their gardens for as a fertilizer. You can sell it by the bag full – and if you have a rabbit you know how much just one can produce each day.
Worms & Compost
Meal Worms – I can tell you my chickens and quail have always loved receiving fresh and dried meal worms as a treat. And raising meal worms is fairly easy. You can have a market through direct sales to owners of poultry, pet birds and pet lizards; but you may also have pet stores who will buy your stock.
Red Wigglers – Great for vermicomposting and fishing, red wigglers are a popular worm that you can grow for your own use as well as for sale. See How to Get Started Raising Red Wigglers.
Compost – From worm castings to compost for planting; if you have extra to sell you will quickly have a market.
Sell fresh herb plants or cuttings – If you have the space to grow herbal transplants in small pot this can be a viable business. Also cuttings for people to dry for their own use, is another option.
Sell dried herbs – Or sell your herbs already dried and packaged.
Make your own herbal teas for sale – Do you make tea blends? You can make some from your own herbs or ones you purchase.
Seeds – Do you save seeds? You may have a market for selling your own seeds, especially if they are organic and/or heirloom varieties.
Transplants – I always seem to have more pepper and tomato seedlings than I really need. If you do too, or you want to do it on purpose, you could offer seedlings up for sales. Some people just don’t want to wait on seeds when they are planning and planting their gardens.
Fruit and Vegetables – Check your local rules and regulations first; but selling your excess harvest can bring a good income in. If you have enough, you may want to consider a booth at your local farmer’s market.
From Your Kitchen
If you’re skilled in the kitchen and have the time to produce extras, you might be able to sell your goods. You’ll need to see what laws there are about selling foods and see if you can meet the standards of your state first.
Jams, Jellies and other Canned Goods
Artisan Cheeses
Fresh Baked Breads
Starters for sourdough, kombucha, keifer, etc.
This could be an entire post on it’s own because handmade items are popular at locally, in farmer’s markets and even online. If you have a gift for crafts you might just have a budding business right at your fingertips!
Homespun Yarn – Knitters and crocheters appreciate homespun yarn for their special projects.
Candles – Make candles in cute containers for sale. Or offer candles made from special ingredients like your homegrown beeswax.
Soaps, Lotions, Salves and Balms – If you love to make these handmade personal items you could have a wonderful business! Consider using locally grown / sourced, organic or specialty items whenever possible.
Needlecrafts – Do you sew? You could make reusable pads or offer mending or tailoring services. Do you knit or crochet? Make afghans, scarves, sweaters, or even wash clothes for sale! Do you quilt? Make handmade quilts to order and you could make a nice profit.
Woodworking – If you’re willing to practice woodworking, there are many products you could make and offer for sale. For best profits consider using woods offered for free or inexpensive scraps.
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pencilbrony · a year ago
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wolverinequeen · 2 months ago
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This quail’s name is Chocolate Milk
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2 Quails (Just the two of them) for Fat Bird Friday! (they are girlfriends)
© Harlen Chen
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The baby button quail are here!
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todaysbird · 4 months ago
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japanese quail with color mutations. while not as extensive as some other poultry, such as chickens, domestic quail have been bred to show many different color types and mutations, such as buff and lavender. these types aren’t typically used for hunting or food, but as pets or show birds, similar to show breeds of chicken or turkey.
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At dusk, after a monsoon storm, we saw this tiny bunny in the yard.  It was smaller than a mesquite bean, so I named it Mesquite Bean.  As the rain stopped, it hopped across the driveway and disappeared into some tall weeds.
Cochise County, Arizona, July 10 2021. 
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xxx-stim-xxx · 4 months ago
Aromantic + birds for @gildedaroace
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💚.💚.💚 - 🤍.🤍.🤍 - 🖤.🖤.🖤
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Gray day flyaway..
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5 days old vs 1 year old
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