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seawaterlines · 22 days ago
Do you want to do marine service? Then read this article, here we listed some points that marine surveyors want their clients to know.
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tcconsultancyae-blog · 2 months ago
Best quantity surveyor company in UAE
   What is quantity surveyor    
The modern quantity surveyor (QS) plays a central role in the management of construction projects. Quantity surveying largely deals with managing and controlling various aspects of construction. They are the financial managers of the construction industry and need to manage costs effectively whilst considering quality, sustainability and the needs of the client.
Throughout the lifetime of a construction project, quantity surveyors are heavily involved. This includes all stages of the design, construction and operation of property developments, including residential, commercial, industrial and retail, as well as infrastructure projects such as roads, railways and airports.        
TC Consultancy provides best quantity surveyor and commercial management solutions for Clients in UAE, the Asia Pacific region, and globally. With our proven expertise we provide a range of supplementary business solutions, mentioned below, within the Construction industry.          
Quantity surveyor duties typically include:
·         Conducting feasibility studies to estimate materials, time and labour costs
·         Preparing, negotiating and analysing costs for tenders and contracts
·         Coordination of work effort
·         Advising on a range of legal and contractual issues
·         Valuing completed work and arranging for payments
The world has evolved and computer practices have simplified professional services in every sector of world economies and day to day life
Cost management in construction and the role of the quantity surveyor in delivering the necessary services has developed significantly and continues to evolve to meet the changing needs of clients. This evolution has been driven in part by the impetus for change in procurement and contract strategies generated by construction industry.
During and after the construction period of the project, tc consultancy support & ensure that all actions taken in relation to the financial administration of the contract are fair to all parties.
How Do Quantity Surveyors Work?
Before the start of any construction project, the quantity surveyor analyze the drawing and specifications of the new building that architects or engineers provide. This involves the BIM, from this the surveyors calculate the quantity of the material used in the building. Also, they must calculate the accurate work or labour cost.
Quantity surveying relies on the technical measurement tools for accurate cost result. For example building cost historical data to analyze and give the early cost advice, budget the benchmarked projects and to prepare the lifecycle plan. For this, he/she must have a thorough understanding of building regulations in order hold on to them and make sure the building project passes. During the whole construction of the building, surveyors keep eye on the cost.
Our portfolio of services offers Cost Consultancy, Quantity Surveying in Dubai, Project Management & Development and Tenancy & Facility Management Support to architectural, engineering and construction industries across United Arab Emirates. We deliver successful developments and reliable construction management solutions to residential buildings and villas, infrastructure, luxury hotels, art galleries, malls, parks, commercial buildings, high rise towers, development projects for the private sector and clients, government sector, consultants and contractors. Our motto is to provide bespoke solutions in a professional manner within the stipulated time.
TC Consultancy specializes in customizing its approach for diverse construction projects as per the needs and challenges of each project, irrespective of its size and scope. We specialize in Quantity Surveying Services. for more information visit our webpage.
Contact Us: +971 6 557 3924              
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wallsasia · 2 months ago
Top Civil Construction Contracting Company In Hyderabad & Secunderabad. We Execute quality Civil Contracts at low cost & Asper specifications.
Contact us for fabulous design Ideas: 7995113333, 40-29705033
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tcconsultancyae-blog · 3 months ago
Best Procurement Strategy Company  in Dubai
TC Consultancy specializes in customizing its approach for diverse construction projects as per the needs and challenges of each project, irrespective of its size and scope. 
We specialize in Quantity Surveying Services, Project Management, Project Development, Tenancy and Facility Support Management.
 We offer Tenancy Management System for a wide spectrum of tenancy contracts and related legal documentation prevalent in construction industry.
 for more information you can contact us  +971 6 557 3924  or visit our webpage 
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tcconsultancyae-blog · 5 months ago
Construction project Management
 At TC Consultancy, as an established Project Management Consultants in UAE service provider in the market, our primary objectives to Client are to meet the following criteria:
·         Time : Delivery or completion on or before the date agreed with Client.
·         Cost : Completion within the budgeted cost.
·         Specification : A building that meets the set standards of quality.
In Construction project Management, we follow systematic engineering approach. We deliver, manage the complete process which includes the discipline of project planning, project monitoring, managing resources & subcontractors and supporting design deliverables to bring about the successful completion of specific project goals and objectives.
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 Our scope of work in project management is not limited to::
 ·         Setting Out the Client and project demand.
·         Driving the project framework development.
·         Strengthening stakeholder.
·         Procuring construction services.
·         Competitive benchmark setup.
·         Risk Analysis and Allocation Management.
·         Design review and advise.
·         Program / Schedule Management.
·         Total Quality Management.
·         Providing sophisticated approach to project organization.
·         Authority approval guidelines.
·         Vital role in driving Project Execution Plan.
Cost management in construction and the role of the quantity surveyor in delivering the necessary services has developed significantly and continues to evolve to meet the changing needs of clients. This evolution has been driven in part by the impetus for change in procurement and contract strategies generated by construction industry.
Clients wish to obtain their increasingly more complex projects within budget and on time and to the necessary quality. Cost management, a function traditionally undertaken by quantity surveyors, therefore remains of critical importance to project success.
Cost or commercial management critical to achieving value-for-money outcomes but also that the requirements for effective performance of this role are constantly evolving. This inevitably necessitates constant review and evaluation of cost or commercial management practice to ensure that both industry and academia keep pace with these changes and with best practice.
During and after the construction period of the project, we support & ensure that all actions taken in relation to the financial administration of the contract are fair to all parties.
Business Assist
·         Business feasibility studies to assess the viability of a scheme prior to design
·         Project Evaluation: development appraisals
·         Acting as client’s/employer’s agent under the title of project manager
·         Advise Client in selecting Consultants
·         Pre-Contract cost planning at various stages
·         Assessing capital and revenue expenditure over the whole life of a facility
·         Advising on the setting of budgets
 Construction Solutions
 Procurement Strategy:
 ·         Advising clients and advising appropriate procurement route for the project
·         Monitoring design development against planned expenditure
·         Conducting value management and engineering exercises
·         Managing and analysing risk including identification and analysis
·         Selection of suitable form of contract
·         Managing the tendering process as per the standard guidelines
·         Due diligence reporting by confirming a scope of services provided in a tender
·         Recommendation and selection advise of suitable Contractor
·         Project Delivery
 ·         Preparing contractual documentation
·         Controlling cost during the construction process
·         Managing the commercial success of a project for a contractor
·         Valuing construction work for interim payments
·         Valuing change orders
·         Estimates of likely cost of variations
·         Advise on expenditure of PS/PC rate management
·         Prepare regular cost reports
·         Assessing or compiling claims for loss and expense and agreeing final accounts
·         Giving advice on the avoidance and settlement of disputes.
·         After Completion:
·         Prepare final account
·         Defect Liability Management
·         Life-cycle costing options for various types of construction
 Our Skills and Competence:
 We are expertise in cost management and contract administration to carry out the functions effectively. We are possessing the necessary skills and ability to manage cost effectively, equating quality and value with individual client needs. We carry out services with additional skills and competencies, such as:
Knowledge and understanding of Construction Technology
 Programming and planning
 ·         Quantification and cost at all stages of project
·         Contract Drafting
·         Health and safety
·         Insurance
·         Risk Management
·         Value management and Value Engineering
·         Negotiation
·         Conflict Avoidance & Dispute Resolution Services:
·         Delay Analysis
·         EOT Preparation
·         Mediation
·         Negotiations
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doughertymckinney77 · 7 months ago
Tips For Choosing A Good Building Law firm
If you happen to be into structure company this is advisable to currently have legal representation. Your construction legal professional will be your own legal representative and he is going to take care of just about all the authorized issue that encompasses your construction task. Your lawyer will offer legal guidance around issues of building regulation, will help you to negotiate with programmers and other involved parties, will look following your financial aspect regarding the construction assignment in addition to also take care connected with typically the disputes that might come up during the construction approach. Choosing a great design lawyer might not end up being that simple. So, contract review may use a few tips that will come throughout handy while choosing a good construction lawyer. The initial suggestion is the idea is very important that you choose a attorney who else specializes in construction legislation and possesses in depth knowledge for a passing fancy. You may be captivated by the most respected counselor firm however it might so come about that the company has earned the track record by means of dealing in family regulations and criminal laws. Therefore the reputed law will not serve your purpose. Another tip is always standard bank on a experienced legal professional. Even so this alone will be not enough and thus an individual will need to notice that whether the design lawyer is experienced inside of your form if job or not really. Check whether the lawyer did just in small housing construction projects or much larger buying plaza projects. Another idea is, see whether or not the lawyer has represented only 1 specific area of design around the past or no matter if they has represented varied customers like financers, architects and even builders. Fourthly, see that the particular lawyer offers good talking skills. Previous profitable discussions of this past are an indication that the lawyer can easily properly negotiate with worried functions. Fifth, the construction legal professional need to have knowledge about the latest construction and building regulations. Lastly, keep in mind that you will have to have to work in conjunction with your construction legal professional throughout the construction process in addition to therefore you will need to opt regarding someone who else is accessible, helpful and is ready in order to listen closely to his consumers.
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coltonaxel · 7 months ago
Why do you need of a quantity surveyor?
Repair and renovation of properties through Dispute Resolution In Construction can achieve you more profit than purchasing one. You can either sell your property at a high price or rent it out. In both ways, you may put yourself at the risk of losing a sale and maintenance cost. However, necessary repair and renovation through property Construction Dispute Resolution and depreciation bring you some profits.
What is property depreciation?
Depreciation of Property Depreciation Schedule is allotted against your taxable income and you can earn savings in the tax season. Depreciation can be claimed over the building and plant and equipment allowance. The plant and equipment session covers the items you use in the building including carpets, machineries, oven and others. On the other hand, Building Allowance and Tax Depreciation Schedule covers the building cost of the property.
How to file for depreciation?
Filing depreciation has a cutoff date and Building Allowance and Plant and Equipment claims can be filed together if the property was built before July 1985.
Residential and commercial properties have different cutoff dates to apply.
You will want to contact an expert quantity surveyor to proceed with this entitlement.
A Tax Depreciation Report is required to sketch out the deductions from the property.
Depreciation is calculated to pay less tax, so you need advice and assistance from a quantity surveyor who will inspect the property and prepare property depreciation schedules.
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Depending on the experience and reliability of the surveyor, you can earn good amount of savings from depreciation procedure. Experts recommend tax payers to choose a quantity surveyor who is a member of Australian Institute of Property Depreciation Report. This ascertains that he/she is qualified and experienced to provide you all necessary deductions.
Savings from depreciation can vary depending on the kind of property you have, and many elements such as age, use and fitout have great impact over the evaluation procedure. To get a depreciation schedule, you will want to pay a certain amount as fee and it varies on the type of the property and also the size, location and other significant elements.
Depreciation schedules are fully Property Tax Depreciation and you are given a great chance to save a lot by claiming depreciation and deductions on the property depreciation schedule fees. If you are able to choose a well established and talented quantity surveyor, you can earn a lot of savings! Therefore, choosing the right surveyor is important when it comes to calculating depreciation on properties and assets.
There is a plethora of surveyors and tax law agencies to choose from for property depreciation needs. Since there are many choices, you will find choosing the most appropriate professional a difficult task. Look for word of mouth advertisements and genuine reviews to take a well informed decision regarding property depreciation evaluation professionals.
Importance of property depreciation reports
Property valuation is necessary to know how useful the property is and if it can be invested. Property owners need to keep the value of their property known and updated. Valuation is performed by experts who are the licensed professionals to estimate the value of a property or asset.
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pejasurveyingltd · 7 months ago
PEJA Surveying Ltd is completely dedicate to serving the needs of project owners and contractors who have chosen our services. We offer a wide range of quantity surveying services for every stage of your project. PEJA Surveying Ltd sticks to an individual approach to every client that translates into a significant decrease of a project’s cost, boost in its market value, and reduction of the implementation terms.
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sixresults-blog · 7 months ago
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bidkon · 7 months ago
Quantity Surveyors In Melbourne
Bidkon construction consultants are one of the leading quantity surveyors in Melbourne. Bidkon is registered building practitioner with Victorian building authority in the category of quantity surveyors. contact us at: , Call us : 0430194637 and Visit Our Website:
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bidkon · 9 months ago
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bidkon · 9 months ago
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bidkon · 9 months ago
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