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#Queen Iduna of Arendelle

Runeard’s Pokemon Team

Shiny Growlithe -> Arcanine (choosy with who he lets get close to him, a bit guarded)

Shiny Magikarp -> shiny Gyarados (his more violent and angry pokemon, escaped to the Black Sea and turned it into a violent place due to it’s rage)

Charmander -> Charmeleon -> Charizard (left Runeard, was found by Anna and rehabilitated by her)

Turtonator (bit of a dick, pretended to charge an explosion all the time around Agnarr and terrifying him)

Rockruff -> Midnight Form Lycanroc (not very nice, took from Riolu and Rockruff’s food and picked on them)

Mega: Gastly -> Haunter -> Gengar (it tormented Agnarr at night for years, often Mega evolving just to scare the babi king)

Image by: @queen-iduna-of-arendelle.

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give anna hugs 2k19. || @queen-iduna-of-arendelle​.

queen-iduna-of-arendelle said: ♡♡♡♡

            Anna had always loved hugs. but hugs from her parents were some of her favorite hugs. so it was no wonder that when her mother, suddenly and unexpectedly, hugged her, Anna was quick to sink into the embrace, lips curved into a bright smile, arms locked around the woman’s torso.


            she didn’t pull back for some moments. but when she did, she gave her mother an adoring look.

                                    『 ❝ youre hugs are always the best. ❞ 』

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Cold Secrets Chapter 3: New Normal

A/N: Thanks for reading!!!

This is an AU where Runeard doesn’t build the dam until after Anna and Elsa are born as a gift to the Northuldra leader for allowing Iduna and Agnarr to marry. Whilst visiting the forest an incident involving Nøkk exposes Elsa’s magic to Runeard. Runeard attempts to kill Elsa but fails. Anna and Elsa are forced to stay in the secret room by day and their locked bedrooms by night. Until one day that balance is thrown off by a devastating loss.

It had been three years since the events in the forest and ‘acting the part’ was no longer a sufficient plan.  Anna and Elsa’s bedroom had turned into a winter wasteland due to Elsa’s frequent nightmares and was no longer in use.  The girls were given separate rooms but were always found in the same bed in the mornings. As Anna and Elsa grew closer their parents continued to drift apart.   There were times when Agnarr and Iduna’s spats required an intervention because things got out of hand.  

Despite the strain on their relationship, Agnarr and Iduna always worked together when studying Elsa’s magic. Agnarr was reading a book about nightmares in a means to help his eldest sleep better when Iduna placed a map in front of him.  “Ahtohallan. That’s where we need to go!” She was unusually excited about something they knew so little about.  

“Ahto-who-what?”  Agnarr asked quizzically while studying the map’s various locations.  “Ahtohallan, it holds all the answers about the past and what we’re a part of.  If we go there, we might be able to help Elsa reach her full potential.” Iduna began to list off all the legends and myths about the river while Agnarr was still wrapping his head around it.  He traced a dotted line from Arendelle to the Dark Sea and then to Ahtohallan. “…of course we might need to sail for two weeks and leave the girls with that tyrant, but we could give them instructions on how to carry on as if we were there with them. What do you think?”  She gave him that adventurous smile that rarely made an appearance after she left the forest. Agnarr smiled and held both her hands in his. “I’m all for it. If we’re able to find answers about Elsa’s uniqueness then it’s a trip worth taking.” Iduna embraced him and the two shared a kiss for the first time in months.


Anna laid on her back with her legs against the grandfather clock.  She mimicked the ticking with her tongue and watched the pendulum with her eyes.   Eventually watching the minute and hour hands revolve around the clock became repetitive.  At ten, Anna knew better than to open the door and disobey her parents, but having finished her lessons earlier than Elsa, the sameness of routine was bound to be broken.  Just as her hand closed around the marble horse head, a snowball whizzed past her.  

“Hey!"  She whipped around glaring at Elsa who was studying Arendellian history.   Elsa looked up, giving her younger sister a warning glance. "We can’t leave, remember?"  

"What if grandfather isn’t even in the castle?"  Anna suggested while attempting to open the door again.  "Don’t you miss running through the halls and seeing what Mama and Papa were up to?"  Elsa put down her fountain pen and sighed. Admittedly, Elsa did miss being carefree and biking down the halls despite the several warnings Agnarr gave them.   "Remember that old bicycle that father got from Germany? We used to ride it everywhere,” Mused Elsa as she recalled a simpler time.  

While her sister was distracted, Anna pulled the marble horse head and opened the door.  The sound of the stone door revolving brought Elsa back to reality. Upon seeing that her sister had left the only place they were safe, Elsa instinctively followed after her.  

“Anna! Anna, I’m not joking this is serious!” She yelled, checking every corridor for the feisty redhead.   After having walked the entire castle twice, Elsa noticed something…or rather someone sticking out behind the potted  crocuses in front of their parents’ bedroom. The door to the bedroom was slightly ajar. Curious, Elsa crouched next to the potted crocus and pinched Anna’s arm.  “Ow!” 

“That’s what you get for not listening to me,” Elsa narrowed her brows, “Anna you can’t just run off like tha-“  Anna placed a hand over Elsa’s mouth.

"Shh! I’m trying to listen."  Sure enough their parents’ voices rang out clearly inside the room.  “Are we sure Ahtohallan is a good idea?” Questioned Agnarr as he packed his suitcase with jackets and coats.  Iduna placed a hand on his shoulder and smiled empathetically.  

“I get it, you’re worried about going too far.  I’m sure Ahtohallan offers warnings to those who are about to cross the threshold.”  She kissed his cheek and continued to place journals and books into her own suitcase.   Agnarr paused for a moment, considering how not telling their daughters that they are leaving could affect them.  If he and Iduna never returned, Runeard would easily be able to hunt Anna and Elsa down. No matter how hard he tried, all Agnarr could do was think of the negatives.  Every dire situation he imagined ended the same way: his father ruling over Arendelle with an iron fist while Elsa and Anna watched from the dungeon or worse their graves.   “Iddy, maybe we should tell them-”

“Tell us what?”  Anna asked in an accusatory tone.  The redhead stood with her arms crossed over her chest.  She had heard enough secrets and saw how they tore her family apart.  No more! She thought listening to her parents talk in hushed tones.   Iduna sighed, looking over at the large family portrait hanging over the dimming fireplace.  She then looked back at Anna who was now joined by Elsa. The two stared her down, giving angry glares.   “We’re going on a diplomatic trip. The boat leaves in two hours, and we’ll be gone for two weeks.” Iduna watched as Anna’s arms dropped as fear flashed across her face. 

 “Wait, you’re leaving?”, Asked Anna, as reality began to sink in.  Tears suddenly formed in the corner of her eyes and she took a few deep breaths to calm herself.  It didn’t work, Anna let out a quiet whimper as she stood in the doorway crying. In an instant Iduna and Agnarr were embracing her.   Agnarr looked up and saw Elsa lingering outside the room, a snow flurry above her head. “Elsa?” Now the entire family is looking in her direction.  

“Why are you leaving now?! What if we’re in danger and you aren’t there to help?!”  Elsa looked between her parents, the anger in her rising. Agnarr spoke first, placing both hands on Elsa’s shoulders.  “I know it’s sudden and you think it’s outright stupid, but Elsa this is for you and Anna. It’s to save your future. If you’re angry…you have every right to be.”   

“This is just something that couldn’t be put off until later.  We’re sorry…” Iduna added, attempting to get a hug but Elsa refused.  “I don’t forgive you, nor do I accept your apology. You weren’t going to say goodbye!  I didn’t even know you were leaving until ten minutes ago!” With tears in her eyes, the thirteen year old ran off to her room.   

“Elsa!”  Iduna yelled, running after her eldest.  She stopped, seeing that the door to the old nursery was ajar.  Peeking inside the room, Iduna noticed that the small ice statues that hadn’t moved in years were now in motion again.    One in particular caught her eye, it was of a fairy’s wings being cut off. The scene played on a loop next to Elsa who was sitting on her bay window.   “ That’s very tragic, isn’t it?” Iduna asked as she sat next to the troubled teen. Elsa glanced at her and turned her attention back to the ice statues.  “That’s why you can’t leave. He’ll clip my wings…” She whispered looking out at the fjord where Agnarr and Anna were helping Kai load the suitcases onto the ship.  “Elsa, you and Anna will be okay, I have a feeling.” Iduna noticed a blue and green cloth protruding from the doll crib next to the window. She lifted the blue cloth and smiled.  “This was the scarf you were wrapped in as a baby. I want you and Anna to hold onto these. When you get lonely or scared just wrap it around your shoulders…it’ll be like I’m giving you a hug.”   Iduna wrapped the shawl around Elsa’s shoulders and kissed her on the forehead.  

“I believe I have a trip to go on.  Come see me and your father off,” Ordered Iduna as she stood up, Elsa following suit.   

As the boat began to disembark, Anna and Elsa ran after it.  They waved goodbye and blew kisses at their parents until the boat disappeared beyond the horizon.  Out of breath and sweaty, Anna squeezed Elsa’s hand, solidifying a promise she had made internally.  We must always protect each other.   In some ways, some promises were meant to be broken.   


Two weeks soon became five. It was warm and the sun was streaming through the windows which was a contrast to the dire news Gerda had received.  

“Your Majesty, I have some unfortunate news: Prince Agnarr and Lady Iduna’s ship was lost in a storm.  There were no survivors.” Runeard ran his fingers through his greying hair and sunk into his throne.   “Thank you Gerda, I’ll tell the princesses after supper.”  

Anna’s face contorted as she tried to grasp what had become of her parents.  Her legs buckled and she collapsed in a fit of sobs. The shrill cries echoed through the castle reaching Elsa’s room.  At first when she heard the cries, Elsa assumed it was Gerda but then she heard Gerda’s calm voice say: “Princess Anna, please.  You’ll hurt your voice.” Elsa’s heart sunk as she heard the heart wrenching sobs of her younger sister getting louder as Anna neared the room.  The rhythmic knock that Elsa was used to was replaced by a small tap on the door. She opened the door and gathered Anna into her arms. “Wha-”

“Your parents didn’t survive their trip. I’m so sorry.”  Gerda answered before leaving the two alone. The sisters cuddled together in silence, the only sound being the beating of their shattered hearts. 

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Frozen AU: Cold Secrets

What if Runeard built the dam later as ‘gift’ to the Northuldra leader and the Northuldra for letting Iduna marry Agnarr as a way to join the two lands(Aka give Runeard claims over the forest).

The royal family goes to the forest to see the dam and an incident involving Nøkk reveals Elsa’s magic to Runeard.

Runeard then tries to kill Elsa but the spirits intervene and allow Agnarr, Iduna, Elsa, Anna and Mattias to escape before its closed forever but Runeard pushes Mattias back and escapes the mist leaving Mattias and other soldiers trapped with the Northuldra.

While alive Iduna and Agnarr try to keep Elsa safe from Runeard by guarding the room by night and staying in the secret room by day.

Eventually Agnarr and Iduna have to leave and find answers or help from Ahtohallan. The girls are 10 and 13 when Agnarr and Iduna die at sea.

After his son’s death at sea, Runeard takes a sleeping Anna to the hidden folk(no trolls in this AU) and orders them to alter her memories or he’ll have them killed for treason(falsely obviously). Not being able to defy a king the hidden folk do as they’re told and alter Anna’s memories so she thinks Elsa went with their parents and died at sea with them. She also doesn’t remember Elsa’s magic.

Runeard also orders the hidden folk to alter the memories of the kingdom so everyone else also thinks that Elsa died and never had magic. After erasing the kingdom’s and Anna’s memories Runeard locks Elsa in the dungeon.

EDIT thank you @fericita-s for this idea: When Anna is 18 she is crowned because Runeard is dying of a disease and he has already found someone to keep Anna in line. Prince Hans. Anna and Hans are engaged.

Her engagement/coronation ball is crashed by Elsa who after 8 years in a dungeon is seeking revenge. Anna doesn’t believe that Elsa is alive because the Elsa she remembers never had magic.

Elsa causes an eternal winter and leaves the kingdom in a blizzard. Anna is forced to go after her sister and stop the storm. Before she leaves Runeard hands her a pair of gloves that will get rid of Elsa’s magic.

That’s all I have so far! I’m still figuring out some details.

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This is the moment when Elsa accepts herself for what she is. I love this scene, the way her mother looks at her gives her that confidence that her parents have always loved her for who she is, and it is also thanks to this that she is able to show herself 💙

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Family Ties

In my previous analysis “Distant Relative”, I discussed the relationship between Runeard and Agnarr and what hints there were that it was a poor one. While the prologue of Frozen II barely features any scenes of them together to suggest this, it is this same part in the film’s novelization that is more implicating of Runeard not having been very personally interested or involved in his son’s life, with his only interest in Agnarr being related to the latter’s role as the prince and future king of Arendelle.

Now in the film, while telling Anna and Elsa about the Enchanted Forest, Agnarr mentions his father’s act of “gifting” (to his and everyone else’s beliefs, anyway) the dam to the Northuldra as a peace offering and symbol of unity between them and Arendelle in a positive manner. What he says and how he says his words about Runeard made it sound like Agnarr respected and held his father in high regard.

However, Agnarr speaks of his father doing his “good” deed just as the king of Arendelle that he was. He never goes into more specific details about what Runeard was like as a father, or as a person in general. Like I mentioned above, and in the aforementioned analysis, the first couple of pages in the novelization’s prologue chapter insinuated that Runeard and Agnarr hardly had any kind of relationship other than a royal, professional-like one. Agnarr’s feelings of dejection following his father ordering him to stay with Mattias and leaving him behind suggest that there was almost no father-son bond, and a loving one at that, between them. In Runeard’s case, he may have prized Agnarr just for being his heir and part of the legacies for himself and his kingdom. So the only times Runeard most likely ever paid attention to his son was whenever Agnarr had or would have any significance in affecting his father’s image and for that of Arendelle.

Moving on, if Runeard was far more invested, to the point of obsessed, in his royal status, power, and legacy, with any attention he ever gave his child being related only on his own royal status, then I don’t think he would have had any familial, much less any kind of personal, interest in Iduna, or even in Elsa and Anna. If Runeard viewed Agnarr as nothing significant to him, other than as the one to follow in his footsteps as Arendelle’s ruler, he likewise would not have seen Iduna, Elsa, and Anna as his family, as people that he would/should have cherished, loved, and cared about unconditionally and unquestionably. Rather, Runeard would have thought of them just as his assets, as his successors, as his heirs and descendants, whose main, if not sole, purposes to him would be to keep the legacy he started going, to ensure that it and his kingdom never fell.

(Now the content in these next couple of paragraphs are all based on “what if” scenarios, none of which would have likely happened anyway if Runeard had never initiated the war between his soldiers and the Northuldra, but I just want to consider the possible alternate concepts for now, anyway.)

Based on his assumed obsession with his kingly power and legacy, I believe that if he had lived long enough to see Agnarr grow up and come of age to get married, Runeard would have wanted his son to marry either a princess or a queen; in other words, he would want Agnarr’s wife to ONLY be a woman who was born into royalty. Reading his quote from the novelization’s prologue chapter, “Remember, Agnarr - you represent Arendelle”, makes me believe that Runeard would have wanted to uphold the royal image of his kingdom by having his heir marry another person of monarchy. Therefore, it’s my opinion and headcanon that he would have COMPLETELY disapproved of the idea of Agnarr marrying a peasant, a commoner, or anyone born of a much lower social class than his and Agnarr’s royal ones. Perhaps Runeard’s fixation was to such an extreme that he would have considered it insulting that his son married Iduna, a woman who came from peasantry, the very opposite of monarchy. Perhaps he would have thought that his son marrying someone who wasn’t another royal figure would tarnish, or dirty, the Arendelle’s royal blood lineage, since Runeard’s grandchildren and all other future descendants would not contain “pure” royal blood.

But the icing on the cake here is, while Runeard would definitely have been displeased with the concept of Agnarr marrying Iduna, it wouldn’t have been just because she wasn’t born royal…but because she was a Northuldran! If he had survived the forest battle and somehow discovered that Iduna was a Northuldran, then Runeard WITHOUT HESITATION would NEVER have accepted her! On the total contrary, he would have been ENRAGED that his son was saved by, befriended, and then married a member of the very tribe of people he detested!

When it comes to Agnarr’s reaction about Iduna’s past and her being his savior, there are a few various possible outcomes, but they would still be drastically different than those of his father. Now while growing up and for years after they married, Iduna never told Agnarr the truth about herself because he held negative feelings about her people, with believing the Northuldra attacked the Arendellians first and were indirectly responsible for his father’s death. If Agnarr learned in his childhood that Iduna was the one who rescued him, he may have still had these feelings towards the Northuldra, but he would no doubt have been eternally thankful to Iduna for saving his life! As I said in this analysis, one memory Elsa sees in Ahtohallan is of her parents together, with Iduna wanting to come clean to Agnarr about her history, and he assures her “I love you” before she says this, then further with “I’m listening” after she says it. The earlier revelation of them traveling to Ahtohallan on their last voyage is crystal clear confirmation to me that she did tell him the truth, because as a Northuldran, Iduna was the SOLE person in Arendelle who knew Ahtohallan was real and where it was. We can only speculate how Agnarr reacted to the truth, but I have no doubts that even then, while he would most definitely be stunned about her heritage and origins at first, above all, he would have been so grateful to Iduna that his love for her wouldn’t have ended, but intensified.

But with Runeard, it would have been just the contrary. Part of it would relate to the implication that he had little to no consideration over Agnarr’s well-being during the battle. After he killed the Northuldra leader and lied to his soldiers that he was attacked first, Runeard’s next move was to attack other Northuldrans rather than look for Agnarr and bring him to safety. (Since Mattias was the one who had concern for Agnarr while Runeard is fiercely engaged in combat with another Northuldran, it reinforces my belief, which I mentioned in “Distant Relative”, that he wanted nothing to do with the responsibility of Agnarr’s care and have it fall entirely in someone else’s hands.) If Runeard managed to escape the forest with Agnarr and Iduna, and discovered that she was his savior, I think he still wouldn’t have even been reflecting on Agnarr’s safety first, if at all! He would only been thinking about his fury that his son was saved by a Northuldran! However, if he was still attempting to preserve his false image and keep his true nature under wraps at that time, perhaps Runeard would have concealed his fury and unconcern over Agnarr’s welfare by “thanking” Iduna for her heroism and displaying false worry over Agnarr following the battle.

Still, whenever or however Runeard would/could uncover Iduna’s true roots, such a discovery means he not only would have never approved of her, he consequently wouldn’t ever accept Elsa and Anna, either, just because they BOTH have Northuldran roots! But his bigotry would have been aimed more towards Elsa because she has magic, which was the only other thing that he detested!

Now I’ve said this before, but I want to say it again to make my point about this very clear: yes, I firmly, unquestionably, undoubtedly, and truly believe that Runeard would never have accepted Elsa for being magical.

And just WHY do I believe this, you may ask? Well, it’s all based on everything he says about it, which reveals his true nature when Elsa comes upon the memory figure of him in Ahtohallan.


I mean, look at Runeard here in this moment. Just LOOK at his face! Like I said in ”Pride and Prejudice“ and “King Runeard, the Lying Hater”, the way he looks when he shakes his head and scowls deeply, and the way his voice sounds while he speaks the final words of his sentence, most especially “of a king!”, clearly portrays him as being EXTREMELY hateful and bigoted towards magic! Thus, it’s crystal clear to me that Runeard was totally definite, final, and conclusive in his prejudiced beliefs about magic, that he was so consumed by his hatred and paranoia of it that it made him too stubborn to think otherwise, that there was NOTHING that could be said or done to make him change his mind, much less even make him reconsider his views, EVER!!!


So with taking all of that in mind, does THIS really look like the face of a man who would love Elsa, his own family, his own grandchild, unquestionably, completely, and unconditionally? So much so that he would have the ability to overlook the very thing that makes her unique and accept it just because she is his granddaughter? And likewise, would he love both of his grandchildren unconditionally enough to ignore the fact that they are part Northuldran?


So since Runeard’s interest in Agnarr did not extend outside the fact that the latter was a major part of his own monarchal legacy as his heir, then I think disowning and never acknowledging Elsa as his descendant just because she is magical would have been a very possible chance, and an easy one, for him to do. And since both sisters have Northuldra roots, I think there is a good chance that Runeard would have disowned Anna, too. 😔

When it comes to Elsa and Anna’s feelings towards their grandfather, the story Agnarr told them with Runeard’s supposed gift of the dam, and presumed other stories they were told about their grandfather as Arendelle’s founder and first king, apparently made them hold a lot of respect and admiration for Runeard while they were growing up. But only moments after Elsa discovers his true feelings towards magic and the Northuldra, why he built the dam in the first place, and that he murdered the leader in cold blood, which she relays off to Anna, both girls’ feelings towards their grandfather rapidly and permanently change. Once they learn of his heinous crimes and treacherous actions, Elsa and Anna are appalled, heartbroken, and instantly furiously abandon all respect they once had for Runeard, and show no hesitation in deciding to end his evil reign by breaking the dam to free the forest and everyone in it from the mist imprisonment.

Now while it’s not officially confirmed in the film, I genuinely believe that Anna and Elsa told their people, and the Northuldra, that Runeard was the culprit behind the war. Of course, specifically because of their grandfather’s murderous deed, but also due to all of his lies and cover-ups about the dam’s true purpose and the Northuldra attacking the Arendellians first, there’s no question that the girls would be ashamed of that “bad blood” in their family.

I have been thinking about this and wondered if one reason why Elsa and Anna would be initially scared and reluctant to tell everyone about their grandfather’s betrayal is because this revelation could make other people think the girls and their parents are and were, respectively, actually like him, too. What I mean is, Runeard successfully fooled everyone in his kingdom (except for the second-in-command officer), from his own staff to his entire guard to the Arendellian citizens, into believing he was a benevolent, peaceful ruler when he was truly a malevolent, murderous tyrant. Consequently, the revelation of such a deep, dark secret about the former king of Arendelle could potentially make some Arendellians and Northuldrans believe that the rest of the royal family were/are lying about themselves and hiding dark secrets of their own behind closed doors and away from prying eyes. If so, nearly all fingers could be pointed squarely at Elsa since she has magic and it singles her out from the crowd. It could be like a near-identical scenario of when she accidentally revealed her powers the day of her coronation. For years and up until that day, the residents of Arendelle were completely oblivious to Elsa’s secret. Then once her powers were exposed, their feelings towards their new queen instantly turned from love and admiration to confusion and fear. The Duke of Weselton especially became so paranoid about Elsa that he tried to have her killed, and he even believed that Anna was secretly concealing magic powers of her own and simultaneously conspiring with her sister to destroy Arendelle and everyone in it.

However, by the end of the film, thanks to Anna’s undying optimism, love, and faith in her sister, Elsa begins to finally gain confidence in herself and her powers when she removes the winter weather. Her people see this and begin to understand the good things she can do with her magic, and so they start to accept her for them. By the time of Frozen II, Elsa has become a highly respected, beloved queen who is adored by her people, presumably most so because of her gift. So after three years of ruling with Anna by her side, I think the Arendellian citizens would be able to see just how benevolent both women truly are to realize that they don’t have any bad bones in their bodies like their grandfather did. I also think Elsa and Anna would push their worries aside and tell everyone else the truth regardless because they are so good, so selfless, benevolent, and caring, that they would know it wouldn’t be right to keep the whole truth a secret from their kingdom and the rest of the Northuldra. They would want their people to know that the Northuldra were completely innocent and never did anything wrong all those years ago. Telling both sides the whole truth would be the best way to end the decades-long feud between them.

Now of course, there is a good chance that, once they learned what really happened the day the forest fell, Yelana and her people might initially again become hostile towards Mattias and the rest of the soldiers because they had been wrong about the Northuldra all along. Since the person who started the conflict was someone from their side, that might still make them distrustful of the Arendellians, that they might even accuse the soldiers of secretly conspiring with their former king. But Elsa and Anna being who they are, they would be sure to peacefully settle any potential feuds between them, knowing full well and assuring everyone that Runeard alone was the mastermind. And besides the fact that the Northuldra welcomed the girls into their tribe upon learning they are half Northuldran from Iduna, I think they would realize that they can trust them completely. They could see just how much they are nothing like their grandfather since they went so far to do the next right things (sorry, but as always, I just can’t resist using these puns when they are so apropos! 😆) to break the mist and free their forest home.

So in the epilogue, the statues of Agnarr and Iduna as children have been constructed to represent the reconciliation of and the unity between Arendelle and the Northuldra. I see them as a strong indication that Elsa and Anna did tell everyone the whole story about Runeard and the past conflict, because if the Arendellians and the Northuldrans didn’t know about it, then it wouldn’t make any sense to have the statues created in the first place. With both sides knowing just who was really at fault, the statues were erected to establish a new beginning, and a true unity of peace, between the two groups. They represent a whole new start and legacy which actually officially began with Agnarr and Iduna’s marriage, followed by Anna and Elsa’s own respective births, and to effectively show that their Runeard’s terrible legacy is over for good.

With their statues’ purpose to symbolize the union between their respective original lands and groups of people, Agnarr and Iduna’s marriage and bond of love also means that, besides their daughters, their future grandchildren and all other descendants will always have both Arendellian AND Northuldran roots, meaning that the link between these two peoples is forever. 😊

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You know, theres nothing in either Rapunzel’s Tangled Adventure or Frozen 2 that contradicts the theory of Rapunzel being Anna and Elsa’s cousin. The only part of that theory contradicted is that Agnarr and Iduna weren’t going to Corona when their ship went down, and that it would for sure have to be Agnarr and Arianna (and Willow) that are siblings (which was already the theory I supported more), with Agnarr as presumably the oldest given that he became king immediately at 14yo.

I’m picturing 14yo Iduna dragging Agnarr out of the forest and back to the castle, where he wakes up to his two younger sisters hovering worriedly over him. And he has to tell them that their father died, that they’re orphans now, and a like 12yo Arianna pointing out that that means he’s now the king. And Arianna does her best to help her older brother with his duties as king, in the process learning more than everything she needs to know to eventually be Queen Consort of Corona. And Willow is probably still pretty little (I’m picturing about 8ish) so her siblings likely hire someone young to babysit/play with her so she’s not being raised purely by stuffy old royal tutors. And maybe that’s how Iduna gets dragged into the castle and maybe Willow decides she wants Iduna to be her sister too and tries her hand at playing matchmaker.

So Arianna becomes the perfect hostess and lady of court, and eventually falls for a young neighbouring king who comes to visit for some diplomatic function she’s undoubtedly hosting. While Willow spends her days enraptured by stories of magic and idolizing this older girl who grew up in the woods. And Agnarr begins to fall hard for the girl he hired to let his youngest sister be a child, unaware of the fact that she’s also the girl who saved his life. And eventually Willow goes off on her own to have adventures, as Arianna moves to Corona to marry Frederic, and Agnarr and Iduna get married as well. And for a while all five young royals think they’ve found their Happily Ever After’s especially as both couples are expecting babies soon, and Willow is ecstatic about getting to be an aunt.

And then Arianna gets insanely sick during her pregnancy, and between Iduna and Willow it gets suggested that there might be a magical cure to save her and the baby. And there is, and it works, and even though Rapunzel is born a few months early she’s a perfectly healthy and happy little girl. And then she’s kidnapped for her magical connection almost instantly.

And when Elsa is born sneezing snowflakes mere months later, of course Agnarr is terrified. Magic killed his father, almost killed him, and just barely got his newborn niece abducted, throwing his sister and brother-in-law into a deep depression. He is understandably terrified. But magic also saved his sister’s life, and he has faint fragments of memory telling him that magic can be fun and beautiful, so combined with his wife’s insistence that their daughter’s powers are a blessing, and the fact that he can’t bring himself to do anything less than adore his tiny child, he is cautiously optimistic.

And so for eight years Willow splits her time between her journeys - which now serve a dual purpose of trying to help find her oldest niece - and visiting her siblings, regailing her two non-missing nieces with tales of magic and adventure, and trying to bring a smile back to her older sister’s face. And Anna and Elsa adore their aunt, hanging on every word of her stories the same way she listened to their mother’s stories as a child.

And then suddenly the castle in Arendelle is closed off completely. No more visits from Willow in between adventures. No more summers spent in Corona with Arianna and Frederic. They barely even exchange letters. And the family that raised eachother while ruling a kingdom begins to fall apart. And Willow tries to keep up visiting her sister, but with Iduna having asked her to help them figure out Elsa’s powers while simultaneously staying away, eventually two months between visits becomes six months, then a year, and then several. And then eventually, almost a decade after the family has had regular contact Rapunzel is found. And Arianna practically begs for at least one of her siblings to come meet her daughter and be there for the official court welcome.

But Elsa’s fear of her powers has gotten to the point where she hasn’t even left her room in months, and nothing Agnarr and Iduna do is helping. So they’re already planning on their trip to Ahtohollan and decide that they’ll make a detour to Corona on their way home, using this invite to justify their trip to their daughters and advisors. And Anna desperately wants to come with them, to meet her cousin, and to interact with anyone close to her age more than merely a once-in-a-blue-moon family dinner that Elsa practically flees from as soon as possible. But with the primary reason for their trip Agnarr and Iduna deny her request, promising that she can go on the next trip to Corona.

And then they never show up in Corona, despite the letter saying they’d be there by this date, and a few weeks later word comes that their ship was lost. And Arianna probably blames herself to some degree for inviting them, and undoubtedly feels guilty that her nieces lost their parents right as she regained her daughter. So she tries to reach out, but in the panic that accompanies Elsa’s greif is pushed away.

And then all the craziness that is RTA/TTS happens and in the midst of that Arianna and Willow reconnect with off screen tears for their brother and sister-in-law, and promises of more frequent letters and visits both. And then suddenly before they even notice three years have passed, and Rapunzel and Eugine are married - and no one was really surprised when Elsa turned down the wedding invitation, though Anna was kinda mad at her for doing so - and then the first invite into Arendelle in thirteen years arrives. And only Rapunzel and Eugene go, because Arianna is worried that Anna and Elsa blame her for their parents deaths. And then the snowstorm hits.

And it’s been so long that Arianna and Frederic had completely forgotten about Elsa’s powers - not that they saw them much in the first place, just little accidental flurries, out of fear that they might blame all magic for Rapunzel disappearance - and she especially is kinda cursing herself for not considering that factor and instead just being mad at her brother and feeling that he was abandoning her. And in the aftermath, Anna and Elsa not only get eachother and their little hodgepodge found family and eventually their mother’s tribe, and Rapunzel doesn’t just get her parents and Eugene and their mess of a claimed family, but they also get eachother.

And a kinda crazy aunt who spent an overlapping 18y looking for one niece and 13y looking for a way to help the other two while on her adventures, and is kinda baffled at how bad their family got in regards to communicating and keeping secrets.

*EDIT: Also this would mean that there are at least 3 sets of sisters (possibly 4 if Iduna has a sister in Northuldra) in this family where one of them is in a castle dealing with royal duties, while the other runs around a forest going on adventures, and I find this hysterical.

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