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#Queen anna

Anna: *Deep voice* Oh, look! It is I, Hans Westergaard, out here in the open!

Elsa: *Turns around and Looks at Hans with sparkling eyes* Hansy?

Hans: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! *Bangs on the castle gates* AH! Come on! Let me back in! You don’t understand!

Elsa: *Pulls Hans into a bone-crushing hug* Oh, Hans! I was so worried! I thought something terrible happened!

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My favorite ‘Elsamaren mariage proposal’ headcanon to have is that it’s obvious that both of them went to Anna at different moments to ask for her advice, whether it be Elsa first, emotionally asking her dearest sister how she should ask for her lover’s hand, or Honeymaren first, passionately asking her to help her set a scene that would fill Elsa with happiness, and it’s a delight to imagine Anna trying her best not to tell one that the other had come to her already with the exact same topic, and Anna’s inner little devil smirking as she suggests the exact same idea for the proposal, so that both Elsa and Honeymaren gets into a cute, awkward double proposal then rush to come yell at her afterwards

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Totally random thought but do y’all think if somehow the ending of frozen 2 was changed and instead of Elsa staying in the forest with the Northuldra people, it was actually Anna, do you think that it would be a bit more in character and people wouldn’t be so upset with the ending or do y’all think that would be worse?

Cause IMO I wanted the ending where they both stayed in Arendelle but now I’m contemplating how everyone (and myself) would have reacted to Anna going and Elsa staying 🤔

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🎉Happy 1 year anniversary frozen 2!


I know the movie was far from perfect and it would be a stretch to call it my favorite movie but I don’t regret watching it at all. I’ve had too many good experiences with the movie to completely hate on it and it was the reason I joined the fandom in the first place. Could it have been better? Absolutely. Was it the worst thing in the world to watch? Absolutely not. The staff worked really hard on that movie and really tried to make it good and I really appreciate them for that. I hope for either a Frozen 3 or more short films about their lives after the 2nd movie.

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