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another physics term that fucks is the ULTRAVIOLET CATASTROPHE. it basically refers to a big problem in early 20th century physics where a well-known equation for the intensity of light emitted by an object in thermal equilibrium, was not actually accurate for higher frequencies. it was later solved by max planck by assuming that light can be quantized into “packets,” what would later be called photons by einstein
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Ohara Masterlist Part 2
Tumblr media
Hello! Here is a master list of all the works created on Ohara during the month we have been open. Every writer is tagged/linked and if they have a k-o-f-i in case you would like to tip them we have included that also! Thank you!
Remember to give everyone a follow <3 Also, I've done some warnings [ie gender sfw/n.sfw] but pay attention to each authors warnings!]
KEY: GN - Gender Neutral Reader F - Female pronouns used M - Male prounouns used DFAB - Female bodied reader/ no pronouns DMAB - Male bodied reader/no pronouns
Tumblr media
++Lev [@dxvilmanlev]++ [Tip Them Here <3]
Pokemon AU - Kid Pirates [SFW] Morning After - Thatch/Rayleigh [Sugesstive-GN] Giving them flowers - Smoker/Shanks/Corazon [SFW-GN]
Tumblr media
++Maxx [@sugxrslushy]++
Hit by a 'truth truth' fruit - Kid [SFW-GN] Comforting their S/O - Law [SFW-GN] Law after helping his trans S/O - [N/SFW - MTF] Wisdom tooh removal - Law [SFW-GN] Helping S/O who has night terrors - Law/Ace [SFW-GN] Soft Dom - Robin [N/SFW-F] Jerk off instructions - Robin/Perona [N/SFW-DFAB] Holding Hands Headcanons - Strawhats [SFW-GN] Talking to reader about his garden - Usopp [SFW-GN] Dirty things in public - Zoro [N/SFW-DFAB]
Tumblr media
++Meli [@kaizokuwritings]++
General Headcanons - King [Suggestive]
Tumblr media
++Star [@ztarvokwrites]++ [Tip Them Here <3]
With a S/O who likes to scare him - Buggy [SFW-GN] Capturing Axe Hand Morgan -Cobi/Hellempo [SFW] Spending time with their S/O - Dellinger [SFW-GN] Spending time with their S/O - Franky [SFW-GN] Comforting their S/O - Robin/Luffy [SFW-GN] Need to know - Sanji [SFW-GN] Sengoku losing Corazon [SFW]
Tumblr media
++Sunny [@missallsundaes]++ [Tip Them Here <3]
Giving them flowers - Corazon [SFW-GN] Yandere Harpy Marco - [N/SFW - GN] Morning After [Suggestive - GN] Sengoku losing Corazon [SFW]
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
This masterlist is INCOMPLETE and will probably stay that way because holy shit I wrote a lot and can’t find it. I will try my best to keep it up to date but it probably never will be. Keep in mind it was six pages long in google docs, I low key gave up and will be adding stuff as it appears from my queue.
Comedically Over Confident S/O (fem)
Monkey family as delusional Yanderes
Yandere Luffy with a nerdy darling
Yandere Luffy Snapping
Lavender Tea and Sake: (GN) Reader
At Starbucks
Nothing Yet
Nothing Yet
Nothing Yet
Nothing Yet
Nothing Yet
What clothing he’d make his darling wear
 Kid Pirates:
Eustass Kid:
Comedically Over confident s/o (fem)
Yandere with a nerdy Darling
Yandere with a nerdy Darling
Nothing Yet
Nothing Yet
At Starbucks
As a husband
Comedically over-confident s/o (fem)
Nothing Yet
Buggy the Clown:
General N/SFW Headcanons  (no excuses just shame)
Yandere!Buggy with a nerdy darling
Shanks (and Benn):
At Starbucks
 Whitebeard Pirates:
Edward Newgate:
Cockwarming with yandere white beard
Portgas D. Ace:
How they kiss you (GN)
General Headcanons 1 (GN)
General Headcanons 2 (M)
Comedically Over confident s/o (fem)
At starbucks
Pet Play (Puppy!Ace) (GN)
How they kiss you (GN)
At Starbucks
Thatch with a daddy kink
How they kiss you (GN)
As a husband  
How they kiss you (GN)
General Headcanons 1 (M)
At starbucks
Monkey D. Garp:
Reward (Inspired by @cherryshigarkis slutty old man collab, but not a part of it)
N/SFW headcanons/thirsty ramblings
Monkey family as delusional Yanderes
Garp forced marriage  
Yandere Garp pet names list
Yandere Garp is NOT a sugar daddy thank you very much 
More Yandere Garp
Starbucks barista darling
Yandere N/SFW headcanons
Darling saves Ace at marineford
Happy Birthday (Feat Sengoku)
Yandere!Koby headcanons
Yandere! Koby is a secret perv
Koby wet dream(afab!reader)
Yandere!Koby Praise kink
Pegging Koby
is yandere!Akainu a sweetheart? (Suggestive)
 Please search for his tag, as I know I’ve written for him but cannot find it
Autograph (AFAB reader)  (part of @lawscorazon curious cat Collab)
Yandere!Borsalino headcanons
Uniform inspection Scummy!Kizaru x fem reader (i wouldn't describe it as normal but also it could be argued for or against yandere. Either way mind the trigger warnings)
Nothing Yet
Happy Birthday (Feat Garp)
Nothing Yet
Nothing Yet
Nothing Yet
Roger Pirates:
Gol D. Roger:
 I have something for him, but it’s all poly
Yandere Rayleigh
Addicting Oden x male!reader (shameless smut)
Gol D. Roger AND Rayleigh:
Giving Darling Amnesia
Crying During Sex (Yandere)
Shameless thirst pt. 1
Shoulder Riding
Nothing Yet
Dragon watching him punish darling (NON-CON, all sorts of crazy shit)
Introvert Darling who loves books
Trying to kill him via cooking
Punishments +dragon
Getting married to yandere sabo
Trying to kill Dragon
Flat fuck friday yandere sabo n/sfw headcanons
Wearing his hat
Monkey D. Dragon:
Monkey family as delusional Yanderes
Trying to kill Dragon (As Sabo’s darling)
Princess Vivi:
Nothing Yet
Nothing Yet
Hysteria (rough draft/rant/thirst)
Hysteria (the actual fic) 1800s doctor!Law (fem) (for adultery, doctor’s abusing power, and general kinky shenanigans)
Darling who developed Stockholm Syndrome (features Sabo on top)
Introvert Darling who loves books
More book worm darling
General yandere rambling
More yandere law
Yandere Law kinks
Nothing Yet
Nothing Yet
Baby 5:
Nothing Yet
Rob Lucci:
Getting Kidnapped
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Franky my beloved, i came running when i saw you posting the April prompt list. thank you for blessing us once again with the chance to request <3
can i ask for Rayleigh or Roger with the prompts 3 or 35, please? thank you so much in advance and have fun with your prompts!
No worries, it's always a delight to write for your guys <3
and why the OR? why not BOTH?
Rayleigh and Roger x GN Reader [POLY] SFW Word Count: 401
Tumblr media
The tavern was full of laughter, the Roger pirates were known on this island and always welcomed with open arms. Drinks flowed endlessly when they were around, they’d buy for anyone who happened to be in the tavern at the time. Roger was a generous man even though Rayleigh had to reel him in sometimes.
Laughter filtered out into the night, drifting along with the warm sea breeze, disappearing into the night. The crew was lively and loud but never an inconvenience, the barkeep even kept it open longer than he usually did for his rowdy guests.
You sat at a table in the corner with Roger and Rayleigh sat around with you. Roger brought over another round, almost spilling the contents of the tall mugs when he landed, laughing loudly, arm around you and his first mate once he was seated.
“Alright my loves, drink up!” he cheered bringing you both close to him, planting a kiss on your cheek then Rayleigh’s before he moved away, sliding the foamy grog in your direction.
“To us!” he cheered, bringing his mug into the centre, you clanked the heavy wood of the tankards together.
The night was pleasant, the tavern warm even with the windows open, you watched fireflies dancing outside, chasing one another like falling stars in the sky above. You smiled when the innkeeper came over with a piece of parchment paper, navy issued it looked like.
“Found this from when you three started to cause a problem in these parts,” he said and dropped it on the table, Rayleigh picking it up and chuckling.
Before you’d each gotten your wanted poster you remembered this one, it was the three of you together. Roger was leaning on Rayleigh, his bright beaming smile, eyes closed, Rayleigh with his ever-present smirk and you stood on the wall behind them, arm around each of your partners, grinning along with them. You all looked so happy.
“This is my favourite picture of us." You sighed happily as Rayleigh let you take it in your hands.
“It’s been so long since I’ve seen it,” Rayleigh added as Roger took it, holding it up.
“We’ve been through a lot together huh loves? This was the start of our adventures… can we have it?” Roger asked the barkeep who shrugged, nodding.
“Should get it framed… put it in our room.” You suggested to which both men agreed.
@undercoverweeeb @slut4animedilfs @acesmarigold
@sanjithesimp @aces-sweetheart @sugxrslushy @kaizokuwritings
@iloveportgasdace @bepoprotectionsquad @ace-no-isha
@thatsprettycoolbro @
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Tumblr media
I know that a lot of people are doing this and inspired by @some-piece great systeme, I decided to create a Tag List.
I know I don't post a lot but If you want to be added, just send me a message - DMs or asks ! (Also don't hesitate to tell me if I ever forget you ^^)
Charlotte Katakuri: @heyitsdoe @starrybrujita
Donquixote Doflamingo: @softrozene @dressroba @starrybrujita
Dracule Mihawk: @heyitsdoe
Eustass Kid: @shelly-ya
Massacre Soldier Killer: @shelly-ya @heyitsdoe
Silver Rayleigh: @softrozene
Trafalgar Law: @shelly-ya
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Tumblr media
rules/before you interact:
this blog writes and interacts with mainly (heavy) dark and nsfw content. by visiting my blog and/or liking this post, you hereby agree to view such content of your own volition.
this blog is nineteen (19) and up. blank/ageless blogs will be soft blocked as a warning but hard blocked if they try to follow me again.
all readers and characters will always be written of age for all of my works (20+).
i do not take requests, I may in the future, but until then, I only accept thirsts or suggestions. i mainly write dabbles, one shots and the occasional fic.
under no circumstances are you to bring discourse of any kind over here. I don't wanna know, don't wanna see it.
please don't think it's okay to dictate to me who and what I should/shouldn't write. helpful suggestions and constructive criticism is fine but don't be mean about it because i write for myself so i'll disregard you and your help.
do not publicly recommend/share my works on any other platform besides this app, i'll make an exception for discord though. reposting, plagiarism and translations are prohibited.
i might do some selfshipping until I make the blog intended for it, respect that or go away. i love selfship talk so you can always talk to me about yours, even if we selfship with the same characters.
lastly, block/filter the content you don't wish to see or simply scroll past, please do not harass me/complain about my original content or the content I reblog. if I forget to tag something properly, please tell me politely.
do not interact if:
you're below 19, blank/ageless blog.
you're racist, homophobic, pro-life, thinspo, terfs.
you hate on people who read or write dark content, hate on people who age up characters, hate on non-purists. hate in general
you're mean and make it your personality, you gatekeep, if you send hate, participate in character hate nights.
what to expect:
i'll most likely write for mainly one piece, but could also end up writing bungo stray dogs, tougen anki, jujutsu kaisen, my hero academia (shigaraki).
i write for mainly (black!)fem!reader or gender neutral reader.
what i will write/feature includes: yandere characters and reader, hybrids, cheating, toxic relationships, dark content, non-con/dub-con elements, monsterfucking, incest/stepcest/psudeocest, kidnapping/stockholm syndrome, violence, gore, murder etc.
i won't write: pedophilia, scat, age-play/ddlg.
my favorite characters:
one piece: luffy, zoro, law, mihawk, shanks, usopp, brook, sanji, nami, robin, king, katakuri, garp, smoker, kid, killer, aokiji, doflamingo, corazon, rayleigh, ace, rebecca...
tougen anki: jin kougasaki, ikari yaoroshi, mudano naito, shiki ichinose, momosuke...
bungo stray dogs: akutagawa ryunosuke, fyodor dostoevsky, chuuya nakahara, ranpo edogawa, dazai osamu, edgar allan poe, yukichi fukuzawa...
my hero academia: shigaraki tomura, overhaul, twice, spinner hitoshi shinsou, katsuki bakugo, sero hanta, denki kaminari, mirko, tamaki amajiki, himiko toga...
miscellaneous: suguru, mahito, megumi, utahime, ban, kokushibo, inosuke, takezo, tetta, shuji, manjiro, hajime i., tooru, aran, ohira, connie, eren, reiner, levi...
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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jasontoddiefor · 7 months ago
for the fic ask! 9, 18, 25
love your writing 💖
Thank you!!!
9. What’s a scene you wrote this year that you’re particularly proud of?
Oh boy. I don't think I can pick just one, there are plenty. But I think from earthbound, tangible disasters
“What are you doing?” he asked, the haze making everything feel like a bit much.
“I don’t want blood on my shirt,” Roger replied, confused.
“Why would you get blood on your shirt?” And since when had it bothered Roger?
“From the bite,” said Roger slowly, then, when it was obvious that Rayleigh wasn’t following him, he elaborated. “Rayleigh, did you think I was just going to mark you and not let you reciprocate?”
Honestly, Rayleigh’s thoughts hadn’t gone past wanting to rid himself of the half-claim.
“C’mon, I told you, didn’t I? We’re gonna turn this world upside down. You’re sticking by me, partner.”
Then Roger smiled, bright and warm like the sun after a day of storm clouds and it was the softest welcoming Rayleigh had gotten.
“You’re an idiot.”
“Your idiot.”
“Yes, Captain.”
18. Do you have a fic that you wish received more attention?
there was a world I longed to find but also the subject of this fanfic is not particularly easy not is the fandom large so it didn't surprise me really.
25. What were your top three most common tags this year?
AO3 tags?
Tumblr media
I mean, that's my top three in general but it's also my top three overall i doubt there are any fics this year thhat have other tags more.
End of the Year Fic Writing Asks!
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the-score-marvel-wives · a year ago
Chapters: 77/? Fandom: One Piece Rating: General Audiences Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply Characters: Whitebeard Pirates, Fushichou Marco | Phoenix Marco, Portgas D. Ace, Monkey D. Luffy, Sabo (One Piece), Thatch (One Piece), Fossa (One Piece), Shirohige | Whitebeard | Edward Newgate, Izou (One Piece), Curiel (One Piece), Vista (One Piece), Blamenco (One Piece), Atmos (One Piece), Vinsmoke Family, Vinsmoke Sanji, Speed Jiru, Vinsmoke Judge, Akagami no Shanks | Red-Haired Shanks, Akagami Kaizoku | Red-Hair Pirates, Aka Ashi no Zeff | Red-Leg Zeff, Monkey D. Garp, Donquixote "Corazon" Rosinante, Trafalgar D. Water Law, Gol D. Roger, Portgas D. Rouge, Silvers Rayleigh, Boa Hancock, Emporio Ivankov, Bell-mère (One Piece), Arlong (One Piece), Arlong Pirates, Perona (One Piece), Roronoa Zoro, Nefertari Vivi, Kaya (One Piece), Hina (One Piece), Jinbei (One Piece), Buggy (One Piece), Cabaji (One Piece), Mohji (One Piece), Sengoku the Buddha, Charlotte "Big Mom" Linlin, Charlotte Perospero, Yonko | Four Emperors, Charlotte Katakuri, Charlotte Cracker, Charlotte Chiffon, Vinsmoke Reiju, Vinsmoke Ichiji, Vinsmoke Niji, Vinsmoke Yonji, Charlotte Oven, Charlotte Daifuku, Charlotte Smoothie, Kaido (One Piece), Kurohige | Blackbeard | Marshall D. Teach, Charlotte Pudding, Kozuki Oden, Kozuki Hiyori, Koala (One Piece), O-Kiku (One Piece), Nekomamushi | Cat Viper, Catarina Devon, Django (One Piece), Kuro (One Piece), Tsuru (One Piece), Mother Carmel (One Piece), Aphelandra (One Piece), Dadan (One Piece), Gekko Moriah, Crocodile (One Piece), Gild Tesoro Additional Tags: Literature, fan fiction, General fiction, Alternate Universe - Modern Setting, Alternate Universe - One Piece Fusion, One Piece Universe Summary:
A little girl was left at a convent. She's found by Whitebeard and taken in.
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purplehairedwonder · a year ago
Hearts With(out) Chains Chapter 1
Fandom: One Piece Rating: PG-13 Pairings: Gen (eventual Lawlu) Words: 3062 Characters: Trafalgar Law, Donquixote Doflamingo, Penguin, Shachi, Bepo, Disco, Eustass Kid, Monkey D. Luffy, Nico Robin, Usopp, Silvers Rayleigh, Jean Bart Note: I’m taking my turn at the Corazon!Law AU because my brain won’t leave me alone until this is written down. Tags will be updated as the chapters come out.
The story title is based on the Ellie Goulding song “Hearts Without Chains.”
Summary: Law is reclaimed by the Family when he’s 17 and, with Doflamingo holding the lives of his crew as collateral for his good behavior, eventually becomes the third Corazon. Years later, trapped by his impossible situation, Law can’t help but resent Monkey D. Luffy for offering a glimpse of something he’s repeatedly had ripped away from him: hope.
Previous chapters: Prologue
Read also at AO3 / FF.N
Seven Years Later
Law grumbled to himself as he wound his way through Grove 1 toward Doffy’s auction house. He disliked being sent on errands like this, but he had little choice in the matter. His grip tightened on Kikoku as he glanced behind him to see Shachi, Penguin, and Bepo following a half step behind him. He nodded and kept moving. He was here to do a job, after all.
Sabaody was particularly lively today, with the presence of the so-called Supernovas, ten super rookies with bounties over 100,000,000 berries. Law had never had a bounty of his own, as he’d been the subordinate of a Warlord since he was 17, though he’d often wondered what it might have been had Doflamingo not found him that day in the North Blue.
Though, he supposed, it didn’t really matter. His position had earned him a certain amount of infamy, even without a bounty.
Shachi had the wanted poster for each Supernova, keeping an eye out for any information to be had. Law’s crew had proven itself adept at intel gathering over the years, so they were often sent on such missions. Though today’s job wasn’t reconnaissance, that didn’t mean there weren’t any rumors to dig up while in the lawless zones of Sabaody—especially with such interesting figures on hand. Getting a preview of the next generation of pirates to enter the New World could be valuable.
As they moved in the direction of the auction house, Shachi pointed out some of the Supernova, including X Drake from the North Blue and Mad Monk Urouge. Law took note of each one with passing interest; while they might seem impressive after making their way through Paradise, he doubted most of them would last in the New World. Over the years, many rookies had made their names before arriving at Sabaody only to fall quite spectacularly in the second half of the Grand Line. Law had learned to keep his expectations low and had thus stopped paying so much attention to the rookies until they did something to earn the attention.
Penguin threw Law a confused look as they headed for the front door of the auction house rather than the back entrance, but Law shook the other man off. Penguin shrugged and followed his lead; these three had been dealing with his moods since he was a teenager, so this was hardly anything new. The guards at the auction house gaped as they approached, scrambling to greet them.
“C-corazon!” one stammered as another grabbed the door. “We didn’t know to expect you today!”
“Please, come in! Should we get Disco for you?”
Law waved them off. “No need. And no need to tell Disco-ya I’m here either. I’ll find him after business is done for the day.” Law couldn’t stand the slaver and wanted to spend as little time in his presence as possible.
“Of course.”
The guards bowed Law, Shachi, Penguin, and Bepo into the auction house. Law took a seat toward the back, draping his arms over the back of the bench, the others filling in around him. He handed Kikoku to Bepo, who took the nodachi without a word, and casually surveyed the room. When the Celestial Dragons waltzed in, Law ground his teeth but said nothing. It wasn’t part of his mission today.
“Well, well, well,” a gravelly voice said from behind Law. “It looks like there are some big names here today. First Celestial Dragons and now the second-in-command of the Donquixote Pirates. I’ve heard some nasty rumors about you, Corazon.”
Law turned his head to see a ragtag group of pirates standing at the back of the auction house. The redhead in the garish pants was clearly the leader; he stood out front of the others and exuded arrogance.
“Eustass ‘Captain’ Kid,” Shachi murmured. “He has the highest bounty of all the Supernova. His first mate, Killer, is also on the list.”
Law considered this then proceeded to flip the rookie captain off, smirking, before looking away. He heard Eustass laugh.
“Shit manners though.”
“Politeness won’t get you far in the New World, Eustass-ya,” Law said without looking back. The New World tended to humble people like Eustass Kid, Law knew from experience.
“Yeah?” Eustass had stepped down to stand adjacent to Law’s row of seats. “I suppose you’d know all about the New World, working for a government dog.”
Law glanced his way but turned his attention back to the empty stage. Petty taunts rolled off him; he’d heard far worse over the years, often from his own Family.
“What, nothing to say?”
Law rolled his eyes. “I’m busy.”
Eustass snorted. “You look it.”
Law nodded toward the stage. “You see the Jolly Roger on the wall there? If you know who I am, then you know who owns this place.” He gave Eustass an unimpressed look. “I’m here on business.”
Whatever Eustass was going to say was drowned out as the emcee took to the stage to introduce Disco and begin the auction. Baring a few teeth, Law made a shooing motion at Eustass to dismiss him. The rookie captain growled lowly but headed back to his crew to observe.
“Was that a good idea?” Bepo asked, glancing at the rookie crew and back toward Law.
Law shrugged, unconcerned. “He’ll be missing a heart before he can try anything.” And maybe a few other limbs. Being around the slave trade put Law in a foul mood, and an outlet would be welcome. The sooner the auction ended, the sooner Law could find Disco and finish his job.
Law paid little attention to the auction until Disco brought out a pirate who bit off his own tongue, choosing death over slavery. The scene was bloody and the auction house descended into horror, but Law couldn’t blame the poor son of a bitch; he briefly considered the day Doffy had found him and his own terror at being reclaimed by the Family. What would have happened if he’d tried a stunt like that?
Doffy probably would have stitched his tongue back together with his Fruit and then taken out Law’s disobedience on Bepo, Shachi, or Penguin. He had made it clear over the last seven years that neither would Law be the architect of his own death nor would he get out of the Family again so easily.
The weak do not choose how they die, he thought with distaste before turning his thoughts back to the present.
The auction was briefly back on track when Disco brought out a mermaid, but the room fell into utter chaos once another Supernova (Monkey D. Luffy, Shachi noted amidst the confusion) came blasting through the wall… and then proceeded to punch one of the Celestial Dragons in the face.
Now that might be deserving of attention, Law thought with no little amusement before noticing Disco fleeing from the stage. As the Straw Hats jumped into action against the guards and the occupants of the auction house fled for the front door, Law knew he couldn’t put his task off any longer. He grabbed Kikoku from Bepo, the only warning to his crew that he was on the move.
He opened a Room and switched places with the podium on the stage, moving the moment his feet hit the wood in pursuit of the slaver and auctioneer. The chaos behind him barely registered as he followed the man backstage. He jogged past guards running toward the stage. He knew he got a few open stares, but he ignored them now that he was on the hunt for his prey. His status meant no one would dare stop him here anyway.
Law stopped at the door to what seemed to be Disco’s office. The man stood at his desk and was fumbling with a Den Den Mushi.
“No need to call Joker, Disco-ya,” Law said, leaning against the doorway.
Disco jerked badly, the snail slipping from his fingers and clattering to the desk. He whirled around. “Corazon?” he squeaked. “What are you doing here?” Then he seemed to collect himself. “Shouldn’t you be helping get the situation under control? This is Joker’s operation.”
Law shrugged, uninterested. “I’m here with a message from Doflamingo, not to clean up your messes.”
Disco paled. “W-what kind of message couldn’t he send over Den Den Mushi?”
Law lifted his free hand and opened a Room.
Disco gaped like a fish out of water at the small blue dome encompassing him. “P-please, no! Corazon! I’ve been loyal! I’ve done everything Joker asked of me.”
“And he’s grateful for your cooperation,” Law replied, straightening. He withdrew Kikoku from her sheath, the sword humming in anticipation. “But he’s decided it’s time to move on to newer ventures.”
“N-newer ventures?” The auctioneer couldn’t pull his eyes from the nodachi in Law’s hand.
“Nothing for you to worry about, Disco-ya. It’s just business.”
The man’s scream was drowned out by the rest of the chaos in the auction house.
Returning from his completed errand at a more leisurely pace, Law paused as he felt a wave of Conqueror’s Haki rush through the auction house, causing his skin to prickle, followed a few moments later by an explosion. He frowned. Who was on hand that could use that? Could one of those Supernova…?
He hurried back to the stage to see the auction house guards unconscious. The only people standing were the Straw Hats—more of whom had appeared while Law was taking care of his task—the Kid Pirates, Law’s own crew, and…
“Dark King Rayleigh,” Law said, lips lifting in a smirk. The Family’s spies had put the man on the island, though he was running a ship coating business these days—when he wasn’t gambling. Law wasn’t expecting to run into the living legend, though.
The older man, mermaid on his back, turned back toward the stage. His eyes landed on Law, and he raised an eyebrow. With a quick Room and Shambles, Law switched places with the podium and was once more standing with his crew.
“Whoa!” Straw Hat Luffy gaped. “That was so cool! And what’s up with the bear?”
“What?” Bepo started.
Rayleigh simply turned his gaze to Law’s new position. “Now, now. Don’t use that name when so many Marines are around. Not all of us have immunity from the government.”
“Luffy,” a female voice said. Law glanced to see Nico Robin, the Demon Child, standing near the Straw Hat captain. She was eyeing him warily. “That’s Corazon. He’s the second-in-command of the Donquixote Family. Be careful.”
“Donquixote? The Warlord?” the one with the long-nose squawked.
“See the Jolly Roger on the wall?” Nico Robin said. “This auction house is owned by Donquixote Doflamingo.”
The gathered pirates looked between the symbol on the wall and the damage throughout the building before turning to Law, stances turning defensive.
Law raised his hands. “I’m not interested in a fight.” He’d done what he’d come here to do. He was ready to get off this shithole of an island, even if that meant returning to Dressrosa. “But you all might want to get moving. The whole place is surrounded by Marines.”
“They surrounded the place not long after the auction started,” Law replied. “I don’t know who they were here to catch, but the attack on a family of Celestial Dragons only riled them up more.” He couldn’t help his lips turning upward at that. “I’d recommend leaving before an admiral arrives.”
“What about you?” Straw Hat asked.
Law shrugged and gestured to himself and his crew. “Government dogs, remember?”
Eustass snorted and turned toward the door. “Well, I have no interest in facing an admiral today. I did get to see Straw Hat Luffy pull some crazy shit, though, so I’m satisfied.” He threw a hand up in a wave. “We’ll even lend you guys a hand and clean up outside on our way out.”
Law snorted as it was clear Straw Hat Luffy took that as a personal affront, immediately following the other pirate, voice rising in indignation. He watched as the remaining members sighed long-sufferingly and trailed their captain. Law received a few more suspicious looks as the pirates and their friends passed him, but Law had no intention of getting involved—fighting against the Marines was against the rules for the Warlords and their subordinates, after all.
It wasn’t long before Law could hear gunfire and yelling coming from outside the auction house. He thought he could make out the sound of gleeful laughter as well.
Law’s lips curled upward in spite of himself. “Monkey D. Luffy, huh?”
Another D, Cora-san…
Law turned back to Shachi, Penguin, and Bepo. They were watching him curiously.
Law frowned at them. “What?”
“Nothing,” Penguin said immediately.
Law narrowed his eyes. “Out with it.”
The trio was saved from having to answer when Law’s Den Den Mushi started ringing. Law sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose. Of course he would be checking in for an update. Law pulled the snail from his pocket and answered, knowing how the man got when Law took too long to answer.
“Corazon. Is the job done?”
Law blinked at the immediate question. Doffy was usually chattier when he called; it was one of Law’s least favorite things about him—among many least favorite things. “Yes. Disco-ya’s no longer a concern.”
“Good. Don’t set sail yet, though. I need you to stay on Sabaody for now.”
Law grimaced. “For what?”
“You may be needed in Marineford soon.”
Law glanced at the other three, bemused. They shrugged in return. “Why?”
A snort. “Haven’t you seen the paper?”
“I’ve been a bit busy with the errand you sent me on,” Law replied irritably.
“The Marines have set Fire Fist’s execution. They’re summoning all the Warlords to be there.”
Law felt his stomach drop as the implications hit him. There were some hissed breaths to his side as the others came to the same conclusion Law had.
“Do they want a war?”
“Seems that way.” Unsurprisingly, Doffy sounded practically giddy at that. He was a warmonger and profiteer, after all. “Which is why I may need you.”
“Right,” he said blandly. A war between the Marines and the Whitebeard Pirates was exactly the last thing he wanted to get pulled into.
“Corazon.” Doflamingo’s voice had a warning edge to it.
Law pursed his lips but knew better than to argue. “We’ll stay on Sabaody and be ready to sail.”
Once the call ended, Law sighed and dropped the snail back into his pocket. “Guess we’re not leaving after all.”
“This is going to be ugly, isn’t it?” Penguin asked.
“No doubt.” Law rubbed a hand over his face before looking toward the auction house entrance. “Sounds like things have quieted down. Let’s head out.”
When the four reached the entrance, Law let out a surprised huff as he surveyed the scene. There was mass chaos, as Marines were littered across the ground as well as rushing around the help the wounded. The Straw Hat and Kid Pirates seemed to have already fled, though.
“Looks like the rookies did some damage,” Law chuckled. “Not bad.”
A few Marines looked up to see them and yelled, scrabbling for their weapons. “More pirates coming from the auction house!”
“Stand down, idiots!” one of the commanders called back. “They’re with Donquixote. Leave them alone.”
Law’s eye twitched at that, but he didn’t argue as he led Penguin, Shachi, and Bepo down the steps. He paused at the sight of a large slave left abandoned outside the house. After a moment, Law blinked; he knew this man.
“Pirate captain Jean Bart,” he greeted.
The large man looked down at him, startled. “It’s been a long time since anyone’s called me that.”
“It would be a shame to leave a man like you in shackles,” Law said, forming a Room and using Kikoku to slice through the collar around Jean Bart’s neck. It fell to the ground with a harmless clank.
Jean Bart put a hand to his neck, eyes wide in disbelief. “How?”
“Devil Fruit,” Law replied simply, making a small Room in his palm before letting it go.
“Why? They,” Jean Bart said, nodding back toward the Marines, “said you work for Donquixote Doflamingo.” Or, Law translated, they said you work for one of the biggest names in the slave trade.
“It’s complicated,” Penguin said.
“That, and I’m happy to fuck over the Celestial Dragons in any way I can,” Law replied with a shrug. He glanced around, noting the Marines gaping at him for daring to free a Celestial Dragon’s slave. He saluted them with a smirk before turning back to Jean Bart. “If I were you, I’d get out of here quickly; shit’s about to get ugly.”
“You don’t want me to serve under you in return for my freedom?” After all, why free him if not to get something in return?
“You wouldn’t be much freer under me than here.”
The former captain frowned at him. “You don’t serve Doflamingo willingly?”
“Like we said, it’s complicated,” Shachi added.
Jean Bart looked between them. “I see no collars on your necks, no man riding on your back. Nothing could be worse than that.” He shook his head. “I have nothing but the rags on my back. My crew is either dead or enslaved. My family is long dead. Where would I go?” He swallowed. “If you’d have me, I’d serve under a man who would free a slave that others ignored and gladly taunt the Celestial Dragons to do it.”
Law glanced back at Shachi, Bepo, and Penguin. They looked back at him steadily, as if to say, Your choice, Captain.
Law’s crew—though they were part of the Donquixote Pirates, their original name of Heart Pirates had stuck as a nickname among the Family considering Law held the Heart seat—had grown from the original four Doflamingo had taken from the North Blue, but Law was always hesitant to bring on anyone new considering Doflamingo’s use of his crew to assure Law’s good behavior. Somehow, he’d still found a loyal group who willingly followed him despite his warnings to the contrary; he had no idea what he’d done to deserve them.
“All right,” Law said finally. “Let’s get back to the ship.”
Next Chapter
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ao3feed-lawlu · a year ago
by PhoenixTodoroki
Set in the universe of “They Don’t Know About Us”, a look into the lives of Portgas D. Rouge, Gol D. Roger, Gol D. Shanks, Dracule Mihawk, Portgas D. Ace, and Monkey D. Luffy. A series of different moments, missing scenes, and alternate realities, etc.
Words: 1722, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English
Series: Part 2 of Gol D. Shanks
Fandoms: One Piece
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Categories: F/F, F/M, M/M
Characters: Portgas D. Ace, Fushichou Marco | Phoenix Marco, Monkey D. Luffy, Akagami no Shanks | Red-Haired Shanks, Nami (One Piece), Dracule Mihawk, Vinsmoke Sanji, Sabo (One Piece), Trafalgar D. Water Law, Mugiwara Kaizoku | Strawhat Pirates, Roronoa Zoro, Thatch (One Piece), Izou (One Piece), Whitebeard Pirates, Shirohige | Whitebeard | Edward Newgate, Benn Beckman, Yasopp (One Piece), Lucky Roo, Nefertari Vivi, Silvers Rayleigh, Nico Robin, Brook (One Piece), Buggy (One Piece), Portgas D. Rouge, Gol D. Roger, Monkey D. Garp, Monkey D. Dragon, Akagami Kaizoku | Red-Hair Pirates, Spade Pirates (One Piece), Masked Deuce, Monkey D. Luffy's Straw Hat, Haruta (One Piece), Diamond Jozu
Relationships: Fushichou Marco | Phoenix Marco/Portgas D. Ace, Akagami no Shanks | Red-Haired Shanks/Dracule Mihawk, Gol D. Roger/Portgas D. Rouge, Portgas D. Ace & Portgas D. Rouge, Akagami no Shanks | Red-Haired Shanks & Portgas D. Ace, Akagami no Shanks | Red-Haired Shanks & Monkey D. Luffy, Monkey D. Luffy & Portgas D. Ace & Sabo, Monkey D. Luffy & Portgas D. Ace, Portgas D. Ace & Sabo, Monkey D. Luffy/Trafalgar D. Water Law, Roronoa Zoro/Vinsmoke Sanji, Portgas D. Ace & Whitebeard Pirates, Portgas D. Ace & Shirohige | Whitebeard | Edward Newgate, Monkey D. Luffy & Whitebeard Pirates, Monkey D. Luffy & Mugiwara Kaizoku | Strawhat Pirates, Mugiwara Kaizoku | Strawhat Pirates & Whitebeard Pirates, Akagami no Shanks | Red-Haired Shanks & Buggy, Akagami no Shanks | Red-Haired Shanks & Mugiwara Kaizoku | Strawhat Pirates, Akagami Kaizoku | Red-Hair Pirates & Akagami no Shanks | Red-Haired Shanks, Akagami no Shanks | Red-Haired Shanks & Gol D. Roger, Akagami no Shanks | Red-Haired Shanks & Roger Pirates, Akagami no Shanks | Red-Haired Shanks & Portgas D. Rouge, Akagami Kaizoku | Red-Hair Pirates & Whitebeard Pirates, Akagami Kaizoku | Red-Hair Pirates & Dracule Mihawk, Monkey D. Luffy & Portgas D. Rouge, Nami/Nefertari Vivi, Koala/Sabo (One Piece), Izou/Thatch (One Piece), Monkey D. Garp & Portgas D. Ace, Monkey D. Garp & Monkey D. Luffy, Monkey D. Garp & Akagami no Shanks | Red-Haired Shanks, Spade Pirates & Portgas D. Ace
Additional Tags: Omegaverse, Omega Portgas D. Ace, Omega Akagami no Shanks | Red-Haired Shanks, Alpha Fushichou Marco | Phoenix Marco, Alpha Monkey D. Luffy, Alpha Roronoa Zoro, Omega Vinsmoke Sanji, Beta Sabo, Alpha Dracule Mihawk, Omega Trafalgar D. Water Law, Alpha/Beta/Omega Dynamics, Omega Portgas D. Rouge, Alpha Gol D. Roger, Alpha Thatch, Omega Izou, Omega Haruta, Alpha Diamond Jozu, Alpha Shirohige | Whitebeard | Edward Newgate, Alpha Monkey D. Garp, Alpha Monkey D. Dragon, Alpha Nami, Beta Nico Robin, Beta Usopp, Beta Franky, Beta Brook, Omega Nefertari Vivi, Alpha Benn Beckman, set in the same world as They Don't Know About Us, Monkey D. Garp is Portgas D. Rouge's father, Portgas D. Rouge and Gol D. Roger are NOT Ace's Parents, Shanks is the son of Rouge and Roger, Ace and Luffy are biological brothers, ASL Still Exists, ASL Brothers, Ace and Luffy grew up on the Red Force
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muselexum · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Happy Birthday to ❤️*~​him~*❤️​
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itsxandy · a year ago
7 Sentence Tag Meme
post 7 sentences from a WIP and tag 7 people.
I am shy and am no way in hell tagging people. But here, @tellmewhatyouc, have some Rayleigh having absolutely no shame.
“A man your age has no business looking like that,” Law said, looking at the man appraisingly as he wrung seawater out of his shirt. Ace wasn’t sure what specifically he meant by ‘that’, but he generally agreed with the sentiment. Despite his old age, stranger had a robust build with several deep scars on his torso and face, and Ace didn’t trust that one bit. Something about him was familiar and his instincts were screaming at him to get out of here.
“A man your age has no business looking at me, especially on this island of beautiful women,” he replied.
Law glared at him balefully, but only offered the flattest, “...Fair enough. Excuse me.”
And with that, Law strategically retreated from the conversation, turning his back on them to ask Penguin more about the sea king and leaving Ace and Luffy alone under the old man’s scrutiny.
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