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acousticmalta16 hours ago
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My RE8 maid oc but she's a faithless nun who after desperately trying for years to receive a sign with no success, she goes all the way around and starts looking for evil. She finds them
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icezero09a day ago
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angstyanon0a day ago
Possible headcannons between Y/N and Alcina when Y/N is depressed. Takes place after Miranda is killed in my story. I鈥檓 literally just jotting down a few ideas I have for my story, please let me know what you think. I need the feedback.
TW: severe depression, unhealthy sleeping and eating patterns, trauma
Alcina knew something had been wrong with you for a while. She noticed a significant change in your mood, your attitude, your sleeping pattern, etc.
You used to talk for so much, you were a total extrovert, bubbly and bright usually. You could spend hours- literally hours- talking锟 about your favorite tv shows, things you knew and pretty much anything and everything that interested you.
But now, you were quiet and solemn. You rarely said anything and whenever someone would try and strike up a conversation with you, be it one of the girls, Alcina, Heisenberg, Donna or Angie, you quickly leave and go somewhere else.
It all started after the war with Mother Miranda. She had ordered Alcina to break off your courtship with her and when Alcina had refused, the Countess knew it was the start of a war. Miranda had sent the lycans out to attack the Castle while you went to Donna鈥檚 and Heisenberg鈥檚 running and errand for Alcina. Cassandra had gotten hurt during the attack but recovered quickly.
After that, Alcina called for a meeting between the lords about how they would kill Miranda. Of course Miranda had known. She always knew everything and anything that happened in her Village. She called the Lords to meet in her secret underground lab and told Alcina to bring you. It was a trap, Miranda had tied you up, ripped the back of your shirt open and whipped you twenty times.
She was going to whip every lord 5 times each for their treachery but you opted to take them all yourself instead. It was pure torture for Alcina to see you like that. Miranda made Lady Dimitrescu count every lash you took adding to the humiliation and torture you and Alcina endured.
That had been the final straw. Alcina had put her differences with Heisenberg aside and together, you all killed Miranda. Though at a cost.
Months and months had past since the war. It was now summer, the air no longer crisp and raw with cold. The sun shined brightly throughout Europe and warmed the little Village.
Alcina hired a few women from a nearby Village to work for her. The women were in debt up to their necks and some of them were working in brothels, starving for scraps and little sums of money doing anything they could to survive, so they were quite pleased with their new employment.
You too had started out as a maid and now you were Alcina鈥檚 mate, no longer having to spend your days cleaning and doing chores around the castle. The maids were gracious to Alcina and to their new employment and they were kind to you, but you stayed away from them.
In fact, you stayed away from most people now. You spent most of your time in the castle attic alone in your own solitude. Alcina was too tall to fit inside the attic so it was perfect for you to sneak away and wallow in your own sadness.
Sometimes Daniela would come up to see you, telling you that dinner that was ready or if Alcina requested your presence. You didn鈥檛 mind the red-head being with you, she knew that you wanted to be alone and respected your boundaries, but she was worried about you.
Actually, everyone was worried about you. Bela would try to get you to hangout with her, playing instruments and sometimes writing together. Dani wanted to read books and write stories with you and Cassandra would always sharpen her weaponry with you or go on long walks in the woods now that the weather was nice.
Even Donna, Moreau and Heisenberg, much to Alcina鈥檚 dismay (about Heisenberg not Donna), started coming to the Castle more often. Ever since Miranda died, the Lords could do anything they wanted to and no longer have to work late hours doing Miranda鈥檚 stupid experiments.
Donna came over for tea every afternoon and would stay for dinner. Moreau would visit with the girls and try to get you to play games with him, cards, chess, checkers, anything to get you talking again. Heisenberg left the Village for a while, wanting to go back to his hometown and came over in the mornings to hunt with Cassandra.
He had set up a bunch of electricity in the castle, there was WiFi, tv鈥檚 and internet had been established in the castle. You had taken quite an interest in the project and helped him set everything up, from lightbulbs to wiring and cable for the tv.
Both Alcina and Bela couldn鈥檛 understand how to use the new electronic devices, but you, Cassandra and especially Daniela had taken a keen interest in the new electronics.
There was movie night in the castle every Friday. The Lords would come over for dinner followed by a movie someone would pick out. Everyone enjoyed themselves, especially Daniela having never seen Disney movies before. For the first time in all their years of living in the Village, the Lords finally felt like a family together.
Everyone was happy now, except you. You would join in on the movie nights, but never paid much attention to whatever movie was playing.
You would stay for dinner for a short while, picking at your food and taking a few bites of whatever the chef made knowing that Alcina was watching you and ensuring you were eating something, but would leave after a couple minutes into the dinner.
You would stay in Alcina鈥檚 and your room for entire days sometimes, laying in bed and just staring at the wall, up at the ceiling, writing in your journal, sometimes drawing or watching something stupid on your phone.
At night you would lie awake for hours while Alcina slept watching shows and movies on your phones or just simply staring out of the window until the sun began rising. Once Alcina woke up, you would pretend to be asleep and quickly drift off, sleeping until late afternoon.
Your sleeping schedule was terrible, you hardly ate anything, you never spoke and was more mute than Alcina had ever seen you, you didn鈥檛 shower as much anymore and you were really skinny.
To say that Alcina was worried for you was an understatement. The Countess became very aware of your sleeping pattern, you hardly eating, the quietness from you and especially the mood change in you.
She tried to talk to you about why you were feeling this way and you always told her you were tired or that you just felt sick. She knew there was something much deeper than that going on with you.
At first she thought you were shooken up by the events that had happened, which you were, but after a couple months, you weren鈥檛 getting any better. You were getting worse.
It was June now. Miranda had been killed five months ago and you were doing terrible.
Alcina, her daughters and the other Lords were very concerned about you. They would offer you their company and ask you how you were doing, if you needed to talk or if you wanted to watch something on tv with them or if you wanted to go on walks with them.
You knew they were trying to help you, but it felt like too much. You felt like everyone was bothering you and you loved Alcina and the girls and you had a companionship among the other lords, but you wanted her and the rest to leave you alone.
You wanted them to just let you be and stop worrying so much about you. You knew that you were depressed, but you didn鈥檛 want to talk about how you felt, or go on long walks where you knew they would ask you questions about the changes within you.
Everyone wanted to help you and you were grateful for that, but you wanted them to leave you alone. Actually, you wished you could crawl into a deep, dark hole and lie on your side never leaving it.
You found solace in the attic, spending your time awake up there. You鈥檇 wake up in the afternoons, bid Alcina good afternoon and left quickly for the attic before she could ask you anything.
In the beginning Alcina and the others let you be knowing that you needed your space, but it had been almost half a year since the war with Miranda took place and you were still depressed.
Alcina tried to look for you a few times and got extremely worried when she couldn鈥檛 find you. She sent her daughters out to look for you and they found you lying on your side with a pillow and a blanket in the attic.
They talked to you for a while, telling you their concerns and that Alcina was worried about you. You promised you鈥檇 change, that you were just upset about what had happened with Miranda and that you felt better after talking with them.
Anything to get them to stop pestering you. The girls left the attic with you and told Alcina you were feeling much better after talking with them.
Lady Dimitrescu saw right through you though and knew you were only saying that to make her feel better.
Things didn鈥檛 improve for you at all after that. You spent more time away in the attic, sometimes accompanied with Daniela, and ate and spoke even less after the girls talked with you.
The only time you felt a little happy was when Alcina would hold you at night. It had been five months since Miranda鈥檚 death and at this point Alcina had grown extremely scared for you. She read books on mental health and depressing/ sadness and tried to understand how you were feeling, but it felt like she never could.
You would lie awake with her in bed and she would hum you to sleep, her voice was so soothing and calm to you. She would rub and massage your back, remove locks of hair from your face and kiss your cheek, forehead, and neck.
It always put you to sleep and you started to get back to a normal sleeping pattern now that Alcina knew she could lull you to sleep.
She started waking you up in the morning and would drag you to breakfast with her and her daughters. You forgot how good sausages and eggs were. The new chef was really amazing at cooking.
Alcina started bringing you with her everywhere, to her study, her chambers, even to bathe with her. Slowly, the Countess started tricking you back into healthy patterns.
You knew what she was doing and you decided to just go with it. It felt so good having someone take care of you like this. To be loved like this.
One day, Alcina was brushing your hair with you in her lap and you were quiet as usual. You started spending more time with the girls and the other lords, began eating more and bathed everyday with Alcina, letting her wash your hair and body. You were starting to feel a little better, but not by much.
Once she had finished brushing your hair, Lady Dimitrescu set the brush down and wrapped her arms around you holding you close. She kissed your head and you felt her start to rock you. 鈥淒arling, you know I love you dearly?鈥
You grunted in response and looked down so she couldn鈥檛 see your face in the mirror.
鈥淵ou know that I am here for you, and you needn鈥檛 worry about me getting upset or angry with anything you tell me, right?鈥
You nodded in response, feeling a lump form in your throat.
鈥淵ou know that you matter to so many people, dear. Don鈥檛 you?鈥
鈥淢hm鈥 you murmured, feeling your cheeks grow hot. Alcina held you tighter.
鈥淎nd you know, my darling, it is okay to feel this way at times? That everyone gets sad and upset, especially after traumatic events?鈥
You felt tears coming to your eyes and closed them shut tightly.
鈥淵/N, I know that the ordeal with Miranda has left you shaken and I know that you are depressed. I am very worried and concern for you, my girl. And I want you know that I love you. So, so much. And I want you trust me enough to tell me anything that might be upsetting you.鈥
You held back a sob and cleared your throat slightly. 鈥淚 trust you,鈥 you whispered, not trusting your voice, knowing that it would give away your feelings instantly.
Alcina kissed the side of your wet cheek and held you tightly, still rocking you in her lap as she sat in her bed with you. 鈥淧lease, my dear Y/N鈥 talk with me. I know that you鈥檙e struggling right now and I want you to tell me how I can help you.鈥
It broke you. You started nodding your head at her words and held on to her arms, shaking as the first sob escaped from you. Your tears escaped from your eyes and you leaned in to Alcina鈥檚 chest as she held you.
Alcina cooed at you while you cried in her arms, rubbing your arms and kissing your forehead as you released all of the pent up feelings that you had kept down for so long.
Everything that you went through, Cassandra getting attacked, Miranda鈥檚 countless threats, the torture she put you through, all of it came flooding out.
You turned towards her and buried your face in her chest as she held you close, shushing you and kissing you. She let you cry in her arms and held you as close as she possibly could.
Maybe it was only for a few minutes, maybe hours had passed. You weren鈥檛 sure, but you began to settle down finally after the last sob passed and was breathing heavily as Alcina ran her hands through your hair.
She moved back towards the head of the bed and began to hum softly as you quieted down. You were so tired, you had felt drained for months and after you cried you felt so tired and wanted to fall asleep in her arms.
Alcina had tears of her own streaking down her face. The countess used her sheets to wipe away the wetness on her chest and eyes after you had finally fallen asleep.
Lady Dimitrescu shifted in her bed to get more comfortable. She pulled the sheets around herself and around you, lying on her side and keeping her arms wrapped around you as you slept soundlessly.
The sun had set and it was night. Two hours had passed since she started talking with you and she was both surprised and not surprised at how much you had kept in.
She knew you needed to release all of that energy and was so proud of you for being strong and happy that you had opened up. Even if all you did was cry and not talk about your feelings. It was a step in the right direction.
Alcina held you tenderly in her big, strong arms, wrapping the blankets around you more as you shivered from a cool breeze that swept through the windows. She rubbed your face and kissed it, continuing to hum as she watched you sleep.
Alcina soon drifted off and held you all through the night. Even when she woke up in the early morning, she continued to hold you until you woke up, not wanting to leave you alone after you had cried in her arms all last night.
When you did wake up a few hours after she did, you felt embarrassed about the events from the previous night. Alcina assured you that you had nothing to worry about. 鈥淪hh, draga mea. I am so proud of you for letting yourself be emotional with me last night. That is what I am here for, you can be open with me and you are safe here,鈥 she said, kissing your forehead lightly.
And indeed you did feel safe with her like this. You started telling her about how you had been feeling and she listened, never interrupting you and giving you her own feedback. 鈥淚t pains me to see you hurt so much. Is there anything I can do to make you feel any better?鈥
鈥淛ust鈥 just hold me for a little while,鈥 you said, settling back on her chest and hugging her. You cried a little more and Alcina rubbed your back.
After a while, all the crying had made you feel sick and you realized just how hungry you were. Alcina wanted you to start planning out your days instead of staying in bed all day.
After breakfast, you both went into her study and sat down, writing out your mornings, afternoons and evenings, activities you could do with the girls and with the lords and things to keep yourself busy.
You started to feel much better and Alcina was happy that you were starting to get better. She had read up on enough books and dealt with her daughters the same way whenever they were feeling depressed in the winter to know how to handle the situation.
Planning out each day and keeping the mind busy was an important and vital part to your recovery. Every day, you and Alcina would wake up, have breakfast and plan out your day.
She had spoken with her daughters and the Lords and they were eager to help you in your recovery. Donna and Angie always had tea with you and Alcina, occasionally accompanied with Bela.
Moreau and Daniela played games with you, would read with your or watch a crappy Hallmark movie on the tv that Heisenberg had gifted you.
Cassandra always went on a walk with you after lunch and would ask you if you wanted to talk or not. Sometimes you would talk about the latest murder documentary she was interested in, or how you were currently feeling, gossip among the family.
Bela would play the piano for you and you would play the guitar for her once it was nearing dinner time. Sometimes you would just talk for hours about life, whatever gossip was among the family, or some documentary, movie or show Bela found exciting.
Since you had thoroughly enjoyed setting up all of the electricity with Heisenberg, he opted to help you build a PC after learning that you used to play video games all the time before you came to the Village.
It took a few weeks to build, you had to wait for all of the parts to get sent in, but eventually it was finished and you would spend hours playing some of your most favorite games.
Daniela and Cassandra enjoyed the new games as well and you tried to get Alcina and Bela interested in them, but the only games they seemed to enjoy playing at all were either puzzle games or jewel quest. They would rather read books instead of watching tv or playing games, but were both happy that you found joy in the new electronics.
After dinner was over, Alcina would take another walk with you outside or around the castle if it was cold out. You would both join the girls in the library reading books or in the new TV room and watch something.
At night, Alcina would bathe with you or you would wash your own body if she couldn鈥檛 join you. She would get you dressed and ready for bed, letting you use your phone for awhile before taking it from you and forcing you to sleep so you couldn鈥檛 stay up all night.
They were all very careful about how they phrased their questions whenever they would ask about your moods, how you were feeling, if you were taking care of yourself, how they could help you.
You were feeling better and your mood had improved significantly by fall. You had gained a healthy amount of weight, showered or bathed everyday, you had a healthy sleeping pattern and you weren鈥檛 depressed anymore.
Some days you felt down, but you would always tell Alcina when you were feeling sad. She had asked you to tell her if you were ever starting to feel that way again, just so that she could be aware.
You were a little embarrassed when you told her, but she always reassured you that you had nothing to be embarrassed about and that it was normal and okay to feel sad or down.
She had put a lot of emphasis on the difference of feeling sad and down versus allowing your feelings to overcome you. It was okay if you weren鈥檛 happy, but you couldn鈥檛 let your depression overcome you.
You always felt safe enough to be honest with Alcina and never wanted to go back to how you were for those 5 months. It was the darkest place your mind had ever been, and you made a promise to yourself and to Alcina that if you ever did start to feel that way ever again, you would tell her.
It鈥檚 okay to be depressed and sad, it鈥檚 normal to feel that way. But please, don鈥檛 let it overcome you and interrupt your life. You matter and you鈥檙e important. This took me 2 hours to write and I鈥檓 pretty sure I just wrote about how I used to feel when I was depressed and used Y/N to talk about it. Man, that felt like such a great relief. Please tell me what you thought about this, as I said before this is an idea I鈥檓 hitting down for my story and I鈥檓 curious to know how people feel about this.
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greycosmos2 days ago
Arcadia - Lady Dimitrescu x Female Reader [18+]
Summary:聽Lady Dimitrescu's maiden you gets caught in a very compromising position.
Cw: Smut, NSFW, Hair pulling, Praise kink.
Word Count: 2472.
Find me on Ao3
Silence descended upon the castle and brought with it an eerie ambience that seemed to persist. It was not often that such a luxury came about, the sound of shrill laughter and abrupt flurries of flies never too far away. The last semblance of evening remained suspended over the village, darkness soon to take the last glimpses of amber sky into its possession. The call of slumber fell on deaf ears, loneliness slowly beginning to infiltrate as you stared blankly out of the window, partially cloaked by the thick drapes that framed it.
A beautiful portrait of Lady Dimitrescu hung in the centre of the room, eyes of liquid gold peering down from the wall as if she was watching you. She was the only solace, your mind plagued with fantasies which always led you back to her. It was a dangerous game, the rumours that flitted around only reiterating the way evil was allegedly so entwined with her. But you couldn鈥檛 understand it. She seemed to blur the line between fear and excitement, so muddled within you that you were unsure where one feeling ended and the other began. Adrenaline had become your lifeblood, a single glance in the Lady鈥檚 direction weakening you at the knees and causing your heart to rattle violently within your chest. You smiled wistfully in the knowledge that your infatuation was futile and in any case, the woman had larger affairs occupying her time.
Lady Dimitrescu鈥檚 voice echoed through the corridors, heavy footfalls following suit until they halted. Despite the mitigation of the walls that were enclosed around you, the mere sound of her voice seemed to trigger your excitement. Your eyes flickered over to regard the portrait again, your teeth gnawing lightly against your lip as you dared to trail your fingers across your chest. Goosebumps rose upon your skin, protruding from below the surface as you brushed gently over your nipples and roused them to attention. The Lady鈥檚 orbs bored down from above as you sighed blissfully, wishing that your arousal was a product of her hands rather than your own. From within the confinements of your room, you could hear her voice falling in and out of clarity as you envisioned her beside you, lips pressed against your ear and whispering filth. It was all that you could think about, the only thing pacifying the insatiable urges that festered within you.
Desperation was only a hair鈥檚 breadth away, your fingers proficiently tweaking and pinching at the stiffened buds until pain incurred as a result. Your libido blossomed hastily beneath your touch, hands involuntarily manoeuvring towards your underwear until your fingers bypassed the fabric. A stifled gasp exuded from you, mindful as not to alert the woman who was unknowingly causing the depraved acts that you had undertaken. Wetness collected against your fingers in abundance as you dragged them through the slick until they circled atop your clit causing your hips to buck wildly. Self-control dissipated the moment you believed you had it under control, your breath hitching as you continued on with your ministrations. Every so often you would push two fingers inside of you, deeply as they aimed for places you could only dream of the Lady exploring. For now, imagining was all that you had and you would make the most of it. The idea of getting caught only added to the thrill that seemed to claim you and take you under.
Glassy orbs remained fixated on the portrait before you, short breaths blowing away louder moans that threatened to escape you. The Lady鈥檚 face was solidly imprinted in your brain, dragging you to the edge as you battled to stay quiet. The heavy footsteps that you had heard earlier suddenly grew louder, closer, but did nothing to deter you from the task at hand. The threshold was long surpassed, teetering on the edge of an orgasm that you wanted and needed so badly. You slowed abruptly, torturing yourself as you danced on the brink, desperate to be filled but denying yourself that very pleasure.
Staggered breaths filled the room as you fought to prolong the bliss, hoping that the woman would put you out of your misery and debase you in every sense. Your pussy clenched at its own accord as you entertained the very thought in your head, her long fingers slamming in and out of you until you begged her to stop. You aligned your fingers once more, the suspense too much to bear as you thrust them in to the hilt, obscene noises methodically sounding as you found a steady rhythm. The pleasure that claimed you seemed to render you mindless, so much so that you had failed to notice the proximities in which the footsteps had now arrived at. And without a second to catch your breath or shroud your indecency, the door flew open and the Lady ducked into the room, eyes flaring as they landed upon you.
You froze in place, a catatonic state engulfing you as you stared back at her.
鈥淥h, my,鈥 the Lady whispered, rouged lips curling upwards into a smirk. 鈥淚t appears as though I have been gravely misled.鈥
You blinked, confusion arising in response to her strange reaction.
鈥淵ou鈥檙e not the innocent that I had predicted, sweet maiden,鈥 she commented, an air of surprise about her as she studied your disheveled appearance with what appeared to be fascination.
Lady Dimitrescu brushed a slender finger against the mattress as though she was jostling with the urge to reach out and touch you. And then she ceased, departing from the bed side though her gaze never strayed from you.
鈥淲hat could have caused this?鈥 she queried, a defined eyebrow quirked towards you as she awaited a reply.
The shock derived of the situation kept you stilled, soundless as your mouth widened only for the words to fail you. Instead, your eyes lifted to the portrait in the hopes that the woman would understand the unspoken admission that you were attempting to reveal. At first, the Lady seemed perplexed to say the least, until she followed your gaze and hummed interestedly. Silently, she traversed over to the portrait and ran her fingers languidly over the metal frame that bordered it.
鈥淢y sweet maiden was thinking about me?鈥
The Lady was painfully patronising, a smug smile emerging from behind red painted lips as she inspected the picture as if she was trying to uncover some hidden meaning, as if she was trying to pinpoint your infatuation with it.
鈥淵es, my Lady,鈥 you admitted, shyly as you grabbed ahold of the bedsheets in order to veil your exposed body from view.
The woman intervened quickly, hands prying the sheets from your grasp as she shook her head in avid disapproval.
鈥淥h, no,鈥 she tutted, her lips lightly pursed. 鈥淚 want to see what I have done to you.鈥
A blush burned itself into your cheeks as you averted your gaze, humiliation beginning to make itself known. The Lady ignored the blatant flustering that she had induced and moved to perch atop the bed, gentle hands slowly exploring the skin of your thighs. She wasted no time, her sights firmly set on the valley between your legs, digits dancing through the arousal that had accumulated. A fresh intrigue lingered within her celestial orbs, no words exchanged as she took her time in inspecting you, rubbing the residual liquid between her index finger and thumb as though she was confirming its existence.
Lips found their way between your teeth, clamping harshly as you tried desperately to prevent your body from thrashing due to the oversensitivity that had incurred. And without a second thought, she raised her long fingers to her mouth and sucked heartily as if she wanted to savour every last remnant drop. The seduction that oozed from her did nothing to stymie your arousal as it reignited, a fire blazing inside of you.
鈥淛ust as sweet as I anticipated,鈥 she noted, huskily, her tongue laving her bottom lip with saliva as she basked in the taste of you.
The mere act had your thighs tensing back up once more, the same throbbing feeling from earlier returning with an unrivalled intensity.
鈥淎s much as I鈥檇 love to play into your fantasy,鈥 she began, her voice low and sultry. 鈥淚 have a few of my own.鈥
A manicured finger pointed towards you and then to the floor, the unsaid command hanging in the air as you climbed out of the bed and situated yourself between her legs.
鈥淲hat can I do for you, my Lady?鈥 you questioned, meekly, your skin ablaze in the knowledge that the woman was allowing you to play a part in whatever this was.
The Lady smiled, a little burst of breath exuding from her nose as she observed your utter submission, knees securely pressed against the cold flooring beneath as you awaited instruction. Her hand outstretched towards you, fingers cinching softly around your chin as she forced you to meet her eye line.
鈥淵ou鈥檝e had practice,鈥 she remarked, though the lilt in her voice seemed to imply that it had been a masked question.
鈥淣o, my Lady,鈥 you rebutted with a stifled giggle. 鈥淏ut I鈥檇 like to.鈥
The woman beamed as though impressed, her hands gathering the material of her off-white gown until she had it confined to one fist. Her free hand fell to secure itself atop the crown of your head as she willed you forwards, your nose mere inches from the black underwear that had been newly exposed.
鈥淪uch an eager little thing, aren鈥檛 you?鈥
Before you had the chance to respond, she forcefully dragged your face to meet her underwear, your nose brushing along the length of the black material. Despite the woman鈥檚 blatant impatience, you pulled back, wanting to savour the moment and admire her in her entirety. Gentle fingers caressed the bare skin of her thighs, observing tentatively as her skin shuddered almost undetectably below your touch. Your lips brushed softly against her thighs, daring to bite and suck, her legs jolting every so often. Her self-control had been surprising, coolness prevailing as you continued your attempt to leave it in tatters.
Purpling bruises adorned the Lady鈥檚 ashen skin, soft as her thighs enclosed around your head almost involuntarily. It was clear that despite her earnest efforts to hold off, her natural responses had begun to betray her. Cunningly, you brushed your thumb across the length of her underwear and though sound was stifled lightly from your positioning, you swore you heard a gasp escape her. Her hand reached down and grappled with your head, nails grazing your scalp with brute force as her patience thinned to the point that it became nonexistent. You were mesmerised, intent on exposing what lay beneath that thin sheath of material, a slight patch of arousal visible through the black lingerie if you looked intently enough. It spurred you on to no end, your mouth introducing its languid ministrations, suckling painstakingly over her clothed clit as you felt her buck slightly against you.
鈥淭hat鈥檚 it,鈥 she encouraged, breathily, her fingers combing aimlessly through your silky tresses as she urged you on. 鈥淒on鈥檛 you dare stop.鈥
Courageously, you yanked her underwear to the side, too consumed by the reactions you were procuring from the woman. The opportunity was too good to pass up as you drew more arousal from her with every touch you applied. Her flesh glistened, your eyes half-lidded as you became intoxicated by the scene so close in front of you. Momentarily, you gazed upwards, hoping to meet her eyes and when you did, hers glared back in what seemed like frustration, desperation.
You took her clit into her mouth, toying softly with it as you pressed your tongue against it and laved it with saliva. Her taste was unlike anything, unable to pry yourself away once you had her on your tastebuds, your tongue slipping inside of her to collect more of the arousal you had induced. The previous combing of her fingers through your hair ebbed out abruptly, replaced with a yanking force that drew a wince from you in response. And just when her legs began to tremor, you entered her with two probing fingers, aiming for deeper territories.
鈥淕ood girl,鈥 she groaned, shamelessly, her voice causing an intensified throbbing sensation to persist between your legs, a heartbeat pulsating there.
Every jerk and shiver pointed in the direction of an orgasm, her hands holding you so forcefully in place that you couldn鈥檛 forsake her even if you had wanted to. Your fingers worked overtime, thrusting wildly as her moans rang out into the room and emptied your mind of any coherent thoughts. Her pleasure was all-encompassing. She ground herself against your mouth and fingers with reckless abandon, no concern thrown towards your wellbeing as she used you to reach her high. And truthfully, you were enjoying every single moment spent serving her.
Her arousal slivered out of its confinements, painting itself across your chin and mouth as you fought to maintain the rhythm that you had enlisted. Oxygen was hard to come by, a lightheadedness whipping up and only thrilling you further as her flesh pressed tightly up against you.
鈥淵ou鈥檙e doing so well for me,鈥 she complimented, shakily as the pleasure clouded her, her movements more abrupt and desperate. 鈥淚鈥檓 so close.鈥
The warning had you throwing every last semblance of effort into the task at hand, your fingers gradually feeling the pinch of her inner walls around you. And soon, they were spasming with vigour as she came undone with a rumbling moan that seemed to shake the room.
鈥淢y sweet maiden,鈥 she panted as she attempted to regain control over her breathing. 鈥淵ou do surprise me.鈥
On your knees you stared up at her, awe-struck by her post-coital appearance. As usual, she was enchanting. Without a hesitation, she rose to her feet and traversed towards the far wall, her hands reaching out to pluck your beloved portrait from it.
鈥淢y Lady-,鈥
鈥淪ettle yourself,鈥 she instructed, firmly, the picture dangling from her hand. 鈥淚鈥檓 going to replace it with something a little more, realistic.鈥
With furrowed brows, you regarded her, confused as to what the woman was implying but your interest well and truly piqued nonetheless.
鈥淎nd what might that be, My Lady?鈥 you asked, curiosity getting the better of you.
The Lady sauntered over sexily, hips swaying as she leaned down to address you. Her hand cupped your face, a distinct gentleness prevailing as her eyes seemed to soften all of a sudden. A long exhale exited from her lips, a smile forming in the corners until it spread across her features.
鈥淲ell鈥︹ she drawled, suspense rising as your heart began to quicken. 鈥淢e.鈥
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asmosbabymamaa day ago
alcina: darling, how tall do you think i am?
y/n: mmm鈥9鈥5鈥? 10鈥?
alcina: so then, who is this 鈥8 foot tall goddess鈥 i heard you telling angie about?
y/n: oh, i was talking about my other wife.
alcina, a little concerned at y/n鈥檚 nonchalance: oh?? other wife? would you care to expand on that?
y/n: no, not really :)
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ayeti2 days ago
Tumblr media
i made a Venn diagram
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lunatvoeyjizny2 days ago
Tumblr media
New sketch with LadyD
袧械褍卸械谢懈 褟 蟹邪泻芯薪褔褍 褏芯褌褟 斜褘 芯写懈薪 褋泻械褌褔斜褍泻馃馃
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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walrus--queena day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Before they fell asleep, he tried to get some by squeezing her ass to which she retaliated by biting his nose.
Faye: Hey! That鈥檚 not resting! >:V Heisenberg: OW! But this will surely make falling asleep easier ;(
She then made a deal that she would 鈥渞eward鈥 him later if he tried to get some sleep first.
(was inspired by this panel from The Way of the Househusband)
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infernalrevenge17 hours ago
Heyy! First of all love your work!!! And can I request some fun and lighthearted headcanons where house dimistrescu鈥檚 s/o refuse to say 鈥榠 love you back鈥 to them as a prank. Have a good day!
Thank you! It's always nice to know that people actually like what I spew out into the world HAHA I promise these shall be as lighthearted as you requested and more, but this is cute. Get ready for potentially pouty ladies :P
Alcina Dimitrescu
She may shrug it off at first, especially if she was in a hurry to get somewhere. Maybe she didn't hear you, but there wasn't any time to dwell on that.
If you did it again to get a reaction out of her, she'll be quite confused. You must have heard her, right? Did she not hear you again? Were you ignoring her on purpose?
She'll approach you and demand you talk to her about what was wrong. You normally wouldn't act like this, what's with this "silent treatment" toward her? May or may not be mad about it (she's pretty mad about it.)
Surely you knew how to act more maturely than this. If you had a problem with her, do not just keep it to yourself or take it out in this way! You can kind of imagine her pouting or scrunching her nose a bit as she goes on a rant about your behavior. Deep down, she really just wasn't used to getting nothing from you in that regard.
She'll merely roll her eyes once you explain the situation and mumble something about "trends these days". Ooh you think you're so clever, look at me, I don't reciprocate my darling's feelings. Yeah, she's being petty -- you'll have to deal with that for a while. Think of a way to make it up to her in the meantime.
Bela Dimitrescu
.......okay what's up? No seriously, talk to her, what's up?
Bela is the kind of person who jumps way too quickly to conclusions. She might not even have questions in her mind, she just knows that something is wrong -- at least, she thinks she knows.
She doesn't want to blame you if you started the day rough and felt like taking it out in this way, but this isn't a good way to go about it. Communication is important in any relationship and you should be able to--
You might start trying to stifle either a laugh or an "aww" because on one hand, you didn't think she would take this so seriously. But also it's kinda sweet that she noticed the change in behavior to mean that something may have bothered you.
A flit of confusion would pass her face when you tell her about the prank. She doesn't really get what was so funny about it, all she does is reiterate her point about communicating as a couple. Well, it's nice to know she cares either way.
Cassandra Dimitrescu
Fucking pissed, may whatever higher power you believe in bless your soul because you're not coming out of this unscathed.
Okay that was a bit of an exaggeration, but Cassandra will undoubtedly be mad. Come on, you couldn't say four words back?
Get ready to get guilt-tripped. Not in a terribly manipulative way, but do expect some "woe is me" dramatics on her part. You're pretty sure she's playing it up just because there's no one else around.
Just throwing herself onto a chaise, hand on her forehead as she "cries" about how her partner didn't love her anymore. At this point, you're not sure who's pulling the joke on who.
You'll get smacked in the arm when you tell her it was just a prank. How dare you play with her feelings like that! Never do that again! ... now tell her you love her... please.
Daniela Dimitrescu
She would pout SO HARD. Good luck trying not to break when she brings out the puppy dog eyes, her face just scrunching up at you.
Were you mad at her? Did she do something the other day that made you act this way toward your precious girlfriend? Whatever it was she did, it was an accident or it was her sisters' fault!
She would go up to you, shake your arm and whine until you said it. She'll cling to you for the rest of the day if she has to, just please say it back!
You've always know she can be a drama queen but she was going to pull all the stops for this. An "I love you too" meant that much to her.
Telling her it was a prank later on would earn you a bigger pout though, and a soft mumble that "it wasn't funny." But she couldn't stay mad at you for long, not until the next time you say "I love you" and she goes back to being your lovey-dovey girlfriend.
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angstyanon0a day ago
Headcannons for Lady Dimitrescu x Y/N with wings.
You kept them from Alcina for quite sometime, unsure of how she would feel about them
They were your pride and joy, but were also a burden for you. You knocked over so much furniture over the years with them, had to walk through doors sideways, not to mention the many feathers you always had to clean.
But you were also proud of them. You used to be so embarrassed and ashamed of them when you were younger, wishing you could be normal and not a freak. As you grew up to be an adult, you came to realize that they were a part of who you were and that you shouldn鈥檛 have to be ashamed of them.
You are proud of the person you are and anyone else that sees you as a freak be damned. You would never allow yourself to listen to the hateful words from strangers and believe them when they called you names and accused you of being a demon.
Alcina could tell you were keeping something from her. The woman has three daughters, she knows how people get when they鈥檙e hiding something, but she respected your privacy waiting for you to tell her your secret.
Three months into your courtship, you told her you wanted to tell her something and asked if you could both take a walk with each other alone.
She of course obliged your request. You both would take walks with each other almost every night and it became a part of both of your routines. A perfect end to the day, just a little stroll around the castle.
You had been trying to muster up the courage to show her your wings but always chickened out, afraid of her reaction. Tonight though, you decided you would show her after talking it over with Cassandra.
You snuck out out of the castle one night, wanting to go and fly around the forest and into the clouds once you were far away from the castle.
Cassandra caught you that night. She had been out hunting all week, trying to enjoy the end of the warm weather before she would be locked in the castle for the coming fall and winter months.
When you flew down from the clouds, you landed on the dirty earth ground and retracted your wings back inside of your shoulder blades. It had felt good to go outside and stretch out them for a few hours.
If you didn鈥檛 let them out of your body for a period of time, they would grow restless and you would feel anxiousness coursing through you and feel the impulse to fly. It was like a growing hunger and a burning passion inside when kept them tucked away in your body.
You had allowed yourself one night to stretch them and calm the anxiousness in your body. Just as you looked up, you caught Cassandra鈥檚 piercing eyes staring at you for the longest time.
You did not expect your reaction from her though, she was absolutely ecstatic, asking you could extract them again so she could look at them and asking to touch them.
She had promised not to say anything about them to anyone after you practically begged her not to tell. Occasionally, she would tease you inside the castle, a little joke that only the two of you could laugh about together.
Y/N: 鈥淲hat鈥檚 for dinner tonight?鈥 Cass: 鈥淐hicken wings, we can have the chef cook you something else if that would upset you though.鈥 Alcina: 鈥淲hy would chicken wings upset you, dear?鈥 Y/N: 鈥淥H, NO REASON ALCI, CASSANDRA AND I WERE JUST JOKING AROUND THE OTHER NIGHT, THATS ALL!!! Cass:馃槇 Y/N:馃が
*a bird flies past the window* Cass: don鈥檛 you wish you were that bird? Y/N: tchh! Why would I want to be a bird when I鈥檓 already-鈥 Alcina馃え: 鈥淲hen you鈥檙e already what, YN?鈥 Y/N: 鈥淯h, nothing Alci. Cass: *snickers*. Y/N: shut the hell up, Cassandra
Tonight though you promised yourself you would show her your wings. Cassandra said that you had nothing to worry about, that her Mother would be in awe of them, but you still weren鈥檛 sure.
As you walked deeper into the forest, you took Alcina鈥檚 hand and stopped her once you felt you were at a safe distance away from the castle where no one could see you.
鈥淎lci, I have to show you something.鈥
鈥淲hat is it, Dear?鈥
鈥淚鈥 I, ah鈥 I鈥檓 not sure how you鈥檒l feel about this, but since we鈥檝e been dating for a while now I want to be completely honest with you.鈥
Alcina ran one of her gloved hands down your cheek. 鈥淥f course, darling. You can tell me anything, you know this.鈥
You let go of her hand and took a couple steps away from her. 鈥楬ere goes nothing you thought,鈥 you thought to yourself.
You took a sort of athletic stance, feeling for your wings and deployed them, feeling the flesh from around your shoulders open up and allowing your wings to retract.
Alcina鈥檚 mouth was open in awe as she saw black, feathery wings emerge from your back. She walked around you and reached out to touch them. 鈥淢ay I?鈥 she asked, taking her gloves off so she could feel them with her own hands.
鈥淥f course,鈥 you said, feeling her hands run down the base of your wings and to the tip of them. She looked at every feather on your wings and admired each and every spec of them. They were soft in her hands and your wings fluttered slightly when she touched a rather sensitive area of them. You heard a deep chuckle from her and blushed.
鈥淗ave I discovered a new hot spot of yours, draga mea?鈥 she asked from behind you.
鈥淢-Maybe,鈥 you said quietly, feeling your cheeks burn. 鈥淪o鈥 you鈥檙e not freaked out or anything?鈥
鈥淥f course not, darling! How could I be? Your wings are marvelous! Truly, a beautiful sight to behold.鈥
鈥淭ch, you鈥檙e just saying that. They鈥檙e not that impressive.鈥 You turned around to face her.
鈥淣o, no! I am serious, I have never seen such a magnificent set of wings before. I鈥檓 sure even Mother Miranda would be quite jealous.鈥
You chuckled and felt a wave of relief rush through you. You had been so worried that Alcina would hate them or think that they鈥檙e weird. Her reaction made you so happy and you told her this.
She was confused about why you would be afraid to show her such gorgeous wings and when you told her about how other people would call you names like demon or freak of nature, she asked for names. You chuckled, knowing she was only trying to protect you and you knew she would have no problem murdering anyone that disrespected someone she cared about.
鈥淒on鈥檛 worry about it, Alci. None of those people are worth it.鈥 You had said to her. Alcina relaxed again and asked you questions about the wings, like if they hurt when you retracted them, how you felt about them, how long you had them for. You answered every one of her questions and felt happiness, no one had ever shown such eagerness for your wings. Well, except for Cassandra.
鈥淐assandra knows?鈥 Alcina asked.
鈥淥h鈥 yeah, she caught me flying around a while back. Don鈥檛 be mad at her for not telling you though, I asked her not to say anything.鈥
鈥淲ell, I suppose all of that random teasing from her makes sense to me now,鈥 she said remembering all the times Cassandra teased you about your wings. 鈥淎nd now darling, I have something to ask of you.鈥
鈥淥f course, anything Alci.鈥
鈥淵ou say you can fly鈥 would you show me?鈥
You chuckled at her and took a few steps back, looking up and checking the sky for any tree branches that might hit you if you flew up. After finding an opening, you told her to watch the sky. You knelt down, feeling your wings flutter and kicked off of the ground, soaring up into the sky.
In mere seconds, you were above the forest and flew up into the clouds, then flew back down doing some twirls and flips in the air. You were absolutely showing off for Alcina, flying around the sky and letting your wings take control.
After a few minutes, you landed back down onto the ground and smiled up at Alcina鈥檚 beaming face. She was smiling at you with such admiration and was in pure awe of your abilities.
She told you that you needn鈥檛 feel ashamed of them and that you could have them out at any time you wanted inside of the castle. You laughed at her, reminding her of how clumsy you already were and that if your wings were out 24/7, all of her vases would be destroyed and the ground would be littered with black feathers.
She told you that vases were hardly worth worrying about and that she had maids that could sweep the feathers. She just wanted you to feel comfortable around her. It made you blush and you smiled, hugging her.
You were so glad that this was her reaction, Cassandra had been right when she said Alcina would love them. You plucked a feather from your wings and gave it to Alci when she asked if she could have one.
She stabbed it through the stitching of her hat and wore it with pride, showing everyone who you belonged to. You almost cried knowing what that meant for you. The three black roses she wore with love on her heart and now one of your feathers on her hat.
She never wore her hat without one of your feathers on it after that night and you smiled every time you saw her around the castle wearing your feathers with the same love and pride she wore her flowers with.
You were officially a part of her family now, and you, Alcina and the girls couldn鈥檛 be happier.
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katd0esarta day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Commission鈥 but Bela and Jill this time 鉁ㄢ湆锔
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pipsipey17a day ago
Tumblr media
饾拪 饾挊饾拏饾挃 饾拸饾拞饾挆饾拞饾挀 饾拵饾拞饾拏饾拸饾挄 饾挄饾拹 饾拠饾拏饾拲饾拲 饾拪饾拸 饾拲饾拹饾挆饾拞 饾挊饾拪饾挄饾拤 饾挌饾拹饾挅, 饾拑饾挅饾挄 饾拪 饾拝饾拪饾拝.
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ch3rryluvra day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
shes so fjkjdvkcj vopretty i jdkjskfjs 馃槱
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lucienladance2 days ago
Well after Miranda was killed heisenberg (male or female you pick!)became very protective of Ethan/Etta and Rose so when heisenberg hears about Mia and the things she鈥檚 done heisenberg keeps a close eye on her. Cue glaring at mia over Ethan/Etta鈥檚 shoulder
Tumblr media
kinda turned this into reunion scene turned awkward. i can imagine the plane ride with chris isn't going to be fun
(i actually really like mia as a character but shhhh that's art for another day)
like my art? check out my ko-fi!
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softgamerkingthewriter2 days ago
letters to juliet
Tumblr media
donna x reader
donna beneviento. not many dared to venture near the lord鈥檚 home. not even for deliveries. most deliveries were left at the front gates, dropped out of fear, rumours running rampant on their imaginations. that and not many were fond of a talking doll.
when you started delivering groceries to the beneviento house, you also just left them at the gate, hoping that they would be taken in before they were eaten by rats or spoiled. you always delivered on the same day, at the same time every week without fail.
at first, you noticed that every once in a while some of the deliveries hadn鈥檛 been brought in and stayed out to rot. without a second thought you would discard the rotten, old groceries after leaving behind the fresh delivery. this became a regular occurance soon enough. every other week, you鈥檇 find spoiled and rotten groceries.
for the next two months, every time you made a delivery you felt as though you were being watched. whenever you looked around, you swore you saw two figures in the distance hiding in the fog and pollen.
another two months go by before you decide to try the gate. you thought it would be locked but were surprised when it swung open with ease at the slightest touch. you started leaving your deliveries inside the gates, not yet brave enough to venture up the path towards the house.
three months pass and you鈥檝e mustered up the nerve to traverse the path to the main house. the first time you left a delivery on the doorstep, you half expected someone, even the lady of the house herself, to emerge from the house and scold you trespassing. you breathed a sigh of relief when the door remained closed.
you were in and out the first couple of weeks but soon enough, each week you grew a bit braver. after each delivery you took a chance and explored the garden a bit. the waterfall is your favourite. you again felt as though you were being watched every time you admired the garden or the waterfall. most of the time, when you looked, you spotted a doll in the window; always the same one, seemingly watching you. it made you a bit uneasy but not enough to deter you from your deliveries or exploration of the grounds. sometimes, you鈥檇 catch the silhouette or retreating shadow of the lady, the dollmaker as the townsfolk called her.
even when winter came, you would trek the path, through the snow and cold, to the front doors of house beneviento. even then, in the freezing cold; nose red and sniffling, you鈥檇 take the time to explore the grounds and admire the waterfall and its refusal to conform to the cold. and still you鈥檇 find either the doll or a shadow at the window watching you.
winter is long and at times harsh in the village. a month into your winter deliveries, there began appearing a hot cup of tea awaiting you on a small table next to the doors. you heard all the rumours, so you were weary of the offered beverage; but you also did not wish to upset the lady of the house. tentatively, you drank the tea; letting it warm you from the inside out as you walked the grounds. after finishing the tea, you set it back on the table and left a quickly scrawled 鈥榯hank you鈥 on a piece of scrap paper you found in your pocket.
that note was the beginning of your correspondence with the lady of the house. every delivery since then there鈥檚 been a note for you and some paper and a pen for you to leave a response. for the remainder of the winter and the entire spring, you passed notes with one of the most feared people in the village. it made you feel like a teenager passing notes in class to the girl you liked. you kept every note, hoping she did too.
as summer rolled around, you found the notes and tea moved to the table in the garden. you didn't mind. you often told the lady in your letters how much you admired her garden. through the summer and fall you sat in the garden, surrounded by spring blooms and autumn falls, drinking tea and writing to your new friend.
the content of the letters were nothing special at first. mostly questions back and forth, trying to get to know the lady as much as she wanted to know you. over time, their worth became so much more. soon enough, you found yourself falling for her. through her words, and her words alone, your heart began to fall. each new letter was a treasure to you. she opened up to you and trusted you and you knew the value of her trust.
as winter came back around, marking a year of correspondence and almost of year of falling for her, you began to grow nervous. your first delivery of the new winter, you found the front door slightly ajar and a note. you read the note first and without hesitation entered the house beneviento for the first time. you closed the door behind you before you turned to find arrows, drawn on paper, taped to the wall pointing you down a hall. you followed the arrows and ended up in the kitchen. to thank her for her kindness and trust and for letting you into her home, you took a few minutes to put away the delivery you brought.
after putting away the groceries, you turn and find a pale doll in white dress with a matching veil and a cracked face holding a note. as you walk towards her and reach for the note, you swore her eyes were following you. next to the doll you noticed a few sheets of paper, a pen and a cup of tea. in her note, donna explains that the doll's name is 'angie' and that she would feel much better if you had tea inside the house this winter and that maybe someday you'll have tea with her. reading that had you blushing and were it not for the cold of winter it would have been obvious to anyone who saw you at that very moment.
for that entire winter, you would come into the house and have tea with angie. the first time she spoke to you, you nearly had a heart attack while she cackled like a mad woman. it wasn't the fact that she spoke that startled you, it was that she had done so so suddenly. you had heard the rumours and the gossip about how the lords and mother miranda practiced 'black magic'. talking to angie was an easy thing to get used to, as you mostly talked to yourself when you were walking the grounds.
next spring rolled around and tea time with angie moved to the garden. you were still allowed to enter the house to put away your delivery. you made sure to make quick work of it because you didn't like lingering the the house too long and you didn't want to risk whatever this thing with donna was. tea time with angie in the garden was fun. she liked to hear all the town gossip and in exchange told you all the gossip about the other lords and mother miranda. angie didn't like to talk about donna. you never asked and you still exchange letters with her so there was no need.
when the first delivery of summer came around, you did your usual. you brought the groceries into the kitchen and put them away. you made your way outside towards the garden, admiring the summer blooms along the way. when you came upon the table in the garden, you expected to see angie in her usual spot waiting for you with a note and a cup of tea. what you found was the lady of the house, donna beneviento in the flesh, clad in a black mourning dress and face covered by a black veil. you stopped in your tracks once you saw her, almost dropping the small flower crown you made for angie with flowers from your own small garden.
donna beckoned you, and you almost tripped over your own feet walking to her. you swallowed hard before taking what had become your usual seat across from donna. you were still a bit stunned and your heart was going a million miles per second. donna was the first to speak.
鈥渋t鈥檚 nice to actually meet you,鈥 she said. and you鈥檙e practically swooned. to you, her voice sounded like a lullaby and you would definitely try to keep her talking.
you swallowed the lump in your throat, 鈥渋t鈥檚 a pleasure to meet you as well.鈥
you felt your face and ears heating up, but you couldn't tell if it was because of the summer sun and heat or if it was from you blushing at hearing her voice for the first time. you took her in a bit longer before reaching out for your cup of tea. the small talk started out a bit awkward but soon enough conversation started to flow easier. before leaving that day, you made sure to give donna the flower crown you made for angie. for the rest of the summer you had tea in the garden with donna after your deliveries, occasionally accompanied by angie.
another autumn started to settle on the village. the leaves started to change and the summer blooms started drooping. the first few weeks of autumn were warm enough to have tea outside. but as evenings got chillier and the rains fell more often, you were swept into the house and welcomed to the sound of angie running down the stairs. on some of the colder days you walked into the kitchen to find donna baking. you began to come by on some of your off days, and donna welcomed you eagerly in a quiet way, happy to have company.
winter rushed in shortly after. with the colder nights, you stayed longer and well into the evening. donna, with angie鈥檚 encouragement, started showing you around the house. as the winter got colder, you ended up staying the night a few times. in the mornings after, you鈥檇 find donna in the kitchen making breakfast with angie鈥檚 help. you鈥檇 never caught donna in her nightgown, she always managed to be fully dressed when you found her. never wanting to push her limits, you waited ever patiently.
as the village defrosted with the arrival of spring, you started helping donna in the garden. not as skilled as she is, you tried your best and angie helped as well. one day, as you walked the grounds and through the garden with donna at your side, you talked about flowers and things and just enjoying each other鈥檚 company and nice weather. you had been lightly clenching and unclenching your hand, as donna鈥檚 hand would lightly brush against yours every so often. you steeled yourself before reaching over and gently clasping her hand in yours. you both went quiet for a bit, still walking. you were blushing and you were certain she was too. despite the mildly warm day, her hands was cool to the touch; while yours was heating up. donna didn鈥檛 seem to mind though as she gave your hand a light squeeze. you went about the rest of the day, holding her hand as often as you could.
as spring faded into summer, you and donna only got closer. you were hesitant to tell her how you really felt but sooner or later you鈥檙e going to have to tell her. for now you鈥檙e content with just being around her. on one of the last nights of spring, donna invited you to stay the night. she had a meeting earlier that day, and you got the feeling that it didn鈥檛 go so well. you agreed without hesitation and spent the night in a guest room that had become reserved especially for you.
you were awakened by the sound of your bedroom door opening. you thought it was just angie, who liked to sleep in your bed sometimes when you spent the night. you sat up at the sound of donna鈥檚 voice. you reached for the bedside lamp and clicked it on. in the low light you saw, really saw her for the first time. her dark blue night gown and her hair in a messy bun, disheveled and falling apart. not wanting to stare too long, you lifted the covers and beckoned her over.
donna knew you wouldn鈥檛 care about the disfiguration of her face, but she was still scared and insecure. but tonight she didn鈥檛 care she couldn't sleep and she鈥檚 had a long day. she鈥檚 already bared her soul you and you bore yours to her. she trusted you with her life and angie鈥檚 been giving her some tough love about the whole thing. when donna crept into your room to see if you would let her sleep in your bed, she half expect you to give her your entire bed and sleep on the floor.
she climbed under the covers and into bed with you. you lay face to face with her, your eyes tracing every line and every curve and committing them to memory. neither of you needed to speak. she took hold of one of your hands and your other one gently caressed her face, brushing a few stray hairs from her face. you鈥檙e about to lean and kiss her when angie with all her might kicks the door in and climbs the foot of the bed. you opt to give donna a kiss on the forehead and give her hand a squeeze. angie wedged herself between you two under the covers. you give donna鈥檚 hand another squeeze and plant a soft kiss over her disfigured eyes before reaching behind you and turning out the lamp. you鈥檒l deal with everything in the morning.
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