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baul-de-frases · 7 hours ago
Ya no importa, el daño ya está hecho y no hay nada que tú puedas hacer.
-Ay Carolina.
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itsroxyvail · 14 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I'm blue dabba dee dabba da 💙💙
IG: itsroxyvail
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i-did-not-mean-to · 18 hours ago
Reddit thought in the middle of the night
I just read on Reddit how artists get more clicks but less meaningful interaction, less comments, and such...
I just wanted to tell you all that you DO make me happy. I value, cherish, and admire your talent and it never fails to make me smile, go 'awwww', or feel any other kind of emotion the picture is meant to elicit!
It might be true that we click and like too fast and don't take enough time to really engage with the elusive (often very mysterious and scary) artist, but just in case you sit at home and wonder if your art means anything to the people out does!
The hours of work do not end in a 10-second glance; we talk about it often, we reference your art in conversations, we discuss it, we love and cherish it...We come back and look at it again, and again, and again...
We have seen how YOU draw noses, how YOU give someone special feet, how YOU make the background look alive. We've noticed your chicken, your carefully crafted OC, your reference to other fandoms...We have looked at your art as if it was in a museum and just like Van Gogh, you will probably never know.
And yes, there were days when your art has kept me from crying, there were nights when I've looked at it long enough to keep the nightmares at bay...You are seen, you are valued, you are important!
I love you ❤️
Art-🦈 (@lordoftherazzles and me fangirl quite often over art lol)
@mandolinearts @mathelaw @crowrelli @theresonlyzuul @pistachiozombie @shrimpsthings @dodo-doodles @dimdiamond @khazad @dwarrowdyke @azimuthal-art @stardryad @mysandwichranaway @vtforpedro @brglhobbit @hobbitsoupbowl @kelly6ridge @yacrimago and all the others
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riridontneedya · 16 hours ago
Hot ad doctorem
(Hot for teacher )✨
Pairing: Draco Malfoy x Any house reader (y/n)
Wordcount: 4,300
Warnings: SMUTTY SMUT SMUT , Dom, Sub, Oral, Praise kinks , spitting, Choking , Angst , Teasing , Mature language.
A/N : Back at it again with the saucy contents. I would like to add whilst this is a teacher/ student dynamic everyone is of age!! no minors here the character is an adult!! I have alluded to this in the story as I DO NOT BE SUPPORTIVE OF ANY NONCEY AGE GAP ANTICS. Consider it like hogwarts uni! Other than that do please enjoy , once again this is inspired by the one and only beautiful bestie @littlemissnoname13 and her immaculate Draco as a professor piece *chefs kiss* @littlemissnoname13
Summary: Draco returns and is the new teacher of defence of the dark arts navigating his past and new and improved self he soon finds himself in a budding new relationship.
Tumblr media
“Absolutely preposterous if you ask me” groused Jeremiah sneering at the newspaper before him . ‘Well its a good thing no-one is asking you’ tutted Angelica as she plucked the newspaper from his grasp. Angelica feasted her eyes upon the article, they darted back and forth as she lapped up the information. ‘Ugh of course you’d be delighted Jelica, your judgment is skewed because you're simply trying to get with him’. ‘Correction, I will get with him and don’t be so whiney, he’s hardly a baddie anymore I highly doubt Hogwarts would be so keen to have him back. ‘Could’ve fooled me this place is going to the dogs I wouldn’t be surprised them welcoming back a criminal with open arms’ grumbled Jeremiah attempting to retrieve his newspaper from Angelica.
“Sounds like your quite intimidated there Jerry’ giggled y/n who had emerged from the other side of the classroom. Propping herself onto the desk she peered over Angelicas shoulder glossing over the article that appeared to cause quite the stir amongst students . ‘Me , intimidated pfft as if darling please you know I'm more the man than he could ever be” he scoffed triumphantly . “Ooff, well I guess there’s only room for one cocky blonde… though I don’t think he would take to kindly to your words Jeremiah”. “And you would be absolutely correct , ms Y/N Is it?’ Immediately everyone spun round to source who was responsible for the unfamiliar voice that echoed through the classroom.
Stood before them was the infamous Draco. He was much older now but still remarkably handsome. His three piece suit clung perfectly to his muscular frame, trademark blonde locks combed to one side however a new feature were his tortoise shell glasses. The class was rendered speechless unable to do anything yet gawp in amazement. “What appears to be the problem, you all were a lively bunch just moments ago” remarked Draco “also you appeared to have the bit to say…Jeremiah is it?” Raising his eyebrow at him. Jeremiah immediately began to fumble on his words attempting to make some poor excuse, however Draco couldn’t care less about what he had to say. He himself was far too fixated on the girl on the desk beside him.
His eyes wandered up the length of her body stoping to admire her curvaceous thighs and how her skirt simply grazed the tops of them. Seeing how her form fitting blouse encased her ample bosom. Completely ignoring Jeremiah he turned his attention to y/n. “Ms y/l/n do you make a habit of sitting on the furniture. “Without missing a beat y/n responded ‘And do you make a habit of immediately picking on students sir?” Draco was astounded by her response , he admired how brazen she was it riled something up in him wanting to bend her over his knee and make her regret having a smart mouth. “No.. only those I find deserving’ he smirked.
Draco cleared his throat capturing the attention of the class . Placing his hands into his pocket he began to speak “Ive been informed by the faculty, that I should pick a senior student to be some sort of guide give me the rundown on the class and so on until I find my feet, I understand many will be hesitant but I thought it best I ask” Angelica rapidly flung her hand in the air and frantically wobbled it about “ Draco.. I mean Mr Malfoy I assure you id be perfect for he position , I am oh so zealous when…” “Yes maybe a bit too zealous for my liking Ms Sinner but thank you for expressing an interest’.
Mumbles and faint chuckles could be heard throughout the classroom . Angelica not getting what she wanted was not a common theme and by the disgust plastered across her face it was clear she was unimpressed. “What about you Ms y/l/n from our brief interaction you strike me as someone who welcomes a challenge” asked Draco locking eyes with her . “You’d be correct about that sir , Id be delighted to” y/n remarked gently gnawing her bottom lip. “Excellent, stay behind and ill give you details after class”.
Y/n let out a hefty sigh as she approached the door of the address he had given her earlier that day. She coyly tapped on the door. It creaked open and revealed a rather smiley Draco grasping a small glass of fire whiskey, “y/n I'm so glad you came here let me take your coat come on in”. Y/n still incredibly nervous handed him her coat without so much as a faint smile “don’t worry I don’t bite” giggled Draco sensing her nervousness towards him “don’t worry I bite back” wittily remarked y/n “ah there’s that fighting spirit from earlier” roared Draco ushering her inside.
I didn't take long until the pair where comfortable with one another. It was a lovely evening of laughter and lively chatter whilst simultaneously grading papers. “I know this seems rather odd especially coming from your teacher but Jeremiah .. what’s his deal I see the way he looks at you please don’t tell me you date that … bafoon”. Y/n burst out in raucous laughter. “No way he’s been a family friend since forever absolutely not!’ . “Right , since were on the topic of odd questions Ive been meaning to ask why didn’t you chose Angelica , I mean she practically fell out her seat” giggled y/n popping a piece of a chocolate frog into her mouth.
“Yes about that , Im sure Angelica is … lovely but I know her type.. she’d simply try and have me fuck her only to then use it as bragging rights or some feeble attempt to “fix” me thinking I’d become besotted and she will have me to herself.. I’ve come along way to distance myself from all things cliche Draco I don’t want to give people a reason to talk I want to start afresh and everything I do to be meaningful and for myself.”
“I see” said y/n softly glancing at the faded mark on his exposed forearm. “Did it hurt?’ “The mental did more than the physical” Draco sniffled pushing his glasses further up the bridge of his nose. “Well I can’t possibly imagine what you went through but I'm proud of you for making it this far , I know we don’t know each other well but if you need anything ,ill be here for you” y/n smiled bashfully. Visibly touched by y/ns words Draco leant across the counter taking y/ns hand beginning to graze his thumb against her knuckles.
“Come here’ Draco said softly . Y/n manoeuvred from her side of the kitchen island and made her way to him . His blonde locks were tousled ,the first few buttons of his shirt were undone , the sleeves rolled up. He looked much more relaxed and far less intimidating than earlier when he was sporting his three piece suit. ‘What is it sir?’ Y/n questioned. “God I don’t think you know what it does to me when you call me that’ he chuckled. Y/n nervously giggled “oh my I’m intrigued, what does it do”. “Would you like me to show you he offered, extending his hand for y/n to grab. Y/n keenly placed her hand into his. Dracos large hand encapsulated hers and he began to guide her onto his lap. Y/n let out a small squeal as she landed on him, she was affronted by his large member protruding through his trousers.
“Sorry we can stop if yo” Draco's sentence was cut short by y/ns kiss. With that being the confirmation he needed he flung his arms around her and kissed her back with an intensity. Y/n began to grind her hips against him whilst ridding Draco of his shirt. Once it was off draco balled it up and flung it across the kitchen in the same breathe he scooped y/n up and set her down on the counter. “Hmmm , I love this little school skirt of yours … so much easier to fuck you in .. I was thinking about how id simply flip it up and have my way with you the moment I laid eyes on you”. His large hands began to travel up her thighs slowly caressing them whilst spreading them apart “oh and don’t get me started on how divine these thighs are”.
He hooked his fingers into the tops of her underwear and began to slope them down. Y/n tilted her hips making it easier for him to shimmy them off. “Ill be keeping these” Draco winked sliding them into his pocket. Sinking to his knees he began to devour y/ns sex. Y/n began to shudder as Draco's tongue flickered and vibrated against her swollen bud. He knew exactly where to ripple his tongue in order to make y/ns body vibrate. Y/n screeched with pleasure her hands gripping his hair legs entangled around his neck. Unexpectedly Draco thrusted his fingers into her moving them at a tremendous pace whilst his tongue continued to swirl relentlessly on her bud. This was enough to tip y/n over the edge her bud was pulsating and body quaking.
Draco detached himself from y/n ,he watched in awe at how she unravelled for him. “Im not done with you yet darling”. Helping her down off the counter he manoeuvred his finger in a circular motion indicating for her to turn around. Y/n willingly spun around and leant over the counter “what a good girl you are” grinned Draco as he gently pushed into her. Letting out a robust moan Draco bellowed “God, you feel so good” his grip on her hips was feral, the rate in which he pounded into her made the counter top shake, sending the items on it flying. Y/n cried out in jubilation. It wasn’t long before Draco's pace became more sluggish and he finally let out a fierce moan as he shot ropes of his warm contents into her. Y/n collapsed into a pile onto the floor she was exhausted she had never experienced anything of that ferocity but all she knew was she could never go back now. “Forget the rest of the papers lets get you cleaned up , Ill run you a bath and bring you up some tea , we can do coffee before class in the morning” he said smiled aiding her off the floor.
“A D! What in merlins names is this monstrosity!” Y/N exclaimed fiercely jabbing at the scroll. What’s the matter pumpkin pipped up Jeremiah. Y/n pulled a face and motioned towards her scroll. “Crikey darling , a D there must be a mix up the only Ds I've known you to have is the two in-front you”. Y/n tossed him a threatening glare. “Shut the hell up its fine , like you said there must be a mix up and it will be changed il make sure of it’ y/n drummed her fingers on the table debating her next move. Suddenly a “Ms y/n” broke her from her train of thought. “Umm yes professor Mcgonagall”. “Could you be a dear and collect everyones name for me who will be attending the senior end of year ball , then bring it to me once you’ve finished” she said with a warming smile. “Of course , it would be my pleasure professor” . Y/n rose from her chair setting out for Draco's direction.
Name … scowled y/n . “Draco” he replied dryly looking unamused at y/ns tone. ‘Draco who.. sarcastically scoffed y/n’ “Draco … Malfoy, perhaps you would like me to spell it out for you. ‘That won’t be necessary Mr Malfoy y/n tutted as she flashed him an apathetic smile. Draco cleared his throat and began to rise from his seat. Y/ns eyes followed him as he made his way to her side of the desk ,standing beside her feigning interest at the paper in her hand. He closed the space between them speaking so only she could hear. “ I know I wouldn’t need to spell it because you sure as hell had no trouble yelling it last night… so I suggest you drop this attitude or do I have to fuck it out of you ..hmmm”. Y/ns breathing became shallow she could feel the wash of arousal taking over her body. Attempting to conceal her emotions in regards to Dracos teasing words she stammered “You wish’ and left leaving and enraged Draco. “Detention ! Ms y/n” he called out his eyes carefully following her as she made her way back to her seat.
As the class clamoured to leave Draco called out. ‘Not you ms y/l/n your detention starts now. Y/n pouted as she begrudgingly shuffled back to her desk. Soon it was just them. ‘What’s the matter bunny you seemed quite gleeful last night now today .. you appear to have a vile little attitude’. Taking hold of her face he used his index finger and thumb to squeeze her cheeks together making her pout more prominent. Y/n swatted him away, folding her arms she turned to face the opposite direction. ‘Fine , pray tell what’s the matter” questioned draco. Y/n exhaled and slowly manoeuvred herself in order to meet his gaze. “Oh so you want me to tell you what you already know huh …? Spat y/n her gaze fixated on his pale blue eyes. “Hmm I may have an idea about what’s ruffling your feathers, but do go ahead and amuse me bunny” he said
Leaning playfully in his chair brandishing a mischievous grin.
“What an earth do you call this shit” y/n shrieked , waving around the scroll visibly enraged. “What , I couldn’t have it look like you're the teachers pet now can we ..” Chuckled Draco. “You're ridiculous … you know that” tutted y/n firing the scroll in his direction , turning to leave . Draco shot up almost immediately grabbing y/ns wrist and hoisting her towards him. “Looks like I do have to fuck it out of you’. His hands began to travel up her shirt, caressing and fondling her breasts. He placed his lips on her collarbone decorating them with kisses travelling up to her neck along her chin until his lips met hers .
As their lips collided he kissed her hungrily removing his hand from her breasts he now entangled them in her hair. In the midst of the kissing Draco had steered y/n into the direction of the wall and pressed her against it. With her now against the wall Draco drove his knee in between her legs prying them open. Y/n let out a moan “filthy girl” Draco chuckled darkly now open your mouth for daddy” . Y/n blissfully complied taking his index and middle finger he glided them into her mouth , y/n began to suck them earnestly coating them in spit.
“Ugh , thats it make them wet for Sir” Draco moaned. Removing his fingers from her mouth with a gratifying pop, he took his spit ladened fingers and moved them under her skirt , finding her sex and beginning to trace circles on her swollen bud . Suddenly he thrust them in her entrance. Y/n began to convulse her back arched off the wall her mouth hung open and eyes rolling back. Dracos fingers were moving at a rapid rate ,her legs began to quiver as she was unable to withstand it anymore.
“Draco … Draco” she whimpered . “Funny that I thought you didn't know my name earlier Draco laughed menacingly. Yanking his fingers from inside her he began to instruct . “knees now’ once more she complied and dropped to them. Draco undid his trousers letting his erection spring free and brush y/ns face. ‘Spit on it for daddy, make it nice and wet now and just maybe ill fuck you , you little filthy whore”. Y/n began to suck eagerly upon his length making sure to try and fit every inch in order to please him. ‘Thats my girl’, he moaned as he thrusted deeper and deeper into her mouth. Draco began to pant y/ns impressive skills were going to make him finish quicker than he anticipated.
Whisking his phallus out from her mouth he said with a smile “ ooh I think you deserve that fuck after all”. Yanking her from her knees and towards him he kissed her feverishly, placing his hands around her waist he spun her around pressing her up against the wall . Y/n groaned in delight at the feeling of his firm cock pressed against her backside, “fuck me draco’ y/n begged .Tugging at y/ns hair sharply ‘Dont be an impatient little slut , I will fuck you good and hard when I'm ready”. With his face buried into Y/ns neck he let out a groan as he pushed into her at an agonisingly slow pace “I'm going to fuck you over every desk, every chair, every corner of this God damn classroom ”.
With that he jerked forward pushing his full vast length inside her. Y/n let out a mighty gasp letting a immense moan tumble from her mouth. ‘Thats a good girl’ beamed Draco, ‘What’s my name ? .. go on say It you little brat.. i'll make sure you never forget it again’ spat Draco his grip tightening on her waist as he continued to pummel into her. Y/n attempted to utter his name but with each stroke from his throbbing cock made her crumble. ‘Say it!’ He roared driving himself deeper and deeper into her. ‘ Draco… Draco’ ‘Draco fucking who? Huh y/n? ‘Draco fucking malfoy’ y/n cried out y/n as she began to fall apart beneath him.
Y/n wasn’t even a stone throw away from the classroom but she already missed Draco's touch. She craved every inch of him ,the mere mention of him made her heart flutter. Y/n staggered back to her dorm , had anyone been watching her hobble back they’d assume she was injured. Smiling to herself she eventually made her way back to the dorm , exhausted she collapsed into bed and promptly drifted off to sleep. Y/n woke up still in a tremendous mood from yesterday’s antics .. she knew she had coffee scheduled with him before class so she hastily got ready in order to meet him. ‘Good morning” chirped y/n popping her around around the door to the classroom. “Good morning angel” gleamed Draco . He scrambled across the classroom to embrace y/n and place a delicate kiss on her forehead. “Did you sleep ok darling” “like a baby” chuckled y/n. “Come here , sit on my lap angel.
Y/n perched on his lap and looped her arms around his neck. “I missed you” “I missed you to bunny” smiled Draco pulling her in for a deep, soft and slow passionate kiss . With the kissing becoming heated y/n could feel him grow beneath her this made y/n let out breathy moan against his lips. “Fuck it , forget about class today lets just go back to mine Im gonna fuck you senseless” y/n chuckled you can’t just do that can you ? Either way let me show you how much I missed you first” y/n grinned from ear to ear as she sloped down to her knees and began to unfasten him. “Fuck you're killing me y/n” groaned Draco as he leant back in his chair.
Draco flung his head back in ecstasy his body quivering as she so effortlessly submerged his length into her mouth. His nails were sure to leave indentations on the chair as his ferocious grip tightened. “Fuck” he muttered under his breath unable to form full sentences due to the immense pleasure. Draco could feel her smile forming, she revelled in the delight of having the power even if it was for a brief moment. Y/n looked up at him with doe eyes as he looked down at her .Draco marvelled at her beauty , despite being on her knees mouth full and eyes streaming she still remained a work of art to him. Removing his grip from the chair he extended his hand to cradle her face “who’s daddy’s good girl ey” he smirked. Just then the door to the classroom swung open with brut force.
“Oh Mr Malllllfoooooyyy” there was no mistaking that relentlessly irritating tone of Angelica. Draco immediately hunched himself over the desk in a bid to conceal y/n it was a grand enough desk but you needn’t be a brain surgeon to know what was going on had you hung about. “What an earth do you want Ms Sinner, class doesn’t start until another 15 minutes” he snapped “Well.. you know me just keen to learn .. there’s something I could use your help with actually” pouted Angelica as she attempted to flutter closer to his desk. “Stop at once Angelica!” Barked Draco , rendering Angelica in complete shock. Now despite Angelicas intrusion y/ns lips remained firmly around Draco's member,Y/N proceeded to continue to pleasure him she could feel now with how firm he was becoming and how he would tremor at the swirl of her tongue , he was close and could hardly contain his composure . Draco wouldn’t risk exposing her so she was now the master and he the puppet .“ Oh , sorry I didn’t mean to disturb you I just”… “You just what! once again did what Angelica wants hmm .. like I said I'm busy and i'll let you know once I have the time” roared Draco. Without deviating his icy glare from Angelica he discreetly lowered his hand to Y/ns shoulder squeezing it tightly ,
This was to act as a warning signalling for her to unlatch, however this had the adverse effect and only spurred on y/n. The immeasurable pleasure seared through Draco the surge of heat coursed through his veins making the hairs on the back of his neck prickle . “ Dammit! Draco's fist plummeted off the table “what are you still doing here?” Like a wounded puppy Angelicas eyes widened in horror and she quickly fled from the classroom.
As the door closed behind her Draco immediately thrusted his wand at it causing the locks to clink. “You!!” He hissed as he grabbed the base of y/ns neck , plucking her off him. Y/n could see the wrath in his eyes as he drew her close “Now don’t you dare think you can pull a stunt like that and get away unpunished”. Y/n couldn’t help but beam in delight in the thought of what he would do to her. Draco cupped y/ns face then suddenly administered a slap across her cheek . This was instantaneous arousal for y/n as she pang of heat on her struck cheek sent shock waves of excitement through her body.
“Turn around I want you face down on this desk whilst I fuck you silly” understood spat Draco as he grabbed a fistful of her hair. Y/n let out a lustful moan. “ oh and by the way , the locks may be on but there’s no silencing spell.. class starts in 5 minutes tops .. Id be quiet if I were you , we don’t want anyone finding out what a filthy little slut you are, now do we?”. With that Draco flipped up y/ns school skirt, hooking her underwear to the side he abruptly thrusted his length inside her. Y/n let out a yelp . ‘What did I say’ growled draco as his hand came down on her arse. she attempted to utter whilst being slammed up against the desk trying to keep up with Dracos ferocious pace. ‘Sorry who?’ Sorry sir she whimpered. ‘Thats my girl’. Y/n clung helplessly to the desk her fingernails etching into the hard wood surface, she wanted nothing more than to let her sultry moans slip out at and bellow across the classroom but she couldn’t risk it.
Her tears of pleasure brimmed at the surface of her eyes as she gurgled on her moans. Dracos erratic pace began to dwindle . His grip tightened on her body embedding it with marks, he leant down by y/ns ear and with ragged breathe whispered . ‘Im going to come up that pretty pussy and you're going to sit and pay attention in this lesson whilst it drips out of you’. A euphoric ‘Fucck’ rolled out from y/n. With a final grunt and groan he thrust his head back released into her with elation. Draco grinned triumphantly as he whipped the beads of sweat from his forehead. With a cheeky wink he smacked y/ns arse and promptly flipped her skirt back down. Just as Draco began to rearrange himself the doorknob rattled. From behind the door came a gruff “Professor , professor the door is locked”. The couple exchanged a quick glance and stifled a giggle.
“Umm yes Im aware, its cursed and part of your task is to see who’s able to unlock it’ Draco yelled. The boom of Jeremiahs voice echoed from behind the door “Stand back everyone allow me”. For merlins sake Jeremiah I said to unlock it nit blast the door of his hinges’ squawked Draco, making a beeline for the door. Tugging open the door he came face to face with Jeremiah wand akimbo ready to conduct some elaborate spell. Dracos eyes narrowed as he watched him lower his wand. ‘Enter’ grunted draco as he turned his back to him making his way to his desk.
“Crickey!, what are you doing already at your desk y/n’ spewed Jeremiah his eyes blinking slowly in bewilderment. “Well , you know me just keen to learn …” smiled y/n.
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finns-balor · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Roman Reigns - SmackDown, Nov. 26, 2021
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kareena-kazmi · 22 hours ago
Tumblr media
A Princess to the public👸, But a Freak when it’s time 🤤💦
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baul-de-frases · 7 hours ago
Sabía lo dañada que estaba,
Que mis heridas eran profundas y aún buscaba la manera de cómo repararlas,
Llegó a conocer uno de mis lados vulnerables, podía hacerme daño en el momento que quisiera,
Baje la guardia, creía que esta vez iba a ser diferente,
Pero los peores golpes son los que vienen de formas inesperadas,
-Ay Carolina
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novo-comeco · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
golden hour ✨
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finns-balor · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Toni Storm - SmackDown, Nov. 26, 2021
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kareena-kazmi · 7 hours ago
Tumblr media
I Always wonder if my future bf/husband will accept and support me the way I am 🤔🤔🤔
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baul-de-frases · 8 hours ago
Te fuiste,
Tus impulsos se apoderaron de ti una vez más,
Las veces anteriores terminé herida por tus acciones sin pensar, esta fría noche de noviembre no fue la excepción.
Ahora solo me entregas una disculpa, excusas, promesas rotas y mi corazón destrozado.
¿Cómo reparo lo que dañaste?
Para mí esto ya no es fácil de lidiar.
-Ay Carolina
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zhephorahamae · 16 hours ago
We extend our deepest Condolences to Jasky. Last month she lost her Grandmother and recently a family member due to aneurysm. Dear beloved friends in Tumblr & Twitter all over the world.
🙏🙏A minimum of $6 donation through her KoFi will give a meaningful impact on Jasky’s life.🙏🙏
Tumblr media
I asked of you to please spare at least 5 mins. in reading the plea for help from a kind soul. Let us use the power of the internet to spread this one. PLEASE PLEASE HELP.
We humbly request that we prevent hate messages, negativities and let us spread charity, positivity, and heart. - Share, reblog, retweet. If you could also tag your friends it will be a great help to Jasky.
We know that we live in hard times right now because of Pandemic. We deeply ask for everyone’s understanding, kindness and support on this matter. We know that you do not know us personally. But we are really worried to our friend.  She is suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Major Depression & Hair Pulling Disorder, and also on the brink of losing both her Homes. She has received a Termination of contract from the Electric Company. She will be evicted very very soon. We apologize for doing mass tags for a month now as we are deeply desperate in helping our beloved friend Jasky. If we could spare a lil coin for her. Bless you all. She hasn’t reached at least 50% of her fundraising. We only recently saw her latest post on her KoFi. She underwent minor surgery because of her respiratory illness. She lost her last job, and she is still looking for a new one. She is also suffering from FOOD SHORTAGE at the moment. And her bills are piling up. NEW KoFI Entry from Jasky: “The other night November 25th around 10 pm on my way home I was mugged. My part time earnings amounting to $200 was taken away and my mobile phone. I sustained minimal injuries on my left arm, as I did not fight back. But I was still attacked by two men in a motorcycle. I already reported it to the police, but the muggers are still out there. They have a knife and pointed a gun at me. I was really scared and right now I am more afraid to go back outside again. Because of this incident, and the stalking. The main photo posted on this entry are my minor injury sustained. I feel so embarassed on what is happening on my life right now, I feel so ashamed in asking help still to everyone. But it is hard dealing this alone. “
Mental Health, needs a deep understanding and never ever be made fun of.
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baul-de-frases · 7 hours ago
Estoy en medio de un trance,
Del cual no sé cómo salir,
Desconectada de todo lo que rodea, hasta de mis emociones;
No siento mis sentimientos, no siento nada,
Camino y vivo en uno modo automático,
Con un alma que está de luto porque mataron la poca esperanza que quedaba dentro de mí.
-Ay Carolina
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funkymbtifiction · 15 hours ago
This is hilarious but also so true:
“How do I tell if I’m an Enneagram 4 or 5?”
6s ask this kind of question regularly. It is personal and vague. 6s reach out and ask questions, and generally in several places, to see how many people say the same thing. The more that say the same thing, the more likely the 6 will value it… unless they want to be another type. ;)
However, it is extremely common for the 6 to reach out for help, and it is also the way this question was asked that is very common for the Type 6.
6s need to explain. In particular, they need to explain how they are the 1 that does not have resentment, the 2 that does not give to get, the 3 that does not need an audience, the 4 that does not have envy, the 5 that is not unemotional, the 7 that is not scattered, the 8 that is not aggressive, the 9 that is not checked out, etc.
This is because they are not the type in question.
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