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Fun Fact
There's almost an equal split between the sexes on Tumblr - 51% male, 49% female.
theseimmortalsouls · 35 minutes ago
im half a redhead but do i return to black, my mother says yes my nephew says NO!
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samsboobs · an hour ago
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ducksbuttocks · 2 hours ago
i say this with love in my heart but i hate all of you reblogging that post about what time you consider to be "sleeping in". i've literally been sleeping entire weeks away and y'all are making me wanna commit crimes 🔪🔪🔪
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mitchmarner · 13 hours ago
i know getting rittich blue & white equipment isn’t actually a priority but if they don’t do it by the next time he plays, i will cross the border and throw away those red pads myself
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xerox-candybar · 13 hours ago
Tumblr media
i am so effing bad at wine bottles you guys
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dubovoye · 17 hours ago
THEY’D  SENT  JAINAN  TO  ENTERTAIN  THE  FIRST  MATE.          he doesn’t know why  ----  there must’ve been hundreds of others of higher rank in the federation who could’ve recieved him.  his partner, for a start.  but kiem had been busy  (  it seems absurd, to be busy with anything but the outer - system ship that had somehow passed into iskat’s system using archiac technology, but kiem has always been hard for jainan to understand.  )  and so jainan had been sent along.  he’s not yet accustomed to being a distinguished diplomat instead of a goodwill representative, but this is, alas, the role he’d been given.  it is his duty to do this.  the earthlings had been put up in a building near the palace, and this is where jainan had just arrived.  he doesn’t remember being led to this reception room.  he’s nervous, but it cannot show, and he has always been good at controlling himself  ----  if this goes poorly, the consequences will land on him, and him alone.  it cannot go poorly.  that is more than enough motivation for him to stiffen his shoulders and wear a friendly but guarded expression.
he’d never met a galatic outside of the resolution.  jainan opens the door to a seemingly ordinary man standing in a red uniform.  he knows they share a common ancestry in earth, but for some reason, he finds himself expecting something entirely foreign to him in someone who’d come directly from the planet.  he smiles, notes the man’s military bearing, something he’s too wary of not to disregard.  his voice is strained.  kiem would’ve been so much better at this.  “  first mate rojas.  ”  the name does not sit comfortably upon his tongue.  “  i expect you’ve been welcomed to iskan v more than a few times, but allow me to welcome you again.  ”
@mirafirstmate  /  sc.
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🖊 + Kurriack, please.
EXCELLENT CHOICE! I haven't gotten much of a chance to explore/show her off, so thanks!
Anyway, Kurriack was born out of two ideals - one, to be a foil for Kohvu (and be the catalyst to a spoiler that I REALLY REALLY WANNA TALK ABOUT-) and two, be a likable, relatable villain (though I want the existence of a true villainin this story to be debatable). One who's motives are right, but methods are super wrong. So far, I think I'm doing pretty well on her!
She grew up seeing injustice - seeing people mowed down seemingly for the benefit of the group, but really for the benefit of the people in charge. Chraw society - particularly surrounding the ring-readers - is more than willing to let people suffer if there is a benefit. She's seen friends and loved ones die - withered away or consumed by their magika, doomed to become a husk of themselves - and she finally snaps. In her attempt to prevent this from happening to anyone else, she tries to stage a rebellion - one that is quickly defeated.
Leaving in shame, she vows to come back and save her people, no matter the cost.
(YES this is supposed to be allegorical to how she goes on to treat Itelas, practically doing the same thing to him when he gets in her way.)
She escapes with some forbidden texts and makes her way towards the Hessian Marches, eventually worming her way into its monarchy. Seeing her own struggle in the Hessian people, she vows to help them, hopefully while freeing the Chraw in the process.
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mattelektras · a day ago
give me an elektra, nat and jessica drew team up and call that the better team red.
hmm i’m not sold on elektra and jess working well together... make it misty/nat/elektra instead. misty and elektra have already worked together it makes more sense
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ghostlyfoliage · a day ago
I'm finally going to have it.
I've waited and waited for this nursery in Portland that does online sales to actually have it in stock...
and I bought two creeping raspberries!!!
They're a fruiting ground cover that has some drought tolerance AND is a nitrogen trapper! I'm going to plant them directly under the serviceberry.
Also: 3/4 of the trees I planted last year are waking up. The goji berry was surprisingly the first to actually pop some leaves but it also got pretty heavily mulched by the pine tree last year and is probably a bit warmer than the others at it's roots.
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