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Supernatural Requests

The request box is open for supernatural requests for the moment as I’m in the mood for some supernatural stuff. Thank you. 


Please state if you want angst or fluff because for certain ones -such as a werewolf- I will automatically do what I think would fit. Thank you

The request box will only be open for a bit and I will let you know when it’s closed.

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(a/n: i started finished rewatching part 1 (again) with my parents so i’m in the perfect mood for some sweet, sweet speedwagon fluff! kinda goes with those hcs i made a while back, if you squint hard enough.)

Requested By: Anonymous 

Robert E. O. Speedwagon x Fem!Reader

Lovey Dovey Sentence Starters: 5. “You’re such a doof.” and 8. "Tell me I’m cute or I’ll tickle you.”

The apartment (Name) and Speedwagon shared wasn’t much, barely more than a room, but it was more than enough for them to return to at the end of a long day. It was on such a night that they found themselves keeping company during a storm, the rain lashing against the thin walls as it it was moments away from soaking the entire room. 

“Hell of a storm out there, eh, (Name)?” Speedwagon murmured, candlelight flickering across his sculpted face.

No response.

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Alright… this has been bothering me for awhile.  REO fans, you know this picture on one of the compilation playlists, and on Apple Music.  Does anything feel “OFF” about it?  Like, everyone looks like themselves (and the way they’re standing protectively around Neal is so endearing), but their faces just seem slightly off?  Like, Neal’s distinctive nose and uneven eyes just don’t seem right, Alan’s eyebrows don’t seem quite like him, and there’s something about Kevin’s expression that’s off from the countless other time’s he’s made that look?

Now, look carefully… Notice that Bruce appears to have his hair parted on his left here… and it’s usually the opposite way around.  Then, look at the logo on Gary’s athletic jacket.  Maybe by that, Bruce’s hair isn’t quite a one-day coincidence?  Let’s try…


Ahhh, now THAT is SO much better!

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Hello fans of the cultivated vinyl music. Today I present you again a new song from my Vinyl Collection:

REO Speedwagon - ”Keep The Fire Burnin’ “

I hope you enjoy it and I would be very happy if you would subscribe to my Youtube channel, because this way you are always up to date.

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This world needs more Jonawagon! It is an amazing ship and yet there is so little of it! 

Before anyone asks, yes, I do like to think that Speedwagon was in love with Jonathan but was unsure of how to express it. Take that how you want to. I ship Jonawagon with all my heart. These best boys deserve all the love they can get! 

Thank you for listening to my little rant. 

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update: my therapist legit said “ARE YOU FROM THE 80s???” and told me the first record she ever owned was Hi Infidelity I think this is fate guys

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