tsunnamiart · 14 hours ago
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Let me just remake this post lmao 
I think it looks better this way in terms of quality
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hadesisqueer · 23 hours ago
I see people thinking Emerald's redemption arc started in Witch and no. That was Emerald's defection.
Her redemption arc starts in Risk. Before, she'd left Salem with the crew and then she stayed with them because they-- kinda were forcing her to go with them because after everything she'd done they weren't gonna just let her go. And you could see she regretted taking part on what was happening in Atlas and felt bad and both Oscar and Ren were trying to convince her to help and the others to let her help. And then, she stays because she actually has nowhere to go to and because she is considering what Oscar said to her, but she's not really part of the group yet.
Now, here.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
With a face that can only be defined as surprised and slightly horrified (and feeling bad, seriously, I swear this girl has been regretting most of her life choices for volumes) sees Penny in distress and danger after being hacked, and how everyone is trying to help her. And they're failing.
And then, this.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
THAT is the moment. When she helps hold Penny back. THAT is when she accepts Oscar's offer to help them. THAT is when Emerald actually chooses to do the right thing. And a minute later she tells them that yes, she has switched sides, as she tries to cheer them up because if they give up right when she decides to join them, she was going to get mad.
That is the moment she actually starts redeeming herself. Her redemption arc starts right there.
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cherryinthesun · 20 hours ago
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thirsty Blek aka painting house gone unexpectedly... well ;))
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amelia-yap · 22 hours ago
For that Dead Weiss AU, can Weiss follow and try to interact with Ruby? She doesn't deserve to just get left behind.
Tumblr media
she sticks by the team! shes currently watching them practice using her fancy toothpick and praying they won’t start fires
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strqyr · 21 hours ago
the reason why salem isn't going to be using the staff to create a weapon of mass destruction or something to destroy vacuo, in her own words:
"your faith in mankind was not misplaced. when banded together, unified by a common enemy, they are a noticeable threat. but divide them, place doubt into their minds, and any semblance of power they once had will wash away."
salem's whole plan hinges on humanity being divided. that's the only way the gods, once summoned, will destroy remnant completely. the only way salem believes she can still die – "so long as this world turns, you shall walk its face." – without doing what the gods actually want her to do.
salem knows how to unite humanity. she's done it herself. she's not going to make herself the enemy of mankind by destroying a kingdom for no reason. not when that kingdom already has two kingdoms' worth of people, with bad blood between them already, in it.
the heroes unite and salem divides. that's the point. if salem suddenly starts destroying, she's going to make the heroes job so easy that even if she got the relics and summoned the gods, she wouldn't get what she wanted.
and she's wayyyyy smarter than that.
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canoncorps · 16 hours ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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osiria-arts · 13 hours ago
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hadesisqueer · 18 hours ago
When we have the Bumbleby kiss with instrumental Treasure playing in the background then what
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rwbybutincorrect · 15 hours ago
ok i’ve washed my hair and put on a big t shirt there is no mental illness in this body
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devoidaffectu · 23 hours ago
First RWBY X SUPERGROUPIES Collab just dropped!
Pre Orders start today ( Jan 25th till February 13th!)
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luimnigh · 43 minutes ago
...in a show all about Fairy Tales, they've managed to make a twist out of the only Stepmother in the show being a villain.
Bravo, CRWBY.
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sunny-little-yang · 13 hours ago
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there are so many great moments where you can see the love blake and yang have for each other just by how they look at each other but this one especially fucks me up so much…….. it’s yang smiling lovingly at blake while she isn’t looking, it’s both of their lowered eyelids and softened gazes, it’s them being able to communicate with just one phrase (“we were there for each other”) and their expressions
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moistmailman · an hour ago
*at a gas station*
Cashier: I don't recognize you. New in town?
Jaune, awkwardly smiling: Yeah, I'm visiting my girlfriend's house for the weekend. I woke up early so I decided to get us some coffee.
Cashier, ringing him up: Oh, that's nice of you. Youre a sweet boyfriend.
Jaune: Thanks. I just wish her father would realize that. He's been sending my death glares all day yesterday. It was really unnerving.
Cashier: My father was the same way with my husband when I was young. Just give him some time and he'll come around into accepting you. Unless you do something really stupid to tick him off that is.
Jaune, chuckling: Don't worry, that won't happen. I've been extra careful around him. Don't want an early funeral, amiright?
Cashier: *chuckles with Jaune*
Pyrrha, frantically running in: Jaune?! Oh my gosh, thank goodness I found you before my father.
Jaune, worried: What? What are you doing here? What's wrong?
Pyrrha: My father! He's angry! He stormed out of the house looking for you! You gotta hide now!
Jaune, eyes wide: What?! Why!? What did I do? I was on my best behavior!
Pyrrha, awkwardly: I-I......I kinda forgot to......*whispers* I forgot to remove the pillow in between my headboard and wall.
Jaune, fearful: Y-you what?
Pyrrha: He knocked on my door and I told him he could come in without thinking! I then panickily realize the pillow was still there and tried to remove it but wasn't fast enough!
Jaune, panicked: Wait, so your dad knows what we did last night!?
Pyrrha: Obviously because he ran out angry demanding your head! Now you gotta hide before he-
Jaune: *girlish screams*
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hadesisqueer · 19 hours ago
I just am like 70% sure that by the time they leave that weird world, Neo will at least be begrudging allies with RWBY and at some point she'll become Jaune's new partner. I simply do not see any other reason (well, I do, but you know what I mean) as to why they would drop in there the two only important characters that lost their partners and then developed self-destructive tendencies while looking for vengeance that won't help them heal and won't bring their partner back.
I feel like, if Neo does become their ally for some reason like, you know, taking down Cinder and then Salem too so she doesn't destroy the world she lives in at some point they're gonna bond and will end up being partners, yeah.
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rwbybutincorrect · 21 hours ago
Yang: I found my old diary from 5th grade!
Yang: “Dear diary, I finally got a pocket sized diary! Also, I don’t get the concept of life-”
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onefatweeb · 11 hours ago
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cookie crumbler🔞all kinds of chub! (@cookiecrumblerD) Tweeted:
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dawnmaidenofdragons · 8 hours ago
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These drawings of Raven and Cinder from the RWBY art book are my everything rn
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it-me-butts · an hour ago
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Tall gf coat
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renabe4life · 18 hours ago
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would that marks on skin could burrow deep and find rest in your heart as you in my arms
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rwbybutincorrect · 17 hours ago
Jaune: So January is almost over huh? What’s next? February? Give me a break
Jaune: Terrible news, everyone.
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