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#RWBY The Animation

“A Part of the Team”


There comes a time where Weiss Schnee burned things through her extreme training  for a new technique that led to that 

an incorrect Team RWBY quotes comic special thanks to @jacketizer007​ cool art for the drawing and making it happen

source of the quotes is under here

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Jaune: Hmm, sorry Ruby! I don’t know if if I can trust you’re Uncle right now.

Jaune: He did suddenly appear out of nowhere and suddenly tells all those things.

Ren and Nora suddenly becomes silent except for Ruby.

Ruby: Jaune……..

Jaune: He’s behind me now isn’t he?

The three nods quietly agreeing to it

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Blake: Do you ever regret marrying Ruby?

Weiss: Lately she’s decided the best way to let me know she wants a kiss is to t-pose in front of me until I kiss her, so that’s the closest I’ve come.

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