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#RWBY fan art

#IcedCoffeeRWBYweek Day 6: Seasons ❄☕

Before we got the retcon-that-wasn’t-a-retcon that Atlas isn’t remotely cold, my thought was that Weiss loved living in Vale because it actually has seasons, as opposed to Atlas, which is cold and snowy year round. This echoes my love of the Midwest after moving here from Louisiana, which is hot, humid, and disgusting all year round. I will gladly take snow over mosquitoes in January.

Anyway, I really love autumn! It’s my husband’s and my favorite season. I love the leaves, and he loves the cooler temperatures. That partly inspired this art, but I mainly got the idea from @slytherinslittleprincess, who suggested a cute apple picking date! It’s easy to get all the high up apples when your boyfriend is 6'7" and lets you ride on his shoulders (and maybe if you use a summon to help, though in my AU, Weiss is not as instantly and exclusively proficient at summoning as she is in the show, and tends to focus more on advanced glyphs and dust usage instead).

I’m not sure what they’ll do with all the apples. I feel like it’s a big struggle to get Oobleck to consume anything besides coffee, cheap ramen, and cold ravioli out of the can. Maybe they’ll bake an apple coffee cake? 💙💚

If you read this far, drop your favorite apple in the replies! Mine are Honeycrisp, Pink Lady, Jazz, and Granny Smith!

Dumb trivia: my husband is allergic to raw apples. We probably couldn’t do this IRL.

Prompt list graphic by @sorinshuto!

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#IcedCoffeeRWBYweek Day 5: Close ❄☕

I decided on this prompt because of something I noticed around when I first started watching RWBY: during the Mountain Glenn arc, Weiss is, for whatever reason, perpetually in Oobleck’s business (and he in hers, to a lesser extent). Seriously, she’s always right next to him, and it’s kinda weird. 😏 I certainly don’t believe any hints of shipping were intended, but their mutual proximity seemed to be a bit beyond Oobleck’s interactions with the other girls, even taking into account his extended dialogue with Ruby. These scenes were probably meant to annoy Weiss, but they’re fun to use as “evidence” of her supposed weird crush when I’m bantering with my fellow crackshippers.

As for the art itself, I randomly got a notification on Twitter for a poster for the movie Cordelia (no clue why I got it as I don’t know the person and had never heard of the movie, but I’m glad I did). The tweet pointed out that you rarely see a woman in that dominant position, as it’s usually the other way around, and I knew I wanted to use the pose for some Iced Coffee art. Fancops deride my ship for some imaginary “power dynamic,” but I always imagine Weiss as the instigator in this pairing, and the reverse is actually super unappealing to me.

Also Weiss is barely 5 feet tall without her heels and Oobleck is 6'7", so she is definitely standing on one of her glyphs (or as @slytherinslittleprincess suggested, a stack of his comic books 😂) to reach that height.

I’m really pleased with this sketch and hope to do a digital version, too! I hope you like it, but if you hate it, that’s even better~ 💙💚

Prompt list graphic by @sorinshuto!

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#IcedCoffeeRWBYweek Day 4: Coffee ❄☕

She doesn’t realize it, but *this* was the moment Weiss fell in love. 💙💚 Looking to the earlier volumes, her sense of humor is a bit…odd… so it works. Laughter can indicate comfort and safety, and that in turn can lead to love. Similar senses of humor are so important in a relationship. My husband and I both have a dumb sense of humor (if you’ve met us, you know this), so it’s only natural that I’d reflect that in our cosplay counterparts (though that is kind of canon, too).

“Coffee” was an obvious prompt choice, perhaps too obvious. It is canon that Weiss likes coffee and has drunk it many times in the show. We also know that Oobleck has been keeping coffee in his thermos and not gasoline, meth, or way too many warmed up 5 Hour Energies, so I think they would bond over their shared love of the beverage. Oobleck does take it to an extreme, making his own custom blends from imported Vacuan beans, but Weiss has a refined palate, so she respects his efforts.

Dumb trivia time (all my headcanons)!

☆ Oobleck has a very fancy siphon in his office (pictured in the comic). It was a birthday gift from Professor Peach.

☆ Both take their coffee black. Oobleck thinks adding cream and sugar “ruins the integrity of the beans.” Weiss tends to agree, but she doesn’t mind the froo froo drinks on special occasions.

☆ Oobleck hated coffee as a student at Beacon and basically lived on energy drinks. He acquired a taste for it in grad school.

☆ [insert joke about coffee stunting your growth re: Weiss here]


❄: So… How do you take your coffee?

☕: Intravenously~ 👉🏻😎👉🏻

Prompt list graphic by @sorinshuto

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Hello RWBY Fans!!

Sorry for the late post, had a pretty busy day. 

I’m here with this weeks Monochrome Monday! the theme being punk AU! (since the other two tied for first.)

The drawing you see before you was referenced by my girlfriend’s doodle.

And speaking of chill, she will be doing the monochrome Monday art for the rest of October (Due to me having other engagements that have gotten in the way) I’ll still do the polls and run the account in general, And I will continue in November.

 And with that all being said, be safe, WEAR A MASK, and I hope you have a good day/ night


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#RWBYtober Day 3: Caffeine

I have a lot on my plate as usual, but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to generate fresh content of my awful OTP.

Things I learned:

1) Drawing cars is hard.

2) Drawing people in cars is hard.

My thought for this piece is that, a few years after Weiss completes her studies at Beacon, she and Oobleck are up in Atlas for some reason, probably for Winter’s wedding. Taking a break from all the planning and Willow’s socialite nonsense, they “borrow” one of Weiss’ grandfather’s classic cars and take it for a spin.

The car is heavily based on the Bugatti 252, a convertible manufactured between 1957-1962 and was only available as a prototype. A rare, expensive car like seems like the sort of thing Nicholas Schnee may have owned in his prime, perhaps going on joyrides with Weiss’ grandmother when he was actually home. My interpretation of the older Schnees is influenced by the Kennedys and the early ‘60s style. To reference that, I’ve given Weiss a head scarf, which is just as well, since Oobleck has taken her tiara so he can be a “supersonic princess in a million [lien] car,” a line, of course, from the song “Caffeine.” ❄☕

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Six years before the fall of Beacon, Amber Harth attended Beacon Academy. Together with her teammates, they formed team AMBR. But not all is well, as a mysterious girl in red starts to raise questions to Amber about the nature of the school and it’s existence…

I was always kind of sad that Amber never got expanded on, so this is what this is. Also, I wanted to expand her and Cinder’s relationship, soooooo - this is a thing. Let me know if you want to see more!

Team AMBR:

Amber Harth: A country girl who came into the city to peruse her dreams. Her teammates often say she’s in over her head sometimes. Semblence: Foresight - allows her to have hyper extended senses. Weapon: Hedicatia - A staff with two crystals on the end. Can use hard-light dust to form blades around the staff.

Mello Tuwor: A spunky young girl who has a bit of a darker lineage, though that doesn’t stop her from having the best time she can. Semblence: Swift Hands - lets Mello speed up any object she touches. Weapon: Chariot - A bike that can compress into gauntlets that shoot dust from the wheels. She often uses her Semblence to speed it up. 

Byurdice Lyre: A grouchy boy who doesn’t work well with others. He doesn’t have much interest in anything but fighting, despite his teammates insistence that he branch out more. Semblence: Blackout - lets Byurdice create a 5 meter sphere of darkness he uses to confuse his enemies. Weapon: Styx - Knives that also double as guns when attached back to the gauntlet base. Can also be used as claws. 

Rusula Darya - A girl from the shores of Menagerie. Despite where she came from, however, she is not a faunus, though her father is. She’s often the voice of reason on the team. Semblence: Flow - lets her control up to twenty gallons of water. Anymore then that and it becomes too heavy. Weapon: Awol - Two balls attached to a chain that she can fling around and hit people with. 

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Hello Rwby fans!!

I’m here with this weeks Monochrome Monday! the theme being: Soulmates! This piece was slightly inspired by an older Monochrome art I did from monochrome week. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did making it, and with that being said, please be safe, WEAR A MASK! And I’ll see you soon! 


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Oh, I believe there are Angels Among Us,
Sent down to us from somewhere up above.
They come to you and me in our darkest hours
To show us how to live
To teach us how to give
To guide us with a light of love.

Art work by Megasonic002.

Song lyrics are from Angels Among Us by Alabama. 

I first heard the song at a recent funeral for one of my loved ones, and was featured in a tribute video for them. It’s been in my head for a while now. 

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