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#RWBY fanart

Day 2: Soulmate AU* (@frosensteel)

*AU where, on your wrist, is written the name of the song you hear when you first see your soulmate - except Ruby is deaf and Weiss has headphones on, so Penny is the only one who heard the song when seeing them. 

I did this last minute while my tablet was about to die, so I’m surprised I was able to finish this (even if it is really simple). Also the song that Penny is hearing is “Your Hand In Mine” by Explosions in the Sky. I think it’s pretty enough. 

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At midnight, team RWBY couldn’t sleep because…

Yang: …Are you guys awake?

Blake: Yes, I don’t think I’ll be able to sleep.

Weiss: Me neither.

Yang: Yeah It’s crazy how everything happened so fast. We’re re huntresses now and have missions that take my breath away…but I’m not tired. The excitement of knowing how my next mission will be tomorrow, doesn’t let me sleep.

Blake: I wouldn’t agree more. Even we’re improving thanks to the Ace ops and your sister is training you also right Weiss?

Weiss: Yes, even if she doesn’t express it I know that she is impressed at my improvements! I missed her so much!… Ruby are you listening to us?

Ruby: *muttering* who would sleep with the noise you make

Weiss: Hey! I heard that!

Yang: *chuckles* What about you Ruby? I heard you had a mission, how was it? I guess It was exciting

Ruby: Yeah… also I saw something I didn’t realise before… but it’s complicated idk if you-

Blake: -Don’t worry we had all night

Yang: Yeah we’re all ears

Ruby: *sighs* I warned you (gets out of her bed)

Say there’s this person you pass in the hall every day

You’ve known him before Beacon’s fall

You’re used to thinking about him in a certain way

From the persona that he displayed

And then something changes …and he changes…

WBY looking to each other confused

From a guy that you’d never be into, into a guy that you’d kinda be into

From a guy that I’d never be into, into a guy that I’d kinda be into

Is he worth it?

Team RWBY~ …Is he?

Blake: Is she talking about …you know…him?

Weiss: Of course not!

Yang: I even don’t know …we should let her finish.

Ruby: Say there’s this person that you thought that you knew that well

Nora: (listening from the other room) *groaning* she’s going to get a punch!

Ruby: You though that he was a dork but now you can tell he’s gone~

From a guy that you’d never be into, into a guy that you’d kinda be into

From a guy that I’d never be into, into a guy that I’d kinda be into

Is he worth it?

Team RWBY~

Nora: Shut up please Ruby!

Ruby: (lowering her voice)

I’ve been always be kind to the people around me~

Except when I hang out with him

There are so many changes that I’m going through

And why I’m telling this to you?…

Guess there’s a part of me that wants to *smile*

WBY: *gasp*

I guess a part of me wants to, who knew

I guess a part of me likes to talk to him

I guess a part of me likes to who knew~

I guess a part of me likes to sit with him

I guess a part of me likes to who knew~

I guess a part of me!-

Nora: Shhh!

Ruby: (lowering her voice and heading to her bed)

-back to lay on my bed…I know that is weird but it’s totally true

WBY: The guy that you’d kinda be into…

Ruby: Yeah

RWBY: The guy that I’d(you’d) kinda be into

Ruby: is~~-(Nora breaks the door)

Ruby: Ren?! (Ren tried to stop Nora but he couldn’t)

Nora: AHHHH!

Next day

Yang: Ruby wake up!

Ruby: *groans* 5 minutes more…

Yang: I’m glad you’re fine, did you remember what happened last night?

Ruby: What are you talking about? The usual, I arrived from a mission and then I went to sleep.

Yang: What? But-

Ruby: *groans* Yesterday’s mission was exhausting! so if you don’t mind I want to sleep more! (turns her back)

Blake: *whispering* Yang I don’t think it’s a good idea to remind her what happened.

Yang: *whispering* but I want to know who is him…

Weiss: You’re clueless don’t you? It’s kinda obvious.

Yang: Maybe but I just want to make sure.

Blake: Let’s leave her alone maybe she needs to sleep more after the hit she received.

Yang: … Fine

(heading to the door)

Weiss: who would have believed these two dorks would end up together.

Yang: *grins* I remember you denied when Blake was referring to him.

Weiss: oh shut up!

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Hello RWBY fans!! 

I give you the last of chills spooky fanart for Monochrome Monday’s. With the theme suggested by @pabustenyuku (after we all of the themes tied for first) Trick Or Treat!

Again thanks to the lovey Chill for making this weeks monochrome Monday! I should be able to resume next week with doing the art. And the themes should be out tomorrow or Wednesday. And hopefully I’m going to finally going to make a official post with all the rules and such for Monochrome Mondays (in case you to want to join) 

Stay safe, WEAR A MASK, and have a great day/night


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