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Y’know, I’m not the type to start fights because I hate conflict, but when I see someone being problematic, I HAVE to step in. Justice must be served, after all 😔✊

Please, guys, try not to be toxic – it’s really not that hard. If you’ve got something rude or disrespectful to say, then just don’t say it. Starting fights doesn’t benefit anyone and consequently makes both parties angry. This doesn’t simply restrict to ARMYs, but ALL fandoms and everyone in general. 

This person, as seen above, was being quite immature (and was honestly so bad at debating that I laughed). They couldn’t handle criticism, didn’t address some of the issues that I pointed out, and worst of all, made it personal 🤢 (like seriously, actually what??? This point was so irrelevant??).  

THIS is the epitome of a BAD ARMY. THIS is an example of what you SHOULDN’T do. I’m an ARMY myself, and with all the shit that ARMYs say and do on Twitter (thank God I left stan Twitter), I can say that this behavior isn’t ideal. 

Towards the end, I was getting really tired and exasperated and decided that this person was too stubborn and wouldn’t learn anyways, so I was like, “welp, I’m out.” 🏃‍♀️💨 Didn’t want to waste my breath on an angry child..!

All I can say about this person is that they’re totally hopeless, absorbed into their own head and ignorant or indifferent. In conclusion: a clown 🤡 🤡 🤡 

✨ Yeah,,,, thanks for listening to my rant!!~~ ✨

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Today was really difficult day. I worked 14 hours, was on my feet the entire time, argued with a mysoginstic rude employee, and had two anxiety attacks. Tomorrow will probably be even worse. I just want this week to be over.

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I hate how ever time I try to do something, I get hate. I want to make a difference, I want to make people happy. I want everyone to feel safe. I don’t need my actions appreciated, but I don’t want to be hated for trying. Yes I’m mostly white and my apperence is white, and this gives me privilege. I want to use my racial privilege to help, because no one should have privilege because their skin is light. However there is only so much I can do. I’m not an open trans male, I don’t have a family who has openly been okay with the idea that I may be trans or bisexual. I don’t have money to donate, I don’t have a bank account. I live with a person on the front lines of Corona. I’m sadly a minor still. Everything I do, I try my hardest with the little things I’ve got. I don’t want recognition. I don’t want appreciation. I don’t even want this post to get notes. I’m not here for clout. I’m here because the idea that people who aren’t white, who aren’t cis, who aren’t straight, who aren’t Christian, who aren’t biologically male, have to deal with fear, and hatred, and prejudice, disgusts me and makes me mad. All I ask is to not be criticized for making an attempt from the few options I have. Yes, my attempts may not help. Yes, my attempts may backfire. Yes, my attempts may not have been well researched or thought through. Yes I admit I’m impulsive. I don’t want attention. The attention should not be on me, or this post, it should be on everything that is helping, it should be on the good coming out of this, the progress being made. People who criticize people who are helping should really step back from their own anger or bias or whatever they are feeling at that current moment and look at what the person said/posted and ask themselves: Based on background of this person, is the intent of this (insert action here) good-intentioned? If not, feel free to criticize. If yes, suggest what can be changed, not tell them that they are the reason for their problems, and accuse them of things they didn’t intend. The moral is don’t jump to conclusions. As stated before, I do not want recognition, clout, or likes or reblogs. That is not the point. The point is I want change. And change can only happen if we are all on the same team and we all respect each other, no matter what we look like.

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I think I want to be skinny so bad because it’s the only thing that gives me hope for a better life 🤷

It’s literally been proven that people are nicer to you if they find you attractive.

People associate more positive personality traits with good looking people just based on a picture.

My mom decided to restrict this whole month and only eat veggies, fruits and tea with honey and she somehow assumed I will be eating the same??

“friends” who were so nice to me before, when I was skinny, are now almost never paying attention to me…

How am I supposed to not associate being skinny with happiness??

Ugh I’m just so done with everything and everyone

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I hate that people I follow’s posts no longer all reliably show up. Sigh. I don’t have energy to dig through every blog.

Boy I get shown tons from people I don’t follow cause of related tags, though :/

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Today I went back to my father and his wife’s home to babysit my six year old baby sister. I have to say moving out over a year ago was one of the best things that ever happened to me because I forgot. I forgot how much my father’s wife’s emotional manipulation and abuse still affects me. It runs so deep she can just open a door in certain way and my body freezes and my mind goes into panic mode. I took to long getting my sister to bed because she is a stubborn and persuasive little one and when my father’s wife came into that room with the light still on and her daughter still awake I wanted to throw myself out of the window to avoid her. I can keep my voice steady and I can keep my demeanour calm and I can argue with her without her being able to make me feel small and worthless but only because I have been able to keep my distance. I hate when people raise their voice at me and she does it all the time. I hope she isn’t like that to her daughters, my sisters but I can only hope. I’m not there anymore and my sisters are always welcome to come to me but I won’t put myself in her reach just to be hurt all over again. I used to tell myself that it was just her little personal shortcomings causing this and I wouldn’t even call them shortcomings but that is bullshit, no one of her family is like that, not her father, mother, sisters or cousins it’s all her and as far as I can tell I’m the only human being she treats like that unless my father has less agency in their relationship than I think he does. I don’t know why, if it is some sort of power play or whatever but really I don’t care because I don’t depend on her for anything anymore. It just sucks knowing that someone can break you by walking into a room in a certain way.

I’m sorry for ranting and I think I will take a bit of a break and only let my tumblr queue go on

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when u wanna browse tumblr for comfort and mindless entertainment and u get ship shamed *dabs* guess we’re back to putting down my comfort ships huh god i love it i love being the scum of the internet 

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I’m so upset that so many of my “friends” are literally dead silent right now and have not talked about blm one single time. Literally not even a single post. Nothing. I’ve tried to share as much information as possible on my personal IG Account and it’s making me so frustrated that most people I know don’t even care. I live in Germany and yes the issue might not be as pressing here as it is in the US right now but that doesn’t mean that we should ignore this. I feel like so many people have NO FUCKING CLUE about what’s going on the world and it drives me craaazyyy. How can you live and breathe on this planet and not care about the actual PROBLEMS and issues that are GLOBALLY affecting us all. How fucking ignorant can some people be. For fucks sake open you eyes. Life doesn’t consist of funny IG videos, posting the fucking cake you ate today and fashion posts. Wake the fuck up. Use your BRAIN. Don’t put your own comfort over these issues. We as HUMANS on this planet have the D U T Y to stand up for each other. I literally cannot conprehend how some people are COMPLETELY ignoring this. It’s so disgusting. You are standing on the WRONG side of history. In 20, 50, 60 years our kids and grandkids will ask us about this. Don’t be one those people who will SHAMEFULLY have to admit that they did absolutely N O T H I N G and didn’t even care enough to take 2 goddamn minutes out of their day to sign a petition or at least — at LEAST — put something on their IG story besides the fucking FOOD they ate. SHAME on you!!! Your silence is complicit and speaks volumes!! It’s not enough to simply “not be racist”. You have to actively be ANTI-racist. You have to speak up. It’s literally not that hard and I can’t understand why some people are literally acting like they only have one brain cell left

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I just wanted to say that I’m against police brutality. And the reason I’m not rebloggiing those posts becof the blatant double standards within and outside the community. Atatiana Jefferson was a loving mom from Fortworth Texas who was literally shot in her face by a police officer. He never identified and asked ehat was going on bc of a disturbance call about her home. She was obviously the owner and instead of doing his job correctly this dumbass racist c*nt shoots her point blank. This was explicitly wrong and besides posts on the week it happened on Twitter the outrage of this misogynoir wasn’t there. A black mother was murdered mercilessly and barely any protests that lasted and had the impact of the black men who were also murdered. Obviously black women are sidelined and trans and lgb people are completely ignored every year. When trans women out of lgbt people are targeted the most. Yet in the public and news I barely here anything. Please keep the same energy for all black people and not just cishet black men. Blm is for all of us not just cishet men. That’s all

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My dash never shows me epic routeone posts I have to go looking for them djdjsjsjrkdksk I swear atm my dash is “advert” “we thought you might like this post” fuckoff I want to see my friends n posts I followed ppl 4

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So, I’ve officially made peace with it. I am going to fail.

I’m a third year Rhodes University student who has been boxed up at home because Miss Coco V. aka CoronaVirus has decided to steal the whole damn show. This bitch is getting in the way of my way of life!

There are worse (much worse) problems in the world than me, a young child, being disrupted from my rock n roll uni lifestyle. That’s it. Nothing else. Just go on social media and you’ll understand.

My brain is about to explode, I want to cry because I live in a house of people who think they know me so well, but if we’re being extremely real - they know nothing about me anymore. I’m so tired of being judged for being me, for asking questions and being curious about life.

At Rhodes, I can ask questions, I can state my opinion and get feedback and converse and argue. Not like here, I just get bashed, I don’t want to be told what life is by someone else, I have what it takes to experience life for myself.

And yes, Fucking yes, I am fucking trying and fucking stressing because of all the fucking pressure which I am fucking faced with because I’m being relied on so fucking heavily.

But honestly, I just want to be left alone. 

I just want my own space, to do shit that I want to do and not be asked any questions.


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Ok so I dont have many friends who would discuss technology such as mobiles, notebooks, cameras with me and I have thoughtsTM so Imma rant here.

Now I know I said before my relationship with modern technologies is very love-hate oriented for obvious reasons.
My current mobile is 4 years old and I noticed recently it’s not as smooth as before and sometimes it takes very long to respond. Still working perfectly and in certain apps it’s still very fast. I looked into the best photomobiles that are being sold since I dont wanna invest in new camera and would rather prefer my phone to be both camera and phone in one.
It made me a bit nostalgic because somehow I regret not going out with camera anymore. I remember that one time in maybe 2003 or 2004 when small me and my cousin with my uncle were outside in this small forgotten czech village and we were all over the old Kodak or Sony camera I cant remember the right brand anymore. But yeah. It was like a magic to little me. In that moment I knew I fell in love with photography.
My uncle showed us how to take photos - but beware! “You can only take 30 photos so think it through what you want to photograph.” It felt so magical. I remember taking photo of some of the old houses in this small village that was only very slowly advanced at that time. “Good Job. You will see the photo once we process the photos out. Then you can put in in photo album.” Taking photos was sacred and slow activity I was taught to think carefuly what I want to photograph. Since then I wished for my own camera and that dream came true maybe in 2008 or so. I got my last camera on 2010 and I couldnt be more happy. always going outside and taking photos of everything because suddenly I could take unlimited photos of anything.

The love was overwhelming and I got into photography techniques and read so many articles and also got a photography book. Isn’t it special and magical to capture the perfect moment in your life? In this forest? This stone perfectly lined against sunlight? Birds flying and fighting in the bush? Capture these moments forever and print them out? My room was full of my photographs because I just saw magic everywhere and I was aiming for the best and the most interesting things to capture.

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Okay so I heard that disney is thinking abt an agent venom disney+ show with eddie as the main antagonist in the form of anti-venom, and after going through every stage of grief, I thought of the singular way this could at least be pro-symbiote, and be entertaining without killing Eddie’s character

The series would start off with Eddie having Venom. It’d be pretty chill, until maybe a third of the way through the episode, he starts getting really sick, throwing up, and Venom has no clue whats going on. It’s stated that this has been going on for a while, but it seems like its getting worse.

Since Venom can’t figure out whats going on, the duo go to Dan Lewis, who through the magic of medicinal bullshit, diagnoses Eddie with some severe cancer. Eddie’s like, “oh shit, that would explain a lot,” and immediately decides that, since the cancer is hurting Venom too, Venom has to leave his body, and go stay with Anne.

Venom is obviously very distraught, Eddie is in tears, Dan is watching from the side awkwardly, its a shitshow. Eddie, after a lot of arguing, blasts Venom out of him using an MRI or similar, and they do the window hand of love thing. It’s very sad, and very much portrayed like a breakup scene. Or maybe that one scene from Deadpool.

Anne is out of town for the day for some reason, so Eddie tells Dan to take care of Venom, and storms out the door. Dan looks back at wherever Venom was being held, and sees that Venom’s gone.

Next scene is of Eddie running to a church. As true to comics canon, shit always goes down in a church. Eddie starts praying, asks for V to find a really nice host, blah blah blah. A man walks up to him, lays his arm on Eddie’s shoulder, asks if he’s alright. Eddie is like, “no, ive got cancer,” and the guy goes “lmao rip, i’m martin lee,” his hand goes black, eddie’s eyes go white, and thats that. Scene ends.

Cut to Flash Thompson, one floor below the MRI (or wherever Dan is/was) room. He’s sitting beside some relative, reading a book or something. Venom plops down from the air vent onto the bed, startling Flash for a sec, before he starts being like “man thats cool” and poking at V, causing them to bond. Blah blah blah exposition stuff happens, Venom makes it very clear that they wont hurt Flash and that they need his help, Flash is like “okay lets so find your boyfriend,” Venom is confused by the word, scene ends.

A few episodes go by of Flash and Venom looking around for Eddie but always just barely missing him. One episode Flash walks by the church, thinking they can ask the priest if he’d seen Eddie, but Eddie’s kneeling at the altar, white goo pooling around him. He’s chanting something, idk maybe either the our father prayer or some really metal bible verse, Venom’s like Hey! Thats my boy! and flash is like Oh? That? Thats the guy you’re looking for? and all of a sudden eddie stops, the white goo flows upwards over him, and bam, antivenom.

Venom is obviously very upset in a very “youre cheating on me” way, antivenom’s just like “the world must be cleansed” and goes out and starts killing over the smallest offenses. shit like littering and parking outside the lines. you’ll be murdered. Venom’s like “okay, thats not eddie doing that, i know eddie,” and so they work together as agent venom to stop antivenom

they eventually take him down by giving antivenom something huge to cleanse, and it destroys it. eddie’s back, cancer cured, outstanding. venom goes back to eddie, feelings are had, stuff is great. bonus points for love confessions. flash is like “alright that was weird ill see you around i guess” and thats that.

Exposition includes:

  • eddie and v being cute
  • them going on vacations/working/etc
  • date night

and the third movie follows the events of the The Nativity comic. thats all, thank you.

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dude what is the deal with searching a punk band in tags and finding every one out there except the one im looking for. dont fucking tag shit with shit besides the shit that the shitty shit is about. its fucking stupid. you see a concert gif or pic or lyrics tagged with 20 other bands that are not the band in the post. im heated bro. give me an ice tea and a kiss please.

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