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#Raven Branwen

i mean she probably doesn’t?? according to yang herself, raven left just after she was born, so she wasn’t around for ruby’s childhood at all. and yang also only mentions that she has portals for herself, qrow and tai

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So I’m sure someone has come up with this, but we all know (or at least assume) that summer went on a mission to destroy Salem.

This is easily theorized because Salem says to Ruby “Your mother said those same words to me.”

However, I like to think this wasn’t a solo mission.

we’re all aware Summer had silver eyes, which we’ve repeatedly theorized Salem could have the grimm part of her removed with the silver eyes, which would then make her whole and normal again.

Because this mission likely wasn’t a solo one and was done without the maidens, it left everyone far more vulnerable to attack (unless Summer was a maiden, which would make sense since we don’t know who the summer maiden is, which could a number of people, which I’ll leave for the next post ;] )

Now summer likely would able to protect herself, and this is where that caveat starts to appear.

I believe the idea that Summer was close to finishing off Salem with her eyes, but something happened to make it not happen.

I think we know someone who could cause the plan to go awry.

The birb man himself, Qrow.

Now, this may seem wild, but I do have some evidence to support the caveat.

Qrow obviously has bad luck as a semblance, which can wreak havoc across others and himself.

Qrow is a heavy drinker till volume 6.

Qrow likely thinks that his bad luck got Summer killed, so he isolates and hides from people.

He probably only stopped drinking because team RWBYJNR got strong and others could solve the problem and he could hope Salem could be stopped as revenge for Summer.

Clover also highly changed his attitude towards drinking, especially when he thought Clover said he should stop drinking in the transport.

Especially since he thinks his semblance killed Clover, he’s probably going to be suffering horribly because he has no coping mechanism other than the charm he took.

Overall, poor bird man, he suffers too much and he needs Clover back.

I’m predicting volume 8 is going to be the downfall of everything they had worked towards, but by the end the crew will get Qrow out and leave for Vacuo. I also think the ace ops will either come with the crew (or at least Marrow and maybe Clover.

Tell me what you think guys so we can theorize together further into this!!!!

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Hellbirds headcanons:

-absolutely lousy parents

-they let Raven’s little boy Ajax do whatever he wants, as long as he doesn’t get hurt or get caught

-Ajax raids Cinder’s purse when she passes out from drinking and smoking pot

-Ajax is encouraged to scavenge from trash for valuables

-Ajax is good at rolling tobacco or blunts

-Cinder is a great cook and uses it as leverage to get Raven to do whatever she wants

-Raven can at least make grilled cheese, Cinder will joke that she’s a slut for grilled cheese

-Cinder ignores Ajax for the most part though she might toss him some matches or play Pokemon with him occasionally since she’s old enough to remember the OG 150

-Cinder turned an empty space into a fake boudoir for OnlyFans, made use Ajax’s craft skills to create a pretty cardboard background

-Ajax is a smartarse kid who snoops a lot and tries to blackmail Cinder to take him to McDonalds by threatening to contact her sons

-Raven fights with other adults in front of kids, Militia and Melanie tried to shield Ajax’s eyes and ears from Raven fighting with their mother.

-Ajax is 7.5 years old when his mother decides “she’s a piece of shit but she’s my piece of shit”, getting jealous of Cinder and Winter’s relationship (it didn’t really go anywhere near what the smartarse girls had written on bathroom walls but it certainly lit a fire under Raven’s arse)

-they’re always fighting and argue in front of students, Cinder calling Raven a “fishmonger’s wife”

-Cinder and Raven’s relationship has been off and on since Ajax was 7, it’s after Cinder has to put up with the little shit as her student when he’s 14 that she has to decide whether she can put up with the little jerk at school too. She decides to quit and finds work as a cleaner, where she ar least doesn’t have to deal with others and gets to huff chemicals like when she was a teenager

-They eventually marry, there’s no big ceremony it’s just bantering and signing papers. Raven takes a selfie with the ring Cinder gave her and sends it to Qrow with the caption “I don’t cook, I don’t clean but let me tell you how I got this ring”.

-Ajax has a potty mouth, Cinder just laughs and ruffles his hair when he uses profanity.

-Ajax and Cinder debate how to pronounce “unown”, ends with a “yo daddy is unown” joke and Ajax calling her a bitch

-Raven says Ajax’s father is some wolf faunus guy she had a brief affair with while visiting Skara Brae, they were both tourists. This makes Ajax allude to the valravn of Danish folklore.

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Okay, so I’ve actually done three sizable posts on this topic here, here and here, but if you want the cliffnotes version: Basically its that through some kind of super-science/magic-chicanery, Raven somehow managed to knock Summer up and Ruby is their magic lesbian lovechild. For me, this theory is sort of ‘half’ in jest. Half because I legitimately believe that there is SOME kind of major connection between Ruby and Raven that we don’t know about yet. The ‘Raven is Ruby’s deadbeat dad’ bit is more just something I think would make for a really fun plot twist.

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As soon as Raven opened the door, half of STRQ panicked. Summer jumped to her feet and Tai tried to hide the ring.
Raven frowned. “What’s going on?”
“Absolutely nothing. Welcome home, let’s go upstairs!” Summer practically dragged her away before she could say anything.
Qrow shook his head. “Hopeless.”

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Tai: *getting aboard the airship* And finally we can make our way back home.

Qrow: *rolling his eyes* I still dont consider Beacon home yet.

Tai: You will once we get back.

Raven: You do remember what Qrow and I told you, right?

Tai: So? We’re a team and we have to trust each other.

Qrow: He’s taken that remarkably well.

Raven: I’m sure he’s plotting something…

Ruby: Or he’s just happy that you both told us the truth. Although, I get why you wanted to hide it.

Raven: The sooner we can get back to Beacon-

Ironwood: *walking over to the airship with a few soldiers in tow* Miss Rose, I need to speak to you.

Ruby: *hesitating for a moment* Yes, General?

Ironwood: Jacques Gelé has informed me that you may have taken something precious of his.A silver watch. I have my doubts you would have, but I need to check anyway.

Raven: *glaring* Do you really think she’d-

Ruby: Raven!

Raven: He’s accusing you of stealing!

Ruby: *handing her bag over to Ironwood* And I’ll let him see for himself that I’m innocent. I dont need you fighting him.

Ironwood: And I trust you are innocent. This is just standard procedure. *opening Ruby’s bag and pulling out a silver watch, sighing* Although, you’ll have to explain why you have this.

Ruby: That wasnt in there earlier.

Ironwood: Miss Rose, I’m sorry, but you are under arrest.

Qrow: *stepping off the airship and pulling out his weapon* You’ll have to go through us to get her.

Tai: *walking up next to Ruby* You know she’s innocent. You cant just take her like this.

Ruby: *sighing and taking a step forward* Guys, I’ll be fine. Go back to Beacon and tell Ozpin. I’m sure he’ll be able to sort things out.

Raven: I will not let him-

Ironwood: *looking over at Ruby’s team* I will not hesitate to arrest you all too.

Qrow: Then we’ll-

Ruby: Qrow, stop. Get back to Beacon. I’ll be fine and I’ll do what I can to prove my innocence.

Ironwood: I suggest you listen to her.

Tai: *nodding and walking back onto the airship* We’ll come back for you Ruby.

Qrow: *glaring and putting his weapon away before following Tai*

Raven: *watching Ironwood take Ruby* This is all Jacques’ doing, isnt it?

Tai: More than likely.

Qrow: So what now?

Tai: We do as Ruby asked. We go back to Beacon and talk to Ozpin.

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Raven Branwen:

1. Vibes with the color red

2. S w o r d s

3. Would tell someone to f*ck off just for saying hi

Robyn Hill:

1. F*ck the rich

2. Sarcastic

3. “Lmao I don’t trust you but what choice do I have”

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Raven, while white faced, and shaking gave a shrug when she emerged from Salem’s house of horrors. The former bantit had also joined in on the Critical Role costume craze the majority of the harem was on, having attended the party as Lady Briarwood.

Worst off on the list of victims, that the haunted house claimed was Nora. The hyperactive heavy hitter of team JNPR was wide eyed, and as stiff as a board when she reached the exit of the haunted house.

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