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#Raven Branwen
strqyr · 28 minutes ago
my "hot take" of the day:
to the branwen tribe, it's "the weak die, the strong live."
to raven, it's "the weak die, the strong live."
in other words, it's not really strength that raven cares about – those are mostly just empty words – it's survival she's after by any means necessary;
– "i've stared death in the face over and over again! and every time i've spat in that face and survived, because i'm strong enough to do what others won't!"
when you actually listen to what raven says when she's not putting up an act that fits the tribe's views, it becomes clear that strength doesn't really rank that high for her;
cinder: aren't you perceptive.
raven: it's what's kept me alive.
that doesn't sound very "the weak die, the strong live", does it?
even the lessons / advice raven gave weren't the "get stronger" kind. they were to ask questions, to not just sit and obey and believe everything an authority figure tells you – all very relevant things in post-v5 volumes.
i don't really know where i'm going with this. i just think there's a lot more to raven than just "strength is all that matters and that's the only thing she respects in another person" – i'd even go as far as saying that strength is very low on that list, actually.
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gorillageek27 · a day ago
Jaune used leader voice on team older women what are there reaction
Im assuming you mean the rwby mom? Okay.
Summer: *blush*
Kali: oh my.
Willow: smirks** well well
Raven: slightlu intrigued
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mummacalavera · a day ago
Can y'all imagine Tai's joy after months of hearing everyone saying how much Yang looked like her mother and had her mother's smile, her mother's face, her mother's temper, suddenly her hair grows insanely so and it's bright golden BLONDE.
Tai would screech in canine sound waves, and twerk on the ceiling!!!!
FINALLY something that was fucking his. Proof that Raven did not made that kid with her fucking finger!!
He would be like: see that hair? Thats my hair bitch. I gave her that shit. It's my genes shining through. Raven has no blonde hair. I have blonde hair. And my daughter has it too. It's MINE.
And now every time someone says how much Yang looks like Raven he's just like: yeah, but you see that fucking BEAR fur coming of out her scalp? It's my hair. She looks like me now. So, sorry to Raven, but I'm better.
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girlbosssalem · a day ago
For the honest opinion: poly str (as in Taiyang/Summer/Raven)
so i actually did answer this a few days ago here
but since i talked about rosebird in that one i’ll specifically talk about poly str here!!
like i said in the other post, i really argue that poly str is canon. i think that the timelines gesture towards this heavily based on how close in age ruby and yang are and how much time tai would have needed to get over raven leaving him
i think raven’s motives make more sense in a poly situation too! i’m not saying she needs a motive to not want to be a mother, but if we assume that she started feeling the pressure of domesticity settling in HARD while also having to take on the new role of motherhood, it makes sense for her to have felt the pressure tenfold if she had two partners
i just really love the idea of poly relationships being normalized in the rwbyverse and the best way for that to happen is through making one of the biggest subplots reflect it!
send me a ship and i’ll give you my brutally honest opinion of it
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ironpines · a day ago
Idk if this's a part of the Raven Disk Horse, but idk if the tribe is a separate people. They raise at least some kids, they live outside the kingdoms, and Raven calls them her 'people'. I'm uncomfortable bc if they are a separate people then there're BAD real-world parallels. Raven ran to something when she ran away. I don't excuse Raven leaving Yang, I just want more context for that. Instead the tribe's just cardboard cutouts in the background while Yang has an arc. I yearn for worldbuilding.
I don’t think there are specific ethnicities in the kingdoms beyond... what kingdom they belong to, and whether they’re human or Faunus. Remnant doesn’t have that level of worldbuilding to it, so I do think Raven’s tribe is just a group of Mistrali that just don’t live in the kingdom, no different to Ren’s parents or how the Xiao Long family are no different to Vale citizens despite one living in the kingdom and the other living on a remote island that doesn’t seem overly crowded.
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ironpines · a day ago
Raven has a cool design and weapon but her fans also need to accept that she is a piece of shit as a person. Ditching the war against Salem because the bitch can't die - Understandable. Abandoned her child + husband, going back to being a roaming bandit that kills people and pillages homes, MURDERED someone who was at most a teenager for power, tried to guilt trip daughter she abandoned, betrayed daughter she abandoned to an ambush, let daughter become a target of Salem etc - Unforgivable.
there is a very clear double standard in how female villains  /  antagonists are treated compared to the male ones & just how far people are willing to go to excuse & explain the female antags actions like raven.
she’s a bad person & that’s fine. fndm, i promise you, you’re allowed to like characters that’re bad people, the gestapo is not going to come to your house & arrest you.
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ironpines · a day ago
The thing about Raven is she could’ve handled it better. Even if it wasn’t working out, she could’ve had a conversation with Tai, said she couldn’t do this and she needs to leave. Would it still have been shitty given she’s already in it? Yes. But it would’ve been honest and clear. Yang almost died to try and find her because she didn’t know anything about her. Raven could’ve been mature about it, but she ran like a coward. Every chance she had to mitigate harm, she rejected hard.
i feel like this is the entire point of raven —  & what those who try to woobify her or justify her leaving by giving her a “ reason ”  —  end up missing ; that raven is a coward at her core. she doesn’t want to face things head on & she would rather consolidate her power & survive alone than risk that to help other people, including her own family. i know i rag on her for having such a darwinist outlook but that’s only because it’s played out so straight & tropey in the show.
raven is not a good person & that’s okay. she didn’t need a reason for leaving, especially not one to make her endearing, she left because her tribe was more important than it’s outsiders, including her husband & the daughter she’d given birth to. she has an extreme in group  -  out group mentality & that’s what makes her dangerous, but also what makes her a tragic, cowardly villain. she won’t change because she has no reason to, & the one thing i fear for characters like this is that all their terrible actions get handwaved away because they believe in an inherent good that isn’t in this character. raven may have good traits & good moments, but she is fundamentally at her core, not a good person. she is selfish & cruel & fatalistic & that’s what makes her an interesting antagonist. i feel like people who make her character bend out of that truly miss what makes her who she is because it doesn’t fit what they want for her & what they want her to be.
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ironpines · a day ago
Wait what was wrong with Jaune saying “Yang’s mom”
because when yang imparted that knowledge about raven to blake in v2, it was meant to be this important moment because yang hadn’t told anyone else. raven was one of yang’s biggest unspoken secrets, much like with summer & it was meant to be her trauma that she safeguarded & hid because she didn’t trust people enough to let them in. that moment between them shows that yang trusted blake enough as her team mate & partner to let her know something so vulnerable about her, same with weiss in v5.
only we get to v5 with rjnr & apparently they all know about raven being yang’s mom too? which could only have come from ruby, meaning that she told them or just let it slip, but either way ; it was a betrayal of yang’s trust. yang didn’t give jnr this information that was so sensitive to her, & i don’t think the writers thought of it that way when they wrote it because they forgot that part of her character. it’s the same way that jnpr just knew that blake was a faunus without her consent & she was annoyed by it.
it had such an easy fix too, just have ruby say it & then have jnr be confused because they never knew yang enough to know about raven.
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secret-engima · a day ago
19, Qrow/Summer. 21, Raven/Tai. 36, Emercury.
(I got the first two! But if you want Emercury uh ... sorry can you pick a different number? Because for the life of me I can’t even figure out what “to give up control” could MEAN ^^;)
     Summer wasn’t usually one to push her boundaries, especially with Qrow. It had taken so long to get him to trust her, really trust her, and she never wanted to do something to make him uncomfortable. But one of the many things she had learned about Qrow was that he, as his sister put it, “sometimes needed to be hit with a two by four to get his butt in gear”. Summer didn’t have a two by four, but she had a finals match in the Vytal tournament to win, a lot of adrenaline, and a moment to decide that being reckless was a good idea for once.
     “Hey Qrow!” He straightened up, a question in his eyes as she stalked over. Out of the corner of her eye, Summer could see Raven’s eyebrows going up, like she was guessing what was coming.
     “You need something before the match?”
     “Yeah.” Summer put her hands on Qrow’s shoulders, stood on her tiptoes and, not letting herself think better of it, pressed her lips hard and clumsy against his. Qrow went rigid underneath her touch, but his hands settled on her waist and didn’t push her away.
     She stepped away as the announcer called for her and her opponent to make their way to the arena, and Qrow looked at her in a wide-eyed sort of daze, “What … what was that for?”
     There were far too many answers on her tongue and far too many explanations she’d need to give later, but right now she needed her head back in the game and maybe just a little bit of something else. She smirked, “For luck.” Without waiting for one of his reflex, pessimistic responses about how he only brought bad luck to anything, she turned and skipped out of the locker room.
     She had a Vytal tournament to win, and then some talking to do later about Qrow maybe finally acknowledging that they’d been dating for the last month.
     Raven stared down at her hands and wondered when she had well and truly lost her mind. Because this had to be some kind of crazy, stupid dream, right? This had to be a dream, or a mistake, and soon it would all crash down-.
     “Raven, are you okay?” She couldn’t bring herself to respond or look away from her hands. Her calloused hands that were so pale under the light and had been stained with so much blood, and why ever would anyone want to touch or be touched by those hands? Why would anyone put the slender band of metal now resting on one finger on hands like hers-? Warm fingers touched her shoulders, a silent warning of his presence as he let his hand trail down her arm as he settled down in a crouch in front of her, “Hey,” Tai murmured, “what’s wrong? Are you upset?” Raven looked at him stiffly, helplessly, words tied up on her tongue and Tai frowned faintly, concern in every line, “Come on, Raven, talk to me. Tell me what’s going on?”
     “You married me.”
     Tai blinked, settled slowly on his haunches with a look of confusion rather than hurt, because he knew her far too well now to mistake her statement as the problem tangling up her insides, “Yes, I did.”
     Raven worked her jaw, trying to make him understand, trying to find the words to make him see, “I … my hands…” She closed her eyes, “You shouldn’t-.”
     “The blood on them,” she finally managed, hoarse and stiff, “you shouldn’t. You’ll just get dirty.” Like she was already dirty, like she had been dirty since she was a child in the camps when they’d put a knife in her hands and told her to do better than her brother’s Semblance made things worse.
     “Oh Raven,” her new husband breathed. His hands slid over her own, ignoring her faint flinch, and he pulled them closer to him, turning them over to pepper her palms with slow, reverent kisses. When he looked back up at her, she could see the Raven he saw in the reflection of his eyes. The Raven who was a good teammate and a caring sister, a Huntress, a protector, a human being worth knowing. The Raven who was worth loving, who deserved to be loved, and she still didn’t feel like that Raven sometimes, or even most of the time, but there she was in Tai’s eyes, in the lingering kisses he pressed against her shaking hands and the pulse point of her wrists. “My wife,” he murmured softly, “is a beautiful, kind, amazing woman. So much more than anything they tried to make you. I love you, Raven, and I promise you there is something worth loving inside you and always will be.”
     And it seemed too good to be true, but if there was one anchor she had in this world, it was trust in her team. In Tai.
     So she believed him.
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talonmom · a day ago
Bad mom squad.
Just one is redeeming herself by being in her kids life and owning up to her mistakes and the other is Raven.
Tumblr media
Why do i always love the bitch moms?
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mummacalavera · a day ago
personal STRQ headcanons;
Beacon Times
Qrow actually ended up feeling very confident in skirts after Tai's prank. He would be seen around in high stockings and red skirts acting normal, ignoring the eventual teasing and unapologetically calling out other student's bias. His lack of shame caused the whole joke to die out pretty quickly and Tai apologized for the tasteless act. Qrow wasn't mad anymore, it had actually brought him lots of admiration from many students who supported him and even began to change their uniforms themselves.
The Branwen twins were calling attention from day one. There were many reasons for that, but their good looks and dark energy were the main ones. A group of creepy kids began to take pictures from Raven when she wasn't looking and without her permission. They tried to get a shot under her skirt in every class and through her bedroom window at night, all to be posted in a private forum about the prettiest girls of Beacon. She became the member's main victim for a while until Taiyang was invited to join the group and was shocked with everything they had there. He was even more disgusted by the idea that those people easily considered him one of them. He took the matter to his teammates and they all decided to get a hacker to kill those kids' operation. The virus left the forum in shambles and every member with an account connected to their scroll had their mobile fried.
The first person Raven let get closer to her was Summer. As she got used to the girl's spunky behavior, she began appreciating her company and over-the-top energy. Even more so when Summer made no effort at all to try and push her into being more social or "happy". No, Summer couldn't care less. She would protect her introverted emo bird and bite your fingers out if you tried anything.
Tai fell in love with Raven pretty early on, which he confided to Qrow as soon as he was sure about his feelings. During the whole time at the Academy, Qrow advised against it but reassured him he would not stand in their way if something came from it.
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drunkscythmaster · a day ago
Year of STRQ: Variant
“Even the Grimm in this frozen hellscape are covered in ice,” Qrow growled. “Looks that way,” Summer said. “Maybe they’ll melt if we set them on fire…” “We don’t have a flamethrower.” “Give me five minutes, Omen, and some fire dust.” Raven looked over. “No.” “Please?” “No.” Summer sighed, disappointed.
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mummacalavera · a day ago
the tag made me develop a new craving: rosebird
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alexkablob · a day ago
The thing is that, when she was a bereaved girl looking for an imagined perfect replacement for her dead mother, Yang’s quest was forever hopeless, but when she was a Huntress looking to make a deal with the dangerous leader of a bandit group, finding Raven Branwen was the easiest thing she’d ever done.
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spooky-activity · a day ago
Tumblr media
Did a cute rosebird commission for @sunnyteea
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p1exieglasses · 2 days ago
New chapter
(Gross, I’m writing this on a laptop *vomits*)
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ironpines · 2 days ago
Tai is something else. Somehow managed to form SOMETHING with Raven of all people and even got married for a time and had a kid. I mean sure, she was probably a better person back in the day but still.
little did we know that tai’s semblance is actually seducing every person in a five mile radius & making them fall for his irresistible charm. jokes aside  —  i do think the domesticity about taiyang & his genuine nature was what probably drew raven in, that he offered her a life she’d never had before.
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