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#Raven x summer

Raven: *laying in bed with a fever*

Summer: *putting a damp cloth over Raven’s forehead* Told you that you’d get sick.

Raven: I’m fine…

Summer: *turning to leave the room*

Raven: *quickly grabbing Summer’s hand*

Summer: *stopping* I need to get ready for-

Raven: Dont leave.

Summer: *sighing* Raven…

Raven: Please… dont… dont leave me… I need you.

Summer: *sitting down next to Raven* It’ll be okay. I’m not leaving forever. But I have a mission I need to go on.

Raven: Y-you cant go. Please. I… I dont have much I love, but… I love you. And I need you with me.

Summer: *smiling a bit* Alright. I’ll stay tonight, but I have to leave tomorrow.

Raven: *nodding and weakly squeezing Summer’s hand*

Summer: And no matter what, I’ll be with you.


Raven: *standing over the edge of a cliff* You… you promised me Summer…

Raven: *looking down at the grave marker* I told you not to go… You… You should’ve listened…

Raven: *sighing and opening a portal* Goodbye, my sweet, sweet, Summer Rose.

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Not on Top of It Snippit

“Okay, fine,” Summer said, but her eyes still sparkled with mirth and that smile had Raven questioning. “Do you want me to call you mistress and wear a little maid outfit and clean up after you too?”

“What?” Raven stood up, confused, and honestly a bit scared.

“Too much?” Summer said, cocking a hip out and resting her hand on it. “Well, ‘leader’ do you want me to wash your back than?”

Raven sniffed and nodded. “Yes. That would be fine, ‘underling.’”

The narrowing of those silver eyes had Raven stepping back. The sudden snap to a smile set Raven’s heart fluttering again. She wanted to run, but a part of her was also aroused. Scaroused, as it were.

Raven wanted to run from a girl she could crush. Between her thighs. While she used that clever tongue to make Raven moan..

Panting, Raven shook her head to clear her mind. What was wrong with her? She had no reason to be afraid of this girl. None. She was a fearless bandit, the strongest of them all. The strong survive, the weak perish. That was the rules she followed and knew. And this girl was weak. Right?

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Alright I have a crack ship for rwby
Raven (I think, yangs mom) and summer (rubys mom)
So they fell in love
And they wanted to have children
Lo and behold rubys dad (a very ace man) offers to help
So he donates…you know
So raven gives birth to yang and they decide they want another. Same old same old but summer gives birth to Ruby. Now sometime after raven gets in a fight with summer and takes some time away. Summer is fine with her decision, but summer then dies somehow. Raven hears about it and is to distraught to return to their babies. So rubys dad takes care of them. Years later and Ruby starts school at beacon. Raven sees Ruby become the person summer was and realizes that she messed up, and that’s why she reveals herself to yang. Anyways that’s my crack ship

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  • Ruby was born in a cave
  • Summer was the one who named Yang.
  • Yang like her hair long is because Summer told her she had beautiful long hair
  • Summer and Tai were childhood friends who reconnected after attending Beacon
  • Summer was from Mantle
  • The Brawnwen clan was more of a cult when Qrow and Raven grew up
  • Raven never graduated from Beacon
  • Qrow’s mother died giving birth to him.
  • The Shallow Sea was made up or was heavily changed by human scholars for anti-faunus during the Faunus Revolution.
  • The dragon landmass to the left of remnant is a Bermuda triangle of Remnant. Every Settlement that goes out there never returns
    • Its so dangerous that people are banned from entering
  • While Vale outlawed slavery a century before Mantle and Mistral, they had a rigid caste system.
  • Modifying aura of any kind is illegal, which is why Ironwood kept Penny a secret for so long.
  • Ozpin does his best to have his children/decedents become Maidens/get his powers, as they are the only ones who can handle his magic the best
    • This is my roundabout way of saying that Pyrrha was selected because she was his daughter/grand daughter
  • Ozpin became headmaster at the age of 15
    • Same time that STRQ joined the academy
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Good morning to multilingual europeans, girls who order cokes at bars, guys who like fish, kinky scientists, angels who have put up with guys being stupid their whole lives, gay ex cons, gay taxi drivers, young professors who can really put away their liquor, and women who work for the CIA 

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Im reading fanfic rn and for some reason 3 in a row involved either Ruby or Yang bringing up who gave them “the talk” and most of them have Yang giving Ruby the talk but honestly i see it going down like this: Tai doesnt want to do it and asks Qrow to but Qrow says no so Tai tries and it goes badly so he asks one of their female neighbors and she gives the puberty talk and then later on in school health class covers the sex talk and STDs and he thinks the girls know all they need to know but somewhere along the trip across Anima Qrow finds out that Tai left the things out he thought was obvious and Qrow knows he needs to intervine before the newly dating orphans Nora and Ren do something stupid so Qrow has to give the talk and this time around is the first time Yang and Ruby find out their dad was in a polyam relationship with both of their moms and nobody ever brought it up to them bc they thought they knew

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good morning to men who wear sunglasses indoors, women with telekinesis, weather goddesses, bisexual shapeshifters, men who only play chess with their nemesis, and wolverine

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Ah, an OG anon! <3 That was actually one of my all time favorite scenes to write in O-Yoroi. I think that’s a side of Qrow that we don’t get to see, and it makes me sad. The only time we saw his anger start to slip was in the battle with Tyrian, and I’m sorry, but you can’t tell me that he doesn’t have a temper. Especially about those he loves.

I have plans, anon, I really do. And I will finish O-Yoroi to make them happen. This won’t be the last time you see a pissed Qrow. Or maybe even a pissed Qrow who’s going once more toe-to-toe with his idiot of a sister? Or maybe with his darling brother-in-law who, too, knows just the right buttons to push?

Oof. You’re making me want to pull that back out and finish it up asap… <.<

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