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I’m not saying Allison’s anger isn’t valid but Claire wouldn’t exist even if Harlan hadn’t killed their mothers and the Umbrellas did exist in that timeline but grew up with their original mothers. Theirs no saying that Allison would have become an actress or met Patrick or had a child and even if she did there would still have been the other Allison kicking around
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May I just say after watching the finale and having my brain going a million miles a minute, my one coherent thought is "oh cool we're getting Ray next season :D"
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c0ffeeb1ack · 2 days ago
YES they brought ray back this season YES YES YES raymond chestnut my beloved (even if it’s only a flashback i appreciate it)
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raymond chestnut my beloved
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tua for the ask meme? 🌂
blorbo (favorite character, character I think about the most) *heavy sigh* five
scrunkly (my “baby”, character that gives me cuteness aggression, character that is So Shaped) allison!! i look at her and know everything will be alright. emmy has such a beautiful, heart-shaped face, and her outfits have such fun silhouettes
scrimblo bimblo (underrated/underappreciated fave) raymond chestnut my beloved. his and allison's relationship was truly one of the sweetest from the show, they were so cute and he gave a truly great performance. i'm mad he's not gonna be in season 3 tbh
glup shitto (obscure fave, character that can appear in the background for 0.2 seconds and I won’t shut up about it for a week) genuinely i don't think i have one of these for tua. maybe claire because allison deserves to see her baby!!!!!!
poor little meow meow (“problematic”/unpopular/controversial/otherwise pathetic fave) not necessarily problematic but i don't think there's ever been a poorer little meow meow than vanya. they've been struggling for like 2 seasons straight now (especially season 1 vanya)
horse plinko (character I would torment for fun, for whatever reason) klaus
eeby deeby (character I would send to superhell) definitely pogo but also seeing the handler gone was so deeply satisfying. that had better be the end of that!!!
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Love Across Timelines Pt 6
[Authors note: hahahaha gender inequality in the 60′s was greeeeat to read about. I had a blast being horrified by all the LGBTQ+ bashing back then, especially towards Nonbinaries. So, much, FUN.]
In this chapter: Klaus reunites with Allison, Ben gets traumatized by butt, and we break a brother in law out of jail
TW: Cursing, racism, homophobia, cults, Nudity
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Taglist: @80strashbag, @youcandalekmyballs, @slytherin2319, @weird-pale-blonde-person, @gretaamyk, @stitchers-in-stitches, @residentdormouse, @weallreadbookshere, @gay-ghost-fights @lovedarkness1, @moondustmemories, @ahoyrcmanoff
                                          The Swedish job Pt 2                                                    Reuniting "I can't believe you went through something like that, and you're sure it's only happened when I wasn't there?" Klaus asks. Shrugging, you look over at him giving you a sentimental gaze from the pool. You pick at the purple sarong wrapped around your chest. "Well, to be fair we haven't exactly been apart longer than a few hours, unless you count the 10 months you spent in Vietnam." You reply thoughtfully. "But then in fairness I was passed out from pain and exhaustion. And a tiny bit of shock." You subtly rub your arm, the scar of cha-chas burn still sitting strong on your skin. 
"I need to stop opening my damn mouth. Clearly the whole "magnetic souls" bit was more accurate than I thought if this was the case." Klaus moans and tries to backpedal his floatie over to you, but only manages to flop around like a fish out of water. You lean back on your hands and gaze up at the sky. "I don't know, maybe our souls are like Yin and Yang. Forever entwined and always balancing each other out. Can't have one without the other, otherwise the whole thing falls out of balance." "Yeah..." Klaus sighs. "God that was incredibly sappy." Ben's smile on his face says that there was no heat behind his words, and he was just happy that you were able to sleep without fear of the dead. Before Klaus has a chance to answer, the three of you hear a voice. "Klaus? [Y/N]? Are you guys here?....Ben?" You and Ben glance at each other. "Allison!" Your smiles are infectious and Klaus nearly falls into the pool in shock. "Allison?! She's here?!" "We're out here!" You cry out and Allison, in all her beauty, steps out hesitantly. Her eyes zero in on Klaus. "Oh, my god!" "Allison!" The reunion is just as you remember, she jumps in the pool after taking her shoes off and embraces Klaus. "Oh, I never thought I'd see you again!" She gasps out. "We did, we knew we'd see you one day, just didn't know how long it would take. Speaking of...[Y/N]! Ben!" The two of you snap your heads over to Klaus. He's waving his arm not holding onto Allison. "Both of you get over here!" Grinning over at Ben, the two of you leap into the pool and make your way over to Klaus and Allison for a pseudo group hug. Using your powers, you and Klaus manage to make Ben tangible long enough for Allison to see him and be able to hug him. "Oh, god. Ben!" She grabs on tightly and for a moment you think you can see tears in Ben's eyes at being held by his sister again. He hasn't felt like this since he was a child, having the blood wiped off of him by Allison and and Klaus after missions. Allison is openly crying at being able to see her brother again. You're starting to wonder if the fan theories that Allison had blamed herself for Ben's death contained some merit, after all. "Oh, god. Sit down, sit down. We have so much catching up to do!" Klaus waves her over to the edge of the pool and You, her and Ben plant yourselves on the concrete floor. Laughing Allison points between the three of you. "Yeah, you wanna catch me up on how the three of you ended up in a place like this?" Klaus shrugs and waves his hands in the pool water. "Oh, you know...dicks, drugs, debutantes. Our holy trinity." "His holy trinity." You point out. "Me and Ben were mostly on the sidelines." "Oh, don't give me that!" Klaus counters with a smile. "You were just as much front and center as I was!" "Klaus, the two of you started a cult." Allison states. There's a smile on her face that says there's no real malice behind her words. She probably half expected something like this. "Cult is such a negative word. I prefer to think of it as an...alternative spiritual community." "Klaus, don't mince words. It was a cult." You dryly state and Allison lets out a noise of agreement. "Mmm...nope, you definitely started a cult." "IT WAS A DAMN CULT YOU IDIOT!" Ben shouts. Wincing, you hold a hand to your ear. "Ben says its a cult too...a little too LOUDLY!" you aim the last part at Ben, who had the decency to look a little sheepish. "Sorry." He says. "God, ganging up on me...Alright alright alright, what about you? What have you been up to?" Klaus asks. "Because I've heard...from a very reputable source, that you've become a civil rights organizer. And married! Hope he's better than Patrick." Allison looks over to you, eyebrow raised and a smile on her face. "Show had a second season, didn't it?" She says amusedly. "Yeah..." You grin and rub the back of your neck sheepishly. "Well," Allison turns back to Klaus, and smiles wistfully. "Your "Reputable source" would be right. I am in fact a civil rights organizer in Dallas with my husband, Raymond Chestnut." "Ray..." There's a content smile on her face and this is probably the happiest you've ever seen her. "Wait, is he locked up right now?" Klaus asks. "Yeah, how'd you..." Allison suddenly remembers seeing you yesterday at the station. "Ah. That's why you were at the station yesterday, [Y/N]." "Yeah, yeah." Klaus laughs in disbelief "Me and him did time together! Wow. Small world." "We organized a really big sit in at a lunch counter today and then ray got arrested on some bullshit charge and...I can't get him out." "Hello? Why didn't you just rumor him out?" Klaus points out and you facepalm. "Klaus, no white cop is going to simply give in to a black woman’s pleas and every black guy in 1963 knows this, so even if she used her powers, that would just raise a whole slew of questions." Allison nods at your words. "Plus, I haven't used my powers since..." She touches the scar on her neck and you're hit with a wave of guilt. If only you had gone with her..."Which I am still NOT blaming you for, by the way. You saved my life." she points at you and you duck your head at her words. "But yeah," She continues. "I couldn't speak for a year." "Oooh." Klaus winces in sympathy. "Oooh, I'm sorry, Allison." "No, it's okay, I like who I am without it." There's a proud smile on her face and you're glad to see she's moved on and matured. "Everything I have I've earned, and it feels really good. You know?" "Not really, I've been relying on a ghost and my beloved who's from another universe who refuses to interfere in events anymore." Klaus' words are nonchalant but there's an undercurrent of resignation. Like he doesn't like that you won't interfere but can understand why. "Yeah, that has me confused too. I thought you would have been the first to stop this from happening?" Allison asks and your face has taken on a neutral tone. "I got tired of giving the answers only for people to ignore them and then place the blame on me afterwards. I'm not lifting a finger until I get an apology from the 3 idiots who refused to listen in the first place." You lift a hand and inspect your nails. "And the whole...dressing like a woman thing?" "Nonbinary people aren't looked at with kindness in the '60s." You point out. "And being female keeps Klaus from being labelled as a "Queer" so you know...whatever helps." "I keep telling you, I've had that term thrown at me since I was 18, it's nothing new! I don't mind you dressing as a man!" Klaus throws his arms out and points to the crescent moon on his chest. "Just because the cult thinks of you as a goddess doesn't mean you have to dress like one all the time! Besides, gods are androgynes! They don't have a gender!" "Look, just because they call me a Lunar goddess doesn't mean you can. I don't like that term, makes me feel...icky." You shudder and wriggle your body, like a thousand snakes are on you. "Wait, what?" Allison looks like a kid watching her parents argue. "Hold on, is THAT why that one guy had the crescent moon on his forehead? And why you were avoiding him?" "Yeah..." You and Klaus cringe, "His name is Keechie, he's...a bit overzealous in his affections." "A bit is an understatement." Klaus bitterly adds. "He's an ass who likes Ass. Including Jill’s." Ben throws out. "Ben doesn't like him either." You add conspiritorily. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You all spend the next few hours chatting and catching up before Allison leaves to meet up with her civil rights group. Klaus gets up and drops his trunks before walking into the mansion, passing Ben who cries out in fake agony. "My eyes!" He screams. "They burn!" "Where are you going?" You call out and get up to join him. Meeting him in the master bedroom, Klaus tosses you a pair of Bellbottom jeans and a blue polo. "Uhhh, are we busting Ray out of Jail?" "Yyyup!" "Uhhh, okay." You slip on the clothes and Klaus pulls on the orange striped shirt you like so much with another pair of Bellbottoms. Handing you a pair of boots Klaus calls out to Ben, "Are you done bleaching your eyes yet? We gotta head down to the Police station! Time to work some magic!" ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- With the two of you sitting on the couch by the holding cells, Klaus has his head nestled in your neck and his sunglasses on your face. Your slowly running your fingers through his hair and he sighs in contentment. "How much longer is Ben going to be?" Klaus complains. "He's been at this forever!" You look at the clock sitting on the wall. "It's only been like 10 minutes." "Feels like 10 years." Klaus sighs despondently. Poking him in the cheek you laugh as he swats your hand with a playful scowl. "Stop complaining this was your idea." "One that I am glad for." Ben comes sauntering around the corner then, a smug grin on his face. "Yeah, yeah, yeah, don't gloat." Klaus groans. "You sure took your sweet time." "Had to be perfect in getting our in-law out of jail." And Ray walks out just as Ben finishes speaking, rolling up his shirtsleeves. "You?" Ray exclaims. "You got me out?" "I told you I had friends in "High" places." Klaus smiles and pulls the two of you out of your seats and over to Ray. "I don't know what to say." Ray is flummoxed that someone - a white man no less - would help him out of this situation. "Don't say a word. Anything for family, brother." And Klaus pulls Ray into a deep hug. Ray looks to you like you might have the answers but you can only shrug and smile. "Well, okay. We are all brothers beneath the skin." Ray hopes that's what he meant, but you bite your lower lip and giggle just a bit. "No, no." Klaus pulls away and looks at Ray. "Literally. You're our brother-in-law." "What?" "Yeah, and this...this is my beloved [Y/N]." Klaus wraps an arm around your waist and you wave at him sheepishly. "Sorry about this." You laugh at his dumbstruck expression and move to shake his hand. "Are you his...wife?" Ray asks. "If you like." you shrug. "But yeah, man. Family barbeques are about to get reaaal weird." Klaus pats Ray on the shoulder and walks off with you in tow. Turning your head around you shoot Ray one last grin. "Don't get mad at Allison for this! Believe me, it's hard enough explaining a family of adopted siblings to anyone, much less a husband! Later!"
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heythereamigos · 6 days ago
for the ask game! umbrella academy >;]
OOH FUN (ask game)
Blorbo- Klaus, darling beloved Klaus, light of my world
Scrunkly- can I also say klaus
Scrimblo brimblo- Grace!!!! She's such a good character and I feel like the only talk is about how she's a BAMF, which she is, but also there's so much MORE yk -> Honorable mention to Raymond Chestnut
Glup shitto- hmmm I'm not sure if he's an "obscure" fav, but I'd say Herb. I love Herb. He's such an icon.
Poor little meow meow- "pathetic" and "controversial" fave??? KLAUS I SAY CAN YOU HEAR ME ITS KLAUS
Horse plinko- viktor. He needs to make better relationship choices that don't lead to the apocalypse until then INTO THE PLINKO WITH YOU
eeby deeby - FIVE just because he's the only competent one who stands a chance at survival. Also he can have this badass montage of coming back. Killing the board wasnt enough I want more violent Five
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Love across timelines Pt 8
[Authors note: Oh, this chapter hurt me writing it, it hurt me so bad. so I hope you can all enjoy as well!]
In this chapter: Story time with Klaus, breakfast at Stadtlers, and we try to stop a young gay man from enlisting. Sure that’ll go over well...
TW: Cursing, Homophobia, racism, mention of childhood abuse
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Taglist: @80strashbag, @youcandalekmyballs, @slytherin2319, @weird-pale-blonde-person, @gretaamyk, @stitchers-in-stitches, @residentdormouse, @weallreadbookshere, @gay-ghost-fights @lovedarkness1, @moondustmemories, @ahoyrcmanoff, @dizzydazed
                                          The Majestic Twelve Pt 1                          Frogs are bitches, and so are homophobes You wake up groggily on Allison’s sofa the next morning. Klaus is snoozing away beside you and you gently stand up and move towards the kitchen. You knew how Klaus liked having his coffee in the mornings and you were more of an early bird yourself. You can see Allison sitting at the table, head in her hands. "Morning." You quietly announce and she looks up at you. "Morning." She responds and you can see dark circles under her eyes and tiredness in her posture. "Did you get any sleep?" you ask. 
Allison shakes her head negative. "Couldn't. Every time I close my eyes I just see Ray being beaten and the look in his eyes when I..." She closes her eyes and gives out a harsh laugh. "You were right. A black woman rumoring a white cop was a terrible idea. I don't know what I was thinking." You move to sit down and gently take her hands in yours. "You were thinking of your husbands safety. You did what you had to do. If you look back and think of all the "What if's", all you're gonna do is make your head burst." "I'm worried about him." Allison confides. "Ray didn't come home and I...I'm worried something happened." "Ray's a smart man." You reassure. "From what I've seen he knows what he's doing. If he isn't here there’s a good chance he regrouped with a friend or something. Worse case scenario he's at the hospital." Nodding, Allison moves to stand up and she grabs the phone sitting on the wall. "You're right. I just...need to check places he could be, that's all." You hear her mumble "He's not dead, he's not dead, he's not dead." under her breath repeatedly before dialing the number for Parkland Hospital. "Parkland Hospital?" You see Klaus start to wake up and you make a slashing motion with your neck and point to Allison. He nods and stays silent. "Yes. I'm... looking for a patient, Raymond Chestnut. He may have been brought in last night after the riot at Statdlers." The look on Allison's face drops suddenly and you see a confused expression take its place. "Why does that matter?" Confusion slips into irritation as whatever the receptionist said must have hit a sore nerve. "Of course you don't treat negroes. How silly of me." and with that Allison slams the phone down on the receiver and puts her face in her hands. "Shit." She sighs. You  get up to rub her shoulder in sympathy and see Klaus sit up on the couch. "You alright?" Klaus tentatively asks. "No. Ray didn't come home last night." Allison says. Nodding, Klaus looks blearily at you and you move to hold the coffee pot for him to see. Instantly his demeanor changes and he gets up to go into the kitchen and you pour him a mug. "Okay. Okay. I'm sure he's fine. Okay...first thing we're gonna need is coffee..." He makes grabby hands for the mug and you smile and pass it over. He grins at you and takes a big drink. "Vitamin B12...oh! And a piping hot bowl of menudo. And then we're gonna sort all this stuff out." Klaus moves to pull you into his lap and what normally would have made you squeak in embarrassment years ago only makes you nuzzle into the crook of his neck now. "He saw me rumor that cop, Klaus." Allison points out and Klaus just blinks at her, like it was a completely justified thing to do. "I know. But uh...you...you were saving his life. I mean, that asshole was gonna kill him." "I'm such an idiot." she moans and flops down at the table. "No, you're not." Klaus denies and takes a swig of coffee. "Mmm, this is good! You've been getting better at this!" he throws the compliment at you and kisses you on the cheek. "Thanks." You preen. "Ben's been giving me lessons." "I promised myself I would never do this again." Allison continues. "Nothing good ever comes from it. Especially with me being...well..." Allison circles her face and sighs. You and Klaus share a look and you have to bite your lip to keep from smiling. Looks like its time for storytime with Klaus! "Have you ever heard the fable of the scorpion and the frog?" Klaus begins. Allison's faces takes on a looks of confusion. "What?" "The scorpion wants to get across the river, so he asks the frog to carry him across. But the frogs like "Well, what's in it for me?" and the scorpions like "Well, how about five bucks?" and the frog says "Make it twenty." The scorpions like "Ten." and the frog goes "Alright, fine. Fifteen." and the Scorpions like "All right, fine. Fifteen." Then halfway across the river, the frog feels this terrible pain on his back and...eh...the scorpion stung him. You know? And the frogs like "Well, what the hell? We're both gonna drown now!" and...they both did." It's silent for a few moments, the only sound being the ticking of the clock before Allison explodes, "What the hell was the point of that story?!" "The point is..."Klaus starts, "Frogs are bitches. And we do not negotiate with terrorists." "I...think there was a point about your nature but it might've gotten lost in translation." You try and clarify but Allison just gives you an equally bewildered look before storming up out her seat. "No. No, no, no. I...actually can't deal with you two right now." Allison grabs her purse and keys. "I'm sorry, I'm not a morning person..." Klaus moans tiredly and takes another swig of coffee. "Can we do this again at like...where are you going?" "To find my damn husband!" Allison shouts before continuing in a softer tone,    “[Y/N], I'm gonna check Odessa's. You might be right about Ray being at a friends." "I usually am." You casually toss out. "Wish me luck!" She calls out and you can hear the front door click shut. Klaus only closes his eyes and moans out another "Menudo..." before grunting as you pull him out of his seat. "Come on, you." You laugh. "Let's go get some breakfast." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Why do you keep dragging me back to this shit-hole?" your grumbling over your coffee, making sure to keep your face hidden. Last time you were here, the manager kicked you out for not being a bigot. You're pretty certain he's still here, and you don't want a repeat of what had happened last time. "6 o'clock, in the booth. Be subtle about it." Klaus murmurs. Looking in the reflection of the napkin holder you can see the reflection of Dave and some man you're pretty sure is his uncle Brian. "Is that...?" "Yep." Klaus takes a sip of his own coffee and sighs. You bite your lip and look anxiously at him. This was a big turning point for Klaus. If things went the way you remember, there's a huge chance you're gonna be picking him up after falling off the wagon. You know you've been saying about how you weren't gonna interfere, but you don't want to see him hurt or in pain. Not if you could help it. Sighing, you take the rest of your coffee and down it in one gulp, grimacing at the bitterness. "Well, Brian over there is about to go to the bathroom here in a second, now's your best chance to talk to Dave." "How do you-" Klaus gives a harsh laugh. "The show. Right." You shush Klaus before he can say anything else and just hold up a finger. "Gotta hit the head." you both hear and from the corner of your eye you can see Klaus make a beeline for Dave’s booth. "This is gonna end badly..." you mutter and get up to follow him. "Hey!" Dave greets and you smile kindly at him while Klaus slides into the booth opposite of him. "Maime pink, right?" "Klaus Hargreeves, and this is my beloved [Y/N] Hargreeves, but you can call us whatever you like." You choke a little on your own spit and shoot Klaus a glare. You know you joke about being a married couple but you didn't think he'd say something like- Aw, who are you kidding? Of course he would. "How's she looking? The latrine?" Klaus shakes his hand to wave off any other inane questions. "Listen to me, we have to talk to you about something important. Okay?" "Okay." Dave is unsure, but he's also been taught to respect his elders...and Klaus is, in fairness, almost a decade older than him. "Okay. This is gonna sound kinda crazy but, uh... " Klaus lets out a sigh. "I know you." "Uh, yeah. Sure. From the hardware store." Dave is looking around, wondering if this is some kind of prank and god you wish it were. "No, from before. Well, after, actually. Listen, I know you're thinking about enlisting," Oh, well he's just jumping in feet first! "Thinking it's your duty cause your grandfather fought in world war I and your father fought in World War II and that guy you're eating brunch with is your Uncle Ryan who fought in Korea." "Brian." You correct automatically and then wince at your slip. Dave looks at you in shock. "How did you-?" "Brian. Right." Klaus continues. "And you look up to Brian. And you're starting to believe all this stuff he's saying about the military making you a man." "Is this a joke or something?" Dave nervously chuckles and looks around the room. "Dave, if you enlist, they're gonna send you out to Vietnam." Klaus continues and you want to bash your head against the wall at how unsubtle he's being right now. "The heck you talking about?" "Fifty thousand American soldiers, and a million Vietnamese..." Klaus chuckles "... all die for nothing! Because the dominos aren't gonna topple, Dave. The communists aren't gonna invade all of East Asia!" "And if you are forced to join the military,-" You cut in before Brian can get back. He's taking longer than what you remember and you figure this is your best chance at saving him without him joining the Marines. This is the one time you'll interfere in the timelines. Klaus better damn well appreciate it. "-then I suggest joining the National Guard! One of my old roommates was a member, He said you never left the country and you were always on call to fight if need be. But the odds of being deployed were super low." You can see Dave begin to contemplate the idea when his face freezes in fear and he looks over your shoulder. "Say's you. And the National Guards for sissies and queers." You slowly clench your fists at Brian. He's standing right beside you, and from inside the booth you can see Klaus grit his teeth at the slur. "Oh, hey...Brian." Klaus bites out. "You know these...clowns?" "Um, they bought pink paint at the store." Dave nervously replies and looks to you in fear. Hang on...this wasn't in the show. Was Dave more afraid of his family then he let on? You knew people often tried to "Beat the gay" out of closeted men and women in the '60s and you're beginning to wonder if the same happened to him. If that's the case, you have more reason than ever to hate Brian. "Pink paint." Brian chuckles. "Makes sense." "You know, pink can actually be very masculine in the right setting." Klaus points out. "And It was for my...wife...here." You know Klaus was so used to using gender neutral terms for you and as a fellow non-binary he understood what it was like to be uncomfortable being misgendered. But you didn't care, if it kept him from being punched in the face, you'll take every slur and misgender in the book. Brian looks you up an down. "Wife...right." He scoffs in your direction. "Why don't you two get out of my seat, queers?" "Watch it!" You warn. "I don't take kindly to you calling my husband a slur!" "Oh, wow." Klaus bemoans, "If I had a nickel for every time I heard that." And that makes the ache even worse. Growing up, you had grown a hard outer shell at the notion of being called queer, even owned it and made it your own. But to hear Klaus went through the same struggles and knowing he didn't grow up in the same LGBTQ+ safe space you had? It only broke your heart even more. Brian shoves  you out of the way and he grabs Klaus and hauls him out of the seat, where he lands face first on the counter. "Oh! Ooh! Take it easy there, Brian!" Klaus' laugh is painful and harsh, but it quickly gets pushed aside to let out a sigh. He turns to Dave and you grab his hand to help give moral support. "We just need 5 minutes of your time Dave." "Just gonna sit there and listen to these pansies?" Brian goads. "Dave listen to me, you don't need to define yourself by someone else’s expectations, you are your own person!" You plead, and Klaus adds "You don't have to join to become a man!" "Hit the queers!" Brian orders. "Don't sacrifice yourself." Klaus begs, and you nod in agreement. "The army isn't the be-all end-all solution." "Hit them, damn it!" "Cause you're my best friend!" Klaus pleads. "Hit them!" "And I know one day, you'll be mine." "Hit the queers!" "And you'll want to hear about my moon and stars and beg to meet them and -" "Hit them! Hit them!" Something inside Dave snaps under the pressure and without thinking, you quickly push Klaus out of the way of Dave’s oncoming punch. You feel your head snap over to the right as you topple onto a nearby table. You slowly push yourself up and the first thing you see is Klaus' horrified expression. You slowly turn your head and Dave has a look of fear and self-loathing, like he's ashamed he was goaded into doing something like this in the first place. You wanted to tell him it was alright, that you didn't blame him. But you couldn't say anything. You can taste something wet and metallic on your tongue, and you hold a hand up to your lip and pull away to see blood on your fingers. What should have taken at least a few minutes only took the space of a few seconds and before you know it time has sped back up again. You look around and can see all the patrons staring at you. Klaus grabs your hand and hauls you out of the restaurant, shoving passerby out of the way. What you don't see is Ben giving you both a concerned gaze as he silently follows you out of the building. "Klaus?" You ask. "What are you-where are we going?" Klaus doesn't say anything more than "I need a drink. And I'm pretty sure you do too." He doesn't say anything else after that. He doesn't need to. Because Klaus was right, you DO need a drink. All today has taught you is that you were ultimately right.
No matter what you do, the universe is bound and determined to make sure the events in this timeline happen how they should. This is why you were bound and determined to keep from interfering anymore. Why should you bother trying when the end result always stays the same no matter what you do?
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