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As requested by @maggiescarborough :

“Hello again,love! I just can’t stop asking for your amazing moodboards, it’s addicting!! What about a Prince Caspian moodboard where the reader (it’s still weird to call it reader but what else could you call it?) lives with the Narnians and Prince Caspian arrives?I hope you have fun!!

I tried my best and i hope you like it!!!🧡




Ben tag list: @witchygagirl @angelaiswriting

I hope y'all enjoy these moodboards because i really liked making them,and if you want to like,comment or reblog,i will love you forever!!😁

If you want to be added to my tag list or if you want to make a request,send me an ask!!!😁

Picture credit:Pinterest(i don’t have the rights to none of this pictures,just to the moodboard/collage)

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Hi happy new year i was curious, how are the espada when they completely heal/not on edge anymore ? like for example you said nnoitra has self hatred so how he is when he fully heal from it -Sarah

I think… that would be a long road. And for one, they’re never going to heal completely. With all the trauma the Arrancar have been through, there’s nothing that’s ever going to make it fully go away. However, there is such thing as them finally relaxing fully and trusting that they’re safe, so this is more aligned with that idea than one of them being “fully healed”. o3o

Oh yeah, and all of this is under the assumption that they have someone around to trust and help with this process~


-A lot of what changes with him is energy levels. The more secure he gets in knowing that he has someone by his side, the more his happiness and will to live returns, and as such, the less depressed he acts. Starrk would actually turn out as a pretty normal “person” once he heals, probably passing for human pretty well. He doesn’t have many issues beyond the loneliness, either, so his road of healing is one that’s a pretty simple path. 


-For her, it’s another relatively easy process. A lot of her “healing” is just finding a way to relax. Feeling safe does a lot, and as such, her process comes with a lot of letting her guard down and letting herself trust. Being the protected instead of the protecting is new and sort of frightening, but placing her faith in someone is worth it in the end. The main difference in her behavior is more outward happiness and relaxation versus always being closed-off. 


-His biggest sign of healing is an emotional opening-up. Which… does not come easily. When he’s finally relaxed and starting to heal, it comes with starting to reach out to feelings that he didn’t want to admit that he had. He softens up quite a bit, losing some of his stubbornness and sharp edges and just getting used to existing. He starts showing more emotion, relaxing, and gaining a sort of humanity that he didn’t have before. 


-That’s… a long, difficult process. When all of his anger and bloodlust are stripped away, Nnoitra is just a whole lot of despair. It’s hard for him to be happy– harder yet for him to see any purpose in himself. When he does, though, it’s to quieting down, settling down, allowing affection because he doesn’t have it in him to fight it anymore. He becomes very subdued, never quite relaxing, but opening up a little bit at a time. 


-His healing process also comes with a lot of calming down. Letting go of the restless energy that’s always haunted him, and the frantic need to survive, he spends a while just trying to rest. He sleeps a lot, needs affection, and gets clingy with whoever’s easing him through all of it. A lot of it for him is not having to be the strong one, so his healing comes with letting himself be weak. Even when it’s better, he’ll always be a little less sharp around the edges. 


-For him, healing is a frantic process of admitting that he’s not as perfect as he thought he was. As he calms down, he gets prickly and defensive, feeling like he needs to be compensating somehow for how he’s going weak. However, as time passes and he starts to get used to it all, he slowly returns to something resembling his usual self… minus the sadism and need for control. He’ll always be dramatic and eccentric, just clearly, visibly happier.


-When he heals, it comes with attaching himself like a leech to whoever’s dragging him through it. Healing comes with a massive need for security for him, so his losing his hard edges makes him clingy, needy, and way too vulnerable. Once he’s found somethings safe, all he wants is to keep it, so at his best, he’s probably just hiding out wherever that safe place he is, no longer feeling a need to do anything but live at relative peace. 

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Mun If I may I'd like to ask for headcanons for Strelitiza and Lauriam(after kh3 let's pretend Strelitiza was revived after Marluxia became Lauriam again)and basic relationship headcanons between them and their youngest sibling who was in the keyblade war against Xenanort(I cant spell馃槬) have a good one

We don’t know much about Strelitzia so…. I hope it will be okay (ヾ; ̄▽ ̄)ヾ

(Also, I answered this months ago)


Lauriam & Strelitzia (!postkh3) :

• How long it has been since DayBreak Town ?

• Way too long

• Lauriam didn’t want to talk a lot about what he did as Marluxia

• It’s not like he’s trying to dismiss it, like if it never happened

• It did happen, but he preferred to let it in the past, ashamed

• Strelitzia didn’t really want to talk about it either ; she knew a few things, if not everything and could see that Lauriam didn’t want to talk about it

• Both had the same idea : they wanted to learn more about each other and you to live now

• Lauriam wanted to protect you both, but he was making it in silence, behind the scene or in secret

• Strelitzia, in the otherhand, was more demonstrative even if she was shy

• If you needed to be protected, she could stand for you in a heartbeat ; she’s a Keyblader after all

• They both loved nature, but if you didn’t, they never forced you to love it too

• But they won’t stop themselves to offer you a flower here and there though

• Even if Lauriam got a Keyblade back that he didn’t have for a very long time, he refused to spare with Strelitzia and you if you could fight

• What if he still could use Darkness and hurt you two?

• Lauriam missed you two so much that for the first month, at least, you three stayed together as much as possible

• The sad part was that it was because… You needed to learn who was your sibling again, in a way

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This is for the Halloween request! How about Predaking (in holoform at first) and his queen going one of those haunted houses. Everything starts off well enough, until she gets jump scared by multiple clowns with fake weapons, Predaking actually thinks she's in danger and goes back to bot form to protect her and ends up destroying the place in the process

X Reader – Knight in Cybertronian Armour

A/N – I’m gonna try and distract myself with writing since nothing else seems to be working.

Warnings – None.

Rating – T


Originally posted by szczurek

Predaking pouted on the deck of the Nemesis. He wasn’t at all pleased with you for asking him to partake in one of your silly human rituals. When you had asked him to go with you to a Haunted House, he scoffed at you, remarking that there was nothing beyond the grave, especially not the souls of tortured beings. Yet, you insisted it would be fun and kept pestering him anyway.

Eventually, Predaking had just snapped at you that you should go on your own if you cared about it so much, then he flew away to sulk, letting you know of his displeasure. Now that he’d had more time to think of his decision, he was beginning to regret it. He still didn’t care about this Halloween you kept talking about, but he did care about you. What if, by rejecting your strange customs he had condemned you to a life of despair. Predaking didn’t know what Halloween meant to humans, but it crossed his mind now that he might have snubbed a sacred holiday. All he really knew of the event you had asked him to attend was that he had to go in a human holo-form.

Lashing his tail back on forth, Predaking got up and started pacing. He looked to the dark night sky, wondering if he was too late to attend. Spreading his great wings, he dove off the Nemesis, determined to find you and join you for your Haunted House, and whatever it entailed.

The first place Predaking thought to search for you was your human dwelling. As soon as he flew over it, he knew you weren’t there. His advanced senses told him so; they also told him that you hadn’t been gone long. Following your scent trail, Predaking glided to the Haunted House, where he immediately spotted you in the crowd. It was hard for him to recognise you at first because you looked so different. He wondered why your face was painted so pale and why your clothes were ripped in some places, but he didn’t question it. Instead he landed somewhere partially hidden, switched to his holo-form, and pushed his way through the throng, ignoring any rude comments, to get to where you had been.

Unfortunately, he was too late. Predaking cursed his luck, realising that you must already be inside the house. He wished he could look inside but the windows were boarded up, so he couldn’t see anything.

Very well,’ Predaking thought to himself. If he had to wait a few minutes, so be it; it wasn’t like he was far from the entrance anyway, he would reach you soon, after the few mortals in front of him were done.

Finally, he was about to walk past a barrier to the house, but he was stopped by an adolescent male.

“Whoa there, buddy, we love your excitement here at the Scream Factory, but you gotta pay fifteen bucks admission to get in.”

“Ah, a guardian,” Predaking said thoughtfully. Putting on a front of politeness, he continued, “Please, excuse my mistake. I am not here to partake in your festivity. I am here to provide an important message to my fiancé, who is currently in your Scream Factory.

“Okay, well can you tell us what the message is and what your fiancé looks like?”

“I beg your pardon? This is a private message and you are not privy to it.”

“Well, I’m sorry Sir, but if you won’t let us deliver it, and you won’t pay the admission to get in, then I’m afraid I have to ask you to leave. There are other people here for me to serve.”

“Other people!” Predaking spat, losing his temper. “Do you know who I am, mortal? I AM A KING, NOT SOME PAUPER FOR YOU TO ORDER AROUND LIKE A PATHETIC INSECTICON!”

The server internally rolled his eyes, wondering why he always got the drunkards; he wasn’t paid enough for this.

“Alright, you’ve had your fun Sir, but-”

It was at that point Predaking stopped listening to the human’s prattling. With his superior auditory sense, he could hear you screaming, where the others could not. Enraged, he threw the ticket clerk to the ground, running into the house where he found you on the floor with a cut leg, surrounded by painted freaks with weapons.

What Predaking didn’t know was that the ‘painted freaks’ were actually just actors in clown makeup, paid to scare the patrons of the Scream Factory. What he also didn’t know was you had simply tripped over in fright and the cut was from a misplaced prop, and the clowns would never actually hurt you with those weapons; in fact, one of them had actually stopped to help you, as his first aid training stipulated he should.

“King,” You cried, using your nickname for him, very aware of how he would see the scenario. “It’s ok, I-”

But your warning was too late. Predaking shed his disguise, tearing the Haunted House apart with his growth alone. The screams in the house became very real as terrified people and actors scrambled to get out. Many were injured as debris showered them while they fled. You got up, ready to help as many as you could, but Predaking would not see reason through his rage. He picked you up and took to the skies, carrying you to the safety of your home, ignoring any protests you made.

He didn’t so much put you down on the pavement outside, as he pinned you down instead, scanning your body for any further injuries.

“ARE YOU HURT?” He demanded.

You squirmed under his claws, “I’m fine, but those people-”


“NO!” You cried out, holding up your arms. “THEY DIDN’T HURT ME PREDAKING. WHAT YOU SAW WAS MEANT TO HAPPEN.”



Predaking lifted his pede, so you could stand up.

“Thanks,” You huffed. “Okay, Predaking, what you saw was actors. They were hired to scare people like me as part of an old Halloween tradition. I was never in any real danger, and what you just did could have hurt hundreds of people.”

Predaking considered your argument, re-evaluating what he had seen, “You are saying that it was a test of bravery? You were trying to prove your worth.”

Deciding it was as good an explanation as any, you nodded. “Yeah, something like that.”

“Very well. Then I am sorry to have interrupted. However, I forbid you from going back, you shall watch on your human picture box to find that everything has went perfectly and that nobody was eviscerated.”

“You forbid me? You can’t forbid me. I’m your date not your slave.”

Predaking growled and you had a feeling that if you didn’t give in, he would hold you down again.

“Alright, fine. I won’t go back, so long as you promise not to hurt anyone else.”

“Very well,” Predaking agreed, not counting the filthy Autobots or Starscream in his promise to you. “But you must also agree never to partake in this foolish ritual ever again. You do not have to prove your bravery or strength to me. It is my job to protect you.”

Desperate to get inside and watch the news you nodded, “Yes, alright. Can we please go inside now?”

Predaking switched back to his holoform so he could enter your tiny dwelling. As long as he knew you were forever going to be safe, he was content.


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Thor : I can’t keep this secret any longer !

Loki : What ?

Thor : I will tell her your feelings towards her, brother.

Loki : No. No no no no no. No !

Thor : *stands up*

Loki : *stabs him*

Thor : *falls* Why ?!

Loki : Your fault. Not mine.

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Padawan!Reader: Father Figure

Reader: Cool, thanks dad.

Everyone: *freezes*

Reader: Why is everyone staring at me?

Anakin: You just called Obi-Wan dad. You said “thanks dad”

Reader: No, I didn’t. I said thanks man

Obi-Wan: Do you see me as a father-figure, Y/N?

Reader: No! If anything I see you as a bother figure cause you’re always bothering me

Ahsoka: Hey! Show your father some respect!

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Padawan!Reader time travels #4

Cara Dune: Are they your new companion?

Din Djarin: N-

Reader: *looks at him*

Also, Reader:


Din Djarin: Yes *sighs*

Reader: Wohooooo, look at this motherfuckers, my best pal is a mandalorian!

Cara, to Din: Is that a good idea?

Din: No, definitely not

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6. Damn it, at least I’m trying! Why won’t you give us a chance?!

Sam x Reader

“Why won’t you let me love you!? Damn it, at least I’m TRYING! Why won’t you give us a chance?! Please Sam… I love you so much, don’t do this to me” I shout through the closed door in the bunker. “To us…” I whisper the last part lightly touching my stomach. I sigh as I hear a muffled response of “Just leave Y/N. You don’t belong here, you aren’t like us, you can live a NORMAL life free from the monsters and demons.”

I stifle back a sob and let my head drop. Just as I lower my hand from the door I catch a glimpse of Cas coming towards me with Dean. “Y/N, Sam’s right you can leave here and live like a normal person. Cas can ward you so you can’t be found and will always be listening if you need help,” Dean says as he lays a hand on my shoulder.

At this my last bit of strength leaves me. I collapse into Cas’ arms in a fit of tears and exhaustion. I barely register the feeling of being picked up until Cas is sitting me in my bed and checking me for any injuries. Dean looks at me with pity in his eyes before sighing. “Look Y/N I know you love Sam and you want to stay with him but you’re a liability. He’s afraid you’ll get hurt or killed and with his track record, I’m with him on wanting you to leave. It’s not that we don’t love you, hell you’re like a sister to me, but neither of us want to lose you. It’s better if you just leave and forget about us. I’ll even give you the keys to that old Desoto you are always eyeing in the garage, please just leave, tonight.”

I shoot Dean a look that’s a mixture of pain and anger before grabbing the nearest thing and throwing it at him as hard as I can. The lamp actually hits him in the shoulder and shatters just like my heart is. “GET OUT DEAN!” I scream at him before the guilt can take over. He just looks down at the mess I’ve made and sighs. “The keys will be in the car. I’m sorry Y/N, I know I deserved that but just, please just go, you could take Bobby’s old house or call Jody I’m sure she can help you find a nice place.” With that he leaves the room and slams the door.

As soon as he leaves I realize Cas is still in my room and trying to talk to me. “Y/N would you like me to erase your memories of them? Or place wards on you?” I shake my head no at the first part and get ready to ask for the warding but stop myself. “Cas will it hurt? The warding I mean? I’m not worried about myself being hurt, I’m worried about… nevermind I don’t, I don’t need any warding. I’ll pack up now I’m sorry for being a burden to all of you.”

I feel a tear slide down my cheek and a wave of dizziness hit me as I stand up to start packing. Cas must have noticed because he’s at my side steadying me before I realize he’s moved. “You should lay down, there is obviously something wrong with you right now, let me at least heal you before you leave Y/N.” As much as I want to ignore him and just go my body works against me and follows his orders. As soon as I lay down Cas is hovering his hand over me scanning from head to toe. I can see the glow from his hand as it passes over my body, before he stops at my stomach.

“Y/N, why didn’t you tell us you are pregnant? This complicates things a bit but now I understand why you are so angry with Sam and Dean. Also yes the warding will hurt but it’s best if I ward both of you now before you leave so that you and the baby are not used as a way to get at the boys.”

Cas’ gruff voice lulls me into a nearly dream like state as he continues to talk to me and proceeds to place warding on both the baby and myself. Before I know it I’ve fallen asleep and am woken up by Dean shaking my shoulder. “Y/N wake up. Look it’s time for you to go I’ve called Jody and she’s offered to help you fix up Bobby’s place to live there.” I faintly register what he’s saying before the need to lose my lunch hits and I’m rushing from the room to be sick. Ten minutes later I come back in to what was once my room to pack what little I have and see Dean sitting on my bed with a look of concern on his face.

“What the hell was that Y/N?” He asks once he sees me. “Nothing I just ate something funky that’s been making me sick. Don’t worry about it. I’ll be out of here in ten minutes if that,” I say as I grab a duffle bag and toss my clothes in it. Ten minutes later I’ve packed all my belongings into the back seat of the Desoto and have pulled onto the street. Dean and Cas are standing there watching me go but Sam still hasn’t talked to me or even come out of his room. I sigh before pulling away to head off to my new home, casting one last glance out the rearview mirror hoping to see Sam’s familiar frame but only to see emptiness.

My last conversation with Sam replays in my head over and over during the drive, “Why won’t you let me love you!? Damn it, at least I’m TRYING! Why won’t you give us a chance?! Please Sam… I love you so much, don’t do this to me,” leaving me teary eyed and exhausted by the time I reach Bobby’s. As soon as I pull up to the door I see Jody waiting for me with her girls and Cas?

Putting the car into park I get out and head over to them. “Cas why are you here,” I ask once I’m within hearing distance. “I came to make sure you made it here and also to reinforce the warding on the house. Don’t worry I didn’t tell Sam and Dean where I was going or about your predicament as you asked.”

“What predicament? Y/N what’s going on? Why did Dean say you needed help moving in here? Did you and Sam have a fight,” Jody asks from behind me. I jump a bit before turning to her. I trust her but should I tell her everything I wonder, before deciding it’d be good to have someone else know that way if I needed her help she’d be prepared.

“They kicked me out Jody. Sam and Dean think I’ll be a liability to them, well to Sam mostly and wanted me to leave. Not only the bunker but hunting as well. Sam told me we were through and asked me to leave before Dean explained why. As for my predicament…” I look at each of them before continuing, “I’m pregnant.” There it’s out the bomb has fallen. I hear the girls squeal or groan not sure who did what since it was combined and Jody just sighs.

“Do they know? Is that why they kicked you out? How far along are you,” Jody shoots off in rapid succession. I lower my head feeling ashamed of myself but answer anyways. “No they don’t know. I was actually going to tell Sam in a few days as a birthday surprise but then this all happened and now I don’t think I should. I went to a doctor last month they said I was already four months along and would be due in October. Please don’t tell them, none of you. They don’t want me in their lives as it is. Imagine how much more they’d hate me if they knew I’m carrying a new generation of Winchester.”

I can feel my shame and tears hot on my face as I look at everyone standing there before asking them not to say anything to the boys. Slowly each one nods or says they won’t before one of the girls starts grabbing my stuff and hauling it in the house. I faintly hear them chattering about getting a crib and baby stuff as they walk through the front door, before Jody grabs my attention.

“Listen Y/N, I won’t say anything for now, that’s something you should do, but if you need anything call me. Call Claire or Cas, you can call any one of us. We will be here for you. Also if you ever need help with the little one let me know. I miss having a baby in my arms.” We both laugh at that as she leads me into the house. I faintly remember how it used to look but now it’s clean, all of Bobby’s books have been organized and put on shelves and it no longer smells like sweat, mold and old paper but like a vanilla mixture that I can’t quite place. It smells like home to me and brings up memories of a happier time in my life. I smile before thanking everyone and saying my goodbyes, I’m exhausted and sleep sounds amazing right now.

I head up to the bedrooms and find one with a nicely made bed, the sheets are freshly cleaned and feel warm, and my bags are sitting at the foot of the bed. “Well guess this is my room now,” I mumble to myself as I start to change clothes and crawl into bed. The last thing I hear before sleep over comes me is a ghost of Sam’s voice whispering “goodnight Y/N, I love you.”


Part 1 of ? This prompt actually made my writers block stumble to a screeching halt. I’ll add more chapters soon as I can, or when work is slow enough to write more.

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