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Hardest working dog in the book promoting game. #4leggedliteraryagent #huckthepoetrypup #poetrycollection #writing #poetry #read #mentalhealth @rootstockpublishing #suicideawareness #xoxohuckthepoetrydoggo #dog #Bostonterrier Follow the Link:

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So I made a tiktok.. I swear I have good reasons! I don’t plan to be on it lots. But I’m sharing music I never finish since it never goes anywhere. And sharing sneakpeaks at music! If you like rap or singing then follow me!!

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Dormir e dormir. Porém tô tentando fazer outras coisas, porque tô me sentindo inútil. Vivendo pra trabalhar e dormir. E você?

Botei na fila. 

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Muito obrigada pelas indicações!

Tá na fila. 

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A morte leva um pouco de todo mundo com ela. É preciso muita força de quem permanece. Que ela esteja sempre viva no seu coração. 

Coloquei na fila, anjo. 

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I love one shots

One shots are great

But I would like some series please. Like I love so many fandoms and its so hard to find new, good, series to read in them. And sometimes I’m tired of the same writer like I’ve read 10 of your stories in the past 5 days but they are one of the only quality writers I have found.

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Um café bem quentinho e sem açúcar.

Botei na fila, viu? 

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