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embyrinitalics18 hours ago
This is also the same anon who sent you a fic request just a second ago. I wanted to ask if you had a patreon or creator fund if sorts, I鈥檇 love to support you and your work! (I made a second ask so that you could link anything if you had one :)
馃槶 That is so sweet of you to ask! Thank you!!
I don't have a patreon, but if you'd like to support me, please consider leaving me comments! Your feedback is far more valuable to me than cash, and those kind reminders that there are readers out there enjoying this stuff helps me overcome the self-doubt monster. And if you aren't sure what to say, rest assured that keyboard mashes and emojis absolutely count! 馃榿
Other things you can do that will make me lose my mind:
Reblogs! are the only way to increase visibility on tumblr!
Kudos! let me know someone's reading!
Fan Art! is an absolute gift and melts my brain and I've been brought to tears multiple times, so if you're thinking 'but what if it isn't good enough,' please don't. It is.
Hope that helps! Thank you so much again for thinking of me, I can't tell you how much I appreciate it! 馃挅
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edgy-senju7 months ago
Hey yes it's me again, reminding yall to SUPPORT CONTENT CREATORS and REBLOG ART AND WRITING :)
Tumblr media
because appearently people here forgot that the ones who post original content would like to be supported. (and not because we're selfish, but because CREATING ORIGINAL CONTENT IS DIFFICULT AND TAKES TIME, and not receiving support is really demotivating. )
Now take a look at these.
The notes i used to get some months ago:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
And the notes i get now:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
People literally stopped reblogging art. (and tumblr hiding our posts and not suggesting them to other people SURELY DOESN'T HELP馃榾) Which makes me wonder.
Reblogging is the only way you can help artists and writers to get the stuff they post seen by others, and it lets us understand that people care about what we do. Consider it like... giving a tip to the artist: they make original content, and if you really like it, you reblog it, helping them and also making them happy :). (Also if people don't reblog, small artists will never have the occasion to shine so PLEASE do it.)
Also, Liking a post is nice, yeah, but unfortunately it won't get the post anywhere.
So. If you like an artist/writer and wish to support them, LIKE but also REBLOG, it takes two seconds to click that green arrow button and share something with your followers and people should learn again how to do that.
Tumblr media
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tarotforintroverts4 months ago
Please donate and share to help Chui Fong Eng鈥檚 recovery! 鈥↖ am absolutely disgusted by the acts of hate and violence that are so rampant in our country. We need to keep educating ourselves on how deep racism roots itself in our society and put in the work to dismantle it. 鈥∕y heart goes out to Chui Fong Eng and her family. And I hope that whoever is responsible for this will actually face punishment. ASIAN HATE NEEDS TO FUCKING STOP!
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ultyso3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
As @devoidaffectu mentioned in tags on my post, excellent choice of casting Nomura 馃槀
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thot-writes2 months ago
my dumb ass cannot write despite my soul wanting to..... so here鈥檚 some bnha fluff literally kill me
Tumblr media
where the boys put your photos;
Tumblr media
Eijiro Kirishima;
everywhere. he鈥檚 got a selfie of you both as his home screen, he鈥檚 got various framed pictures of you around his room, and he has a secret one tucked away under his pillow.
he鈥檚 so in love with you and he鈥檚 not ashamed to show it. he doesn鈥檛 brag (because that鈥檚 not manly) but he鈥檚 so cheerful every day even when you鈥檙e not with him.
all it takes is one look at your face and he鈥檚 having the best day ever. when you send him a good morning text, he鈥檚 over the moon.
you鈥檙e always on his mind, and he can鈥檛 help but talk about you even when the topic is something completely different. it annoys the hell out of most of the guys. the girls seem quite happy to hear about it, though.
should it be a crime to be this happy?
probably. the amount of death threats he鈥檚 gotten from bakugo has doubled ever since you two became official.
Shota Aizawa;
nowhere. he has no pictures of you and he doesn鈥檛 feel the need to get any.
or so you think.
you never go on his phone, nor do you regularly see him use it, so you don鈥檛 notice it.
but his lock screen is a picture of you, sound asleep, bathed in the morning sun. he woke up before you and thought you looked like the most beautiful woman in the world.
well, he always thinks that, but even more so that morning. he didn鈥檛 want to take his eyes off you for even a second.
he took a picture without really thinking of it, and while it didn鈥檛 fully capture your beauty it was a good approximation. he鈥檚 kept it as his lock screen ever since.
he鈥檚 one of those annoying 鈥渓ook at my perfect girlfriend鈥 types. you take selfies often, and he likes to take pictures of you doing random things.
oftentimes those pictures catch you at unflattering angles and you have to pester him to delete them.
he does, just to humour you, but then he recovers them afterwards. he doesn鈥檛 know what鈥檚 so bad about them, he always thinks you look great.
he has a framed photo of you giving him a piggyback on his desk. one of your mutual friends took the photo (while complaining about being the third wheel) and he fell in love with it.
it鈥檚 a very sweet, innocent picture that fills his heart with sappy feelings whenever he looks at it. which is a lot.
you guys have a lot of, shall we say... unsavoury pictures of each other. mostly of dabi, to be honest. he makes the best expressions so you like to capture them.
wholesome ones are a bit harder to find, but they exist.
he doesn鈥檛 make a big show about them, so you likely won鈥檛 catch him fawning over your selfies anytime soon.
he鈥檚 very stealthy about his attachment to you. it鈥檚 unsettling how much he鈥檚 in love with you, he doesn鈥檛 know what to do with feelings.
sometimes a flutter of a thought will enter his mind鈥 鈥淢aybe I should just leave and start a life with her鈥濃 but as quickly as it comes up, he banishes it.
in his contacts he has a picture of you, and your name is 鈥渢he girlfriend鈥, which is far nicer than any other contact name he has in his phone.
he always gets a smile on his face when you call him.
Shoto Todoroki;
they鈥檙e in his gallery, because that鈥檚 where pictures go when you take them. he鈥檚 never even looked at them, because you鈥檙e normally the one who does it.
he鈥檚 incredibly, painfully dense about matters of the heart. you think it鈥檚 the cutest thing ever, so you don鈥檛 mind it.
one day before class, Mina sees him using his phone and asks him why he doesn鈥檛 have any pictures of you.
she explains in detail that couples normally have their phone screen set to a picture of their partner. he鈥檚 shocked and appalled that he had no idea, and asks her for help.
for the first time, he looks at the pictures you鈥檝e taken of you both. it doesn鈥檛 show on his face, but he loves them all. Mina picks one out to set as the screen, but Shoto ends up being unable to decide and puts them all on a slideshow.
even the blurry pictures you took by mistake with the front camera instead of the back.
he doesn鈥檛 understand when Mina explains those aren鈥檛 good photos. they have you in them, so that makes them perfect.
Katsuki Bakugo;
NOWHERE, STOP ASKING! he doesn鈥檛 have any pictures of you and he definitely doesn鈥檛 take any when you鈥檙e not looking so SHUT UP.
and when you take pictures he鈥檚 always insulting them. 鈥淲hat kind of stupid face are you making there, huh?鈥 鈥淭hat鈥檚 embarrassing, you seriously like this crap?鈥 鈥淕ross.鈥
always asks you to send them to him, though. just so he can use them as examples of how not to take pictures鈥 not because he likes them! because he doesn鈥檛!
he has them all tucked away in a code-locked folder titled 鈥淭OP SECRET DON鈥橳 OPEN OR I鈥橪L KILL YOU鈥. he goes through them every night before bed.
he gets immensely flustered if anyone walks in on him doing his nightly routine and spouts insults at the top of his lungs until they leave.
does not go to bed until he鈥檚 looked at and appreciated every single one. sometimes a genuine smile will slip through his tough facade. not that he鈥檒l ever tell you, though.
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thechekhova year ago
hey! as an artist do you ever feel discouraged by the like/reblog ratio here? ive been postin art here for some time and ive found for every 20 likes i get maybe 1 reblog and while i dont wanna come over as greedy it like kinda discourages me :( i would rlly like to stay on tumblr bc it feels much more anonymous than insta/twitter but i also crave Validation ykno. ty in advance!
Okay, but I fear you won鈥檛 like my answer...聽
My reply is - no, I don鈥檛, because tumblr actually makes it super easy to ignore the reblog/like ratio. The two are lumped together into a category called聽鈥榥otes鈥 so unless you are looking for it, you won鈥檛 know what your reblog/like ratio is, and it鈥檚 super easy to view it as a lump sum of people who saw your art and smiled.
Here鈥檚 the thing; liking vs reblogging is not personal. And it isn鈥檛 something to try to change the tide over. I鈥檝e seen my fair share of posts on here AND twitter, with most of them CONDEMNING liking - going so far as to call it useless. But I disagree. Strongly.聽
Tumblr media
My opinion on the matter is this - if people wanted to reblog the post, they would reblog it. If they don鈥檛, the cards weren鈥檛 right. The stars didn鈥檛 align. It isn鈥檛 a matter of quality - it鈥檚 a matter of the right content being there at the right time for the right audience. Because let鈥檚 face is - PLENTY of stuff gets reblogged.... when the circumstances are right.
But the circumstances HAVE to be right. EXACTLY right. There has to be a CHAIN of the exact right circumstances. That鈥檚 how sharing ANYTHING works.聽
Let me put it this way - say we have a hypothetical follower called J.聽
J is scrolling his dashboard and comes across a post he likes, say, of a frog picture. He likes the post and has to make a decision - to reblog or not reblog the frog?
Tumblr media
Say he likes the frog enough to reblog. It鈥檚聽 a natural thing - he wants to show it to his followers. He may not think of it consciously, but he鈥檚 following an instinct to share information with people.聽
But what happens after? Well, it鈥檚 not RANDOM. The thing is, J鈥檚 followers are NOT the followers of the blog he reblogged it from. They鈥檙e a degree of separation from the OP, and are therefore that much less likely to share interests that align with the OP鈥檚 content.聽
SO what happens is this:
Tumblr media
Some people on J鈥檚 follower list see the frog and like it.聽
Of the ones that like it, a percentage are just liking out of habit and politeness.
A few are liking it to find it later and show it to their irl friends.
A few are liking it because they DON鈥橳 want to reblog it, because it doesn鈥檛 align with what they want to show to THEIR followers (who are, let鈥檚 be honest, even MORE removed from the OP鈥檚 frog-centric content).
And who鈥檚 to blame?聽
ABSOLUTELY NO ONE. Because you cannot force people to reblog stuff any more than you can force people to show their friend their phone when they see a funny meme.聽
Can you imagine something like this happening?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
This is ridiculous, right? We cannot presume that people are not reblogging because they鈥檙e out to be malicious on purpose. Most likely they just aren鈥檛 motivated enough to share it in their own social circles for their own reasons - and that鈥檚 FINE.聽
Look, I get it. People not sharing your stuff gets you less notes. I get how that is disappointing. But if you put ALL of your motivation into internet clout, then you have to put effort into making your art VISIBLE. That鈥檚 the only way to get more reblogs.聽
For example, if you鈥檙e prioritizing visibility:
Get more social media accounts. Make sure the usernames are the same, or at least recognizable, across all social media.聽
Organize your art tumblr and twitter. Make a pinned post that shows off your best work. TAG! Learn common tags used for artwork similar to yours.
Interact with other artists! Comment on posts! Reblog others鈥 artwork!聽
NETWORK!!! That is the only way to guarantee that the flowchart of reblogs gets more than once branch.
Twitter circumvents this issue by shoving likes in your face as often as Retweets and that鈥檚 certainly one way to give your reblog-tree a boost, but it鈥檚 not foolproof. Tumblr has tags you can follow - and that DOES give you more of a possibility of getting reblogs of the content because if people are in a tag, they are LOOKING for stuff. On purpose. They already like what they see.
I feel your pain, I really do, because it took me literal YEARS to find an audience that consistently likes and reblogged my stuff. And your audience deserves to find you - but your followers aren鈥檛 your agent. It鈥檚 not their job to advertise on your behalf.聽
They鈥檒l reblog when they want to - and that鈥檚 a good thing. It鈥檚 more genuine that way.聽
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hot-amish-girlsa month ago
Tumblr media
Hilde Osland
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skaldish10 months ago
Hey all, remember when聽鈥楬eathen鈥 was trademarked and it was super infuriating?
Well that stunt is getting pulled again. Someone who isn鈥檛 even a heathen is trying to trademark 鈥楩orn Sidr鈥 and is going after Forn Sidr of America for it.
I cannot emphasize enough how absolutely buckwild this story is. Even if you don鈥檛 donate to help FSoA cover legal fees, at least click through to read about the tea.
As always, please donate if you can but reblogs and reposts go a long way even if you have a small blog. Forn Sidr of America needs to achieve this goal by December 18th so it鈥檚 crucial this gets around!
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sportychicks224 days ago
Tumblr media
Abby Dahlkemper 馃嚭馃嚫
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hanmasina month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tokyo Revenger鈥檚 Relationship Headcanons
Ken 鈥淒raken鈥 Ryuguji
鈥 I feel like Draken is really protective like he鈥檒l def want you to have your location on your phone at all times. just so incase there is an emergency he knows exactly where you are so he can get to you quicker. it probably comes off as controlling to outsiders but you know deep down he just has your best interest at heart and wants to keep you safe.
Hakkai Shiba
鈥akkai is so nervous around all females and i feel like it would take you forever to realize he likes you because he鈥檚 just soooo awkward. he would definitely confess by blurting out 鈥 I-I L-LIKE YOU Y/N. A-AND I W-WANNA TAKE YOU O-OUT.鈥 in the middle of a convo while being a blushing flustered mess. he鈥檚 a precious cinnamon roll who loves deeply and fiercely once he gets over his initial shyness.
Shuji Hanma
鈥anma always wears that stupid smirk and he鈥檚 always so quirky. it鈥檚 hard to tell when he鈥檚 being serious. you will def get into fights with him because you feel like he thinks everything, including your relationship is a joke. but one day he surprises you and instead of smirking he鈥檚 actually genuinely smiling as he says he loves you. and you know it鈥檚 real because the normal playful look in his eye is replaced with a deep passionate one.
(a/n) this is kinda a test run to see if i鈥檒l actually open up this blog for small requests. please like/reblog/follow if you like this it would be greatly appreciated! 馃ズ馃挀
please do not plagiarize my work.
i鈥檓 nervous posting this馃ゴ馃檲
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katelynnwrites3 months ago
ive never been happier with an episode. wrecker鈥檚 got his chip out, rex saves the day, we get echo talking about his twin with rex, we get omega and wrecker interactions and a good chance of action in the next episode.
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cottoncandysprite3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The only valid discourse in my notes
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faehalfwit3 months ago
Repetitive reblogging feels like picking up cool rocks by a river like oooo another one ooo another one ooo! Another!
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messed-up-gal3 months ago
I just couldn't possibly understand why people don't like reblogging things anymore. What is a tumblr blog but an amalgamation of the hundreds or thousands of quotes, rants, gifs, debates, pictures, art, and music you liked at one point? What is it, if not a chronology of your moods throughout the months or years, of every fandom you fell into and out of, of every mood you pursued in the tags, of every period of Internet history you lived? There is no order here, no veiled attempts at aesthetic. Someone I follow reblogs something beautiful or funny or ridiculous because they wanted to show it to me; they are saying, "here is a little piece of the Internet I enjoyed. I hope you enjoy it, too." A like is only another book added to a shelf, another hanger hung in a closet. But a reblog is a puff of air breathed into this monster of a website so it can keep running, another leaf to add to the many circling in the wind, so that someone may find it, pluck it out, and admire its beauty, too.
Anyways, please reblog the things you love because then, someone else can love them, too.
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