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The majority of Tumblr users, 36%, are aged 18-34, a coveted market for most companies.

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I discovered recently that all four GBA Trainers in Pokemon Colosseum have “getting hit” animations for when they are attacked by Shadow Pokemon in Hyper Mode. These are all unused because the GBA Trainer roles are restricted to Battle Mode where Shadow Pokemon are banned from usage.

In the Battle Mode, you can see Red, Leaf, Brendan, or May based on the GBA Version you’ve connected with and for the protagonist you chose for your save file on said version.

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Triple moodboard request for @halfbloodskull


Moodboard for Pluto, a stubborn and protective witch

With some quotes and witchy equipment


Moodboard for Baby Wolf an omega werewolf who isn’t afriad to speak her mind

With the moon, wolves and some skulls and quotes


Moodboard for Arthur a prankster vampire

With black and red and some gothic buildings

The great centre photo was made by @inickel

Last image in Arthur’s board was made by my amazing friend @leopardspot57

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366. ocean blue (x)

Reddish coloring that highlights the red and turns blue into cyan.

  • Don’t repost or claim as your own.  
  • You can adjust the layers if you need to.
  • Like or reblog this post if you download.
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I feel like something bad's gonna happen...

“I do too, though, I believe that they can handle it. They’ve got the power of a god when they’re together after all.” She still seems worried though.

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