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#Red grudge
spaloonbabooguuscooties · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
my wife pressured me into drawing the grudge family and sadako in the once in a lifetime video . you know, normal shit
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ferverdream · a month ago
"omg what if c!quackity hurts c!george in order to torture c!dream even more"
as if c!quackity could lay a single hand on GEORGENOTFOUND who casually commits war crimes for Fun with absolutely zero remorse. george has completely crumbled and destroyed quackity's self esteem with a single "what about kinoko kingdom" and then followed it up with a "come visit lol 👍"
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arashikitten · 9 months ago
Monkie in The Bull Family au
It’s chaos on the MKD again, you know what that means!!
It’s au time, baby!!
So basically, this au takes place after episode 10, when DBK gets possessed and attempts parricide. MK jumps in to stop him, Iron fan and Red son team up with MK, you know how this goes.
However, after all of this goes down, the Demon Bull fam are now indebted to MK for helping them with the Baigujing. So they stop trying to wreck the city as much, and actually begin helping him out every now and then.
As this goes on, the family slowly starts losing their hatred for him, and MK even starts endearing himself to them quite a bit.
The first one to come around is Red son. After all, MK did save his life, and Red son’s never really had a friend who will listen to him infodump about mechanics and engineering without looking bored five minutes in. (I have a tiny little head canon that Red son is autistic, and you can pry it from my cold dead hands) Eventually, Red son starts to develop a massive crush on MK, but is wayyy too awkward to say anything about it.
The next one to come around is, surprisingly, the Demon Bull King himself. At first, he is very disdainful toward MK, still considering him nothing more than a thief and a coward. He knows that MK freed him from the white bone spirit, he knows that MK saved his wife and son, but he remembers none of it, and he hasn’t seen anything like that since then.
But then, he walks in on Red son talking to MK one day. DBK never really understood any of that technical jargon his son was spitting, so he never really listened to it. But he sees Red son infodumping about his latest invention and how it works and all the ins and outs and MK, to DBK’s surprise, looks genuinely interested in what Red son is saying. And Red son looks so happy to have some one who will listen to him for once, someone who will talk to him. After that, DBK begins to warm up to MK.
The last one to come around is Princess Iron fan. She doesn’t exactly hate MK per se, but she’s still very cold toward him and often ignores him. She’ll talk to him, sure, and she’ll help him out if he has trouble during a demon fight, but she remains very distant.
Until one day, when she finds MK curled up in an alleyway having a panic attack. And immediately, mother instincts kick in. Iron fan kneels down to face MK, and starts talking him through the attack.
Which is how she finds out that MK was thrown onto the streets as a young boy by his parents, and was found by Pigsy, who ended up taking him in. Apparently, his old parents had learned that he was the Monkie kid and had called him, prompting the breakdown in the alley.
This is what finally breaks Iron Fan’s walls. She may be an ancient demon, but she’s not a monster. Once MK calms down enough, Iron Fan helps him up and takes him to the Demon Bull fam’s new lair, where she gets him a blanket and some warm tea.
She pretty much decides right then and there that MK is part of the Demon Bull fam, screw what anyone else says, and she and MK become a lot closer after that night.
Eventually, it gets to the point where MK will spend some weekends with the Demon Bull fam, as almost a joint custody thing. Obviously, this is done by either Red son or Iron Fan just dropping in and nabbing him from wherever the hell Mk may be. At the arcade with Mei? Red son needs him to look at a blueprint he’s working on. Fighting a demon? Iron Fan jumps in to help him, and she would be remiss not to help bandage him up after the fact.
MK is completely oblivious at first. He knows that the Demon Bull fam became a lot more chill after the whole Baigujing thing, this is probably just their way of thanking him.
It’s only when he’s sitting down to breakfast with them one day that he realizes that he’s been sort of adopted by this weird, ancient, powerful demon family.
And oddly enough, he’s perfectly fine with that.
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m00nslippers · 2 years ago
Cmon in the ECoJ there has to be least one person who doesn't think Jason is hot, thinks he's weird and super weak and not cool and not interesting at all and just bullies him behind every one's back that's why when Jason always come to the watchtower he's sad, grumpy or angry
Jason thinks that most of the people with crushes on him are messing with him or bullying him to be honest. He especially thinks Kon’s blatant attention is his way of mocking him and getting back at him for having it out for Tim back in the day. Also, all the villains who are into him, especially Black Mask. He definitely thinks he’s being targeted with some kind of psychological strategy but he doesn’t get it. And then there’s The Question who sees Jason’s many secrets as something between a personal challenge and a walking insult. Vic has little to no interest in Jason personally, he just NEEDS TO KNOW what the heck his deal is and he’s not going to let a little thing like personal space or privacy or a restraining order get in the way.
If you mean people who honestly don’t like Jason, there is someone: it’s Wally. I wouldn’t say he bullies Jay, though. You can’t bully Jason because he’ll bully you right back. Wally just doesn’t like him and doesn’t trust him, doesn’t understand why anyone else does and probably never will. Wally’s not a villain or a bully, but he never passes up a chance to tell Dick he thinks letting Jason back into his life and the JL was a bad idea and eventually he’ll be proven right. Dick tries to keep Wally and Jason apart because they pretty much snipe at each other non-stop when they are in close proximity. It’s a bit like how he is with Kyle, except they didn’t have an adventure that forced them into having each others’ back despite their misgivings about each other, so they never warmed up to the other. They fully just don’t like each other.
Also Anarky personally hates Jason’s guts but like…no one cares about him.
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river-bottom-nightmare · 5 months ago
ladies and gentlemen, skinny and stout i’ll tell you a tale i know nothing about —i didn't know the depth of it, i swear i didn't. the red hood didn't sell to kids and only killed rapists, traffickers, the real scum. working under the hood, i could come home every night, and know that my son, my daughter, my wife were safe. i wasn't too high-level, but a better shot than most, so red hood had me as a guard, hired muscle looking to intimidate. privately, i thought the red hood was menacing enough to intimidate almost anyone, but i shut up and did as i was told. that characterized a lot of what happened, actually. i shut up, i did as i was told, and saw things that i won't ever understand— admission is free, so pay at the door now pull up a chair and sit on the floor —red hood was on a mission, see. and i didn't know what it was. half the city was filled with lunatics, clowns that used blood as face paint and a man who used a coin to keep his own mind from splitting apart. the other half was ruthless and methodical, utterly remorseless as they bled the city to get what they wanted from it, with their face a black skull or a limp in their gate that everyone was too terrified to point out. but red hood wasn't any of them. i spent plenty of time with red hood, and i was there the night red hood packed together 8 heads in a duffel bag, trying to keep my stomach down as i marked the man firmly in "lunatic" territory. but his plan to slowly take over the gotham underbelly was brilliant, and everything was planned to a near terrifying degree. even so, those particular sociopaths walked all over the city to fill their wishes. red hood once pulled a man off the body of the woman who was screaming at him to stop and shot him twice in the gut then once in the head, red hood forbade selling drugs to children, red hood did a goddamn somersault off a roof to catch a kid who threw themself off. frankly, i don't know what red hood was, only that i was loyal to the man. so me telling you this is going to be difficult— one bright day in the middle of the night two dead boys got up to fight —it became apparent, after a while, that red hood had a grudge. the hood spat the joker's name with such venom that i was terrified to ask what the clown had done to the man. but whenever he mentioned batman, his heart broke. and it wasn't with the same tone as the rest of this hellhole, no, it was clear that red hood and batman knew each other, knew each other somehow. their fights were some of the most brutal ones i've ever seen, and there was pain radiating from every pore of their bodies. batman hated every second of the fight and had to force himself to hit back. red hood relished the contact and was astounded and a little terrified at his own power. the two of them were clawing at the edges of their humanity, at their own lives. it was horrifying to watch— back to back they faced each other drew their swords and shot each other —ace chemicals was honestly just a warm up. the confrontation they had later was much more brutal. they spat words at each other, ones i won't hope to know about. when red hood told his men to go, i should have listened. instead, i watched as the red hood screamed about forgiveness. batman called him "son" and i saw the shake with fury. hood wanted batman to kill the clown, and i prayed for batman to listen. batman threw one of his blade-things at red hood's neck instead. the bat took the joker and escaped. red hood collapsed against a wall far away from the bomb and sobbed. i don't think he knows it was me that patched him up and got him to safety— a blind man came to watch fair play a mute man came to shout “hooray” —other altercations with batman left the hood less vulnerable, more guarded. and trust me, those other altercations happened. whatever their feud was, that night with the joker did little to end it. during the next couple of months, i heard a lot about a “replacement”, or something like that. red hood called the replacement blind, unknowing of the world and the next victim of a curse he couldn't see, too overcome with hope. in a world like this, for all i know, that curse might have been literal. the joker was tossed up sometimes too, red hood almost pleading at times for batman to kill him, to shut up his cheers and laughter once and for all. eventually, i just wanted to kill the joker myself, but i got the feeling that it had to be batman—
a deaf policemen heard the noise and came and killed those two dead boys —there was one thing that got them to calm down. nightwing, the kid that was supposed to be the first robin, showed up during fights seemingly randomly, though later on i figured out that he came during the blowouts that were particularly cruel. the funny thing is, i expected the guy to go back batman up, but he only rarely did that. usually he tried to get in the middle, fighting the both of them until they weren't at blows anymore, then sending the two of them off. sometimes he pulled a shaking batman off the hood and told him to leave, then helped red hood up and went away. i don't know where they went, but red hood would show up the next night with his injuries patched up. other times, nightwing threw himself in front of red hood's gun, daring the hood to shoot batman through him. when that happened, hood always lowered his gun, though cursing and sneering all the while, spitting names at nightwing. i grew to be grateful to that little bird— i watched from the corner of the big round table the only eyewitness to the facts of my fable —that's all i know, i swear. the kind of stuff red hood was getting involved with every night was too much for my body to handle, and i got my wife and kids to worry about. hood believed me, set me up with some money along with everything i'd made working for him. he said all i have to do is mention his name to a couple company names he gave me, and i'd have a job in a minute. not sure if i'll take him up on that— but if you don’t believe my lies are true ask the blind man, he saw it too! —listen, if you want all the stuff, you can have it. i was working with the guy for a good few years, and i earned my rep. you could go through records, plans, hell even food truck receipts if it'll help you find what you're looking for. i told you my side of it. but leave me out, okay? i can be your source or whatever, but this is a one time thing. i wanted out, i got out, so leave me out.
thank you, miss. i got a couple more folders of evidence in this bag here. you told me you wouldn't take it to the police, and i'll take your word for it. that's all i can do. hope it helps you out with whatever you're doing. god help you if you try to go after the red hood.
what did you say your name was again?
ah. miss gordon. nice seeing you. don't contact me again.
outsider povs are always so cool. also yes i am aware i fucked up canon i do not care
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dolltale · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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DollTale Chapter 3
Oh boy, this definitely wasn’t a good first meeting... let's hope Red doesn’t keep a grudge :/
DollTale info | Master posts | Doll commission info (closed) | Ask away
(posted November 7th)
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Is it bad I find the idea of Red holding a grudge to death funny? Like." I could end this right now before I perish, but I won't. Fuck you."
I mean it’s not ooc XD
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vldrarepairs · 3 years ago
Kidge ( Keith and pidge)
Thank you for the ask! I really enjoy Kidge, and I thought a rival hackers AU would be a lot of fun for them! I hope you enjoy! :)
The first time Keith heard the name Pidge Gunderson, he barely gave it a second thought. Like most things in life, it didn't affect him or anyone he cared about. Pidge Gunderson was just another new recruit looking to make a little money and a name for himself. Keith had been doing this for years, and he didn't exactly mesh well with many people outside of his core team, so the chances of him running into Pidge again after the initial welcome thread was slim to none.
Unfortunately, Pidge obviously had no idea how to stay in his own lane.
Keith had spent months working on the job Pidge finished overnight, which was frustrating enough, but Pidge's assurance that really, it hadn't been that hard only made it that much more infuriating. He vented to one of the few people in charge that he could stand, and thankfully Shiro agreed to talk to the new guy about it.
Pidge Gunderson had the nerve to come back with a simple, "I thought we could work on any job. There's no rules about claiming things."
Which was technically accurate, but also technically rude.
"Don't worry. I'll take care of it," Keith sent in a private message to Shiro, despite about twelve messages urging him not to.
The next day, four jobs Pidge Gunderson had expressed interest in were done by none other than the Red Paladin.
Keith never was a fan of being subtle.
Katie was still somewhat new to the world of being a white hat. After years of dabbling on the less legal side of things, her brother had introduced her to a friend of his who ran a group that did things within the limits of the law. Matt assured her it would be a safer and more lucrative way to spend her time. Given how expensive colleges were, she couldn't exactly argue with that.
Shiro gave her a crash course in how to do the work, meeting her a couple times in person to help answer any questions and make sure she felt comfortable with the group.
Of course, that was all before the Red Paladin issue came up.
Honestly, it was Red’s own fault for not doing his homework and missing the obvious shortcut she found in about ten minutes of research. Besides, Shiro never told her any rules about people claiming jobs. It was first come, first served.
Red, however, seemed to have a different understanding of how the system worked, because finishing four jobs in a row just because she was interested was a pretty clear declaration of war.
"Listen, don't worry about it. I'll talk to him," Shiro assured her in a private message.
"It's fine. Really." She smirked as she responded. "Let me handle this."
Katie staked an unofficial claim on a job that she knew would take months before quietly working on at least twelve more that Red had commented on. If Red was trying to scare her off, he really had no idea who he was dealing with.
Keith was almost impressed. Pidge really knew his stuff, but so did Keith. Sure, misdirection worked in Pidge's favor once, but Keith only had to make sure it wouldn't happen again. After all, he had years of experience on his side, and Pidge was new to this.
He took to working on jobs in the hours he noticed Pidge was usually offline, even communicating through private messages with his fellow paladins to consult on some of the more difficult projects. Yellow Paladin was especially helpful, offering up suggestions and resources that often made the difference between rubbing another win in Pidge's face and losing to him again.
Red was smart, she'd give him that. He worked out her schedule and his was so erratic that she didn't have a chance to repay the favor and work during his off hours. So, she tried something decidedly sneakier.
She made friends with his inner circle.
As it turned out Blue Paladin had a bit of a grudge against Red, and he was happy to feed her some information about what Red was working on. Apparently, Red had a knack for making enemies, which really didn't surprise her at all.
With Blue helping her out, Katie started evening out the score, sniping a job or two minutes before Red was finished. One time, she managed to finish a second before Red did, and that victory was probably her favorite so far.
Keith had no idea how Pidge was doing it. Somehow, she was honing in on every job he started, including several he never even mentioned in public. Someone had to be telling her what he was sharing in private, which meant it had to be a fellow paladin.
Yellow Paladin would never help her undermine him, and neither would Shiro, which really only left one possibility.
Honestly, he should have realized it sooner, because Blue had always bragged about being his rival, always ranting about how they were always neck and neck. Really, he was barely in the same league as Keith, and they both knew it, but normally Keith could ignore him without a second thought.
Now, he could finally use Blue to his benefit.
Red must have figured out her source, because overnight, everything Blue told her turned out to be wrong. That put her back at square one, but luckily she had a few months of work under her belt now, so she was a little more familiar with the system. Even better, she was a little more familiar with Red now. She knew what kind of job he liked best, and she knew what he tried to avoid.
Katie waited a week, pretending to follow all of the bad advice Blue sent her way, letting Red get just a little too comfortable, letting him think he'd managed to trick her.
Then, she sniped a job from his favorite client right under his nose.
Pidge was clever, but he definitely wasn't smart. Keith hadn't exactly held back before, but after losing the perfect job, he was ready to break some rules.
He was halfway through the plan when Shiro called him. Shiro never called him.
"We need to meet."
"In person?"
Shiro was quiet for a moment. "Yeah."
Keith's stomach dropped, and he swallowed back a rush of anxiety. "Okay."
"What's Kerberos?"
Matt sighed. "It's a top secret project. Dad and I were both asked to join in. It's supposed to last a year."
"And you're going where?" Katie asked, frowning.
"That's confidential," her father answered, reaching over to squeeze her hand. "But, we'll check in whenever we can."
"This is a huge opportunity for us." Matt smiled. "Shiro's going, too."
"But..." Katie shook her head. "What are you doing?"
"Confidential. Sorry." Matt made a face. "I wish we could tell you."
"Can I go, too?"
Matt and their father shared a look. "No." Her father sat back. "I'm sorry."
"But, we'll tell you all about it when we come back!"
"That doesn't make any sense." Keith scowled, his grip on the lukewarm mug of coffee tightening the more he and Shiro talked. "You're going to a secret place to work on something secret for a year?"
"This is a once in a lifetime chance," Shiro explained, patient and gentle as ever. "I wish you could come with me, but-"
"Why did you say yes?" Keith snapped.
"Because I want to go."
Silence filled the space between them, and Keith could hardly breathe past the pain and pressure building in his chest. "Fine."
"It's fine."
Shiro grabbed his hand. "Listen. I'll check in, okay?"
"You just said you can't communicate with anyone on the outside," Keith pointed out, perhaps a little harsher than he meant to.
"You think that's going to stop me?" Shiro's lips quirked into a familiar smile, and Keith finally relaxed.
"Okay. But, who's in charge of the paladins while you're gone?"
"I think we both know the answer to that." Shiro leaned forward. "Try to go easy on Pidge while I'm gone, though, okay?"
"No promises," Keith grumbled.
Matt checked in a few times a week, often with a quick text from an unknown number. Katie treasured every word, happy to hear from them, and relieved to hear that Matt was enjoying the work.
Red even seemed to have forgiven her for stealing his work. They stayed out of each other's way, which meant a steadier stream of work and less wasted time. Overall, things were going well.
Until the day she received a phone call from an unknown number.
Normally, she ignored calls she wasn't expecting, but she was hoping for some news from Matt, and maybe he found a way to call for once. So, she answered, "Hello?"
Matt's voice barely cut through a burst of static. "Katie?"
"Katie!" His voice was rising with an undeniable note of panic. "Something's wrong. You have to send help. We're-"
The line cut out, and Katie frantically tried to call back, her fingers shaking and tears building in the corners of her eyes. Something was wrong. Something was horribly wrong. The line was out of service, and Matt wasn't answering on the device he'd been using to text her.
An hour later, her mother received a call, informing them that Matt and Sam Holt died in a tragic accident. The details were classified and they were so sorry for their loss.
Katie glared at them, puffy-eyed and shaking with rage. This wasn't an accident, and she had no intention of letting them get away with saying it was.
Keith woke up to over four hundred messages from Pidge Gunderson.
Most just consisted of his screen name, urgently asking him to reply, but when Keith reached the top, his heart stopped.
"My family was involved in a project called Kerberos and now people are saying they're dead. I need your help. This wasn't an accident."
The next message was a link to an article about an explosion at a government facility. Three men had been lost, and authorities were investigating the source...
No remains found...
The fire had destroyed everything...
His chest tightened more with each word he read, but he couldn’t look away. Finally, he skimmed through the rest of the messages before scrolling down to the most recent one, sent as soon as he’d logged in. "We need to talk." Then, there was an address. The same place Shiro had asked Keith to meet him, right before leaving for that stupid, top secret project.
Keith barely took the time to change before bolting out the door and heading to the coffee shop. If Pidge was telling the truth, Shiro was...
Shiro couldn't be. Shiro had to be fine. This had to be a mistake. It had to be a different Kerberos project. Shiro had promised to come back.
Katie kept an eye on the door while she worked. She was on her fourth cup, and her fingers trembled when she reached for another sip. Still, she couldn't stop. Matt and her father needed her. Even if Red didn't show up, at least she could say she tried.
The door chimed, admitting a disheveled man with a red jacket and fingerless gloves. He scanned the shop, finally settling on her and pausing only briefly before looking elsewhere.
"Red?" she asked, just loud enough to catch his attention.
He frowned and approached. "Pidge?"
She nodded.
"I thought you were-"
"I know." She glanced back at the screen. "Shiro thought everyone would take me more seriously if I used a fake name and let people assume I was a guy."
He was quiet for a long moment before he took a seat across from her. "You knew Shiro?"
"He's my brother's friend." She blinked back another irritating wave of tears at the mention. "He introduced me. And they went to Kerberos together."
He flinched and stared down at the table. "So, Shiro's really..."
"Matt called me and said something was wrong." She swallowed, hoping it would help with rough, desperate edge in her voice. "He said he needed help. It wasn't an accident. And I don't believe they're dead."
Finally, Red let out a long breath. Surprisingly enough, he didn’t question her at all past that. He just relaxed and pulled out a laptop of his own that he set on the table in front of him. "What do you need?"
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anonwasup · 3 years ago
Omg can you please write 11 & 13 with timmy?? Hope it’s not an annoyance to you, love!
“My dear, why the long face?”
You look up from the article you were reading online. The Red Robin was seen down town last Saturday taking on a group of drug dealers and some reporters got their hands on some info. Pictures, audio recordings, you name it. That, along with descriptions of his fighting style and physical traits which matched Timmy to a tee.
“Why do they pay so much attention to you?”
“What do you mean? You jealous of someone?” Tim replies with a smirk.
“You wish. But no, I mean these…reporters? I don’t know. They make it their life mission to get as much on you and your brothers as they can. And…it’s really really accurate. I mean what if they figure it out?”
You’ve wondered about this issue quite a lot. If he gets unmasked then… you probably won’t see him not behind bars for the rest of his life. And what about the other people in prison? The people, bad people, Timmy put away. All with a grudge against Red Robin.
“Stop worrying, my love. I’ve done this for so long and no one is close to figuring it out.”
“You can’t know that Timmy. You can’t.”
“I can Y/N. Because I’m standing here right next you making the promise that I will always come back. You’re not gonna lose me. I’ll be okay. We’ll be okay.”
You stare at Tim with tears threatening to fall.
“I love you.” You reply back to him and he wraps his arms around you.
“I love you too. I love you too.”
—————————————Hope you love this! I had a great time writing it and putting my own twist on the prompt. Hope you like it too and requests are still open!
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kiwipopping · 15 days ago
Octarian - Crab Conflict
As you may remembering me mentioning in the Spiders splatoon designs post I mention that because of the Octarians and Crabs having to share the underground that there’s a sort of war happening between them and I thought I’d expand on that a bit more.
The Conflict comes from the fact of there being limited resources underground already so the Octarians and Crabs are fighting over whats left while also having a race to see who can take over the surface first. This is why when the AU starts that the Octarians have started to take a more aggressive approach to the surface and steal the great zapfish. The Zapfish is thought to be able to power the octarians enough to not only fend off the crabs but also take over the surface.
While the Spider Crab Queen and DBK don’t really meet, she does have a few run ins with Iron fan and they have this sort of rivalry going on. She runs into Iron fan more because she’s an elite octoling and so Iron fan is most often the one commanding the armies while DBK hangs back - Spider Queen finds the fact that DBK hides away to be cowardly and often suggests that maybe Iron fan should take over, though this is mostly to get an edge on Iron fan rather than actually believing it. I mean, if it was to happen then a civil war in the octarians would make taking over the underground a lot easier~
The other Rivalry happening is of course Red son and Syntax. Both are the main technology experts in their respective groups and so they have this sort of rivalry where they keep trying to out do each other. And because they’re creating weapons and tech for the army it’s not seen as getting in the way of the war so no one really stops them - unless they start trash talking each other on the battle field for 20 minutes straight...then someone usually steps in to get them back on track.
In the hero mode it’s likely MK would run into both groups - as when the octarians brought the great zapfish underground the crabs of course heard of it and are also trying to steal it for their own power source. Once the zapfish are taken back to the inklings the groups go back to having a race to the surface but...things start to decline for the both groups rather quickly as they’re losing energy and neither of them can really keep it going. That is...until things start to turn  on the crabs side as the octarian forces start to mysterious disappear, leaving a lot of territory weak and open for the taking...and who’s this strange octoling the queen’s been talking to anyways? strange how octarians started to weaken  when she showed up...
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