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#Remus Lupin
pinkandblueblurbs · 21 hours ago
kinktober day 21- a/b/o
alpha!remus lupin x omega!fem!reader. a/b/o dynamics, knotting, pressure points/marking/mating bites, casual discussions of sex, sex is kinda normalized (at least amongst the marauders), d/s, praise, cockwarming (kinda, but rlly just knotting), smoking
“You two done in there?” Sirius calls through the door, his voice barely audible through your cotton stuffed ears. You’re still floating in post orgasmic bliss, the effects drawn out by the fact that Remus’s knot is still swollen inside you, and you’re sitting in his lap with your chest against his. You nuzzle into his neck, whining when he raises his voice to respond.
“Yeah, we’re done! Come on in.” With his permission Sirius turns the doorknob and waltzes inside the boys’ shared dorm, James close behind. You don’t look up from where you’re cuddled into Remus, unfazed by the two males seeing your nude form.
“Sounded like you lot had fun.” Sirius quips as he sits heavily on his bed, grinning at Remus and waggling his brows. Remus chuckles, the low sound reverberating through his chest, and his large hand rubs up and down your back.
“Sure did. The little one was good t’night- has been ever since I set her straight the other day.” He says with a smirk, hand stroking down from your back to your bum that he’d spanked raw two days prior. James laughs.
“‘M not surprised, she couldn’t sit till this morning.”
“It’s what she needed. Isn’t that right, sweetheart?” Remus murmurs, looking down at your dozing form.
“Yes, alpha.” You immediately respond, fingers curling around his sides. Sirius scoffs.
“She’s only sayin’ that cause she’s drunk on your cock, mate.” The raven haired male scorns around the cigarette he’s lighting in his mouth. Remus rolls his eyes.
“She’d say it anyway. She’s m’good girl.” He insists, giving the top of your head a kiss.
The three continue conversing and you tune out their voices, content to succumb to the fog in your mind as you sit in Remus’s lap, your skin against his, filled with his cum while you wait for his knot to slowly go down.
Eventually, though, you do start to get antsy- it feels like hours have passed, and you’re tired of being in the same position- so you squirm. The action makes Remus’s cock shift inside you, and his large knot tugs at your tender entrance, making you whimper.
“Shh, sit still, bunny.” Remus mutters, one hand grasping your shoulder while his other arm wraps around your waist to hold you in place. “Gotta wait for it t’go down, alright?”
You only whine louder, continuing to squirm, and Remus sighs. Knowing you’re too fucked out to listen to reason, he just tightens his arm around you and rubs between your shoulder blades, attempting to calm you.
“She gettin’ fussy?” Sirius pipes up, watching the display with light amusement. Remus hums his assent.
“Still got a good fifteen minutes till my knot’s down.” He mumbles, pressing a kiss to your head in an attempt to sate you. In your bleary desire to change positions, you continue to squirm.
“Give her mark a bite, mate. That’ll calm her down.” James suggests.
Quizzically Remus leans down, and when you feel him nosing along your jawline, his warm breath fanning over your sensitive skin, your crane your head back, instinctively baring your neck to him.
You feel his teeth against your tender glans, pointed canines digging gently into the flesh he’d first bitten to claim you. You immediately go lax against him, the nip sending a wave of calm over you. Remus laughs at the way you’ve become a rag doll in his lap.
“That’s a good omega.” He murmurs, reaching up to thumb over the area he’d just bitten, making you keen softly. “I’ll have to remember that trick.”
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Canon: everyone from the marauders era died except Alice and Frank because they were tortured to insanity. that's it, that's the story of the marauders.
Marauders era fans: Actually... *slams a 500 PowerPoint presentation full of headcanons on the table*
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fruitcoops · a day ago
Maybe something with Dumo first realizing Sirius liked Remus. I feel like it would be something along the lines of "aw, it's good Sirius is making friends - nope, he likes him"
Fic O'Ween Day 2! Have some pre-Coops Halloween pining <3 SW credit goes to @lumosinlove!
Prompt #2: Masquerade Meet-Cute
TW for implied/ mentioned alcohol (no drunkenness)
Dumo ducked to avoid a flying lollipop and leveled a playful glare on Logan—he received a sheepish grin beneath the skeleton half-mask before Finn jogged past with the lollipop in hand and dragged him back off into the crowd. It was exciting to have a new rookie in his home after all that time, especially one so different than Sirius.
Speaking of…
He leaned back against the table and craned his neck to try and spot the familiar head of raven hair; the excessive sprawl of the rink ballroom made the search much more difficult than it would have been if they kept to the tradition of having the party at his own home. Still, he couldn’t deny that a costume party wasn’t a little bit more fun when he didn’t have to scrape crepe paper off the walls at the end of the night.
“Ope!” The sudden yelp to his left startled him; when he turned, red was already dripping over pale fingers. “Oh, god, I’m so sorry.”
“No, don’t be,” Sirius said, already dabbing at the spilled drink with a handful of novelty napkins. His brow was furrowed over his domino mask. “It was my fault, I should have been more careful.”
“I’m such a klutz,” the other man sighed as he reached around Sirius’ waist for a few more napkins. The accent was familiar, but the gray-and-tan wolf mask obscuring his face made Dumo stop and think for a moment. He was never all that good at placing American accents, especially when they were watered-down by years spent in the melting pot of Gryffindor and muffled by the noise of the crowd. “Did I spill on you?”
“Not at all,” Sirius assured him. The other man’s free hand flailed uselessly by his sloshed drink before he pushed the mask up, revealing an apologetic smile and worried hazel eyes. Sirius visibly paused. “Oh.”
“I guess your costume kind of hides it, huh?” Remus laughed with a shake of his head. “Good call.”
Sirius remained quiet for reasons Dumo didn’t quite understand before he blinked and seemed to come back to himself. “It was all Pots. Uh, James’ idea. Looks a bit stupid without him here.”
“Hey, no way!” Remus protested, looking up from his attempts at salvaging his tattered and lightly stained flannel with a frown. “You look badass. Robin, right?”
A soft smile—too soft for a mere lucky guess, to be honest—came over Sirius’ face. “Exactly. James is Batman.”
“He chose you over a couple’s costume with Lily?” Remus teased. The punch was nowhere to be seen on his hand, but neither of them moved from their place by the table. Interesting, Dumo thought. It wasn’t like their corner was particularly well-lit or close to the action. Very interesting.
“Catwoman’s around here somewhere.” The smile didn’t fade; if anything, it grew broader when Remus laughed.
Dumo tilted his head. Oh.
“Oh,” he murmured to himself, taking a sip of the punch Logan had definitely helped spike not twenty minutes earlier. Pieces began clicking into place like the cutouts of a jack o’lantern, forming a whole picture that he had somehow missed over six years of knowing Sirius Black. There was no concrete proof, of course, but there was just enough to prod the back of Dumo’s thoughts.
He had never seen his pseudo-son look at anyone with that same bashful excitement before. Yet there it was, directed at one Remus Lupin.
Their topic had changed; Sirius poked one of the fuzzy wolf ears perched on Remus’ head and his eyes grew mercury-bright against the black of his mask at the responding snort. Though Remus’ quick sip of his drink might have hidden his face from Sirius, it did nothing to conceal his grin from Dumo.
Someone called Remus’ name over the pumping Monster Mash and they both jumped. “You should probably go make sure nobody drowns in the apple tub,” Sirius said wryly.
“Nah, I’m off-duty. Means I just get to enjoy the show.” Remus’ eyes twinkled in the low light under the brim of his mask. The voice called out again, more insistent, and they laughed. “Happy Halloween, Wonder Boy.”
Sirius’ breath visibly caught in his chest as Remus turned and nearly bumped right into Lily, who rolled her eyes and linked their arms before dragging him off. Dumo wasn’t the best at reading lips, but he could have sworn he saw Sirius mouth ‘wonder boy’ to himself before setting his own glass down and vanishing into the dense crowd.
Very, very interesting, he thought with a sly smile.
He checked his watch—ten minutes to midnight. Plenty of time to slip away like the phantom his own mask was named for and fill Celeste in on the plan taking a vague shape in his mind.
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papillon-mechant · 22 hours ago
just a little tired| poly!wolfstar x reader
word count: 1708 summary: Sirius doesn't notice how deep y/n is into subspace, but Remus does warnings: oral (m and f receiving) subspace, dom/sub dynamic, threesome, soft smut, fingering a/n: I wanted to say thank you so much for all the love on the last wolfstar x reader fic i posted! I hope you like this one too. I tried to make it under 2000 words cause ik my fics tend to be on the long side.
“Fuck that’s it, swollow it all like a good girl.” Sirius groans loudly, lacing his fingers through y/n’s hair, holding her head still on his cock while he empties his load down his throat. Y/n whimpers around her boyfriend’s cock, relishing in his words of praise. She takes everything he gives her, swallowing around his cock and making sure to get every last drop. When he pulls back, y/n stares up at him with wide doe eyes, a familiar fog already settled in her mind. Sirius takes a moment to catch his breath, tucking his now soft cock back into his pants.
“Thanks pup, always so good for me,” He praises, lovingly petting her head, “I’ve gotta run but I’ll see you late okay?” He places a kiss on the top of her head before turning and walking out of the boy’s dorm. Y/n stays seated on her knees, the hazy fog in her head causing her mind to race. Why did he leave? Had she done something wrong? The fog stayed on her mind throughout the rest of the day. When she arrived at DADA her brain was nothing but a mush of sexual and subby thoughts. She took her rightful seat next to Remus, too much in her head to notice when he began speaking to her.
Remus places a hand on the inside of her thigh, roughly squeezing the soft flesh to gain her attention, “Puppy, don’t you know it’s rude to not pay attention when someone is speaking to you?” He whispers, a tone of casual dominance laced in his voice. Y/n looks up at him, eyes wide and brimming with tears.
“M’sorry daddy, just a little tired.” She whimpers, unconsciously rubbing her thighs together under the table. Remus is slightly taken aback by her choice of words, not used to her using such terms to address him outside of the bedroom. He lightly cups the side of her face, taking notice of the way she immediately leans into his touch. He examines her face, noticing the glossy look in her eyes and finally understands what’s wrong.
“Aww baby, you’re too far gone aren’t you?” He whispers lovingly, wiping away a stray tear that falls from her eyes.
“No daddy, I’m right here.” She whines. Remus laughs lightly, returning his focus to the front of the room. He kept his hand on her leg for the entire class, rubbing slow reassuring circles on the top of her thigh. Y/n barely understood a single thing that her teacher had said, as her mind was hyper focused on one thought and one thought only. To be a good girl for her boyfriends. On the walk back to their dorm, she stays close to Remus, mumbling quiet greetings to those who spoke to her. When they arrived at the room, she immediately moved to sit on her knees on the floor. Remus enters behind her, not at all surprised by the position his lover had put herself in.
“Pup, stand up.” He says softly, making sure to keep a loving tone in his voice. Y/n makes no move to disobey his order, afraid of a possible punishment. Remus wraps his hands around her waist, signaling for her to jump into his arms, to which she happily complies. Remus plants feather light kisses all over her face, eliciting small giggles from the girl in his arms.
“You’re silly daddy.” She giggles, returning the gesture and kissing every inch of Remus’ face.
“Only for you my love.” He chuckles, moving to sit on the bed behind them. When they sit, he keeps a tight hold on y/n’s hips, keeping her seated on his lap, straddling his waist. Remus opens his mouth to say something, but gets interrupted by the sound of the door opening and closing. Both him and y/n snap their heads in the direction of the disturbance, eyes settling on the black haired boy y/n had seen earlier that day.
“Well well well,” Sirius smirks, making his way towards his lovers on the other side of the room, “decided to have some fun without me?” He mocks, a look of fake hurt on his face. Remus rolls his eyes, lightly chuckling at the boy’s accusation. But y/n didn’t take too kindly to Sirius’ comment, burying her head into Remus’ neck, whimpering quietly. Sirius looks over at Remus with raised eyebrows, confused at the reaction of the girl seated in his lap.
“Why are you being a brat?” He questions sternly, believing her behavior was caused by her need to give him a hard time. Sirius moves to Remus’ side, grabbing y/n by her jaw and tearing her face away from Remus’ neck. He makes a move to speak degradingly towards the girl but quickly notices the look in her eyes. His own eyes soften and he lets go of her face, planting light kisses on each of her cheeks.
“M’sorry baby, I didn’t realize you weren’t feeling well.” He whispers, petting her head lightly.
“S’okay Siri, M’sorry I couldn’t be a good girl this morning.” She mumbles, face back to its original position resting in Remus’ neck. Sirius’ eyes widen, realization settling over his mind. He silently cursed himself for not noticing her state of mind earlier that morning. He slips his hands around her waist, pulling her onto his.
“You are a good girl baby, the best,” He praises in her ear, leaving soft kisses on the side of her neck, “I’m so sorry I didn’t take care of you this morning, but I’m gonna take care of you now, okay?” Y/n simply hums, too engrossed in the feeling of his lips on her skin to give a verbal answer. Remus sits in his previous position, watching the scene in front of him unfold with nothing but love in his eyes. He loved the two beings in front of him more than he had ever loved anyone or anything before.
Sirius moves to set y/n on her back, placing a pillow under head to keep her as comfortable as possible. Making his way down her body, he kisses every inch of exposed skin he can find. Remus moves to sit behind her, wanting to join in on the fun. He tugs at the side of her shirt, silently asking permission to remove it from her body. She nods her head, silently whimpering “please daddy” Remus wastes no time removing the garment from her body and planting small kisses around her newly exposed breasts. She moans at the feeling, arching her back into his touch. Below her, Sirius removes her skirt and underwear in one swift movement. He kisses his way up her thighs, hovering over the place she needed him most.
“Please Siri.” She whines, bucking her hips into his face.
“I know baby, I’m gonna make you feel good, I promise.” He whispers against her skin, diving in to feast on her like a starving man. He alternates between short kitten licks on her clit and long stripes over her whole cunt. Y/n was a moaning mess under the two boys, overwhelmed by the amount of pleasure she was receiving. Remus was still working on her tits, sucking and biting at all the right places.
“Does it feel good love?” Remus asks, voice slightly muffled as he hadn’t released her nipple from between his lips.
“So good daddy.” She answers, grabbing his hand and lacing their fingers together. Remus smiles up at her, squeezing her hand before returning his attention to her swollen nipples. Sirius rubs slow circles at her entrance, slowly pushing two fingers into her tight heat. Y/n lets out a strangled moan, arching into his touch. Sirius moves his fingers at a slow pace, taking his time in finding all of the right places to touch. He feels y/n squeeze tightly around his fingers, signaling that she was about to cum, causing Sirius to speed up the pace of his fingers and attach his lips to her clit, sucking lightly at the swollen nub.
“C-cum,” she mumbles, unable to form a proper sentence, “please daddy, wanna cum.” She can feel the coil in her stomach begin to snap, and when she hears Remus grunt a small “yes” of approval, she lets go. Her back arches high off the bed, her mouth hanging open in a silent moan. Sirius continues his movements, working her through her high before planting a final kiss on her clit, making her jolt at the overstimulation. Y/n’s mind is still hazy as she comes down, hearing the muffled voices of her boyfriends and their words of praise.
“You did so good puppy.” Remus praises, kissing lightly on the lips. She smiles, kissing him back and moving her hands to the waistband of his pants.
“One more daddy, wanna make you feel good too.” She whines, tugging lightly at his pants. Remus shakes his head, grabbing both of her small hands in one of his and pushing them away.
“No baby, we’re all done, you did so good for me and daddy.” Sirius coos, lifting her up bridal style and bringing her over to the bathroom. After many whines of protest, he finally convinces her to use the bathroom. When she’s finished, he lifts her up once again and carries her over to the bed where Remus is waiting with a fresh change of clothes. The room is silent as the two boys take their time redressing the girl, taking care of her like they always do. When she’s redressed, they all move to the top of the bed, settling in a comfortable position with Remus and Sirius situated under y/n’s small body.
“You feel better love?” Sirius asks, voice laced with concern as he checks on the current mental state of the girl on top of him.
“Much better, thank you Siri.” She moves to plant a small kiss on the boy’s temple before turning to the other boy under her, “And thank you Remmy.” She repeats her previous action, kissing Remus’ head before resting her head on their chests, the three of them drifting into a peaceful sleep.
tags: @waszuka @love-marauders
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lilithcromwell · 2 days ago
Girl Like Me (Part I)
Remus Lupin
you and Remus finally had enough of flirting whenever he visits, so when your parents sleep after a close family party, you two finally get some privacy (this has part 2 so calm your asses down)
part 2
disclaimers: smut, praise kink, fingering, female oral, dilf!remus (yes, i know)
requests: open (check navigation for any updates)
word count: 2492
Tumblr media
“Calm your frantic ass, will you?”
“Watch your mouth unless you want mum to yell at you again!” You yelled back to your older brother, who was arranging the plates on the table. He rolled his eyes and continued his job in silence from the other end of the table.
“I can’t be mad at you when you order me around but you can? You stink of hypocrisy...” You mumbled low, placing the glasses on the table cloth.
Your parents told you that the gathering will be in a few minutes and your brother wasn’t being helpful in any way possible. Ordering him around was the only alternative left, but he didn't like being bossed around.
It would’ve been easier to use magic, and it would’ve been done for less than an hour. But your mother wanted to get you and your brother in touch with your Muggle side and not always rely on magic.
‘What happens when I die? What if you forget a spell on how to cook? Or clean? You have to learn and not depend on others!’ Her voice echoed in your head.
Placing the last of the glasses on the table, you turn to your brother who was 2 chairs away from being finished. Leaning your body against the table, you crossed your arms while watching him.
“You’re slower than a snail.”
He gives you a glare after finishing his work. You chuckle to yourself before running to your parents’ room. Knocking, you open the door to see your mother reading on her desk.
“What time are they coming here again?” You questioned, peeking your head through the doorway. She stares at you before turning her head to the side.
“When are they arriving again?!” She called out to the bathroom.
“7 o'clock!” Your father replied from the bathroom, voice echoing. Your mother faced you with a grin then returned to her book. “There you go!”
Thanking her, you closed the door and ran to the living room where your brother was sitting on the couch. His eyes were closed and it looked like he was asleep.
“Get. Up.” You shook his shoulders violently, causing him to snap his eyes open and reach for you from behind but missed when you jumped away from his arm and walked to your room. The clock read 7:54 at night.
‘A few more minutes...feels like an eternity to me..’
Ever since you’ve seen Remus when he visited, there was an attraction to you both. You’d both catch each other staring at the other. Or flirt without even knowing it. And just overall turned on. Although, what made you so concerned was he was your father’s friend. Someone older. It’s not that it was a bad thing.
But imagining the look on your father’s face when you tell him that his friend is flirting with you, you would immediately get disowned. Flopping down beside your bed, you wait for another 6 minutes before hearing the yell of shock from your brother from the living room.
Meaning that they either apparated in front of him or the loud boom of the floo powder caused his fright. Standing up you looked at your features in the mirror before nodding and opening your bedroom door to hear the chatter.
Peeking at the living room, you see your brother begin to talk with Harry. “Everyone here?” You asked as all their heads turned to you. There you saw Molly, Arthur, Tonks, and Harry.
Molly, who was at the corner of the room, went up to you and hugged you. “Look at you all grown up! I remember the time you still couldn’t walk.” She had the brightest smile that also made you grin.
“Now, she’s almost as tall as me!” Tonks cheered, reaching for your hand and pulling you into a hug. Tapping her on the back, you pulled away to find yourself looking for Remus. Looking at every inch of the room, he was nowhere to be found.
“Are we missing anyone?”
“Remus and the rest will come by, sweet. They just needed to deal with something important.” Tonks reassured while you gave an unconvincing nod and a smile.
“Where’s your father?” Arthur asked, standing beside his wife.
“He’s still in their room but I’m sure he’ll come out soon. In the meantime, why don't you一looks to your brother一show them to the kitchen?”
Your brother, who was talking with Harry, gave you a crooked while you watched him disappear from your view. You were about to follow them when an audible pop made you stop in your tracks. All your hopes were wishing it was him. But when you turned around, it was only Sirius.
“Aren’t you happy to see me?” He pulled his arms out, awaiting a hug. Walking to him slowly, you give him a light hug when he tightens his embrace.
“You and your cousin sure are into hugs..” You mumbled in his ear, before leading him to the others. Another pop met your hearing. Counting the chairs on the table, there were 4 left. One for you, father and mother一who just left their room.
Closing your eyes, you were sure that it should be him. Turning around, you met with his blue eyes from afar. Remus gave you a smile, which made you smile along. Looking back at the table, they were all too busy chatting to notice you were out of sight. So you headed towards Remus, arms crossed, trying your best to not show your glee.
“I was beginning to think you wouldn’t show up.” You admitted. Remus had his hands on his pockets, still looking taller than you. He takes a deep breath before looking back up to your eyes.
“And miss seeing you? Definitely not.” He smirked, while you nodded. “You’re dressed nicely this evening.” He points to your attire.
“Trust me, I’ve looked better.” You reassured with an eyebrow wiggle.
“I’m sure you have.”
“Let’s go, before my father asks where the hell I am.” Turning your back on him, he follows you from behind and places an arm around your shoulder. You didn’t mind one bit. It's as if he read your mind. But your body heat was constantly rising, and your cheeks were burning red.
Reaching the table, the rest of them look up when you arrive. “There you are!” Sirius cheered.
Remus sat across from you while your father was at the head of the table. Unfortunately for you, he had a clear close-up view of you and Remus on both sides. So you both had to be cautious with any stares.
You grabbed your glass and stared at him through the rim of the glass. The eye contact between you two was unbreakable. That was until your father called your attention.
Once dinner started, everyone started to talk. But you and Remus kept silent and only answered when someone asked you both a question. Remus was cutting up his steak when he felt something underneath the table.
Glancing under, he saw your foot rub on his leg. He looked up and noticed that you were showing no signs of flirting above the table. But it was surely your foot.
“You seem quiet, are you feeling down?”
“Just not chatty tonight..” You gave an innocent smile which he somehow believed well enough to leave you be. Gazing back at Remus, he was eating normally when you felt something rub against your foot.
Turns out Remus wants to play.
Dinner was great一considering you and Remus showed that you were both turned on by each other. Your flirting was never direct, at least for you. It’s always just been verbal and glances but never like this. But one thing’s for sure. A whole rush of emotions was running through you.
It was like you were both in a staring contest. But neither of you has looked away even for a second. You saw him trail his eyes down your lips before standing up and excusing himself to the kitchen.
“Could you get another bottle of wine from the cabinet, sweetheart?” Eyeing his movement, you smiled at your father then followed his trail.
Reaching the kitchen, you saw Remus leaning over the counter, obviously expecting you. Conveniently, the wine cabinet was above him.
“Well, we’ve never done that before…” He mumbled. Walking in his direction you got on your tippy-toes and reached for it in front of him. Your body was pressed up against his.
Enough to feel him getting hard. You open the cabinet and reach for the bottle before closing it and looking down to his view.
“Of course, I wanted it to happen…” Remus whispered into your ear, feeling his breath on your neck. “Unless you just play footsie with every guy you come across.”
“But surely you wanted it to happen?” Placing the bottle on the counter beside you, you smirked.
“Unless you just do this with every girl you’ve ever met.” You lean closer to his body, arms touching. The rest of the group was out of sight, meaning you had temporary privacy.
“Funny you should say that..because you're not a guy. You’re a man, Remus. The only man that has ever turned me on enough to make me feel crazy.” Your lips were inches to his. Enough for them to be grazing each other. He looked down, feeling tempted by the sight in front of him.
Remus finally reached his final edge. He closed the remaining gap on both your lips. It was slow, not rough in any way. Nearby footsteps made you both pull away just in time to see your brother look at you both.
“Dad wants the wine.” You point to the bottle, and he grabs it and leaves the kitchen without questions about why you and Remus were alone.
“I guess it’s that time of the night where we need liquid courage.” You whispered into his ear before following your brother out.
Remus was about to pin you against the wall when he realized that your father could easily see this. And beat the shit out of him for doing so.
After what felt like a century, one by one they all left. The remaining people were Harry, Sirius, and Remus. Of course, Harry couldn’t drink. But Sirius wanted to put up a fight to at least let him have a sip.
“You all stay as long as you want but I need to sleep. I’m an old man.” Your father yawns, walking lazily to their room. “And I’ll make sure this one doesn’t sleep on the floor,” said your mother. You chuckled at both of them, feeling a bit tipsy yourself.
Shifting your gaze to the right, you see Remus gawk at you. Man, his tolerance for alcohol was high.
Sirius, on the other hand, had to be carried by Harry to go to the bathroom. Once everyone was out of sight, you were both left alone.
“Finally, alone at last.” He mumbles before sitting down beside you and pulling you in for a kiss. Your sobriety came flooding back when you felt his warm lips move. Putting down your glass, you kissed him back. Climbing on top of him, you felt him place a hand on your waist.
“We have to be quiet.” You said through the kiss.
“That's why silencing charms exist, darling.” Remus brought you both up, wrapping your legs around his waist. Without your guide, he was able to reach your room, completely knowing where it was.
Closing the door, he walks over to your bed and sets you down, still kissing you. Remus sets a silencing charm inside your room, trailing his kisses to your chest.
“I hope you did that right, my brother's room is right next to mine, and my parents are right under.”
You started unbuttoning your pants and pulled them down to your ankles, while he tossed them aside.
“A girl like you shouldn't be with boys, you should be with a man.” He admitted, pulling down your underwear.
“A girl like me?” You repeated.
“The special, wonderful kind.” He smirks, starting to rub slow circles on your clit. You gave a small whimper and started to close your eyes from the feeling. He trailed his fingers down and ran them up and down your slit, making you moan like crazy.
He pushes in 2 fingers immediately, making you snap your eyes open and look down. You start seeing Remus pump them in and out, eyes fixed upon you.
“So tight, fuck..”
The thought of a man—Remus, no less—having his fingers inside you made you feel hazy. Someone experienced and far more mature than anyone you've been with. No one's ever made you feel this good, ever.
Flopping down on the bed, you arch your back when he fastens his pace. His other hand took hold of yours and rubbed them gently and softly, the complete opposite of what his other hand was doing. You took hold of the bedsheets and gripped them harshly.
“Look at you all wet, now I finally get to know how you taste.”
You then feel him plant a kiss on your wet folds, causing you to cry. He lifts your feet to a position where your knees are touching your chest. You got a clear view of what he was doing, making you moan even more.
“Fuck..fuck! Please. Please, Remus.” You begged, feeling him delving his tongue inside you. A large pit of knots formed in your stomach. You were trembling from how good it all felt. He flicked his tongue, keeping eye contact with you.
A chill ran down your spine as you came all over his mouth. He licked and sucked you clean enough for you to almost reach a second orgasm.
Lifting your head, you see Remus climb out of your bed and look at the mirror, fixing himself up. “That's just a teaser. You'll get to feel the whole thing next time.”
Sitting up, you creased your eyebrows.“Next time? We're not doing it now?”
“It's late, and as much as I would love to have my cock inside you, Harry & Sirius will notice I'm gone right about now and the boy shouldn’t go home alone with Sirius when he’s hammered.” He turned back to you, watching you frozen from shock.
“You know what? Fuck you!” You see him walk to your door. Anger was rushing out of your face but frustration for the most part.
“That's for next time, beautiful.” He smirks before closing your door, leaving you completely confused and bewildered.
Remus went back to the living room to find Harry who was trying his best to carry a dozed off Sirius. “Where were you?” The young boy asked.
“The bathroom.” He bluffed.
“But I was in the bathroom with Sirius..” Harry narrowed his eyes, suspicious of Remus’ demeanor. Remus stared at him before chuckling. “...They had another bathroom.”
“In their daughter's room.”
Tumblr media
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chaoticregulusstan · a day ago
Sirius: I would love to have a honeymoon in Venice. What do you think Moony?
Remus: Venice sounds lovely darling.
Sirius: Where would you go for your honeymoon Prongs?
James: I don't know, where would you like to go Reg?
Regulus: *Blushing intensely*
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itsmorelikebyesexual · 2 days ago
Remus: I'd die for you.
Sirius: yesterday you said you would die for a single potato chip, so I honestly don't feel that special.
Remus: I'd live for you, then!
Sirius: yOU WOULD WHA-
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themarvelmarauder · 2 days ago
Remus wondering why James is staring at the Slytherin table so much.
Sees him looking at Regulus
Remus: *lightbulb moment* Oh shit! Oh shit!
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piecesofem · 2 days ago
omg remus leaves his puppy with james, giving him clear instructions on your rules and giving him express permission to punish you if you misbehave, and the next day once he’s home with you again you’re doing all kinds of things he doesn’t allow (maybe sitting on furniture or… idk other rules) because with james you were able to get away with it
remus gets on him for ruining your training
oh no and you get so confused because james allowed you to do soo much and gave you such free reign at his house!!
as remus comes walks out of the steamy bathroom, he stops in his tracks as he spots you curled up so comfortable underneath the hefty covers on his bed. with one hand still stuck drying his hair with a towel, he loudly snaps his fingers on the other before giving you a loud whistle.
"hey, what do you think you're doing?" his voice slightly booms throughout the room.
popping your head up from underneath the covers, you stare at him with wide confused eyes. giving you a small head shake, a baffled remus stares back at you with furrowed brows. "uh uh," he reprimands before pointing to the ground with his finger.
slowly creeping out of the bed and down onto the floor, you give him the most pitifully apologetic look before sitting down in front of him with your head down and ears slightly back. quickly putting the pieces together as you slightly shake in front of him, remus gently coddles your head before lifting it with two fingers just below your chin.
"no more, okay? you don't just get on the bed unless I say so," remus reiterates with emphasis on his words. “you know better, puppy.” this earns a measly nod of your head at him, he places a kiss on the top of your head before dismissing you with the flick of his hand.
"james I had strict rules for her"
"I know, but she was being so good"
"i- that's the entire point of the rules. it completely defeats the purpose of her training"
"oh it’s just a bed, remus. live a little"
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mystical-marauder · 22 hours ago
Remus: Sirius quit bothering me and do some revision, we have an exam in 30 minutes!
Sirius: ok fine
Sirius: *takes out notebook and starts making notes*
Sirius: *writing* how to make Moony fall madly in love with me. Step one...
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acciotwinz · 2 days ago
Three simple words ~ R.L.
It's been a hot minute. Enjoy this sweet Remus blurb!
Summary: the two of you have a routine for the day after a full moon. What Remus doesn't expect, are those three words to fall from your lips.
If someone had told six-year-old Remus that he would get to attend Hogwarts, that he would meet three boys who would become illegal animagi to help with the pain of his transformation and he would also find a girl he'd fall in love with and be able to date despite the knowledge of his lycanthropy, he would have laughed and called them crazy. As it turns out, he would have been crazy for not believing them. In the past seven years, Remus had met incredible people that had (and still do so daily) changed his life for the better. He looks at his room, a common space shared with his best friends. James’ spare glasses are half hidden beneath the boy’s bed. Sirius has his extra uniform thrown over his trunk and his bed is unmade. Peter has his homework and snacks spread across the whole dorm room. The messy room always makes Remus smile. It has personal touches of all four boys, showcasing their individuality and how they have sort of started blending into one another. Remus wouldn’t be the person he is today without his three idiots in his life. A knock startles him, pulling him out of his thoughts. Remus gently places the book face down on his stomach while raising his voice just enough for the person on the other side of the door to hear him allow entry to the room. Y/N’s face peeks in, hair falling down the side of her face as she smiles at him, making his heart skip a beat. "Mind if I come keep you company?" Remus smiles back, eyes crinkling and full of love. He pats the mattress, cocking his head to the side, "Not even a bit." Grinning, Y/N closes the door behind her and as soon as she’s next to Remus’ bed, she slips off her shoes and her dress robe, remaining in her white button-down and skirt. Remus parts his legs slightly, lifting the covers so that she can crawl between his legs. However, Y/N pauses, scanning his body for any signs of pain or discomfort. Remus rolls his eyes, grabbing her upper arms and dragging her between his legs and then covering the both of them with his discarded blankets. Y/N still manages to wiggle around and gently tugs his shirt down from his collarbones to see if there are any bandages. "Are you in any pain?" Remus shakes his head, tugging on her hand to convince her to just relax against his chest and she finally relents, curling against his chest as their legs intertwine under the covers. Remus pulls her closer to him. He drops a kiss to her hair as she starts drawing random patterns on his chest. Like after every full moon, Y/N reassures herself that Remus is still in one piece by listening to the sound of his heart. It’s the most soothing sound there is: it proves that the man she loves made it through another moon and came back to her. This has become a sort of tradition for the couple: the day after every full moon, they find somewhere they can lie low, preferably one on top of the other. After rougher moons, it’s Remus lying on top of Y/N, asking her to run her hands through his hair and to talk so that he can feel the vibrations of her chest against his ear, reminding him that he’s human and loved. On easier ones, it’s Y/N that needs a bit more reassurance. “Shouldn’t you be in class?” Asks Remus, one hand resting gently on her hip and the other one playing with the hair at the nape of her neck. Y/N shrugs, tilting her head back so that she can look him in the eyes, “Technically but Flitwick apparently can’t deal with me or your friends today so he sent us away.” Remus looks taken aback by this information, “Where are the lads then?” Y/N smiles sheepishly before moving her head back to his chest and clutching his shirt in her hands, "I asked them to give us the afternoon. They're resting down in the common room." "You okay, love?" Asks Remus softly. Y/N nods, eyes closed as she relaxes further against her boyfriend’s chest. "I just never sleep much or well when it’s a full moon." "I’m sorry love." His smile falters. He hates making her worry almost as much as he hates the boys risking their safety just so the wolf won't rip him to shreds. "I wish you didn’t worry about me so
much, I’m always fine." She sits up, glaring at him. "You’re not always fine. And it’s what people do when they care about each other." Remus smiles sadly at her, placing his hands on her shoulders to try and appease her, "I know love, I do. I just hate that you’re stuck with a boyfriend whom you constantly have to worry about." Y/N rolls her eyes at him, dislodging his hands as she gets onto her knees, moving forward as much as she can without hurting him. She gently takes his face in her hands, rubbing her thumbs soothingly across the apple of his cheeks. They lock eyes and Y/N speaks with a tone that leaves no room for disagreement, "I am not stuck with you, Remus Lupin. I chose you. I choose you every day. You are so special. You are kind when you have no reason to be since the world has been anything but to you. You’re loyal, sweet and gorgeous. Not to mention smart and maybe a bit too snarky for your own good." Remus lets out a watery chuckle at that, making Y/N smile as she keeps speaking, "So what if you’re a werewolf?! It’s part of who you are and you, my love, are extraordinary." Remus is crying, and Y/N just brushes the tears away as they fall along his cheeks. He reaches for her, hands falling to her hips as she leans into his touch, moving forward to gently kiss his lips and when she pulls back, she smiles. The blush rising to her cheeks and neck is hard to ignore but before he can speculate the reason for the colouring, she speaks again. "I love you, Remus. Every single part of you." He has never heard more beautiful words falling from her lips and he seems to be unable to control his emotions as more tears fall from his eyes. It’s the first time either of them have acknowledged their feelings but now that it’s out in the open, how can they pretend it’s not true? Remus surges forward, moving a hand to the back of her neck and kissing her soundly. Y/N makes a surprised sound against his lips but it soon becomes a pleased one as he drags her into his lap. When they separate for air, Remus rests his head against hers, grinning while still shedding some tears. "I love you too, Y/N."
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theprongsletthatlived · 22 hours ago
Finding You
Just finished the new season of You and I can’t help but want an AU set in Silicon Valley where Remus, the bored husband of workaholic tech CEO Sirius, mysteriously goes missing. The cops declare Remus dead when they find his wedding ring and a pipe with his blood, but Sirius believes he's still alive and will stop at nothing to find him. He hacks into surveillance footage and uses his unlimited tech resources to track Remus' last known whereabouts and spy on their suspicious neighbors. They may live in the safest and wealthiest suburb in the country, but these people live far from respectable lives. The main people of interest would be a neighbor who Sirius discovers had a stalker-level obsession with Remus and another neighbor's nineteen-year-old son who knows more than he lets on. In his mission, Sirius will have to fend off cops who think he killed Remus and also come to terms with the idea that Remus might not want to be found.
(No spoilers because this doesn’t actually follow the plot of You.)
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moonysbunny · 2 days ago
You walk through the door after a long day at work and make your way to the kitchen to see Remus stood by the stove, stirring a pot of sauce while the pasta gently boils away. In one arm he’s holding your little girl, your little boy has wrapped himself round one of Remus’ legs. You make no noise as you watch the scene before you, your bliss, your family. Your husband and your little wolves are giggling. Remus hands the wooden spoon to your daughter “go on, stir it gently just like daddy showed you” Remus encourages her. She’s only 3 but there’s a look of sheer determination on her face as she attempts to copy what Remus had been doing. “Well done little wolf! You’re a natural” he praises her, kissing her forehead. “Daddy me try!” Your son calls from the floor. He stands on to his little tiptoes and reaches up, making grabby hands for Remus to pick him up, which he does easily. You smile widely at the moment “not interrupting am I?” you call gently receiving a chorus of “mummy!” from the twins. Remus makes his way over to you, placing a kiss on your cheek “welcome home love” he says softly, admiring your face, his heart aching at how much he’d missed you. Your daughter reaches out for you and you take her. “It’s good to be home” you reply looking at your family, your pack, lovingly.
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