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Devotion [ Pt. 3 ]
Tumblr media
Summary: You have been his faithful bodyguard for years, a dear friend of his for much longer. Can you blame him for wanting something beyond that of a loyal subject and king?
Genre: Romance, Fluff, Drama, Modern AU
Warnings: OOC!Kyojuro, Female!Reader
Tag List:
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I’m sorry if I missed anyone who wanted to be tagged in the update. Please enjoy, and thank you so much for reading!
You almost don’t, but then you do, and that’s what leads to this.
A traitorous sigh tears itself from your lips, drawing the attention of your fiery-haired charge. Embarrassment dons your features, a frigid spike of adrenaline pricking your veins. He casts you a sidelong glance. Mirth swims in his gold-fringed eyes.
You know all too well what that look means. His Majesty is in a playful mood.
“Are you alright, dear friend?” he mumbles, loud enough for only you to hear. No matter the scene, his voice always captivates you.    
You clear your throat, straightening your back. Fight down the giddiness that burbles in your chest. Mutter an apology, fastening your eyes to the textured wall ahead. You hope this is the end of your exchange, but…
His Majesty is a stubborn man.
“Are you bored?” he presses, ignoring the monotonous prattle of the woman seated across from him.
Kind of, you want to say. You don’t really care for politics. Never delve into the semantics of royalty. As long as you’re given orders—and a nice paycheck—nothing else about your occupation really matters.
Well, nothing except protecting your friend turned king with your life.
Besides, being a guard is more fun than being a tactician, if Sanemi’s perpetual glower is anything to go by.
You don’t respond. It’s best to stay in your lane. But, as mentioned before, your king is as persistent as he is handsome.
“I don’t blame you if you are,” he exhales, resting his cheek in his palm. “She’s not very entertaining, is she? Nor is she very bright.”
A snort threatens to make itself known; you have to maintain some level of decorum in the face of your wayward king. “Majesty!” you scold, to which he smirks. Suddenly, the audible rattle of porcelain disrupts your childish banter.
“I’m sorry,” the duchess begins, voice drizzled with venom, “am I interrupting something?” Her violet eyes overflow with irritation, flitting between you and your Infernian king.
“Not at all,” he counters, sitting up in his seat, brilliant smile in play. “Please, continue!”
She inspects you thoroughly beneath dark lashes. Red-tinged lips pulled into a tight line. She’s never really cared for you, Duchess Kaede of Iglacia. Made it perfectly clear on numerous occasions, remarking that your inappropriately familiar relationship with the king would someday jeopardize his throne.
You bite the inside of your cheek, feeling heavy under her scrutiny.
Like you aren’t reminded of this every day. That’s why you pointedly ignore his advances, no matter how frequent and blatant they have become lately. You’re not fit to be a contender for his affections; not fit to be a queen.
Her eyes finally leave your form, alighting on the center of your ruminations.
“Your Majesty,” she drawls from across the oakwood table, voice dripping with devilry. “Is it necessary for your lapdog to be here?”
I’m sorry, what?
In that moment, it takes all of you not to scream.
Your nostrils flare. You glare at the woman, brows creased in indignation. A sinister smirk curls the brunette’s lips; she knows what it takes to get under your skin. You hold back a growl, jaw clenched, hands clasped tightly behind your back.
How dare she call you a fucking dog.
He feels it rolling off you in waves; the rage slowly penetrating the room. Raises a hand to calm you. He peeks at you over his shoulder, mischievousness gleaming in his eye.
“Down, girl,” he mutters.
So, he wants to play along with these dog jokes, too?
He looks to his guest, chin atop his folded hands as a sickeningly sweet grin working its way onto his face. Having known the king for so long, you can easily sense his own vexation. He does a much better job at masking it than you, however, as he sits forward with his elbows pressed onto the lacquered wood.
“My Lady,” he begins in a false honeyed tone. The duchess straightens in her seat, shame written into her countenance. You wretch internally as redness creeps into her cheeks. “I would very much appreciate it if you did not insult my friend here!” He couples his request with a forced, thunderous laugh.
She looks at her lap, nervously tucking a lock of hair behind her ear. “M-my apologies, Your Majesty. That was very inappropriate of me.” Her pink tongue darts out to wet her lips. “I was just hoping that you and I could have a little time to catch up. Alone.”
You bristle, swallowing a string of profanities. Surely, she can’t be serious. It is very rare for you to leave his side whilst you are on duty, no matter how much brass his guests boast. You’re his bodyguard, for Christ’s sake.  
His Majesty calls your name after some time has passed, dispersing your thoughts and bringing you to attention. “Sorry, dear friend,” he says, repentance swimming in his timbre. “Would you mind giving us some space for a little while?”
You give him a pensive look; fix your mouth to protest, but...
His expression softens whilst he tosses you a wink over his shoulder. “I will be fine. I promise.”
You reply with a curt nod, stepping back and excusing yourself. Before pivoting on your heel, you chance a glance in her direction. You do not miss how she brims with satisfaction. Your boots click loudly against the glistening marble floor, though the sound cannot contend with your heart thumping wildly in your ears.
Before the large, ornate doors of the dining hall close behind you, you hear the lecherous woman say to your king…
“So, Your Majesty. I heard that you were in need of a queen.”
On the other side, you’re a mess of fury, anguish, and unease. You’re not sure what’s more upsetting; being made to look like a fool in front of your king, or the implications of her statement before your departure. Whatever the reason—
“She doesn’t like you very much, you know?” states Kanroji Mitsuri, painting the corner of your vision with her striking, blush hair.
“I gathered that.”
The woman titters cutely, maintaining her posture beside you. Though you dwarf her by a few inches, her aura is imposing, masked by her girlish demeanor. “I don’t think she likes anyone she perceives as competition.”
This time, you do snort. “Competition? For what?”
Suddenly, Mitsuri thrusts herself into your face, nearly headbutting you. Does no-one believe in personal space anymore? She squirms, cheeks flushed, shy smile tucked beneath her hands. Her voice jumps an octave as she practically squeals, “for the King’s eye, of course!”
You sputter, brow twitching. “I don’t—"
“Anyone with eyes can see how you hold his heart! I am so envious of the love that simmers between you two!”
A nervous chuckle wrenches itself from your throat. You wouldn’t go so far as to call it love. It’s more-so devotion to your friend and his throne. Sure, your feelings for him are deeply rooted like a stubborn pine. You would be foolish to deny your attraction to him. However, you have made it perfectly clear that you two couldn’t possibly have a relationship beyond that of a king and his subject.  
You take a step back, resisting the urge to pat Mitsuri on the head. Though sworn to protect the vile duchess, you have always treated your fellow guard as an equal rather than a rival.
“There is nothing going on between us,” you say, not entirely sure who you’re trying to convince.
Her eyes slit like Cheshire cat, grin growing tenfold. “Does he know that? Do you honestly believe that?”
How is she so young, yet so perceptive?
She gazes at you for a few moments longer. You swear that you see her pupils morph into hearts. Having effectively unsettled you, Mitsuri finally returns to her side of the door. Her smugness still grips you in its insufferable clutches. You sigh, brows furrowing.
“You know, I really dislike it when you make a point.”
She giggles softly, the sound infectious. Comfortable silence settles on your shoulders. Deciding to distract yourself from the pervasive thoughts of your king, you ask a question that’s sat in the darkened recesses of your mind for months.
“So, did she really murder her husband?”
Mitsuri blanches, color draining from her face.
“I-I can neither confirm nor deny that accusation.”
“So, she did.”
She shoots you an exasperated look, earning your quiet laugh in reply.
The rest of your time time is filled with idle chatter. You decide that Mitsuri would make an excellent companion if not for her living a continent over. She is partway through a silly anecdote about her days as a civilian before the large dining room doors groan to life behind you...
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Sauce : Kimetsu no aima
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they really had to hurt us like that...... | KIMETSU NO YAIBA
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Onii-chan and Rengoku brothers
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Rengoku Kyojuro illustration for the Demon Slayer Festival ❤️‍🔥
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Hashira NSFW links
Tengen uzui 
1. Manhandling you 
2. Taking his big cock deep
3. A video you send him while he’s on a mission 
Obanai iguro
1. Dripping all over his cock
2. Throwing that ass back on him while he catches it all. 
3. Letting him kitten lick your clit 
Kyojuro Rengoku 
1. Riding him in the backseat of his car while creaming on him so good.
2. Pounding you in a mating press
3. Squriting so much becasue he fucksyou soo good. 
Giyu Tomioka
1. Riding him so good you get to hear his cute moans 
2. Hitting it from the back for the first time 
3. Missionary is so good with him 
Sanemi Shinazugawa
1. Fucking you rough on a table 
2. Slutting you out
3. Trying to ride his big cock before he takes control 
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How the Pillars Orga$m
Warnings: this contains smut! No Muichiro cause he’s a baby lol
A/N: lord forgive me for this one. I’m having some writers block so I want to feel accomplished by writing some shorter things lol
Tumblr media
Initially you can’t tell when he’s come — he’s super stoic the first few times
It takes a lot of encouragement for him to be more relaxed about the noises and faces he makes during sex
Once he’s comfortable, you can tell when he’s close.
Definitely closes his eyes a lot when he’s about to come
A tighter grip on wherever he’s holding you
His pace will become erratic — he loses a bit of control with his hips
Even after he’s comfortable, he’s still not extremely vocal.
So when he close, it’s a lot of breathy grunts and gasps
His whole face goes red when he finally releases and his mouth goes slack
Tumblr media
She gets very breathless when she’s close
Her eyes get glassy and her pupils dilate
She will probably be cursing like crazy which is unusual for her normally
She actually gets embarrassed when she comes, she feels super vulnerable in that state
She only $quirts when she is overstimulated — even then it’s nothing crazy
You’ll know she’s close when her chest gets splotchy red marks
She always concentrates on her orgasm, she comes when she pleases
So her brows will definitely be furrowed right before she comes
She lets out very breathy moans, usually of your name when she finally comes
Tumblr media
He will literally announce to you when he’ll come
It’s a bit funny because he suddenly gets really formal about it
“I’m going to come.” — “okay…” — “where should I do it?”
He gets super quiet when he’s actually very close
He gets a really serious look on his face, like brows furrowed and jaw clenched
When he actually comes he is loud
Surprisingly it’s usually a string of curses that leaves his lips
By the time he’s come down from it he’s best red and struggling to breathe again
He usually gets really shy afterwards
Tumblr media
Oh. My. God. She’s a mess tbh
I think she would absolutely be a drooling, crying mess when she’s about to come
She lets out a lot of high pitched whiny moans
She’ll dig her fingernails into you where ever she’s holding onto
The first time she came you actually thought you hurt her.
Between her cries and sudden silence when she came you really thought she hadn’t enjoyed herself.
She gets supper reassuring after and also very shy
She’s a $quirter — she’s super sensitive
When she does, she gets extremely embarrassed
Tumblr media
Tough guy… no sir.
I think this man is a whiny mess when he’s about to come
He definitely starts spitting out a string of degrading words both at you and himself
He gets sloppy. His kisses are full of drool, his breathing is erratic
He’s going to keep mumbling he’s about to come until he actually does
You’ll absolutely know he has when his hips stutter and he goes silent
He is a wreck afterwards — like dead ass mortified
He’s a big boy, so he comes a lot. So honestly it’s easier for him to just come inside
Tumblr media
This man is CRUEL when he’s about to come
He is throwing insult after insult at you as if he isn’t the whiny fucking baby about to lose it
He groans a lot when he’s about to come
His pace turns brutal, his thrusts are bruising, that’s his goal really
His eyes are fluttering open and close, his cheeks are red
He’s tensing a lot, you’ll notice it in his abdomen and thighs
He practically yells when he does finally fall over the edge
His eyes squeeze shut, like they low key disappear
Mostly because he sees stars when he comes
Tumblr media
He gets super whiny when he’s about to come
His hips will lose all sense of rhythm and begins speaking nonsense
He usually takes his bandages off during sex so expect to see his tongue poking out of his mouth
His eyes cross ever so slightly, he’s too lost in his own pleasure
At this point it’s up to you to take the lead, he’s a bit far gone at that point
When he does come, he’s an absolute mess. Often times he’ll end up collapsing on you after
His orgasms take a lot out of him, honestly.
Even thought he’s exhausted, he’ll make sure you come too
Tumblr media
Tears will begin to fall when he’s close
He is pretty silent during sex as it is
So when he’s getting close he starts making more noise
Like grunts for example
He is still a gentle giant during all of this, so his hips only pick up in pace a little bit
When he does come, he moans — a noise that surprised you the first time
Tumblr media
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Playing with Fire [ Pt. 2 ]
Tumblr media
Genre: Angst, Romance, Modern AU, Smut
Warnings: Implied Sexy Time, Female Reader, Cheating, OOC Kyojuro, All the Feels, Word Vomit, MDNI!
At the behest of others, I made a part 2 to this. Again, I do not condone cheating. Please enjoy and thank you so much for reading!
—drawn from your slumber by a gentle buzzing at your wrist.
You reach through your weary haze to silence your smartwatch; it reads 0556 in bold neon.
You were out longer than intended, swept away by the currents of sleep and the afterglow of last night’s festivities. You attempt to peel yourself from the bed, but …
Well, you see…
Toned arms hold you in place, draped needily about your waist. He stirs, having felt you jostle around. A muted groan leaves him; brings a smile to your lips. He tugs you ever closer, melding your back into his torrid chest; feathery hair tickling the crook of your neck. Glancing over your shoulder, you behold him, and you can’t even.
He’s bathed in dusky slivers of sunlight which seep in through the blinds. His features soft like cotton, mouth parted slightly as he breathes steadily against you. Hair sticks up every which way, wild like a fire tearing through the underbrush. He is much too cute this way. If not for the circumstances that brought you together, you would stay to admire his beauty. Remain in his arms until the sun sits proudly in the sky, but…
You don’t belong here with him in this bed.
In their bed.
Memories of last night push through your mind like film reels, reminding you of just how vile you are. Searing, furtive touches. Breathless kisses pressed into erogenous zones. You both mapped out the planes of each other’s bodies for hours, wishing to engrain your features into each other’s memories forever. How you missed the feeling of being wanted; being needed. Touched by him and only him, brought to the precipice repeatedly.
You bite your lip, tears pricking the corners of your eyes.
You knew what you were getting into when you accepted his invitation. When you let the Vodka loosen your tongue, your inhibitions, and when you let it wrest your panties from your hips. He belongs to another, of that, you are certain. Why he let you slither into the tiny cracks of their relationship in the first place, you may never know. However, you must leave before you widen the fissures of his heart even more.
“Kyojuro,” you grouse, tapping his arm. He moves again, peeking at you through his untamed mess of hair with one eye.
“Mm?” he mutters into your shoulder.
“I have to go.”
“Hmm? Why, baby?”
You ignore the wrenching of your gut, spurred by being called something so familiar, so intimate. Does he call her baby, too?
“Got to pick a new soldier up and help them get settled in.”
Something akin to a growl leaves his mouth, laced with exhaustion and desire. Nimble fingers curl into your jaw, angling your head back until he captures your gaze with his incandescent eyes. He encases your lips with his swollen ones, pilfering a soft whimper from you. Parts for just a moment, a hairsbreadth of space betwixt your mouths.
“Can’t you,” he begins,swooping in for another, noisy taste.   
“Stay…” Smack.
“Just a little while…” Kiss.
“Longer?” Smack.
You hum against his mouth; jump as rough fingers close around your nipple, plucking it to a hardened peak. How delicious it would be to stay and go another round.
No. No. You’ve already overstayed your welcome. Best to leave before you complicate things even further.
Biting down a moan, you tear yourself from his embrace, curling yourself into the edge of the bed. He looks at you inquisitively, anguish suddenly overtaking his countenance.
“Maybe some other time,” you exhale, pulling the blanket up to your chin.
How dare you try to be modest after what you did.
He mumbles an “okay,” after a beat of time passes, shoulders slumping in defeat. Rough knuckles graze your forearm, leaving a trail of goosebumps in their wake. This tenderness: you don’t deserve it.
Don’t deserve him.
However, you can’t help the slight quirk of your lips or the flutter of your heart at the words which leave his mouth next.
“Can I walk you to your car, then?”
You’re a disgusting woman.
That’s what you tell yourself as you wind him so easily around your finger.
The elevator doors slide shut, swathing you both in fluorescent lights and heady feelings. He wastes no time closing the distance, drawn to you like a moth to a flame. Takes you into his arms with powerful hands sliding down to cup your supple ass. He kisses you, ravenous and desperate. Greedily soaks up your cattish mewls, pouring his own lovesickness into your mouth.
He wants this; wants you. That much is obvious. However—
You’re vile and disgusting and this is still so very wrong no matter what angle you try to look at it from. Yet, again, you make no move to stop him this time. Instead, you twine tiny fingers in his hair, slanting your mouth to deepen the kiss. He grunts, the sound decadent and viscous like chocolate syrup, and you honestly can’t get enough of it. He squeezes and fuses your loins together, his clothed dick prodding your moistening sex through the thin fabric of your jeans.
Fuck, fuck, fuck. Why won’t you stay again?
It isn’t until the elevator pings that your amorous spell is broken. You push away from each other, smoothing out the wrinkles of your clothes, your hair; looking about the lobby for familiar eyes. When you see no-one, he squeezes your ass again, escorting you out of the elevator.
You giggle, this moment all too familiar. Once upon a time, this was an everyday thing. Him grabbing onto you for purchase as you slid under the prying eyes of the world, letting everyone know that you belonged to him and only him. There is this sinking feeling in your stomach, pooling in the pit of your gut like molten lava. However, you’ll bask in this moment a little bit longer. Forget about him once you’re back at home, left to your own devices.
Kyojuro guides you to your car in the parking lot. Ushers you into the driver seat with a playful swat to your bum.
He hasn’t stopped smiling since you left his apartment, you note.
He leans over your opened door, ensnaring your lips in a lingering, tender kiss.
“Will I get to see you again?” he asks, the galaxy swimming in his irises. Grins with so many teeth and childlike mirth.
“Maybe,” you say, a smirk canting your lips. “No promises.”
“I’ll take it!”
You laugh bewitchingly as Kyojuro closes your door. Taps the hood of your car twice, eyes never leaving yours. You peel out of the parking lot, watching him fade into a fiery blur in your rearview mirror. You barely notice the hot tears pouring like rivulets down the sides of your face. The realization of what you have done and what you still want to do descends on you with its crushing weight.
You slide under a red light, producing your phone from your pocket. You shoot your best friend a text, hoping that she’s up at this hour. You need someone, anyone.
‘Sis,’ it reads, fat globs of tears blurring your vision.
‘Sis, I fucked up.’   
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
uzui “someday i’m going to hell” tengen
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Demon Slayer Characters as Textposts
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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tehtariks · 3 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
"That's right... I can't be like you, Rengoku." | KIMETSU NO YAIBA
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hokusu · 11 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
✩ Happy Birthday Rengoku Kyojuro ✩
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taybeeart · 26 days ago
Tumblr media
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rubydragon16 · 12 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
ᴋʏᴏᴊᴜʀᴏ ʀᴇɴɢᴏᴋᴜ ❀ 煉獄 杏寿郎 ★ (ᴍᴀʏ 10) Ღ
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muzanswaifu · 4 months ago
My Little One
Dragon!Rengoku x Fem!Reader
Tumblr media
10k words
Sfw Warnings: "Love" at first sight, Fighting rings, Dragon AU, Background IguroxMitsuri, Reader gets sassy and it bites her in the ass, Kyojuro is a lil mean at times then gets nice and gives kissies :)
Nsfw Warnings: Smut, Dubcon, Kidnapping, Mating rituals, Hide and seek sex, Knotting, Creampie, Breeding, Cunnilingus, Vaginal Sex, Multiple Orgasms, Squirting, Overstimulation, Threats of rough sex, Spanking, Praise kink, Eventual Pregnancy
When attending a dragon fighting match, you catch a certain competitor’s attention...
The stadium was loud, deafeningly loud. Cheering and screams coming from all directions. Even your two friends next to you have practically ruptured your eardrums with their constant applause that seemed to go straight to your pounding brain. You didn’t really see what the big deal was, nor the appeal - watching the two dragons beat at each other.
Dragon fighting had become quite the common sport in the recent centuries, ever since man and beast had formed an alliance. The only reason there had been any conflict in the first place were territorial issues and cultural differences. The cultural differences being their more “primal” urges to battle and mate. The dispute had eventually been settled with the distribution of habitation, easily done since most dragons preferred to reside in shallow caves, and the allowance of skirmishing among their race. They happily welcomed humans to watch their clashing, and basked in the praise of glory and victory. And thus, the game flourished.
But you’d never been one to enjoy watching them fight. It was all just too bloody and violent. After all, you were raised to stay away from such brutality with humans, so why would you savor the sight with dragons? Dragons who looked nothing like the serpents described in ancient tales, and, in actuality, resembled your own kind - save for the protruding horns, thick claws, keen teeth and other beastly traits. It didn’t help to know that they could talk and think just as well as you could, hell, many even better than you could. You’ve read several novels by draco authors, their way of thinking simply divine, and even met several in person who, if not for their unique appearance, could’ve passed for man. Sure, they had rather animalistic tendencies such as instinct and protectionism, but they also had access to progressive, wayward thought. So why fight when one had intelligence? How could a species so smart and civilized be so primitive and bloodthirsty at the same time?
Your lips curled downward in tandem with the fall of the dragon who’d been pitifully bested, the inky haired victor glaring down at him in disgust. You grimaced at the sight of the poor, beaten body, his figure warped with blood and scarring. A dragon fight only ever ended with the loser beaten within an inch of their life... or dead. Killings were only ever punished, never prevented. The crowd boomed in excitement, and your friend, Mitsuri, gripped you by the shoulders and shook you like a bell.
“Wasn’t that a-m-a-z-i-n-g?! Iguro’s fights are always the best, he’s so cool! Like last week, he got this guy by the neck and started -” she blabbered on about the male, most of her speech melting into itself and becoming impossible to understand. Shinobu sighed next you. You questioned, “’Why don’t you just ask him for his signature already?” The woman ceased her assault on your dizzy body and her face went red.
“I-I can’t! You know I can’t! What if he says no? What if he thinks my hair is stupid? What if he thinks I’m stupid! I’d die!” She wailed. You chuckled at her love-struck grief, but you were glad for something to distract from the gruesome sight before you.
“I didn’t ask you to sleep with him. I’m just suggesting that you get his autograph. What is it with you and that dragon guy anyway?”
Mitsuri squealed. “I-I don’t like him like that! You make it sound like I have a thing for them...” You could tell she was more trying to persuade herself against it. Shinobu rolled her eyes and humbled her.
“Oh please ‘Suri- I saw the dragon dildo. You saw the dragon dildo. We both saw the dragon dildo in your dresser. There’s no need to deny your true feelings,” she voiced. Your eyes shot open and your jaw fell as your whipped your head to face the pink-haired woman. “What?!” You cried.
She slapped a hand over Shinobu’s dirty mouth. “Keep it down! Puh- people can hear you!” She was so red that it looked as some of the blood in the arena was smeared over her face. Laughter erupted between the two of you, and Kanroji threw her face into her paws. Poor thing.
You leaned into Shinobu and whispered “How could you tell it was a dragon’s?” You’d heard tell that they had slightly different genitalia compared to the average human, but it was something you were too embarrassed to look into. The brunette smiled deviously.
“Well, the thing was quite the size, and had a knot hung near the bottom.” Your nose scrunched up. “Really? Wouldn’t that hurt?”
She shrugged and teased, “I’m not sure, some people like it. Like her.” Mitsuri screeched.
“Stop talking about it!
A siren rang in the pit, signaling the next round of fighting. The crime scene from the last brawl was already cleaned up, or rather, as clean as it was gonna get. The audience fell silent as they waited for the contesters to be revealed.
The first one finally made his appearance, marching out big and tall with a body covered in tattoos. He threw out confident symbols with his hands, those who were betting on him straining their lungs with praise. A scantily dressed girl in the front row caught his thrown cape and swooned. You groaned, hating the more showy fighters who did so much for applause and self-image. Even if you hated watching them fight, you at least respected those who did it for the soul-purpose of getting stronger instead of winning public attention. The brute stood ready on his side of the arena, cracking his knuckles and baring his sharp teeth. You felt sorry for who had the misfortune of being on the other side - this monster was huge.
Everyone went silent again as you all waited for the other one, a few disrespectful jerks booing at his impending presence. You heard his heavy footsteps echo throughout the stadium, and gasped as soon as his bright image came into view.
Fiery blond hair that pooled down his broad shoulders, beaming red eyes and a rippling body. Wine-rich tattoos of swirling flames framed his chest and face, the color pooling down to cover his arms entirely. The dragon’s claws, fangs, and horns all came to a dangerously cutting edge that made your veins prickle, and you shuttered. He looked so warm, and fibrous. Although he was more lean than his opponent, there was not a doubt in her mind who would win this fight. A brilliant smile tugged on his lips so handsomely, you couldn’t help but mimic the expression yourself.
By then Mitsuri had recovered from her humiliation and witnessed your interest in the man. “Cool, right? That’s Rengoku, he’s one of the more famous fighters. I remember seeing his father fight when I was little too. I guess it’s their family tradition, haha.” The name did sound slightly familiar. This was your first time coming here, but it was common for people to talk about it in their pasttime, similar to how they did sports. Fans roared with his arrival, many lighting fire sparklers that security quickly scrambled to put out. Rengoku’s eyes scanned the crowd, clearly amused with the shining display that was dedicated to him. Once his gaze neared you seized like you were afraid to be caught by a predator. Your stomach did flips when he seemed to do a double-take on your area, gold orbs locking onto yours. Beads of sweat dripped down your forehead, and you slowly looked behind you, trying to see who he was looking so intently at. Unsure, you turned back to him, who was, if you didn’t know any better, laughing at your crippling anxiety.
Stop it, he’s not looking at you. Calm down.
Your fingers tugged at the strings of your cropped hoodie, swallowing your head in the thick fabric to hide from the torture that was his supposed gaze. He likely wasn’t even watching you in the first place, but you couldn’t be too sure. Finally, he turned his attention back to the other dragon. You flushed when you saw him give what was surely a wink in your direction, but maybe you were imagining things. Another deafening ring began the battle.
This time, you couldn’t look away from the fight, eyes forcing themselves onto the blond beast. You were entranced by his movements and the way dodged around his insignificant opponent, delivering powerful blows that knocked the brute into stupidity. The way his muscles strained as he maneuvered in the fight was a sight that couldn’t bare to turn away from, lest you miss their perfect image. Although blood was still splattered, and plenty of it, it seemed less cruel this time. Rengoku wasn’t tearing at the man’s body to make a mess, but that wasn’t to say he wasn’t aiming to scar. Everything was put into simply winning with growth and honor. After a short time, or maybe it was a long time - you lost track - the fight drew to a close. Rengoku the victor. You couldn't even say you watched the fight because truly you hadn’t. You were just watching him. In his teeth was captured a piece of his victim’s bloody cape before he turned his neck to drape it over his shoulder. The audience went wild. Everyone, even Mitsuri and Shinobu, cheered his name. Rengoku! Rengoku! Rengoku!
The concept of cheering over one’s bloody defeat seemed so barbaric, at least it had been before. But in that moment, be it the hype of the battle or your interest in the winner, you joined too.
“Woooooo! Rengoku!”
Everything after that went by so fast, you didn’t feel conscious through most of it.
But from what you could tell, it all started with him whipping around in your direction, hair standing straight up and shoulders tense. The next moment, he was lunging out of the arena and forcing his way through the escaping humans. By the time you blinked, the section had evacuated, people running, and he was perched on the seat in front of you, so close you could feel the heat radiating off his perspiring body. Your ears couldn’t pick up the worried call of your two friends in the background who were being held back by security, all you could hear was the sultry croon that was the dragon’s voice as he leaned in mere inches away from your heated face.
“Did you enjoy my fight, little one?”
You’re breath stuttered, lungs tight inside of your chest.
“I-I-I-” you couldn’t even speak, too shocked.
He chuckled and drew in long breathes, taking in your addicting scent. His eyes glanced down to your (f/c) hoodie with need. A sharp claw tugged at it. “Give me this.” Without thinking, you lifted your arms, allowing the dragon to rip it off you and leaving you in just your laced red bra. Can’t speak. Can’t think. Can’t leave. He brought the fabric up to his nose and inhaled deeply, letting out a satisfied purr while eyeing your exposed rack. Rengoku twisted over to his shoulder, taking the scrap of cape into his teeth and dropping it into your lap. His hooded eyes looked up to gaze into yours, the stare melting your bones.
“This is for you. I won it - just for you.”
You gulped. “O-okay...” your voice only came out in a squeaky whisper, but you could tell he heard. He leaned into your ear, his hair tickling your face and distracting you from the wandering claw that was tugging at the center gore in your lacy corselet.
“Tell me how thankful you are, my little -” The blond growled aggravated, interrupting his question and crouching down to grab at his neck. As he bent, she could see it. And hear it. A shock collar. How had you not noticed that before? Suddenly he was stolen away, your vision clearing enough that you could make out Iguro and a massive white-haired one with who you were unfamiliar. Rengoku fought back viciously, throwing them off of him like a beast only to be dragged back again. You hadn’t even noticed that you yourself were being dragged away as well.
The moment you’re embraced in Mitsuri’s arms, you gasped for breath, apparently having been on the verge of passing out from the lack of oxygen. Hot tears pooled down your cheeks in fat dollops as you coughed and inhaled. You didn’t know what just happened or why you couldn’t escape. You felt like a deer in headlights. There was no time to ask questions as security ushered you out with a half-assed apology. In fact, it seemed the entire stadium had been kicked out.
The train ride home was quite, and you mindlessly played with the buttons of the jacket Mitsuri threw on you. None of you were quite sure what to say or do except for Kanroji, who was soothingly brushing your hair with her fingers. Once they were nearing the station, Shinobu interrupted the silence of the coach.
“We aren’t going back there again,” she stated firmly. Mitsuri thought for a moment and nodded.
“Y-you’re right. Next time, I won’t drag you along, (Y/n), and I’ll -”
“No ‘Suri.” she cut her off. “We aren’t going back there again. None of us.”
The woman’s eyes went wide. “B-but -”
“No Mitsuri! If they can’t control the fighters in the ring or stop them from using their influence, then we aren’t attending anymore.” She crossed her arms.
You looked up from your lap. “She can go. I don’t mind...” Kocho looked at you with sadness and pity, and you hated it. The train came to a stop before she could answer.
The walk to your homes was just as quiet. You could tell Mitsuri was trying hard not to cry, and it was eating you up, but you had no clue as to how to comfort her because Shinobu’s word was practically law. You gave her a sad goodbye as she parted for her house, her sniffles heard as she walked away. As you and Kocho made your way her house, you spoke up.
“You shouldn’t have told her that. She can still go there if she wants. You know she likes Iguro.” The woman sighed.
“I know, but it would be too dangerous considering... what just happened today.”
“...Whatever that was had nothing to do with her. She really wants to meet him and we shouldn’t stop her from working herself up to it.”
“She has met him before.” You slowed your walking. “What?”
She turned to you with melancholy look in her eye. “Before you had moved here, her and I used to go there often. She’s been obsessed for a long time, you see.” She took a breath. “I don’t know how she did it, but she got us in the back to meet him. I wasn’t all that interested so I told her to go on without me, but she took a long time, and naturally I got concerned.” You saw her fiddling with the edge of her coat similar to how you did when you got nervous. Was she nervous?
“When I found her, she was talking to him... or rather, listening I suppose. It was only him speaking. His voice sounded strange, and it was so unusual for Mitsuri to stay so quiet, and that’s when I noticed - he was stopping her from talking. At that point I had stepped in and dragged her away, luckily before he did anything. She said she doesn’t remember what he said, but it soon after that I found that thing in her drawer, so I can guess what it was about.” It was a lot of information to take in. You hadn’t known such a thing to have happened, obviously. There wasn’t a doubt within your mind that Kanroji was telling the truth, considering she had been so nervous earlier about what he would think of her appearance. But perhaps there had been a part of her mind that did remember. There was another factor in the story that drew your concern.
“What do you mean he was stopping her from talking,” you asked. She pinched her brows and inquired, “Back at the ring - did you look... Rengoku... in the eyes?” She said his name quietly as if it would trigger you. It didn’t. You nodded.
“And you couldn’t move? Couldn’t speak? But did what he told you to do?” You thought back to the memory and confirmed. “Yes.” She sighed weakly.
“For them, one of their mating practices involves influencing the actions of their desired mate using eye contact and intimidation. It has the same purpose when used on humans except the result is more fear-inducing since, well, we don’t have the same instincts that they do. It’s a more sexual experience for them.” Your nose scrunched up. Although you somewhat remembered what happened in the stadium, things were still blurry. You didn’t want to be so bold as to assume he was grooming you for mating, but the experience did have a sexual feeling to it. And you did feel afraid in the moment. At least you thought you did.
“Shinobu...,” you shook your head, “It was just a one-time thing, I’m sure it meant nothing. I’m fine now, Mitsuri’s fine. We can sit in the far back next time if you’re worr-” “There won’t be a next time,” she stated.
“I’m sorry, but it’s just something I wouldn’t like to risk. Dragon’s don’t have the same laws as us, and if something bad happened... I’m not sure. I just know it would be bad,” she uttered. She stopped walking and you realized you had reached your house. “Please, trust me.” Your mouth fell open and shut, and you nodded. She smiled, but it didn’t look happy.
You waited for her to leave the trail to your neighborhood completely before you booked it to the library, intent on educating yourself of the mating rituals of dragons. You were already so unfamiliar with their practices besides scenting and battle, and such ignorance had worked against you. There wasn’t anything about the interspecies relationships despite them definitely existing, but you did find a reliable source for regular dragon mating. As you read along the scrappy pages, you couldn’t help but notice how all of the signs were there of the dragon’s interest in you.
Battle was to impress the desired mate and prove they could protect.
Did you enjoy my fight, little one?
Taking clothing and belongings to include in the coupling nest.
Give me that.
Gifting of battle spoils to prove strength and the ability to nurture, as well as a proposal of mating.
This is for you. I won it, just for you.
The need for praise to make sure they were a good mate.
Tell me how thankful you are.
You bit your lip frustrated, and honestly a little flattered. But also undoubtedly guilty. Because it was kinda your fault for leading him on, apparently. The name they used on the stage (Rengoku), it turns out, was used as both a battle and mating call, with their secretive first name only used for domestic interactions with close friends and family. So when you had cheered for him, he must’ve gotten the wrong idea. And damnit, you took his offering! That meant you had accepted his proposal to becoming his mate. Sure, you thought he had been attractive and all, but this method of flirtation was... overwhelming, to say the least. Why give you the bloody remnants of his battle when he could’ve just asked you out to dinner? And he tried to rip your clothes off in front of hundreds of people! Speaking of which, there was a section for that too.
Draco suitors who show more public displays of suggestion tend to desire a larger sum of whelps than those who stay introverted. Not much information has been found for the reason, but Dracologist Amane Ubuyashiki has stated that both exhibitionism and vast breeding could simply translate to a more primal form of claim over their mate.
...Okay... weird...
The rest of the section was about nesting practices and mating which you read over a little too enthusiastically. It was easy to see why so many people fetishized about it, it was so.... primal. So much scenting and biting throughout the whole thing. It was embarrassing to know that influencing only worked when both parties were attracted to each other. It wasn’t your fault he was hot! Your eyes gawked when you saw their genitalia, far bigger that the average humans and ridged with a thick knot near the base. Supposedly it only grew to its fully enormous size when it was locked, but it still seemed an impossible fit! Maybe you’d ask Mitsuri about it later.
When you got back home, you felt exhausted and needy.
Your bed felt stiff when you laid down, which was disappointing, but sleep still needed to be had. You hadn’t even bothered to take anything off of your or clean up, collapsing on the futon as soon as you got through the door. You groaned uncomfortable and shifted on your side. A lump in Mitsuri’s coat dug into your side, so you fished it out, curious to what it possibly could have been. And in your hands was the bloody cape you had been “gifted” earlier.
The cloth was thoroughly crusted in dried blood, but it was also warm, as if lingering with the effects of the dragon’s touch. You shoved the thing under your pillow and tried to sleep, so drowsy that you didn’t notice the visitors that had let themselves in.
Did you enjoy my fight...
This is for you. I won it - just for you...
Tell me how thankful you are...
M y  l i t t l e   o n e
When you awoke, you felt groggy and stark. There was a jabbing pressure against your stomach as if you were bent over something, and your joints felt scratchy and pressed together. Your body was bouncing with movement, like you were being carried off somewhere, and the air was cold as hell. A groan left your lips as your concern grew
“She’s waking up, you idiot. I told you she needed more anesthesia.”
“Can you relax? We’re almost there. Sniff that pink chick’s jacket again, you’re too tense.”
Okay, something was definitely wrong, you knew that now. Fuck. You tried pulling apart your limbs which you now realized were tied together, the effort twice as pointless because your bones felt like jelly. Your vision was still void, and any speech you tried to spew came out as babble. Hanging over the large strangers shoulder was dizzying.
“Why did you have your women dress her up like that anyway?. We should’ve just dropped her off as she was and been done with it.”
You heard a sigh.
“Obanai, Obanai, you poor, ignorant man. You don’t know him like I do. The guy hated those other ones we offered him, so let’s go all out with this one. Have a heart for once.”
Obanai? Iguro’s here? Oh god, why couldn’t you move? Who were they talking about? You couldn’t think or remember. Tears dripped down your cheeks, but they went ignored, the man still lugging you onward toward an unknown destination. Slowly, you regained feeling in your limbs, working yourself up to closing your fist. But you heard Iguro hiss across from you.
“Tengen, I’m giving her more. At this rate she’ll be awake before he even gets there.” The man, Tengen, groaned.
You felt like you were suffocating when the needle pierced your neck. And then everything went black.
You gasped, jumping up from your recline ready to fight, but nobody was there. Nobody was anywhere. And where were you? Your eyes glanced around the room, or rather, environment you were kept in. You knew a cave when you saw one, and a dragon cave at that. Although, it was definitely as well kept as a room would be, you supposed. In the ground was planted sparking glowstone that gave the dim cave an intimate light, as well as hundreds of candles spread throughout the vast area. The ceiling had a nice cascading effect from top to bottom, and off in the distance, you spotted steaming pools that seemed to shimmer under the water. Most impressive of all was the spot you were currently set in, which looked to be a large divet in the cave floor that was thickly swaddled in furs and pillows of all kinds. But even with the tall layering, you still  had to extend your limbs to climb out of the enormous sinkhole. A big nest for a dragon meant they wanted many whelps, and the thought made you shiver. Get out of here.
You sprinted over to the fuming waters and leaning over the rim, hoping to get a view of whatever skimpy outfit you were forced into. If not for the sweltering temperature in here, you would’ve been freezing.
With the water acting as a mirror, you took a look at yourself. It essentially looked like lingerie - a thin, cherry bra that just barely covered your breasts and a split-thigh skirt merged with panties that ran all the way up to your hips and more resembled a curtained thong. You desperately needed to get out of here. Immediately. You took deep, slow breaths, trying not to hyperventilate. Having a panic attack would not help your situation right now. Think. You went to your house. Woke up. Iguro was there. Talked about giving you to  - Oh god. Now you remember.
Heavy, impending footsteps only confirmed your suspicions, and you scrambled to hide behind the nearest cave wall. Even in this dark cavern he seemed to glow, those bright red eyes flickering like fire and shining muscles on full display from the robe that was dropped down to his waist. He looked worked up and messy. Maybe he’d just gotten back from a fight. Probably. And he was sniffing the air like crazy and looking around. He knew you were here. You slowly covered your mouth with your hand and tried to keep quiet. Your body was shaking like a leaf despite it being hot as an oven in here, but there wasn’t much you could do when fear raked your being.
“Little one?” he called. You shook and had to stop yourself from whimpering. The pet name forced you to remember the arena, and how helpless you were then and how helpless you were now. He drew near to your hiding place and your heart stopped. His signature smile fell into a stern look. “Little one,” he warned, “little one, come.” This time you couldn’t help the fearful whine that escaped your throat. It was little and nearly inaudible, but the dragon snapped in your direction and promptly marched over.
You cowered as he came over, tensing at the sinewy arm he threw over you. You were powerless to stop him as he led you away from the hideout, settling for shutting your eyes as tightly as you could. You wouldn’t let him influence you again. He purred against you as he guided you into the familiar pit of bedding, rubbing his cheek all over your face and neck to scent you. Rengoku pushed you deeper and deeper into the mass of furs. You hissed and pushed him off of you, forgetting to keep your eyes closed. “Stop that.”
He gazed up at you with hooded, alluring eyes. "Do you like our nest mate? I made it just for you." His teeth grazed down your collar bone, and you shivered. "The perfect place to make our brood." You yelped and tried to crawl away.
“Rengoku...” His pupils sharpened at the call of his mating name, and you heard a growl curdle in his chest. “...or whatever your other name is - I think there’s been a mistake. I don’t want to be here!” He chuckled and pushed the smooth edge of his horns into your chest, similar to a playful goat. You remembered what this meant from the book - he wanted you to submit and present for him. So you grabbed the thick marrow and pushed him away - communicating disinterest. And he looked up at you with the saddest puppydog eyes you’ve ever seen. No, you had to stay strong.
“I’m really sorry, but this is all just happening so fast, and I don’t want you to get the wrong idea. I... I can give back that thing you gave me at the tournament if you want. I didn’t mean to take it.” The blond plopped down on his haunches as you cautiously crawled away after your denial. The look was so painfully similar to the one Mitsuri had when told she couldn’t see her obsession anymore.
“Mate? Did I do something wrong?” You pressed a finger to your lips to silence him
“No, no, not mate. It’s (Y/n) okay. Listen - I really like you, but this entire... mating ritual... isn’t something I’m used to. And I’m willing to bet you’re the reason I was kidnapped!” You accused.
He nodded. “It’s the celebration of my 300th victory today. And that means I get the mate of my choosing.”
You shook your head. “For dragons that means you get the mate of your choosing. I’m human, and we don’t apply to that.” You crossed your arms. “We don’t just randomly give ourselves to strangers either. You know nothing about me.” Rengoku whined and quickly leapt over to you, his huge body weighing onto yours as he nuzzled into your breasts. Another instinct that was completely inappropriate in human culture but openly practiced amongst dragons for comfort. And to check if their mate could properly nourish their children, sneaky bastard.
“I’m sorry, little one. That was inconsiderate of me. I do want to know you,” His claws dug into your back as he hugged you closer. “I’ll be better” he promised and kissed your collar. God, the guy was cute. You had to give him that. You weren’t sure if he was sorry, but he certainly wanted to treat you well. You awkwardly pet his head and sighed, looking around for something to cover yourself in since he clearly couldn’t stay away from your bosom. Your eyes caught onto the familiar (f/c) fabric, and you squirmed out of his grasp to grab for it. the sleeve was in your grasp when you felt a muzzle press into your barely-clothed center. You whipped around to face him. “Hey!”
The sound of your palm across his cheek echoed throughout the cavern. And so did the pained yelp that was ripped from your throat when he nipped your wrist. Your other hand grabbed at the surface damage, and you cowered when he looked down at you.
“Bad mate. No hitting. Apologize.” He was controlling you again.
“I-I’m sorry,” you whimpered. Another rule you failed to remember -  violence begets violence. A gentle and weak mate doesn’t get to claim an aggressive one after all. The blond cooed at your submission and crawled over you. His entire body towered over your little form. The purrs deep in his lungs vibrated against your belly as he resumed nursing position, this time kneading your tits with his paws and pushing them against his face. You could only lie there, whether it be by your own shock or the effects of his spell. A hot tongue licked under the swell of your breast and you gasped. Your fists clenched as he continued his assault, courage building in your chest until it bubbled over into a rough shove that you delivered to the beast. As fast as you could manage while you were free, you clawed your way out of the nest and made haste toward the baths. Rengoku cackled behind you.
“You are feisty, little one! I do enjoy the challenge,” he purred. You wound around the confusing maze of his home, unable to find an exit but continuing onward. 
“Yeah? Well, I hope you like losing too because there’s no way I’m just gonna let you have me!” you yelled over your shoulder. You made your way down another large tunnel, but a thick hand on your waist told you your time for escape was over. He snatched your wrists to hold your trembling back against him and leaned into your ear to whisper.
“How about we play a game then, hm?” Despite your brave words before, you gulped and stuttered, “W-what?” The beast’s claw traced the strap that wrapped around your exposed hip and plucked it like a string of music.
His voice was so hot against your ear. “You run off and find a good hiding spot, yeah? You’ll have ten minutes to hide, and I’ll have ten minutes to find you.” His lips curled against your nape as you froze like prey. “If I don’t, you get to have your freedom. And if I do, I get to have you. Sound fair?” It was more of a statement rather than a question. No, it wasn’t fair. But you didn’t have many other options and responded with a disoriented whine. A slap to your ass snapped you from your trance.
“Then get a move on, sweetness. I’m getting hungry.”
You grimaced at the new pet name and leg-buckling indication, but obliged. You had underestimated just how huge this place was. It was massive. More proof of just how many offspring the dragon wanted. Each tunnel lead to another sub-section and for the life of you, you couldn’t tell if you were getting very far. Although, you had to admit that being hunted down like this was kind of exciting, certainly more exciting than your past sexual experiences. You lost count of the seconds after seven minutes, and that was a while ago so you took a journey down another hellishly long hallway and actually found somewhere quite convenient. This room was filled to the brim with fabrics and furs and cottons. It must’ve been where he was storing extra nesting materials. You quickly buried yourself under the materials, digging all the way to the bottom and fixing the space to make it look untouched. Breathing was difficult and the weight was so heavy that you worried of how you would get out, but there were more pressing matters at hand.
And so the wait began.
You counted  in your head to take up the time and tried your best not to move or make a sound. Sweat was pooling down your body in thick beads and no doubt making your scent stronger, you prayed to the gods he wouldn’t get to this area at all lest he smell your sweet aroma and the wetness leaking from between your thighs.
The thrumming of your heart rang in your ears loudly when you heard his footsteps near and you willed the thing to quiet so you could listen closely. You heard the predator deeply sniff the air and it seemed as if he had stopped right in front of your hiding place. You threw a hand over you mouth and waited.
You rewarded yourself with a gulp of oxygen when you heard the man leave, but cursed when you’d realized you lost your count of time again. Around seven or eight minutes maybe? It was close to the end, you knew that. You hoped he would at least be honest with the time limit. Two minutes later and your chest filled with joy! and disappointment. Only a few seconds more and you could get out of this whole mess and go home with your dignity. You took another deep breath and sighed.
“You hid well! Although, a suggestion for next time would be to find someplace that would better mask your arousal, (y/n).” You couldn’t even react before a fist around your ankle was yanking you out of the burrow. You tried to thrash and tell him to stop but your movement and sound were muffled by the weight of furs on top of you.
“I suppose a human such as yourself never really stood a chance in the first place. I’m a warrior yet to be bested, after all! What kind of mate would I be if I couldn’t hunt you down and sate your needs?” He sounded too genuine, even with the filth and obsession that left his mouth.
As soon as your bottom half was pulled out, ass presented in the air, he delivered another playful spank and reached under your skirt to pull at the center of your panties, letting it snap back over your pussy. You cried out from both sensations. “W-wait!” you pleaded, a hint of excitement in your voice but mostly fear. Rengoku threw your thighs over his shoulders and pressed his face into your center.
“I’ve waited long enough.” 
And with that the man rose from his knees, pulling the rest of your sweaty body from the covers and letting your head smack against his toned stomach. Blood rushed to your head from the hanged position, and you were forced to scramble for purchase as he held you up with only his brawny arms wrapped around your hips. More heat gathered in your cheeks when you felt him intake a deep scent of your fragrant cunt. You squealed and dug crescents into his thighs as he nosed the cloth out the way and gave an experimental lick to your sinfully damp heat. A heavenly feeling you were not expecting. But instinct played its part when you subconsciously bucked into it. The dragon chuckled into your lips and hummed when he took your tasty bundle of nerves into his mouth.
“Such a fine mate. I know you’ll take my knot so well.” As scared as were for such a thing to happen, the worry sank to the back of your mind when his tongue felt sooooo goood. And hot.
His mouth drooled all over your poor cunt while he walked you back down the large corridors to his nest, that he was no doubt going to breed you in. Your nest too now, apparently. The top that kept you concealed was as good gone as it rode down under your dangling tits, and the feeling of your sensitive nipples rubbing against his skin made it so hard not to scream. You held strong around his madriff, moaning into his clothes and clamping your thighs around his head, telling yourself the purpose was to keep you from falling and definitely not to get more of his avid tongue in your pussy.
This man wasn’t just eating you out. He was eating. You. Out. Tongue licking over every crevice in your folds and lips sucking on your clit like he needing it to survive. Every ravenous growl into your sex vibrated through your stomach and made you drip. Occasionally he would pull back blow on the growing wetness and tell you how perfect you were while you shivered and whined.
“So delicious. I could eat you for days, sweetness.”
Oh please do.
“My perfect little mate. You’re far too beautiful.”
Mmm, yes, thank you.
“Don’t you see what you do to me, little one?”
You could. You feel it, even, with the bulge that was tenting near your face. And with the question, his tongue aggressively lapped at your sensitive clit until you were coming all over his face with a wail. “Yes Rengoku!” He purred at your call and drank your juices down hungrily. His lips pressed sweet kisses to your folds as you came down from your high, panting and softly moaning. Fighting this was pointless. He’d already won.
Luckily for your given arms, you’d reached the nest, and Rengoku set your limp body down gently into the much needed comfort. You weakly settled into the warm furs and nearly dozed off until you felt thick fingers prod your slick entrance. Your flinched away from sensitivity and stopped him by rolling onto your side. “No, please... I can’t, not again,” you muttered out.
He crawled over you to place a sweet kiss to your temple and crooned into your ear.
“Shhhh, hush now. I need to prepare you for me or it will hurt. You want to please me don’t you? Take my knot again and again until I’m emptied?”
He was effecting you again, but this time you found you didn’t even care and rolled back over to spread yourself for him. “Yesss,” you slurred.
“Yes what, dearest?”
You sighed and rolled your hips at him suggestively. “Yes Rengoku, my m-mate.” He smirked triumphantly and kissed you, on the mouth this time. Your flavor lingered heavily on his tongue, but instead of disliking it, your arousal increased tenfold. “That’s my girl. I’ll be sure to breed you well for being so good for me.” Your empty pussy clenched at his promise.
He quickly tore off what remained of your cherry lingerie, and his tongue worked in tandem with his fingers as both thrust past your respective holes. You greedily downed his saliva as his finger, then two, worked your tightness, scissoring you open and making you gush. You hadn’t thought kissing to be on the table since it was more humane custom of affection. Perhaps he had known more about your species than initially thought and just hadn’t wanted to take that more complicated route of courting you. You soaked the nesting underneath you and he reveled in it, loving how much your scent was masking the bed. The man added a third digit and curled them into your sweet spot, and you bit his lip to distract from the mind-blowing feeling. Just his three fingers felt bigger than anything you’d ever taken before, and he managed to map out your insides in a matter of moments. The lewd squelches of him plunging into your core over and over again echoed throughout the cave and made you all the more desperate and embarrassed. You’d been so strong-willed before, and now you were pathetically letting him ruin you as he pleased. Would he think less of you for it?
As if reading your mind, he gave your lips one final peck and moved down your neck, muttering his praised as he covered the responsive flesh in bruising love bites.
“That’s it, darling. Keep being so obedient for me. Good girls get filled and knotted,” he whispered into your skin, making you shutter. The thought of being knotted no longer made you nervous, and instead made you even more antsy to get it over with. The dragon wouldn’t be so keen on doing it unless he knew it would feel amazing for you, and, shockingly, you trusted him.
You threw your head back and cried when his mouth descended upon your perk nipple, tongue caressing and flicking it. It was thrilling to feel his sharp teeth graze the sensitive bud, and you grasped a handful of his thick, golden hair to keep him steady as he nursed. The grind of his palm against your clit as he plunged into you once more finally did you in, and you came with a shrill cry. Rengoku released your breast with a pop, and nuzzled it as he pressed his horns into you once more. Another strong request for you to submit to him. This time you took him by the horns and pulled him in for a passionate kiss. “Rengoku?” you breathed.
He lips brushed against your as he took them again. “Yes, my love?”
“What’s your name? Your actual name?” You’d be damned if you let him have his way with you without getting his name first. He laughed and nipped at your jaw line.
“It’s Kyojuro, my little one. Try not to forget it in a moment.” If you weren’t so pliant for him, you would’ve rolled your eyes at his confidence.
He pulled his hand away from your sex, strings of your slick sticking to his digits. His lustful eyes gazed into yours as he took them into his mouth and licked each claw clean. You were grateful he had retracted his sharp nails before pleasing you. But now they were out again as he wrapped your creamy thighs around his hips. You impatiently kicked at his robe while he undid it and he chuckled at your brattiness. “Patience~,” he sang.
When he pushed away the limp cloth and revealed himself, you gasped at the mere sight. It was massive, even larger than the model in the novel you read. Compared to yourself, it must’ve gone much past your naval, and the girth was nearly as thick as your arm. It wasn’t fully swelled yet, but you could see the heavy knot that was beginning to form near the base and was even wider than the swell of his shaft. He must’ve noticed your nerves as his paws calmly kneaded your thighs as your tried to squirm away.
“Kyojuro... i-it won’t fit.” He smiled softly and pulled you flush against him, his cock resting on your belly and stopping a good bit over your belly button. You felt how swollen and heavy his balls were against the curve of your ass.
“It will. We’ll just have to take our time, won’t we?” He rolled his hips, and you gasped softly. Kyojuro stroked your belly as he withdrew to press the fat, blushing tip to your entrance and slowly pushed it past the tight ring of muscle. Your nails dug into the nest as your cunt was stretched so wide it took your breath away. But the built up lubrication did help, and it was only a few moments later the full chunk of his head was embraced by you velvety walls. You saw the blondes eyes scrunch closed and brows furrow, signaling his diminishing patience to take things slow. You stroked his cheek tenderly and pulled him down for a kiss.
He licked all over your lips, jaw, and tear-stained cheeks as he slowly fed you his inches and crooned encouragement into your ear. Fuck, he was big. It felt like you would burst at any moment. But you did enjoy the incredibly full feeling, having never felt so fed in your entire life. Your cervix being forced to stretch to the back of your uterus felt a bit nauseating at first, but with time (and praise) your body soon adapted. It was a very instinctually primary thought, but you felt giddy knowing such a large thing would be able to breed your womb well. It was like the dragon’s own need to mate was infecting you as well, even causing you to bite and lick over his features as he was doing yours. And for the first time in your life, your finally realized why they partook in such primitive ways - it felt fucking good.
With one final pitch forth, he was fully sheathed inside your cunt, and you hmphed. That last bit was especially thick, and you knew it was because of the developing knot. It was hard to think being so stuffed, but lingering curiosity caused you to look down and witness the prominent imprint that such an impressive cock left in your belly. Shit. You squeezed around him on accident and he whined.
“Careful, sweetness. I want to be gentle with you, but that will be difficult if you don’t behave.” You panted and muttered under your breath. “Tch, I didn’t ask you to do that.” You broke from your haze and tensed when you realized you’d sassed out loud.
“Oohohoo~” he chuckled amused. You quickly put your hands up to shield your self and apologize, “W-wait, I-I didn’t me-” He slapped a hand over your stuttering lips and squeezed your flushed face.
“Such a disobedient mouth. Perhaps I should have used that first,” he growled. You violently shook your head in his hold, tears threatening your eyes but your core betraying you and squeezing him tighter. 
“No? Then do as I say if you want to walk tomorrow,” Rengoku hissed. Because he was Rengoku, a prized dragon fighter that hadn’t lost a single battle since his career started and spilled enough blood to fill a lengthy river. But you didn’t want Rengoku right now, you wanted Kyojuro. Sweet and playful and gentle Kyojuro.
“K-k-kyojuro!” you cried into his palm as a tear rolled down your cheek. He left go and licked it up immediately. You sniffled, and he rubbed his cheek against yours.
“I’m sorry, liitle mate. That was far too mean of me. You deserve only the best, sweet thing.” He pressed a kiss to your nose and then your rosy lips. Hesitantly you reciprocated. He was only a dragon after all, it was in their nature to be rough during their rut.
He licked and nibbled at your ear. “Darling, are you okay? Can I keep going?” You stroked his hair back then wrapped your arms around his back. “mhmm, just... be nice?” Kyojuro feathered a kiss to your cheek and purred into your ear.
“Of course.”
You held your breath when he withdrew the first few inches of his cock, then whimpered when he plunged them back in, a wet noise reaching your ears. True to his promise, he was kind in the first few thrusts, setting a slow, grinding pace that stretched you out but felt pleasant. The heavy stimulation to the mouth of your cervix was delicious, and that coupled with the tongue he had suddenly wrapped around your breast made your insides more easily mold to his phallus. 
“Mmm, feels good,” you praised, hoping he’d enjoy it as you did, “mate.” He growled into your skin and increased his pace and pullout. 
“Yes... good girl, keep calling me that.” Despite the growing power of his thrusts, the pain and discomfort continued melting away until you were left in an oasis of pure ecstasy. The hot veins of his cock pulsing against your walls made you mewl in his ear like a kitten. And every time his growing knot caught against your g-spot made your eyes roll to the back of your head. He plowed even faster and you started whining. You didn’t even notice the drool that was beginning to run down the side of your mouth.
“Soooo goood, Kyojuro. I-it feels soo good,” you panted and clung onto his back. Your honey was dripping all over his length and coating his balls, making them slap wetly against your backside. He groaned and brought a hand up to rub your clit, pounding you through your first orgasm. The pleasure traveled through every nerve in your body, all the way to your thrown-head and curling toes. He hissed at the tight grip your fluttering pussy had around his cock, but admired how well you were milking him. You would get your fill soon enough.
“Mm, gonna knot you so well - nnn - pump you so full of my seed until your bursting. You’ll look so pretty carrying my brood.” His cock twitched and seemed to swell even larger. You cried into his shoulder as his pace quickened and fingers pinched your little bead. Everything was so much - the sensations, the pounding, the heat. It felt like the dragon was boiling you alive with pleasure. Pleasure that nearly distracted you from the bulbous knot that was furiously swelling with each trill into your core. Your legs quivered helplessly around his hips with each catch, waiting anxiously for the moment it would fully catch inside you and force you to take every drop of precious cum he had stored up just for this moment. His growls became viscous.
“Fuck - tell me who owns you!”
You whined pathetically and tried to stutter with swollen lips and a dumb brain. “Y-you.” His hand slapped over your aching clit and he bit down on your shoulder. You screamed and tried to think with your stupidly fucked head.
“K-k-kyojuro!” You wept.
You were bawling now, a flurry of pain and pleasure. His ferocious pace didn’t die down for a second and edged you that much closer to what you could tell would be your most powerful orgasm yet.
“M-muh-m-my - My mate! Ah~” He sucked on the scar he forced into your flesh, almost like a reward. 
“Good girl - my perfect little one. Show me how much you want my seed. Show me!”
And with one final, dizzying thrust, he peaked. Kyojuro bottomed out, tip pressed directly against the mouth of your womb, and his painfully heavy knot locked inside your cunt. His cock throbbed dramatically, the first wave of cum spilling into your pussy hotly. Fat tears fell heavily down you cheeks as you threshed to escape the lock, his knot pressing directly into your g-spot mercilessly. If you thought you were overstimulated before, you were wrong. So wrong. Now it was torture. 
“I can’t, ah ah, I can’t, I CAN’T! Oh - oh please, ah! I can’t- oh my god, hah.”
The plea fell on deaf ears as the dragon’s tongue hung out and drooled onto nesting bed, focused solely on filling you, his new breeding bitch, up with his copious spunk. With another roll of his hips, you were squirting all over his pelvis. Your nails dug into his broad shoulders as you tried to get away, but the more you writhed, the harder it bullied your sweet spot and the harder you came. 
Even when exhausted and on the verge of unconsciousness, your cunt still milked his steamy cum into your womb, your belly gently swelling with each sip. Your mate was quite proud of you. Your first knotting and you did so well! He cooed in your ear with each swig and pulled you to drape over him so as to not crush you and the child that was inevitably growing in your belly. Not a drop was dripping past the plug and you whimpered when he tugged on it as he moved.
“So well - you did so well.” He brushed a strand of your messy hair behind your ear and kissed your head. “Absolutely amazing. I know you’ll make a fine mother for our young, won’t you?” His peck felt like the warmest, most comfortable pillow you’d ever laid on.
“Mhmm,” you sighed, eyes fighting to stay awake. Kyojuro giggled at your sleepy state. It would be a while until his knot went down, so you might as well get some hours in. You’d need them.
“I suppose you’ve earned your rest, little (y/n). But don’t keep me waiting long. I plan to take you many, many times over.”
You hummed in acknowledgement and let your eyes close. You trusted your new mate to take care of you now. 
You were his little one, after all.
God that fight was spectacular, what an absolute demon of an opponent! Rengoku had still won of course, but wow! What a rush! He couldn’t wait to get home to give you the bloody spoils and tell you about it. Or well, there were other things to be done first, but he’d tell you about it later for sure! You’d come a long way from your distaste about dragon sport, and it was nice to see how much it was growing on you. Such a supportive mate.
The moment he’d walked in, he could tell you were sleeping. He found it so cute how tired you’d grown in the past month since you’d first mated, surely a result of fertile pregnancy. The dragon cooed at your resting form when he submerged into the nest.
Rattled from your sleep from the sudden movement in your bed, you yawned wide and rubbed at your tired eyes. Looking up from your starfish position, you weren’t surprised to find the handsome blond doting on you as he always did when he returned. With one last dreamy sigh, you finally gave him what he was looking for, rolling onto your softly swelled belly and presenting your ass up in the air. He got full view of your pretty sex like this, your hole still dribbling with a thick, creamy stream of the last load he knotted you with right before he left for battle. You threw him a lusty gaze over your shoulder as he crawled over to you. Being so empty of him for hours had been lonely, but you were happy with the milky gift he left in your womb to keep you warm for when he was gone.
Throbbing cock in hand, he slowly slid inside you, stretching your walls as deliciously as you remembered. You mewled and let your head rest against your folded arms as he set a gentle pace for you. Good mate. You moaned.
“Welcome home~”
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