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I’m down to 4 requests but I’m not feeling well and I have to get up early for class tomorrow so I’ll finish them tomorrow when I get home from school. Thanks for your patience, I’ll also add tags to the ones I just finished tomorrow. 

Feel free to send in more, as well, or just drop in to say hi and tell me your horny fantasies haha. I had a lot of fun today

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Hello hun!!!

Yes I do! I just don’t really advertise it. As long as it follows my rules. It might take me awhile to comeplete it because I have a limited window for writing in my day to day life but I do love writing.

Request away :) xx

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Terra smirks at you as he steals a kiss, you laugh, swatting at him. He laughs as well. “Well! That was just rude,” you tease a bit. “Stealing a kiss like that!”

“And what will you do about it?” He asks, staring at you with a slight grin. “I think I’m the one who has the advantage.”

It was slightly true. Terra had more training than you but you were just as tall and strong as the other man. Plus… You were clever! As clever as could be. But that was really only for when you felt like getting back at him.

So instead you roll your eyes and lean over to give him a kiss in return. “Don’t get used to winning,” you warn him with a cheerful grin. “I have more than enough tricks up my sleeve to keep up with you!”

It’s his turn to roll your eyes and you almost laugh at him as he does. You manage to keep it in. He was… Amazing. You couldn’t deny this.

“I’ll do my best to keep that in mind,” he agrees. He pulls you close for another kiss. Yes… This was just perfect.

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“Your stance is off,” Terra scolds gently, moving to show you how to adjust. You nod, eyes wide as you watch. Your stance was too wide? At least that’s what you were getting from this. It was a bit hard to concentrate sometimes. Although you weren’t exactly sure what it was.

You were fine when you were training with Aqua and Ventus! But when it came to Terra…

When it came to Terra your mind when blank and all focus went out the window! You couldn’t help it. It was like the man completely turned off your ability to focus! It wasn’t fair in the slightest! It was absolutely unfair.

“Are you even listening, (y/n),” Terra asks you, sighing softly.

You blink. “Of course I am,” you huff. You hadn’t actually been listening at all. He shakes his head at you, eyeing you. You puff out your chest and stand up straight. He lets out an amused huff.

“Fine, fine,” he sighs. “Clearly you weren’t listening but it’s fine. We’ll continue training. Assuming you can focus.”

You snort at this and roll your eyes. Yeah… Assuming you could focus indeed…

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They were… Replaceable. Duplicates. Useless. That’s what some had called them. But it wasn’t true! It wasn’t… They were their own people. Creative. Brave. Stubbornly clinging to life. And in a way that was beautiful. In a way that was the truth of life. That all things cling to it.

It had started with Namine. After she was brought back she stubbornly insisted that they save the Replica Riku. Even if Riku had insisted that he had given up his life for Namine to live. That didn’t matter to her. She wanted to see him again. To thank him for all he had done for her.

So, after a lot of arguments and stubborn insistence, they had finally cracked and agreed. So R, as he hadn’t been able to choose a name and was still rather attached to the idea of being Riku, was brought back to life.

Then came Vanitas. No one was expecting to find him in the realm of darkness. But it had happened anyway and with some reluctance they had brought him back to the realm of light.

The three had just… Clicked. Like they had always meant to be together. Three incomplete wholes. Three beings not meant to exist. But they did exist and they defied anyone one tired to tell them they did not belong. Because they were here. They were here and they were alive and they were going to continue to do so.

“Ever thing… We really should have just faded away,” R asks softly, watching Namine draw. The sun shines through the windows, there’s a light breeze in the air, and for once Vanitas isn’t off causing some kind of trouble.

“No,” Vanitas sneers a bit. “I don’t. We’re alive and they’re all just gonna have to live with that fact.”

“Vanitas,” Namine says gently. “Relax.” She turns her attention to R. “No. We’re alive and we’re here and that’s what is important. That’s what matters. Not others saying we were meant to fade away.”

Vanitas nods in agreement, petting the flood that he had somehow grown attached to. R goes quiet, looking out the window, biting his lip. How could he be sure of that…? His body is tense as he glances back at Namine. She’s drawing them. The three of them.

Were they meant to exist..? Some say no. But these three lost souls had found… Peace in each other. That had to account for something… Didn’t it?

Namine liked to think it did. She smiles down at the picture. The three of them holding hands. Lost..? No. They were found.

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Let’s be real here, I was gonna write a fluff alphabet for Arthur even if nobody asked for it. This man owns my whole damn heart. Super excited that you asked for him though! It’s all queued up for tomorrow

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31. Pulling away from a kiss, whispering words of love against each other’s lips.

You sighed as Santiago’s lips slotted against yours. You tangled your fingers in his hair, feeling the softness of his curls. His slid his hand over one of your thighs, humming against your lips. You let your head fall back, breaking your kiss, and you smiled as Santiago followed you, swiping his tongue along your parted lips.

Santi,” You murmured, “You’re incredible.”

“Don’t even start, baby,” He murmured, squeezing your thigh, “Fuck, I can’t get enough of you.”

You grinned, pulling Santiago down for another kiss, tightening your knees around his hips. He bright a hand up to cup your cheek. When he leaned away, he looked down at you, stroking his fingers along your cheek.

“What?” You asked softly.

“If I could press pause at any moment in my life, it would be right here, right now. I never wanna be anywhere but your arms.”

“I never thought you’d be such a sap, Garcia,” You turned your head, pressing a kiss to his palm.

“You bring it out in me, beautiful.”

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Absolutely, though to be fair I believe there’s not enough attention for any bot.

·The two of you became friends when you proved capable of keeping up with his absolutely endless energy and hijinks, and thus you were invited to countless late night gaming sessions with he and occasionally Frenzy, who greatly appreciated your ability to seamlessly tell them apart.

·There would be gaming and snacks into the early morning, often resulting in you passing out and having impromptu sleepovers, so after a while Rumble starts keeping some human sized blankets and pillows so you can be comfy.

·On one occasion the two of you fall asleep on his bot sized couch together, and when he wakes up before you to see your smaller form leaning peacefully against his and snoring gently his world is immediately rocked, as he’s overwhelmed both by your cuteness and a warm tingling in his spark.

·Happiness is overtaken by sheer panic in an instant, especially once he realizes he’s never felt anything like this and especially not for a human, but no amount of logic can make him stop realizing he likes everything about you including how you make him feel tall for the first time in his life!

·Despite his endless worries, both that he’s going insane and that Frenzy will find out, he can’t deny how much he wants you to keep coming over and for the little moment to be replicated.

·Bless this bot, but his attempts to encourage a repeat are about as subtle as a whale trying to breach in a swimming pool, so you quickly put together that something is up and gently ask if he wants to tell you something.

·Unable to lie to you despite how badly he wants to keep looking “cool” in your eyes, he immediately cracks and starts babbling so quickly he has to repeat himself multiple times, blushing so hard in the process he actually glows brighter than his little TV.

·By the time you manage to put together his confession he’s hiding behind his hands in total shame, and you have to physically reach up and pull them away to get him to look at you, all so you can tell him you also have feelings and would love to spend the night for some snuggling.

·He’s so impossibly happy he forgets to insist he’s too cool to “snuggle”, and bashfully asks if you want to start by just… chilling in his lap while you game, and your immediate agreement makes him light up.

·When you’re both actually tired enough to sleep you move to his messy but comfortable berth, where thankfully his larger size is easily maneuvered to allow cuddling in his arms, as he’s bigger but not enough so that there’s much crush potential if he’s mindful.

·Spending more nights together gradually increases his comfort with being open, to the point he eventually is fine with full on sappy nuzzling and cuddling, but he does beg you not to tell Frenzy because he will be teased mercilessly.

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Okay so hi. My name is Issi and I wanted to start writing some fan fiction and I know not many people follow my blog but to the people that do could you like I don’t know put some requests down below or something. I’m very new at this so don’t judge me.


-IT chapter 1 and 2

-Anne with a E

-Harry Potter

-TVD (not completely finished the series so those might be delayed)

I’m really excited and nervous to start writing but I love to write and I want to put my self out there.

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