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Just lounging. Laying around. Being admired by my hooman. Life is soooo hard. #PhillyFigaro #FigaroTheCat #Cat #Cats #Catastic #CatsofInstagram #InstaCat #InstaGood #Philly #PhillyCats #FriskyInPhilly #Fluffy #FluffyCat #Tuxedo #TuxedoCat #CatOfTheDay #TopCatPhoto #Rescue #RescueCat #RescueKitty #Adopt #AdoptDontShop #Meowbox #NorwegianForestCat

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I now look like I got attacked by a vampire. As in I’m wearing bandaging on my throat.

I am wearing this because I made a bad decision.

That decision was to pick up this stray cat I’ve been befriending since around like February. Well that wasn’t the bad part of it, this was actually the closest they’ve (possibly she, tortoise shell pattern) let me get, cause I drove by tonight to see if I’d see them because it has been a month or so so I go check once a week to see if they are around. Tonight they were, so they came up and let me pet them and pick them up, but on the way to bring them and the food to my (still running) car, they panicked and in the process left me with a like 3 inch gash across the side of my throat. And feeling really terrible because I just broke every ounce of trust they had put in me. Months of work gone within 1 second of stupid action.

I was only bringing them to the car because it was like 37 degrees outside and soaking wet.

But I forgot that most cats are scared of the sound of running cars, especially street cats.

I’m just so angry and heart broken that I made them lose all trust in me, or atleast the touching trust, and I’m worried I can’t gain it back.

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If any of you have any tips on introducing a dog into a one cat home, please let me know!!

Saoirse (the pup) is so loving and gentle with her family so far, and they have a cat and another dog, and it’s all well so far, but their cat is an indoor/outdoor cat and isn’t really interacting with the dog much (but my friend did say the cat would sit and just sniff/stare at the pup and she wouldn’t really do anything other than sniff back).

While we have Saoirse for 3 weeks I want to ensure I am keeping thea safe (and Saoirse stress free) and am sort of unsure about introducing them. Thea has been around other dogs but only really small pups. Saoirse looks like a Pyrenees/lab mix so she’s a bit bigger than the other two are lol!

Anyways, please, any tips I would so appreciate! ❤️

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I woke up extra early this morning to get some Eggbert cuddles before baby feeding time. And by early I mean after 3 hours of sleep instead of 4. Whatever, it was totally worth it.

Besides that, the last 2 days have just been really busy. The baby feeding is intense, more moms have given birth, Izzy (that’s the new orange disabled baby) has had a rough day of alternating constipation and diarrhea, and Delilah had a seizure. Anyway, I think it’s time for a quick one hour nap before rearranging more cages and doing night chores! #guineapig #rescue #sanctuary

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They looked at the carnage that surrounded them. It looked like they had arrived just in time. “You know I hate to say this-”
“Don’t you fucking dare!”
“-But I told you so.”

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Available for adoption:

Carol, Marcia, Jan and Cindy!

AGE AT ARRIVAL: Carol - approximately 1 year old
Marcia, Jan and Cindy - approximately 5 months old
ARRIVAL DATE: October 20th, 2020
BREED: Siamese
GENDER: Females
ADOPTION FEE: $20 per rat
Carol and her daughters Marcia, Jan and Cindy were surrendered to a Quebec shelter by their owner. They were infested with fleas when they arrived, but they looked otherwise healthy. Shelter staff administered flea medication twice during their time there, so they’re now flea free.
We were happy to get these lovely ladies out of the shelter when a foster home opened up, and they made the trip to Ontario through @onelastchancerescue and @freedomdrivers . Big thank you to the awesome volunteers from both organizations!

Shortly after their rescue day, this little family had a checkup at the vet and they all got clean bills of health. They’re now ready to find their forever home. We are asking that the rats be adopted as a group, or in pairs.

Here’s a note from their foster home:
“Carol, Marcia, Jan and Cindy are very friendly rats. They don’t mind being handled as long as you’re gentle when picking them up. Cindy is the smallest, and most active of the family. If their adopter had a big enough cage (they’re currently in a double Critter Nation cage) it would be great if they could be adopted as a family. But in observing them, Cindy and Jan spend a lot of time together, as do Marcia and Carol, so those would be the pairs if an adopter only wanted two.
They’re very nice rats who would fit into just about any home.”
Please adopt Carol, Marcia, Jan and Cindy!
Visit our website to apply:

#ladybirdanimalsanctuary #lookwhatlovecando #hamont #hamilton #animalrescue #rescue #rescued #rescuedanimals #adoptdontshop #dontshopadopt #foster #fostering #fosterpet #rat #rats #ratsofinstagram #ratlife #ratstagram #rescuerat #rescuedrat #adoptable #adoptus #adoptdontshop🐾

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