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vintage-soleil · a day ago
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Bob Dylan with his then girlfriend and muse Suze Rotolo, 1962
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sovietpostcards · 2 days ago
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Folk tales of the North. Illustration by Kirill Ovchinnikov (USSR, 1968).
More pages from that book, here.
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lipstixxx-smoking · a day ago
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pistachiozombie · 20 hours ago
How about Leanna getting really embarrassed and flustered over someone calling her cute?
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[Had too much fun with this! 8 hrs total]
reblogs appreciated hehe, animations take a long time!
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sovietpostcards · a day ago
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Rain of stars. Sokolniki park in Moscow. Photo by Aleksandr Rubashkin (1979).
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tvneon · a day ago
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jpegfantasy · a day ago
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Showcase of Interior Design - Southern Edition II, Vitae Publishing, 1996 📚
Salvaged & scanned by @jpegfantasy 🖨️
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