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#Reverse Flash

If it’s true that the new Flash movie for the DCEU will be about Flashpoint, does this mean that the franchise will require an actor to portray Eobard Thawne?

If so, then … oooooh!  Warner Brothers will have to find an actor at the same caliber as Arrowverse’s Tom Cavanagh and Matt Letscher.  And that’s one hell of an double-team to live up to, let alone surpass if possible.

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(I love that even though they’re arguing, they’re also working together. ;) Plus, you know Eobard had to be so glad to be able to actually stand, walk around and use his speed in front of somebody else after all these years.)

Harrison Wells | Eobard Thawne favorite moments 2/ ∞ The Flash 2x17 “Flash Back”

part 1


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Spoilers aka Saving people that’s never watched The Flash from wasting their time.

The Reverse Flash is in every season and Barry gets beat up, a pep talk then defeats the villain almost every episode.

Tip find a ship at the beginning of every season and hold on to it, it should get you through.

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Grodd: I know your real secrets, Barry. All your inner worries and fears. It's time for the Speed Force to finally be MINE!!
August: I am judge, jury and executioner... So, I call myself... Godspeed!!!
Eobard: My destiny is to be your opposite, Barry, your REVERSE... I am every single bad day you've ever had, Barry!
Barry: ....
Barry: I've had enough of you drama queens
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I really want season 7 to give us Tom Cavanagh and Matt Letscher in the same scene again! 


But ideally, I’d love to see Eowells attempt to work with his younger self for some timey-wimey reason. ;) I get the feeling that they would end up double-crossing each other, lol! I seriously doubt that either Eobard would trust the other since they, more than anybody, know what an opportunist they are! ;) 


I want a front row seat for all of that, yes, preciousssss… ;) It would be delicious


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I started rewatching The Flash (again), working on some notes for a Caitlin/EoWells fic where future Caitlin/Frost travels back to season 1 undercover to defeat Eobard early only to end up conflicted and falling for him. Trying to figure out when the best time would be for future Caitlin to “drop in” in the past. Hmm….so many possibilities, totally gonna take forever to figure out just that part…


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