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#Richard millie
letsgoravendors · a month ago
hey so I definitely don’t have the full shows of ‘girl power’ ‘the reunion’ and the full seven interview so if you want to see them definitely don’t dm me because I definitely won’t give them to you... /j
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letsgoravendors · a month ago
I was bored
so i made this short compilation of my favorite parts of one of the little seven interviews during the girl power x reunion show
I don’t know why I did this- enjoy!
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everydaybroadwaysongs · a month ago
The above video is the cast of the 2019 West End musical Six performing “Ex-Wives” and “Six” at the Olivier Awards. Six featured music, lyrics, and book by Toby Marlow and Lucy Moss. The show was nominated for five Olivier awards. This performance features Jarnéia Richard-Noel as Catherine of Aragon, Millie O'Connell as Anne Boleyn, Natalie Paris as Jane Seymour, Alexia McIntosh as Anna of Cleves, Aimie Atkinson as Katherine Howard, and Maiya Quansah-Breed as Catherine Parr, all of whom were nominated for the Olivier for Best Actress in a Supporting Role in a Musical.
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luxoffux · a month ago
Tumblr media
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sixcostumerefs · a month ago
Performance of the song “Six” from Six the Musical by the 1st UK Tour cast
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cis-het-angel-kinnie · 2 months ago
Moxxie: We have to make sure our boss never finds out about my sexuality.
Millie: Why? Do you think he’s biphobic?
Moxxie: No, I just don’t want him to think he has a chance.
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smokeandbone01 · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
I honestly wouldn’t mind if they teamed the I.M.P. employees up with who they wouldn’t normally be with, you know?
Like it would be really fun to see Blitzo and Millie team up to kill their victims, leaving Moxxie and Loona to work together.
Just to see more interesting dynamics/bonding between the characters.
Don’t get me wrong, Blitzo and Loona’s relationship is my favorite on the show and M&M are wholesome as hell.
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letsgoravendors · 2 months ago
This is my favorite megasix, I will take no other criticism-
Millie’s face when she said survived was like “👁👄👁 and at that moment, she knew, she fucked up”
I live for their chaotic dancing, it’s absolutely amazing
(credit goes to whoever originally filmed the video)
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spooner7308 · 2 months ago
Se7en, the girlband: What should we call our fan base?
The fan base: dun...dun dun dun, dun...dun...duuun...
dun...dun dun dun, dun...dun...duuun...
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letsgoravendors · 2 months ago
This is probably a futile effort, but does anyone have recording of Millie’s dance class from today? I should specify, is it a recording with sound? because while i did record it, there is no sound and its kinda hard to learn a dance routine to music without the music. So if anyone’s got one, from whatever session it doesn’t matter, if you could let me know that would be awesome, thanks.
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